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Bug Wood (Shield)

Зеленый клоп щитник имеет красивое латинское название Palomena prasina

His name sounds beautiful and unusual - Palomena prasina, but, in spite of the unusual nature of this name, this all known insect is a bug woody. He is familiar to every Russian, because he is spread on the territory of our country almost everywhere, preferring to settle near water bodies.

Only memories of a meeting with him are not always encouraging. What child did not eat freshly picked raspberries? Many bugs from the Shchitnik family are also lovers of this berry. Perhaps, the one who has ever seen, and maybe even accidentally try the taste of a green bug, will never forget annoyance, disappointment, a characteristic unpleasant smell and bitterness in his mouth.

Древесный клоп очень любит сочную малину

But, it happens that people go to raspberry not for fruits, but for bed bugs. From the depths of centuries, the recipe for getting rid of drunkenness - vodka, infused on green bugs - has reached us.

How to find a fencer

Look at the photo: here they are, woody bugs . In their light green uniforms, they are barely discernible on the summer foliage.

Светло-зеленая окраска клопа делает его почти незаметным на фоне листвы

With the approach of autumn, the color of the insect changes, brown spots appear, and later the bug is completely lost on the red-yellow background of the falling leaves.

С наступлением осени цвет щитника меняется на коричневый

He has a fairly large oval body with characteristic protrusions on the sides of the pronotum, which reveal the belonging of the tree bug to the Shchitnik family. A strong shield made of chitin serves to protect the insect from external influences. In the posterior section, brown membranes of the wings folded together look out from under the scutellum.

In the hot summer, tree bugs have time to lay eggs twice. They are just as light green as their parents, neatly laid on the underside of the leaves. Tiny receptacles of embryos of bug-shields have a microscopic device that helps the matured larva to leave it-the lid. On the opened egg it is possible to consider the thinnest notches, thanks to which the lid grasps firmly in place.

Кладка древесных клопов тоже имеет зеленый цвет

На фото хорошо видна миниатюрная крышечка на каждом яйце клопов щитников

The larvae are very similar to adults and in color, and in form, not reached the sexual maturity of insects, only the absence of wings. A dense chitinous cover hinders the growth of the larva.

Having undergone 5 lines, the nymph of a tree bug reaches the size of 12-15 mm. Moult for an insect is a serious test. It is at this critical moment that the bulk of the offspring die, unable to get out of the closely chitinous shell.

Lifestyle bug

The winter catcher spends in a daze, buried in the fallen leaves. Spring "comes to life", enters the breeding season. In the summer, a quiet and inconspicuous bug of wood usually modestly sits on branches.

Весной щитники выползают из опавшей листвы и начинают активно размножаться

The green shield rarely flies, only in case of special need, being in full confidence that a nourishing meal awaits him ahead. Too much energy is required to spend a bug to get up in the air. Its wings have a small swing, and do not provide sufficient lifting power.

Крылья зеленого клопа слишком малы и не позволяют ему хорошо летать

A special dislike was earned by the green wood-shaven, primarily because of the characteristic unpleasant odor that the insect exudes in danger. And the second serious reason to treat it negatively is the bug's ability to damage agricultural plants.

The bug has a detrimental effect on the plant, in the leaves of which it hides. Of course, for large shrubs, its damage is almost unimportant, only small brown specks on the leaves indicate that the wood bug was reinforced here. Its jaws are adapted to feed on plant juices.

Ротовой аппарат древесного клопа приспособлен для высасывания соков

Зеленый клоп щитник крупным планом

But not only raspberries are food for the green bug. He, like other bedbugs, can eat the juices of most deciduous trees and succulent grasses, and sometimes damages the grain fields.

Клопы щитники могут нападать и на злаковые культуры

The wood-goat is not a "convinced vegetarian", he does not refuse from animal food, however, he does not know how to hunt for insects, and finds their remains in the forest litter.

Why do the defenders enter the apartments?

It is completely incomprehensible how, having such food addictions, the wood bug turns out to be in human apartments? Because there he has nothing to profit.

However, the defenders brazenly crawl into the windows, make clumsy attempts to fly indoors. They are also alarmed by the unusual situation. Green bugs, which you see in the photos, are not at all glad that they found themselves in a confined space.

Клопы щитники иногда могут залетать в жилище

This happens, of course, not from a good life. The green shields always have good reasons for such an atypical act. Most often, insects are disoriented by premature sharp cooling, which is why a tree bug is looking for, refuting the name given to it by entomologists, a cozy place not in the shade of trees, but in the warmth of our buildings.

To frighten an insect and push it to search for a new habitat can also be a burst of forest fire or flood.

The Shielder can not bite a person, so do not be afraid of him. Just release it from the apartment to the street.

The best ways to get rid of wood bugs

In the countryside, to see a tree bug, thrown into the window by a gust of wind, is not uncommon, but in the city it is an exceptional phenomenon. People are not inclined to show sympathy for an insect with an unpleasant odor and tolerate his presence in his own home. Therefore, as soon as an arboreal bug appears in the apartment, the human thought begins to work on how to get rid of this unpleasant guest and his relatives.

Мало кому понравится увидеть зеленого клопа в своем доме

As a rule, there is no question of invasion. In the overwhelming majority of cases, single individuals enter the houses, and there is no difficulty in driving them out. Throw away the stray green bug for the window and be sure: it will not bother you anymore.

If the number of bedbugs - shields in the house grows day by day, then still have to take the following measures of struggle:

  1. Catch all the insects that have settled in your rooms. Special difficulties will not arise in this case. Shchitniki, unlike bed bugs, will not be able to hide from the eyes of the hosts. Catching them is quite simple, they do not have a particular quickness.
  2. Block all possible ways of penetration of wood bugs into the apartment . It's about the doors and windows. You can, for example, use mosquito nets.

Москитная сетка на окне поможет бороться с попаданием древесных клопов в квартиру

These measures will be sufficient to protect their buildings from members of the Shchitnik family.

But for gardens and gardens, sometimes green bugs can be a real threat. Carbophos and chlorophos are effective against these insects, but once again using insecticides is not always justified. Therefore, the foreground is still mechanical ways to deal with wood shields.

Another method of getting rid of bugs is also effective. It is the creation of biological protection from pests on its own plot of land. Plant the ornamental plant tsimitsifugu. It is noticed that the defenders do not like its aroma, for which it received another name - klopogon.

Для отпугивания щитников используется растение цимицифуга, или клопогон

Scare wood bugs can also be using a peeled onion peel or mustard solution.

Do you know that…

A forest bird - the devil is eating indiscriminately a variety of insects, including bitter bugs. However, to use this her ability to destroy bedbugs in the garden is risky, as the gastronomic predilections of the bird can change, and she will eat with a delicious appetite juicy berries.

Americans are looking for a new safe method to deal with wood bugs. They hope to deceive the sense of smell of insects thanks to artificially synthesized analogues of pheromones and to distract the defenders from planting.

Часто клопы щитники могут нести реальную угрозу культурным растениям

Whether a bedbug can be woody and a person to coexist peacefully depends largely on our prudence. To wage an active struggle with the shields makes sense only when the number of people threatening their growth.

To the record "The Bug Woody (Shield)" left 10 comments.
  1. Eugene :

    Yesterday I was attacked by a scout)) ... Lying near the window, watching a movie. Suddenly I felt something on the eye, did not even have time to "process" the information, which, and how, automatically the hand took to wipe the upper eyelid, combed from tickling. Immediately felt a burning sensation, understood the presence of the "bug of the stink" by smell, and the next moment I saw it on my arm. Here is a news that is not mentioned in the article, that apparently there is some iron in the bedbug, which provides defense in case of an attack on the insect organism.
    During the night, a tumor (upper and part of the lower eyelid) was formed.

  2. Glasha :

    And I accidentally sat on him in the car. The dress is all in this smell (And also bitten, with fear, probably ...

  3. Hope :

    We live in a hostel for 7 years and only this year we encountered bedbugs. Very unpleasant. This week, about 10 pieces were thrown out of the window. Today I already crawled onto the bed (at this time I was going to feed the baby). I hope, when it becomes quite warm outside, they will leave us!

  4. Xenia :

    Also at home there were bugs in March, almost every day there, today they arrived 3 ... We think that from the hood. We will buy a mosquito net and try to close them.

  5. Julia :

    In the garden, their innumerable numbers were divorced. Only not green, but brown. As it gets dark, they fly into the house to the light. You can not kill, so stink. And on the trees ate all the fruits, in particular, peaches and mushmalu :(

  6. Lisa :

    A cat ate a bedbug, what should I do?

  7. Natalia :

    The female bug has laid eggs on the window frame of my balcony. What to do about it? Throw it out of the balcony, maybe get on some blade of grass and hatch in a natural environment?

  8. Zinochka :

    We also have a female laying eggs, we can not press, because of them they look at us with innocent eyes full of tears, larvae. Help! Maybe, what services are there?

  9. Yoda :

    He put on a helmet, and under it was this American stink. I felt a sharp smell and quite a burning sensation in my hair exactly at the place where the bug released the secretion of his gland. Immediately in the garage rinsed his head with shampoo (the blessing with himself was all for this, went to the training). But even after that there was a burning sensation. A couple of days on the head formed a stain and a crust, as from a burn. In general, the goat is harmless, while it does not touch.

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