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Bug harmful bug (Eurygaster integriceps)

Фото: клоп вредная черепашка (Eurygaster integriceps)

Bug harmful bug (Eurygaster integriceps) is a dangerous pest of cereal crops, showing maximum activity during their growth and maturation. It is often possible to detect this insect on young shoots of wheat or on ears in the stage of wax maturity.

Although this bug is mainly an enemy of large industrialists, it often harms decorative grasses, which makes it useful for everyone who is somehow connected with agriculture to know the nuances of fighting against it.

How does a bug look like a harmful turtle?

Oval with a flat body bug bug, a photo of which is presented below, we learn enough:

Клоп вредная черепашка на колосе

Although the insect can have several color variants: gray, brown-gray, yellowish-gray, it differs from other pests with a very dense protective shield-shell, which is covered with patterns - dots or lines. Most often these patterns are whitish, but sometimes they can have a light green or silver hue.

Pronotum of bug approximately twice as large as head, wings rounded. This bug perfectly flies and in search of food can overcome distances up to 200 km!

The oral apparatus is piercing-sucking, with its help the pest bites the stalks of wheat, sucking the juice out of the capillaries of the plant.

The eggs of the bug depicted on the photo are small, roundish and greenish in color:

Яйца клопа вредная черепашка

Яйца имеют, как правило, зеленоватый оттенок

After 7-10 days after laying, larvae appear from the eggs, which pass through 5 stages of development and gradually approach the appearance of the adult. The photo shows a bugs bug bug turtle in the stage of the first instar larva:

Личинки клопа вредная черепашка 1-го возраста

Яйца и личинки клопа на колосе


"We have never faced such a pest. But recently sowed a new section of the field, right next to the meadow. It is evident that these turtles came from there and flew. Pretty big beetles, colorful, fly well. After them, wheat is absolutely not suitable for grinding, pastry dough ... now we are actively trying to bring them out, but so far nothing has helped. A bug turtle on wheat is a real misfortune for the harvest. "

Nikita Antonovich, Krasnograd

Lifestyle pest

Bug turtle poses a great threat to crops - they are the source of food. In winter, the bugs are looking for a new temporary residence, moving to the deciduous litter in the forest or stopping at perennial weeds. Sometimes barns or bins with wheat can serve as wintering grounds.

With the onset of spring heat (10-15 degrees), the bugs fly in search of early winter crops. Once they find a suitable place for eating and living, there is a massive mating of males and females. After 10-15 days after this, each female of a harmful turtle lays 30-40 eggs, mainly on the leaves of the plant.

After 7-10 days, new larvae appear, which feed in the same way as adult insects. Because of the sharp increase in the number of bugs when they multiply, they can destroy a serious part and even completely the entire crop in a certain area.

Клоп вредная черепашка: личинки и взрослые особи

The full cycle of transformation of the larva into the imagos takes 20-30 days, during which the insect experiences five stages of growing and molting, each time becoming more like an adult bug. If the larvae are most often found on the plant where they were born, then after becoming an imago, the new bugs of the turtle begin to actively populate neighboring ears and multiply, gradually embracing huge tracts.

The photo shows bugs of a turtle on a wheat ear:

Клопы черепашки на пшеничном колосе

How do bugbugs harm bugs and can they be got rid of?

Directly for a human bug, a harmful turtle is harmless. He does not bite, so even if the insect is in the house, it's easiest to throw it out the window.

Before you get rid of the bedbugs of turtles, you need to first find them. The following are the signs indicating the damage of the grain to a bug by a bug:

  • mass wilting of young shoots, which occurs in a certain zone (if the bedbugs have not yet settled the entire field);
  • white whiteness or deformation of the ear, changing its original shape;
  • On the ripe ears noticeable nadkola grain, change its color or traces (points) from the bug bite.

On a note

Scientists have found that the bug harmful turtle prefers to eat the most valuable for human cereals, powerful and able to grow rapidly and produce a large number of juices. Pest can really cause very significant losses.

In the grain on which the bugs of the turtle parasitize, the amount of gluten will be significantly reduced. The fact is that the bug's saliva contains a special enzyme that significantly changes the chemical composition of the product and makes it unsuitable for use. Piercing the stalk of the plant with its long proboscis, the bug introduces an enzymatic liquid into the capillary, which then spreads over the upper part of the stem and the spike.

При питании клоп черепашка вводит в растение специальный фермент

The most interesting thing is that the flour, ground from the grains of damaged ears, looks the same as that made from a healthy ear. That's only by its properties it differs far from the best.

Even after mixing the test, the enzymes begin to work again. The dough becomes viscous and viscous, acquires a dark gray color. Naturally, this flour can not be used for cooking or baking.

Measures against bug

In order to prevent the contamination of the grain by harmful bugs, it is necessary to observe certain rules:

  • Timely harvesting of the mature crop, method of direct combining;
  • Timely struggle against wild weeds, but at the same time the obligatory conservation of forest belts and areas of wild vegetation near the field in which the natural enemies of bedbugs reproduce;
  • Field fertilization. The use of potassium and phosphorus is particularly effective;
  • Use of varieties with increased resistance against parasites.

However, if the bedbug of the harmful turtle has already penetrated the field and began to multiply there, radical measures must be taken. In this case, chemical preparations adapted specifically for such pests will help.

It is best to perform the treatment at a time when the ear has only reached milky ripeness. At this time, parasites are just beginning to colonize it, and counteraction will be most effective. You can, for example, use the following drugs:

  • Aktara. Insecticide group of neonicotinoids, effective in spraying. An hour after application, insects cease to feed, and within a day completely die. Aktara is especially effective with a large accumulation of insects, allows you to quickly and easily destroy the bulk of the population; Инсектицид Актара
  • Karate Zion. Pyrethroid insecticide, affecting the nervous system of insects and causing their rapid death (from a few hours to a day). The drug is released in the form of a suspension, prevents the emergence of resistance in pests. Инсектицид Карате Зеон

And some others.

Spraying with a solution of preparations can be carried out from the air, or be directed locally, directly to plants. Both of the above insecticides have a sufficiently wide range of action, and besides the harmful turtle, other pests of cereals are also destroyed.


At us on an economy a harmful turtle is usually poisoned by Aktara. A good tool, the beetles only manage to fly, as we spray the composition and after a couple of days they are gone. When the larvae hatch, spray again. After that, no problems, not only with the turtle, but also with other parasites. This is one of the best insecticides, for a long time we use it only.

Alexander Semenovich, Pavlograd

Bedbug harmful bug every year causes huge losses to agriculture, being one of the main pests of grain crops. That is why preventive measures against it should always be taken, and at the onset of infection - act quickly and massively.

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    And I have a full apartment bugs - harmful turtles. They are so smelly, I will not save! How to deal with them, I will not put my mind into it! The apartment was processed by specialists last summer, the bugs come and die, their dead bodies lie around the floor, and still the living horrify us.

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