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Types of bedbugs

In detail about garden bedbugs
Подробно о садовых клопах

If bed bug-parasites are found in some houses and apartments only in exceptional cases, then garden bugs are the indispensable inhabitants of almost any garden, garden or flower garden. And even on a small plot, if desired, you can find both useful garden bedbugs and pests of agricultural crops. In addition, these insects often fly into private homes, balconies and inside apartments, sometimes causing the impressionable owners a real panic. Let's see what kinds of garden bugs most often come to our eyes and whether they should be feared ...

About the water bug gladys and giant whitish
Про водяного клопа гладыша и гигантскую белостому

The water bugs of gladysus feel great not only in the water, but also in the air. Interestingly, some of the bugs from this family are also beautiful musicians, but the meeting with others (for example, with a white-skinned - a giant water bug) does not bode well. Do you need to be afraid of these insects, or you can safely admire how gladysch dissects the waves in the pond - we learn from the article.

Bug Wood (Shield)
Клоп древесный (щитник)

Probably many people in their lives met the green bug of the scabbard (or else the bug-stink, a tree bug) when they were going to eat juicy raspberries. What other troubles can this insect deliver, in addition to a specific odor after contact with the bedbug, and whether it is necessary to fight it?

Appearance and peculiarities of the Italian bug
Внешний вид и особенности жизни итальянского клопа

The Italian bug belongs to the family of Grafoz and received its name for similarity with the coloring of the form of the Vatican guards. He is so similar to another representative Grafoz (Rougher Shielder) that even specialists can not always distinguish between them. This bug can often be found on fennel blossoms or on parsley leaves. Let's find out if he poses a danger to the garden plants or the villa owner can easily enjoy his bright coloring?

Details of the life of waterbug bedbugs
Подробности жизни клопов водомерок

In the summer time on the water you can find a lot of bedbugs, water meters, which seem to glide along the water and never drown. These cute insects not only are not pests, but even bring people benefits, because they are natural enemies of some unpleasant parasites like mosquitoes and horseflies.

How does a green bug look and whether it is worth it to be afraid
Как выглядит зеленый клоп и стоит ли его бояться

A green woodchuck, dwelling in forests and gardens, often peeks into human dwellings. It happens completely by accident, and an innocent bug does not try to harm anyone. In the people, it has a different name, which reflects its characteristic feature of producing a very unpleasant smell (bug-foul-smelling). Although this klopek is not a parasite in the conventional sense, it is often attempted to fight it even with the help of insecticides.

Bug harmful bug (Eurygaster integriceps)
Клоп вредная черепашка (Eurygaster integriceps)

Each type of bedbug has its own characteristics. For example, a bug harmful bug can damage wheat so much, making its grains completely unsuitable for baking and cooking. It is one of the most dangerous pests of cereals, therefore it is extremely important to know the peculiarities of his way of life and the various ways to combat it.

Bedbugs of the soldier and the damage they inflict
Клопы солдатики и наносимый ими вред

Few people know that the cheerful red-black insects, the so-called bedbugs, soldiers, real symbols of spring, which all seem so familiar, in fact - parasites of plants, and can bring tangible damage to private household. And so a meeting with these insects on the site is unlikely to promise something good to the owner. Bedbugs-soldiers in a short time can multiply and begin to seriously damage the flower beds or garden.

Who are the bedbugs and why do they smell?
Кто такие клопы вонючки и почему они пахнут?

Anyone at least once in his life saw an unpleasant offensive creation of green color sitting on the curtain or window. It turns out that the same bug-stinker has a completely different scientific name and, in addition, is a very famous pest of the garden and vegetable garden. But do not be afraid of him - except for a terrible smell, he can do us no harm. It is enough only to get acquainted with his biology to understand that in the apartment he is an occasional guest, who should simply be thrown out of the window for his own good.

Photos and description of various types of bugs
Фотографии и описание различных видов клопов

In nature, there is a huge number of different types of bedbugs, and having met some of their representatives, you can not even guess right away that it's a bug before you. We offer you to see the bright photos of some members of this squad, as well as to get acquainted with the peculiarities of their life.

For many people, bedbugs are associated exclusively with parasites that attack under a cover of night on a sleeping person and leave numerous itching bites. But bed bugs are just a few related types of bedbugs, and not the most typical ones.

In total, there are more than 40,000 species of bugs in the world, of which only a few dozen are parasites. The rest are well-known and not very inhabitants of various natural biotopes.

For example, water-bed bugs, which each of us saw on a hot summer day on the surface of a quiet pond - close relatives of bed bugs. Or bedbugs, soldiers, the first messengers of the approaching spring heat, bedbugs-harmful turtles, against which the agrarians are fighting a real war, woody bugs-stinking, which first smell, and only then are they discovered. And these are only the most famous types of bedbugs in our country.

And throughout the world are famous triathom bugs, even more dangerous parasites than bed, bugs, predators, some of which are very poisonous, water bugs, which are also called waterweed for their painful bites.

All kinds of bedbugs are similar in the way of nutrition: they pierce the covers of their victims or succulent fruits and suck the juices. For this purpose, all bugs have a special proboscis. But at the same time, the types of victims themselves, and the ways of attacking them, and the peculiarities of the biology of various representatives of the suborder of bedbugs, are so diverse and numerous that the entire group of semi-beetles (also called entomologist specialists) is extremely heterogeneous, both in terms of the size of its representatives and by its ecology.

A special section of our site contains descriptions of different types of bedbugs, both widely known and simply stand out by their way of life. We are sure that it will be interesting to get acquainted with them to everyone who wants to know more about the surrounding world and the variety of insects in it.


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