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Types of cockroaches

Photo of various kinds of domestic cockroaches
Фото различных видов домашних тараканов

Home cockroaches have become so habitual guests in the home of a man that many are not even surprised when they meet them, for example, in the kitchen. However, few people know that there are many kinds of domestic cockroaches, and they are quite different from each other. And if you meet at home not an ordinary Prussian, but, for example, a large black cockroach, then some particularly impressionable owners can really get scared.

Black cockroaches
Черные тараканы

Once upon a time in Russia, large black cockroaches were in charge of the houses, which were considered a sign of prosperity and well-being in the house. Although today they are almost replaced by red-headed brethren, no, no, and there will meet somewhere a black cockroach. Let's find out what these insects are and what we can expect from them.

On the life of Madagascar sizzling cockroaches and their maintenance at home
О жизни мадагаскарских шипящих тараканов и их содержании в домашних условиях

Among the many cockroaches that are kept at home, Madagascar sizzling cockroaches are known most. They are shown in films and clips as horrible huge insects, designed to shock with their size and appearance. But in fact they are very friendly and peace-loving creatures who, with proper care, can be fine pets.

From the life of red cockroaches
Из жизни рыжих тараканов

The most famous and least loved home insect - a red cockroach - is known primarily as an unwanted guest in the apartment and a consumer of various food residues near the trash can and on the table. And how often the Prussians come across the ordinary inhabitant of a city apartment, so many questions arise about these pests. In order to confidently and quickly get rid of kitchen invaders, you need to get to know them better.

Photos of various cockroaches
Фотографии различных видов тараканов

Few people know that in addition to the usual red cockroaches, there is a large number of other species of these insects. This is black cockroaches, and American, as well as Madagascar sizzling cockroaches, chess cockroaches, rhino cockroaches and many others. We offer to see photos of some of them ...

American cockroaches
Американские тараканы

American cockroaches have long extended their natural habitats, having moved to human dwellings. It is warm, there is water and food and much fewer natural biological enemies. You can even say that in the apartment cockroaches feel much better and more comfortable than in their natural habitat.

For many millions of years of evolution, cockroaches have managed to adapt to the vast variety of conditions of existence. This group of insects has reached the greatest species richness in the tropics, where more than 4500 species live, which vary in size and appearance, as well as in features of reproduction and the whole way of life.

Almost all cockroaches are relatively harmless to humans (except for the infections they tolerate), they mostly do not bite, do not have poison glands and can only scare their hisses or their terrible appearance. Although, some particularly impressionable ladies, even the sight of a regular cockroach can be shocked.

In the human dwelling, there are several species of so-called domestic cockroaches. The most common among them is a red cockroach, or a cockroach - a small but very mobile and rapidly multiplying insect. It is from him that most suffer apartments and houses that are not in the most ideal sanitary condition.

At one time, red cockroaches practically everywhere ousted from the human dwelling black cockroaches - larger and more terrible in appearance, but at the same time less adapted to life in the apartments of pests. The black cockroach does not know how to crawl on the glass (with which the Prusak can very easily cope), slowly multiplies and is more demanding of the temperature regime. Moreover, females of black cockroaches lay capsules with eggs immediately after their formation, and the prusaks who live there immediately enjoy eating these capsules with pleasure. And the cockroaches themselves carry their capsules (ootecs) on themselves and protect them until the offspring come out of them.

Another common species around the world is a cockroach - American, large, red and slender. In our country, he is not so familiar, since it is difficult to survive the cold winters.

But in terrariums of fans there are a variety of cockroaches - Madagascar, famous for their horns, hissing and participation in cockroach races, as well as Colombian (white with a black head), and incredibly beautiful banana cockroaches - salad color and able to fly.

And in the wild nature of our country there are several unusual species of cockroaches. Among them is the Far Eastern relic cockroach, unique in its ability to reproduce without the participation of males and use even wood as food.

According to the variety of species, cockroaches can be compared only with aquarium fish, and therefore it is reckless to consider all cockroaches similar to the Prusak. Find out more about different types of cockroaches and how they look in the photos, you can from the relevant publications on our website.


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