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American cockroaches

Американский таракан: фото крупным планом

The homeland of the American cockroach, which has the beautiful Latin name Periplaneta Americana, is considered to be far Africa. Even in the XVII century, establishing economic relations between countries, from the African continent to America, along the paved sea routes, ships marched, delivering outlandish goods, gold, slaves.

In the boxes with packaged goods, indigenous people of the tropical regions - ubiquitous insects - moved along with the items of trade. This way, with the products of agriculture (Cuban sugar), the cockroach, later named American, penetrated into Europe and spread across the continent with enviable rapidity.

The excellent adaptability of Periplanet to any living conditions has affected. The habitual habitat of the American cockroach, hot tropical forests, successfully replaced the human dwelling.

American cockroach is a citizen of the world

A real cosmopolitan, spread all over the world, the American cockroach still competes with fellow tribesmen of other species and usually does not live in the same territory with them. Favorite place of residence - warm collector systems, sewer pipes, greenhouses.

Американский таракан уже давно перебрался в жилье человека

If a habitat is chosen as a place in the wild, this is a warm and humid retreat, not far from a human settlement. Insects easily spread to relatively cold areas of Europe and Russia, choosing for habitation residential houses and industrial buildings with suitable conditions - humidity and temperature.

Large buildings with ventilation tunnels are also a suitable place to justify and rapidly increase the colony of American cockroaches.

  • The American cockroach is omnivorous. Preferring the waste and the remnants of human food, it can feed on fresh agricultural products, paper, cloth, rubbish from the genital slots, soap, leather products, organic vegetable and animal organics.
  • Unique adaptability allows him to transfer even increased radiation. The lethal dose for a cockroach exceeds the human 15 times.
  • The body of an adult American cockroach, as seen in the photo, has a long, elongated shape, a shiny red or brown-chocolate chitinous shell and agile long paws-segments. This is a fairly large insect, its length can reach up to 5 cm.
  • Wings are well developed. Periplaneta Americana is a flying species of cockroaches.

Reproduction of the American cockroach

These insects live in colonies and under favorable circumstances their numbers are constantly increasing. Their reproduction in rooms with sufficient food, optimal temperature and humidity occurs all year round.

Adult males of the American cockroach at the end of the abdomen have a genital plate of symmetrically arranged griffles. Females have in their body ootec - an egg sac, a special leathery capsule, where the egg is deposited.

Оотека таракана

The usual number of eggs is 12-16. The cockroach ootype is formed from individual eggs that periodically descend through the oviduct into the egg chamber, where they are glued together to form a capsule, with the help of a special sticky secret.

Американский таракан с оотекой

The female of the American cockroach hides the postponed ooteca in a secluded place. The egg develops into the larva for 20 days under favorable conditions.

An adult cockroach is called an adult. The cycle of development of cockroaches is incomplete. It is characterized by three stages: the egg, the larva and the imago. The larva of the cockroach is also called a nymph. Moreover, the length of development of each stage directly depends on external factors and does not have a constant value.

If all the favorable conditions are met, the full cycle of development of the American cockroach is 600 days, 400 of them are in the adult stage. Adverse conditions for reproduction and development: low humidity and temperature, lack of sufficient food, can prolong the cycle of development of an insect up to 4 years!

Each female of the American cockroach is able to postpone for life up to 90 ootec. With the beginning of the reproductive period, the female can produce 2 ointecs a week.

In the stage of the larva the insect experiences a moulting period of 9 times, each of which makes it more and more like an adult. From an adult cockroach, the larva is distinguished by the absence of wings and organs of reproduction.

На фото видны взрослые особи и личинки американского таракана

"Kindergarten" for the first two to three weeks after hatching takes care of several adult females. They help them adapt to the environment.

Looking at the photo, it is easy to determine that both the larvae and adults of the American cockroach are the same way of living in a common colony.

Личинки и взрослые особи ведут одинаковый образ жизни

At an ambient temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, cockroaches and larvae fall into suspended animation, their lives freeze, and with subsequent lowering of temperature, death is possible.

Despite the fact that almost all cockroaches reproduce by mating, there are species reproducing parthenogenesis, that is, the egg of an adult develops in the body without fertilization. In this way, the colony of the American cockroach can grow. An interesting fact, but this species is capable of a classical method of reproduction.

American cockroach. Benefit and harm

The speed of reproduction of American cockroach, its rapid growth and taste preferences of terrarium animals, became the basis for breeding this species at home.

Cockroaches are raised in bulk plastic containers or glass aquariums, with the obligatory presence of a tightly fitting lid. This is necessary because of the ability of the insect to easily climb on smooth sliding surfaces, to avoid loss of control over the colony.

You also need ventilation - soldered mesh with small cells. Peat, sawdust, coconut substrate is laid on the bottom for imitation of natural conditions. Nutrition is served by dry and juicy feeds - oat bran, rusks, aquarium food and grated or shredded vegetables and herbs.

For all species of lizards and amphibians, American cockroaches are a universal food.

However, for ordinary people, cockroaches are pests, possible carriers of various diseases. Sexual secrets given out by females are considered to be the most powerful allergen for susceptible people, and are capable of causing asthma attacks and complex forms of atopic dermatitis. Allergies are also caused by particles of chitinous cover that are periodically discarded by insects.

The cockroach can even painfully bite a sleeping person, increasing the possibility of infection with pathogenic bacteria.

Американские тараканы способны кусать спящих людей

There are various methods for getting rid of American cockroaches. One of the possible ways is a strong cooling of the room, freezing. Naturally, this is possible only in the cold season in areas with a frosty winter. It is necessary to open all doors and windows indoors.

Freezing the dwelling will significantly or completely eliminate the insects, but you need to make sure that the heating batteries do not burst.

If this option does not suit you, then it makes sense to pay attention to modern means from cockroaches, which are almost equally effective both from red cockroaches (cockroaches) and from their American "brethren". Read more about this in the section "Cockroaches" on this site.

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