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About forest bugs and their getting into an apartment

Лесной клоп: фото крупным планом

Forest bugs in the apartment - in general, quite a rare phenomenon, because they are not parasites of man and can only accidentally get into the house. Usually this happens in those cases when in forests - their natural habitats - humidity rises or forest fires occur.

These foul-smelling forest dwellers are only able to frighten people with their unattractive appearance, but they can not do anything wrong.

Forest bug - how to recognize?

The forest bug, a photo of which can be seen below, has a flattened body, resembling an irregular pentagon in shape.

... Тело лесного клопа напоминает пятиугольник

The color of this insect is from dirty green to brown, depending on the species. The forest bug has a long sharp proboscis, which pierces the bark of young trees and capillaries of herbaceous plants, and then sucks the juice from them. Wintering can either under the bark of a tree, or in the foliage on the ground.

The forest bug reproduces, not departing from the place of feeding. The female lays up to a hundred eggs on the leaves and stems of the plants, attaching them so tightly that each egg is hard to pick off with a fingernail.

The development of the egg lasts about 10 days, after which a larva appears out of it, resembling an externally grown individual, but smaller in size and slightly different in color.

Transformation from the larva to the imago takes about 30 days, during this period the future forest green bug manages to survive several lines.

To recognize a forest bug among its other relatives is not difficult. His body has a characteristic shape, wide and dense, and a specific color.

Several species of these insects are known, and each coloration is quite original. The photo shows several representatives of different types of forest bugs:

Существует много видов лесных клопов

Еще один вид лесного клопа

Окраска лесных клопов разных видов сильно различается

Щитник серый

Клоп Килевик лиственный

Клоп Raphigaster nebulosa

Which bugs can accidentally get into the house?

A forest bug can accidentally turn up in a house, but this is more likely to be in the countryside than in the city. In the latter case, such a phenomenon is a rarity. Many people just confuse it with a wood-carving, which is a parasite of agricultural land.

Попадание лесного клопа в квартиру - большая редкость

The woodchuck looks a bit like a forest bug with its color, but, as you can see in the photo, it's brighter:

Древесный щитник

A woodchuck is called a bug by a stink for its pronounced smell , but the forest klopik does not possess such a strong smell.

There are several other species of semi-feathery, which can be confused with a forest bug:

  • Red-footed squadron: one of the largest representatives of the family of shields (up to 16 mm), the chitinous cover of it is the color of the old bronze. Щитник красноногий
  • The bifurcate bidentate: a brown bug with outgrowths in the form of teeth, which hunts small caterpillars. Щитник двузубчатый
  • American bug: a new species for Russia, which also lives in the forest and feeds on young cones, provoking their desiccation and decay. Американский клоп

Why do forest bugs fly into houses?

Forest bugs live in conditions in which the temperature and humidity are ideal for them. If the situation changes and there is a sharp cooling, warming or the humidity fluctuates, insects begin to migrate, and can find comfortable conditions in a person's dwelling. Often such invasions of forest bugs are observed during fires.

Лесные клопы могут попасть в дом, спасаясь от опасности


"Some beetles are constantly coming to us, they are similar to forest bugs according to the description on the Internet. I read that they do not seem to be biting people, and in general they have nothing to do in the apartments, but neighbors are also complaining. Every day we find five pieces and throw them out into the street, they come back to us again. "

Alexander, Orekhovo-Borisovo

"A big tree grows near my house, so bed bugs constantly go to the apartment. And little ones, and more wood ... I just do not know what to do. We have a whole invasion in our city, everyone complains. And to me with this tree in general a nightmare - it is for them as a direct path to my home. I bought Reid from flying insects, but the effect was observed for a short time. "

Anna, Vladivostok

Are forest bugs and their bites dangerous?

The bite of a forest bug carries no danger, especially since these insects do not tend to bite people at all . Many confuse these insects with mites, but this is fundamentally wrong: mites are parasitic warm-blooded (and their bite can lead to health problems), while bedbugs parasitize on plants.

Лесные клопы не склонны кусать людей

Forest bugs can really bring losses and troubles if they start to reproduce on ornamental, garden plants or food crops. In this they are similar to tree shields: both these species parasitize on plants and periodically occur in people's homes.

Of course, there are bugs, the bite of which can be very painful and unpleasant. Along with household bed bugs, it is also a predatory bug, which is quite large (up to 2 cm) and feeds on small invertebrates. He has a long pricking proboscis with which he hunts spiders, imitating the victim's beating in the nets. The bite of a predator is painful, but predators themselves rarely get into a person's house, and cases of bites are generally exceptional.

How to get rid of forest bugs in the house?

Specialists do not advise the use of potent chemistry or cause dezinsectors to get rid of forest bugs. If even in a city the activity of these insects really increased and they literally "seize" apartments, it is better just to try to prevent their penetration.

This can be done with a conventional mosquito net. The forest visitor has large enough sizes and can not pass through this reliable barrier in any way.

От попадания насекомых в квартиру помогает москитная сетка

Typically, invasions of forest bugs in the city are temporary, and insects return to habitual habitats pretty soon. One should not even worry that a forest bug can settle in a house and cause harm to its inhabitants. For man this pest of plants is absolutely useless.

To combat forest bugs, it is recommended to simply collect them around the apartment and throw them out the window, tightly closing it.

Like the woodchuck, the forest bug has an unpleasant smell, but not so strong.


"When forest bugs appeared in our house, I was completely horrified. Especially when I saw a couple of insects near a baby crib. But on television today they said that in our city in Khabarovsk, these forest bugs can be invaded and that they are completely harmless. In apartments, they are simply saved from a forest fire. I then calmed down a bit and did not even kill them. I just collect every day who I see and throw it through the window. I learned to take these bedbugs with my bare hands, although I was afraid of it before. "

Valeria, Khabarovsk

So, if in the apartment suddenly there were forest bugs, do not panic. Perhaps these insects are not very pleasant, but they are not capable of harming people, because such bugs only feed on plant juices.

They cause great damage to agricultural lands and gardens, spoil the harvest, but at the same time are absolutely safe. You should not even try to come up with sophisticated methods to combat forest bugs. The easiest way is to just throw their rare representatives out the window, and do not worry about them anymore.

To the record "About forest bugs and their getting into the apartment" left 14 comments.
  1. Alex :

    Winter however. And these creatures in a corked apartment on the 10th floor periodically appear, do not understand where?

  2. Dmitry :

    And yet, can someone know what bugs, smelly, are afraid of, some smells or something else? We, in a new private house, they flew in the hundreds in the hundreds - they collected it with a vacuum cleaner. Now they are safely settled for the winter in the attic, there it is cold - they sleep. They like to kuchkatsya (pieces of 20-50) between the boards, under the heater. Through the cracks in the lining, which is lined with walls and ceiling - easily fall into the rooms. Share your experience.

  3. Lyudmila :

    That's it, in the summer I also flew these bugs, smelly through an open balcony, caught and thrown again into the street, but the whole winter continues the periodic flight of these creatures around the apartment. Where do they come from in the winter?

  4. Skin :

    Call the bee Maya :) Joke. Maybe they can be lured with sugar syrup (with the addition of berry juice, more natural)? Pour into the plate.

    In general, they are very clever guys. Arrived this on the windowsill. He sat for 10 minutes. At that time he showed a high intellect. I considered the situation below. I moved to the edge to look (many times, fussed, it surprised me, his intelligence, not a chance, but the plan of action)! Pondered. The movements of the body were reasonable, sedate. Straight, man. What did he see with his eyes, I do not know? Not a bug, but an eagle!

  5. feniks :

    We have almost the whole house in bedbugs. We take out entire packages.

  6. Katya :

    What to do? I live next to the forest on the 10th floor! And I've already caught 5 green bugs.

    • Anonymous :

      And they have me flying out of the air conditioner. Within 1 hour, vacuumed pieces 20.

  7. Vladimir :

    And in Abkhazia there are now millions of them (foothills of the New Athos)! Eat, critters, everything from the pumpkin (laginaria) and on - sit on all the fruits. Disgusting and rotten creatures. They climb to attics of houses through any cracks and shkeryatsya in any rags, cracks and stuff. You really need real advice, how to get rid of them (maybe smoke or spray). I can collect it with a vacuum cleaner (I just feel sorry for the vacuum cleaner). Is there anything?

  8. Maria :

    It's just disgusting when you buzz at the bed at night (You do not have time to open the door to the balcony, as if they are standing in line waiting for the opening of the disco.

  9. Eugene :

    All the above problems people have and I have. Why is science silent? Is there really no salvation from these creatures? I have pathological horror from them not from fear for bites, but from disgust ... And those "scientists" that advise us to catch them and throw them out the window - themselves tried to fight with these vile smelly? I would like to see how they catch them and at the same time smell their stink ...

    • Olga :

      I also ask myself this question - why did scientists not invent anything against this abomination? Their invasion takes a global character ...

  10. Ilya :

    We also flew, 5-10 individuals with mushrooms were hit, but how to drive out we do not know. The son is afraid. Now they are developing on the windowsill.

  11. David :

    I live in Georgia. These bugs are not a new fruit, but they never climbed into the house. Only this year they have been dishonest. Vile and seemingly smelly. Forces from them already are not present, for the first time when we have noticed them, from one room only 80 pieces were taken out. They climb into any cracks and like to settle on the curtain. Give good advice, how to destroy them ?!

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