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Who are the bedbugs and why do they smell?

Так выглядит клоп вонючка

The clod stink, which is often an occasional guest in city apartments, is scientifically called a wood billboard. This is a known pest of forest and garden plants, which feeds on their juice and often leads to the death of the whole plant. The proverb "Little Bug and Smelly" originates from these insects, which became famous for their unpleasant smell.

Why bugs smell and how do they use it?

Probably, many wonder why bugs stink and why they need this very specific smell. In fact, these insects have a fairly well developed sense of smell, which allows them to perceive and classify the smells emanating from their other brethren.

Not only do bedbugs have stink, but all bugs, even waterbirds, have special glands located on the back of the cephalothorax. In these glands there is an odorous liquid, which the bug can use in case of danger. It is poisonous to other insects, can cause spasm, paralysis and even death, but it does not affect the bug itself.

Also, bedbugs use their scent to search for and attract a suitable marriage partner and scare off competitors for food or a female.

To understand how the bed bugs smell, you need to imagine the smell of a bit of rotten cognac. This smell has become a real visiting card of bed bugs (with a large cluster they smell very intensely, but the smell of several bugs is very difficult to feel).

Постельные клопы тоже имеют запах

But the most stinking bug is the woodchuck . His glands secrete a liquid that smells several times stronger than other bugs.

It is interesting…

The bed bug reveals a person by the smell of blood, which he very subtly catches. But the nest of the bugs themselves helps to find specially trained dogs, which are specially accustomed to the bug's smell. In the US, one such trained dog costs more than $ 10,000 and is a good assistant to a professional disinfector.

Who are called bedbugs?

The stink of a stink (woodchuck) has a body length of about 10-12 mm, an oval, flat shape. As can be seen in the photo, the color of the protector can vary from bright green to yellowish and brownish:

Зеленый клоп вонючка

Серый клоп вонючка (щитник)

Коричневый клоп вонючка

It should be noted that many relatives of this species are bright and noticeable. Like all members of the genus, the bug of the stink has a piercing-sucking oral apparatus that allows it to pierce the surface layers of plant stems and leaves and feed on their juices.

In the cold season, the woodchuck falls into a kind of anabiosis, coming out of it with the advent of spring. When a more or less warm temperature is set and sprouts start to appear from under the ground, the bug is sent to find a permanent place of residence. Most bugs like to be on the bushes of raspberries and gooseberries, often occupy larch and alder.

Immediately after the migration to plant crops, the shields mate and lay eggs. After 2 weeks, larvae appear from the eggs, which also begin to actively eat and damage the plants. The larvae are similar to miniature adults, but before their complete transformation, they expect a few lines with a complete change in the chitin cover.

The bedbug in the apartment does not bring any harm to the person and is not at all a domestic parasite. He may accidentally fly into the open window in the summer, but it will never be able to reproduce in such conditions.

In order to get rid of an insect accidentally caught in the house, it's easiest to throw it out into the street. It is worth noting that a dead or crushed bug will stink even more than a living one.

In order to prevent the penetration of the wood shield into the apartment, it is sufficient to use window mosquito nets.

The variety of bedbugs

The family of defenders consists of many representatives, each of which has its own characteristics. These stinky bedbugs are awarded by nature with an original bright color and stocky corpse, covered with a dense shell.

A characteristic feature that helps distinguish the shields from other bugs is the protrusions on the cephalothorax, which have a somewhat rectangular shape. Due to these protrusions, the bug seems even more massive and dangerous, although in fact it is harmless:

Щитники имеют на головогруди специфические выступы

The bug usually stinks "out of fear", this is its natural protective reaction. Although bedbugs are considered bitter and not tasty, birds eat them with pleasure.

The photographs show several types of shields, which have a pronounced and strong "aroma":

  • Palomene is green. This beautiful bug is notable for its green color, which turns reddish brown by autumn. Паломена зеленая
  • Red-footed squadron. One of the largest representatives of the family (15 mm), its body has the color of old bronze. Щитник красноногий
  • The bifurcate bidentate. One of the few carnivorous bugs, with great pleasure eats caterpillars and therefore is a useful insect. Щитник двузубчатый
  • The berry buster. Prefers to eat those berries that are poisonous to humans (whitened, wolfberry), without refusing, however, and from the currant with raspberries. Щитник ягодный
  • Northern cruciferous bug. On his back, you can see a very beautiful pattern, reminiscent of an awesome African mask. Крестоцветный клоп

Reproduction of the shields and their harm to agriculture

The main food of the bug of the stink is the juices of various plants, among which there are many cultivated and specially cultivated people. After the scabbard settles on the plant, it begins to rapidly die and ceases to bear fruit. Naturally, contamination of fields and vegetable gardens with such bugs brings significant losses, since affected plants either yield less crops or do not bear fruit at all.

Each bug has a small proboscis with which it extracts its food. This device helps them easily pierce the stalks, leaves or fruits of plants and drink the juice inside.

In the saliva of the bug of the stink, there is poison, which they release into the plants at the end of the meal. It is he who causes wilting. Predatory defenders in the same way pierce the skin of caterpillars and literally suck out their liquid contents.

Bugs stink of laying eggs right on those plants where they parasitize. Usually the number of eggs in the clutch does not exceed 30-40, but this number may vary slightly depending on the species. All the eggs of the shields are of an original shape, similar to vessels or chests.

Клоп оберегает свои яйца

Shchitniki very quickly develop resistance to various poisons, with the help of which they are trying to poison in agriculture. For this reason, the insecticide manufacturers themselves have to constantly improve the means used, trying to outrun the bedbugs for at least a year or two and not let them completely ruin the harvest.

It is interesting…

The development of genetically modified products is partly due to problems in controlling bugs: it is easier and quicker to obtain a variety of plants that are not suitable for bug food, than to breed the same variety by selection or to constantly develop new poisons.
The main sabotage of bedbug bugs occurs in gardens and orchards, they do not parasitize at home and multiply. At the end of summer, when bedbugs are looking for good conditions for wintering, they can accidentally fly into the apartment. The best (and humane) option is simply to release a bedbug - it does not bite people and can not do anything dangerous.

To fight these insects with insecticides is necessary only in the conditions of agriculture, where the wood guard is threatening the harvest of cultivated plants and its abundance is quite high.

To the entry "Who are the bugs of the stinking and why do they smell?" left 32 comments.
  1. Svetlana :

    But it's not true that these bugs do not bite people! Yesterday, my mother bit in the neck. He said it was as painful as if he had bitten a gadfly. This year we have an awful lot of these bedbugs, what is the reason for this? And in the garden they burst tomatoes, apples and pears!

  2. Sabina :

    The abomination is disgusting! I'm afraid of them since childhood! Now I'm already over 30 and I have two children, but these things still scare me. If such a guest gets into the apartment, I have a real panic! I understand that such a reaction is too much, but I can not do anything about myself. It has always been interesting, are there any people who are similarly disgusted with bedbugs?

  3. Yana :

    I'm terribly afraid of them. If, for example, a snake crawled into the apartment, I would ignore it)) But when I see this abomination begins panic. Dad always threw them out, but now I live alone and very problematic.

  4. Victoria :

    I'm afraid very much. I start to shake, although you can just throw it out the window. And shaking me from disgust. Scary. I just covered one such guest with a lid to live. And then do not go even to the balcony, constantly looking around.

  5. Sabina :

    Thank God, I'm not the only one)) I'll share my memories ... In the third grade, a boy-classmate arranged for us, girls, "dark": took a stink and ran after us in class, jabbing her in the face. It was a nightmare! My husband is saving me from them now, and I did not even try to frighten them, for which I am very grateful to him. I live in Alma-Ata, and, unfortunately, we have a lot of this abomination, because the city "green" and the climate allows them to breed ((By the way, after getting acquainted with the information about them, it seems to be less afraid.

    • Anonymous :

      We are also in Almaty, and this year we have a lot of them in the apartment. It's the end of November, and they're all crawling.

  6. Roman :

    And do not know what they do in the winter in the house? I do not have bedding, but big gray ones somewhere about 1 cm. In the autumn I threw them 10 pieces off the balcony. All windows have a grid, everything is closed. But until now, for three months now, as kamikazes, they appear with an enviable periodicity one by one and fly around the room or creep along the windows. With what it can be connected?

  7. Roman :

    I read komenty. I decided to advise, since I understood that many of them also interfere with living. I, for example, quietly calmly (so as not to cause suspicion in the bedbug) I take a cellophane bag and with a sudden movement of my hand I cover it. The main thing is to do everything quickly, so that he does not understand anything, is not nervous and does not start to stink. The main thing is that it is not crushed even in a bag, since from my personal experience it somehow manages to stink and through a sealed bag. Then we need the same package, wrapping it up and turning it inside out, carefully twisting the bug so that it does not come out. Well, then throw it away. I do this, because I have a grid on my windows and throw it out on the street is problematic, flushing in the toilet - can get out. And this seems to me the best option. Although my questions are in force. Since bedbugs sometimes creep in the twilight in the morning on the windows and prevent sleep. Where do they come from, if I have everything clean and corked - I will not put my mind to it ...

    • Sabina :

      Roman, tell me, where do you live, that they appear in winter? Damn, you do not want such an enemy ... Thanks for the advice! I also appeared on a glassed and insulated balcony with closed plastic windows. Literally every day one bug was pulled out, down to frost. Somehow I climbed into the dresser with children's things, I go through my son's blouse, and among them I sit ... and my mustache stirs ... I've already been thrown back))

  8. Nefertity :

    I also have a panic since childhood, most of all I do not like these creatures. Their very appearance is the most disgusting of all that can be.

  9. Victoria :

    And I just did not see it in the winter, but with the advent of spring they, apparently, came out of hibernation and now they are full! I always suck them with vacuums, I hate them with my hands. I wanted to buy some remedy for them, but, unfortunately, there is no such means, the sellers are generally shocked that they can be found in homes ... I mostly have these gray stinkies, and when they sit down on their clothes they are not noticeable, and only at the end of the day another person notices on you a stink - and you understand that she traveled on you throughout the day ... And this muck can fly ((

  10. Denis :

    I live in the village and I have a real problem with this! Invasion, otherwise no way. Previously, we were flying along the street, and literally this autumn we clung to the whole house and made our way inside. I thought it would be lost with the cold ... But it was not here. All the winter they flew around the apartment (no more than 10 pieces were thrown out per day), and with the onset of spring they woke up. Now a day at least 20-35 pcs. I collect! And after all, you do not crush (stink), and throw it out on the street every time is not an option. I invented my method: I took a small jar (from the jam), poured in it a detergent and water. Every time a beetle sits down somewhere, I open the jar and just bring it from the bottom. Usually they fall, sometimes they have to be poddevat. That's the only way I'm saved ... Never was such a misfortune. I do not know what else to do. Maybe someone who had a similar situation, share how you fought this creature?

    PS: Bedbugs are not bedding, so they did not notice anything from the vegetation. Themselves are dark brown-green in color. Dwell in the daytime mostly at the windows (sitting on curtains / windows / windowsills), in the evening - they circled near a chandelier. Despite the fact that I collect in a jar, corpses are lying around everywhere (of course, I clean the house). Why lie around? Because it is not always easy to go after a jar - it is easier to nail the tap.

    • Igor :

      Thank you, Denis. Useful advice. And then today I discovered a whole invasion of these stinking woods. I had to urgently close all the windows in the kitchen and balcony (although from spring they stood open, hardly curtained). Despite this, they appeared with the same regularity with which I caught and threw them. I do not understand where they come from. So, like, the whole balcony cleared from them, after 2 hours came out to smoke - 6 pieces of new counted, especially not looking closely! A stink - guard, to nausea!

  11. Sasha :

    Damn, just five brothers took off the curtains in the afternoon, and as they are full, they do not cause harm. I take them in the toilet, one, really, got out, but it did not save him. In short, they are peaceful insects, and do not push them.

  12. Serg :

    I cut off the bottom of the pollock and collect them in poltorashku ... If the bedbug is sitting on the ceiling, then I bring to him poltorashku from below, he himself jumps into it. I just throw it out on the street and that's it. I live in the forest))

  13. Dmitry :

    Salute to all. When I arrived home, their mountain. I raped them for two days, all died. Only when etched at home can not be.

  14. Michael :

    I saw on TV the transfer, it turns out, these stinkers eat the Colorado beetle and its larvae! Therefore, they began to import specially ...

  15. Irina :

    At home in the closet I was sorting things out, and so I saw: crawling along a T-shirt, so small, well, about the size of a fly. And dark brown, even a little bit with red. I do not know what it is.

  16. Elena :

    Guys, it's just horror! They, well, I mean VONYUCHEK, directly the army. I live in Sochi, do not tell anyone - everyone has a similar problem. Advise how to get rid of them ?! Recently, I generally fell into food, but I did not notice and snapped, I thought I'd go crazy.

    • Anonymous :

      The best remedy for a headache is the amputation of the head itself. Allegory, I hope, understand?

  17. SDR :

    We have 2 years of living alone (or are they different?). We respect him. First, there was no moth in the apartment and cobwebs. Secondly, when he flies around the chandelier and touches the ceiling lights, then such a melody turns out, it's nice to listen. And to us he (they) does not climb.

  18. Olga :

    At our dacha in Stary Oskol this summer, whole hordes were these creatures. I'm terrified of them. If anyone knows, tell me how to get rid of them?

  19. Catherine :

    We have the same problem, my mother did not sleep the whole night, counted 30 pieces. Fought them for several weeks, the decision to "catch" these creatures came by the method of "poke." We take a mop with a damp rag and bring it to the place where they fly, they obediently sit down on a rag. Well, afterwards, how do you like it? You put it out on the street, press it, merge it into the toilet!

  20. Sochi :

    What if the child ate a bedbug?

  21. Natasha :

    Child bug sprayed into the eye. Is it dangerous?

  22. Victor :

    I read how Roman catches bugs, so as not to cause suspicion ... :) Pryknet couple of times on the bedbug perfume or something like - the liquid will connect the wings, can not twitch, and fly away the problem - and then you can, causing any suspicion of this guest, calmly conduct it in any humane way.

  23. Elizabeth :

    Apparently he had bitten me yesterday ((We also live near the forest.) And in winter they were, but few, sleeping in the corners.

    On the coast and, in particular, in Sochi, they have been for several years, especially the last two years, they are just dark! What you write here, one, two, 10 caught - nothing. We have hundreds of them, without exaggeration. There are dozens in the house, we do not have grids, it's difficult for these windows in a removable dwelling, and the door is wide open. In the summer I hang the curtain on the door and on the window of the net, but this does not help much. I do not even catch them, it's too difficult, I vacuum every day, for several dozen, then my vacuum cleaner, the stink is worth it. The main thing - to cover the pots, and then spoil the food. Things on the street you dry, you bring in, and there they sit a lot. In the evening, light bulbs are poked, we also collect it with a vacuum cleaner. There are a lot of trees on the mulberry tree! Yesterday I bothered to put in my mouth with mulberry, he let out some stinky, corrosive liquid, the corner of his mouth was numb, still burning a little. There are rumors that they were brought there by caterpillars, which the Americans brought to us in the boxwood grove (they already destroyed a lot of boxwood), but this is only rumors. And a lot of hornets too. Scorpio small and then not afraid and do not kill. And hornets are very dangerous.

  24. Tatiana :

    I was bitten yesterday, too. The place of the bite turned red and does not go away, as if it were tapped with teeth.

  25. Oleg :

    He does not stink, he smells of cilantro.

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