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Quick disposal of lice and nits at home for 1 procedure: enough already to suffer!
Быстрое избавление от вшей и гнид на дому за 1 процедуру: хватит уже мучаться!

Sometimes people for months can not get rid of lice and nits in the hair: it seems that many different pediculicidal preparations from the pharmacy have been tried, and even folk remedies like kerosene and vinegar, but nothing helps. Why is this happening? And, most importantly, how do you get rid of parasites? In fact, today this problem is solved quite simply - to get rid of lice and nits can be very quickly, literally for 1 day, and without even leaving home. On how to do this, we will continue and talk ...

Do cats have lice and how to remove small parasites from pet's fur
Бывают ли у кошек вши и как вывести мелких паразитов из шерсти питомца

Lice in cats - parasites unobtrusive and rarely come to their eyes. In comparison with fleas, they are really very inconspicuous in the animal's fur and never leave it. Not surprisingly, not every owner notices lice on his cat, and the effects of parasitizing these insects are often written off for any other diseases. This is how the cats appear dermatitis, baldness and constantly harassing animal itch. Therefore, it is useful for each pet owner to be able to recognize the presence of lice in a cat in time and be ready to remove them.

Application of anise oil for lice removal
Применение анисового масла для выведения вшей

Anise oil is sometimes used as a known folk remedy for lice. However, physicians are very skeptical about its use against parasites: it has no pronounced antiparasitic activity. However, this does not prevent the use of anise oil in the home by many people to get rid of lice, and also when trying to get rid of nits in the hair. On whether it makes any sense to use aniseed oil with these goals, we'll talk further ...

About pubic lice and treatment from them with the help of modern drugs
О лобковых вшах и лечении от них с помощью современных препаратов

Pubic lice are derived in about the same set of tools and methods that are effective in fighting head lice. But there are pubic lice and their specific characteristics, because of which the standard methods of fighting head lice need to be adjusted a little, to be sure to remove lice from the okologenital areas. Next, we will consider in more detail how treatment should be from pubic lice and what needs to be known in order to bring them out quickly and with minimal effort.

Features of lice bites (with detailed photos)
Особенности укусов вшей (с подробными фотографиями)

Bites of lice - a most unpleasant phenomenon, because of which a person can lose sleep, peace, and sometimes health. These bites, while they are few, are usually difficult to notice, they are not felt right away, but in large numbers can literally drive you crazy. Children, fearing that they will laugh, are often afraid to say that they have lice, so it is important for parents to be able to recognize the first signs of bites of these parasites, and when finding red wounds on the head - be able to distinguish them from allergic rashes. About bites of lice, about how they look and their potential danger to humans, let's talk more ...

Does tea tree oil help lice and how to apply it?
Помогает ли масло чайного дерева от вшей и как его применять?

Among folk remedies, there are many such that you really want to use against lice. For example, essential oils - they smell pleasantly, improve the condition of the hair and scalp as a whole, and at the same time, judging by rumors, extremely unpleasant for lice. Not surprisingly, some housewives who accidentally contract lice or have infected children prefer to treat them with tea tree oil or its analogues instead of using stinking kerosene or vinegar. But is tea tree oil so effective against lice, as they say about it? ..

Is it possible to use dust soap from lice and nits
Можно ли применять дустовое мыло от вшей и гнид

Dust soap from lice - it is often about him that grandmothers remember when grandchildren bring them from school a full head of swarming parasites. And it is against the soap of dust that all dermatologists and parasitologists of the country are actively protesting today: the remedy is effective though it is so rich in contraindications that it is easier to find a replacement for it than with no real consequences to lead the lice. So, is it possible to apply dust soap to fight lice, how do people respond to it and what precautions should be observed - let's try to figure it out together ...

Are lice in dogs?
Бывают ли вши у собак

The dog on the wool appeared some small insects, and in large quantities? If it is found that these are not exactly fleas, then the masters usually start to think that their livers have got lice. But it is known that lice are human parasites, but whether they are able to feed on dogs or cats ... Is there any dog ​​lice and who else can be blamed for the animal's anxiety and skin irritations? Let's talk about this.

What is the role of nits from the point of view of different dream books?
К чему снятся гниды с точки зрения разных сонников

To see the nits anywhere - on their hair, strangers or even in a dream - never evokes good impressions. But if this spectacle simply means that soon it will be necessary to treat the head from lice, then many people have a deeper meaning in the appearance of nits in a dream. So, let's see what the nits dream about and what the dream books say about it ...

Lice combs for combing lice and nits
Гребни для вычесывания вшей и гнид

Crests from lice are gaining more and more popularity. No matter how difficult and time-consuming their application is, a significant number of people trust these facilities more than any modern pediculicidal shampoos and sprays. Let's try to understand how effective combs are in combing lice and nits and whether it is possible to use them to remove parasites from hair in a relatively short time.


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