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How and where from the cockroaches appear in the apartment

Разбираемся, откуда в квартире берутся тараканы

Cockroaches in the apartment - a problem that is familiar to many not first-hand. These insects are the most common pests in apartments, apartment houses and utility rooms. And although the cockroaches do not harm the person directly, they are extremely undesirable insects in the house, conducive to the spread of diseases and generally worsen the sanitary condition of the home.

Let's figure out where they come from in the apartment ...

How and from where the cockroaches penetrate the room

The owners of the house, who found unpleasant insects in their kitchen or in the bathroom, first think: where did they come from? In fact, there are a lot of ways of penetrating these parasites into the house. Let us single out the main:

  • From the neighbors. Cockroaches can massively leave their former home after harassment or accidentally get into a new apartment on the ventilation ducts, garbage chute, through the cracks in the walls. If they are satisfied with the amount of food and drink, as well as the temperature of the environment, the cockroaches willingly settle in a new place. Для нормальной жизни тараканам нужна легко доступная еда
  • With purchases. A cockroach can easily get into a bag or an economic package in the market or in a store. It happens that the insect "moves to a new place of residence" directly in the purchased item: household appliances (computer system unit, microwave oven), furniture or clothes. Of course, in such products a cockroach can only get by accident, because they do not represent a nutritional value for it. But at grocery stores it can be found very often.
  • In things. Things brought from a trip or used by someone else can become a temporary haven for the female cockroach, which will give life to a whole population of parasites.
  • With parcels. Now very popular online shopping, which are delivered by postal parcels. These parcels, especially from abroad, can become a "transport" for cockroaches and other insects. By the way, it is the development of communication routes between different countries and even continents that has become the main reason for the dispersal of cockroaches all over the world. Now in our latitudes you can find not only the red kitchen cockroach "prusaka" , but also black, and also a huge American cockroach .

A little more about the causes of the appearance of cockroaches in the house

If with that, where the cockroaches appear in the apartment, everything is more or less clear, then the reasons for their successful "fixing" and reproduction in the room are not so obvious for most of us.

Cockroaches are insects that require a certain area to accommodate the population. If there are too many cockroaches in the infected apartment and there is not enough food for everyone, some of them go to neighboring premises in order to master the new territory. This is the reason that after a while the whole entrance or house suffers from cockroaches.

If the cockroaches appeared in the apartment, another option is possible: the neighbors try their best to get rid of parasites, creating unfit for life conditions. Naturally, cockroaches are trying urgently to leave the apartment and move to a new, safer place to live. In such cases, cockroaches usually migrate massively, immediately populating the neighbor's apartment with the entire surviving population.

Часто тараканы бегут от соседей

Sometimes cockroaches populate the room from accidentally brought before a female or a pair of cockroaches. Most often, such a problem arises in people who travel a lot or travel on business, stopping at various hotels and hotels. Sometimes cockroaches get into the house with food bought at the supermarket.

Cockroaches in the house - a sign of unsanitary conditions

Regardless of the cause of the appearance of cockroaches, the conservation and increase in their population is possible only if there are a number of favorable factors:

  • Free access to food. Cockroaches are very unpretentious creatures. They can eat not only fresh quality products, but also rotten garbage, paper, leather. Do without a meal cockroach can long enough - up to several weeks. But even if you leave in the kitchen an untidy table, a stove, a dirty trash can - this will be enough for the normal supply of an entire colony of pests. Therefore, to confront insects, you need to seek in the literal sense of the ideal order, to hide at night all food and take out the garbage every day. Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, so it is important to hide all food sources before going to bed. На ночь нужно убирать со стола все крошки и прятать источники пищи
  • Presence of water for drinking. The most important, without which cockroaches can not live long - water. In modern apartments and houses of its sources is very much. It can be a small puddle on a table or stove, a wet sink, a leaking tap or water condensation on the tile. If all water sources carefully overlap, cockroaches can drink water from flower ground. Therefore, during the fight against parasites, you should water the flowers only in the morning or in the afternoon, so that the liquid is well absorbed. It is recommended to wipe the kitchen sink and bathroom with a dry cloth overnight. Протекающий кран - источник воды для тараканов
  • Comfortable room temperature and the presence of nooks. Ideal conditions for life - these are the reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment. Human habitation can not be better adapted to the needs of these insects: it maintains a comfortable relative humidity and warmth, there are many snacks where cockroaches can hide in the daytime. In addition, neighboring apartments are not isolated from each other, but are connected by communications, through which insects can move freely.

Тараканы способны быстро и легко перемещаться из квартиры в квартиру

If cockroaches have appeared at home, you need to carefully study the possible ways of their penetration. It is necessary to seal all the cracks in the walls and floor, equip the ventilation holes with special nets, which will not allow other insects to penetrate the apartment.

Often it remains unclear where the cockroaches originated, because there can be many options. However, these insects can continue to live and multiply only under favorable conditions for them.

Usually, cockroach infection begins with several individuals that become the ancestors of an entire population that occurs literally in a few weeks. Anti-sanitation in the apartment - the main factor in the comfortable life of cockroaches.

By the way, after carrying out pest control cockroaches can return only if the owners do not take too much care of the cleanliness of their home.

What if there were cockroaches in the house

Every person living in a multi-family or private home, it is important to know where the cockroaches come from. This will remind us of the need for preventive measures: maintaining order, eliminating cracks in the walls and closing the ventilation ducts.

Чтобы тараканы не появились вновь, полезен ряд профилактических мер

But if cockroaches have already appeared in the house, we urgently need to start fighting them:

  1. Arrange the apartment in order. The appearance of cockroaches may even be a reason for minor repairs, but if this is not possible, then a general cleaning is mandatory. Elimination of deposits of old garbage and the elimination of open-lying food products will make the struggle much more successful and will speed up the achievement of the result.
  2. Use special tools and traps. The industry offers many chemicals for the destruction of cockroaches: insecticide crayons, aerosols, powders and gels. In addition, you can use folk recipes or put cockroach traps (though they work if there are not very many cockroaches in the house).
  3. Prevention of re-entry. An obligatory condition of prophylaxis is maintenance of cleanliness, especially in the kitchen, in the bathroom and toilet. You can also use for preventive purposes gels from cockroaches, traps and crayons.

On a note

Cockroaches can appear in almost any home. However, for later life and reproduction, they choose only apartments that do not shine with purity. Therefore, in addition to fighting with the help of chemicals, it is important to observe hygiene and maintain a good sanitary condition of your home.

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  1. Julia :

    Foo-y-y! It's disgusting!

  2. Catherine :

    Foo-y-y. How to get rid of them ...

  3. Alexey :

    Began to rent a room. It seems that everything worked well for me, every day the order, washing the floors, and soon the cockroaches began to appear - yellow, I can not sleep at night, and in the daytime I'm not in the apartment, as I work. How can I get rid of them?

    • Anonymous :

      Buy a flycatcher and add food there, they will stick. Cockroaches, flies, etc. There is another way: take an ordinary jar and add there some food and sunflower oil. And they will get there in the morning and will not go back, they will die there.

  4. Light :

    From neighbors who have food untilled in the kitchen, and no matter how I come in, they are crumbs, something else. To us, it seems, they are moving, today I saw one and the day before yesterday I killed one. Fu! But after all, the repair just passed. I have not seen these nasty since the 90s. Nightmare.

  5. Nastya :

    What a disgusting ... I recently moved to a student hostel, a new, renovated, seemingly sterile one. The room is always full order, and then, from nowhere, I saw this creature :( can be seen from a neighbor's gift. I killed two already ... What to do is so disgusting. I can not sleep at night.

    • Anonymous :

      It's a trumpet, I've been at war with them for two months.

  6. Arishka :

    We have killed 1 cockroach in our house, everything is clean at home. Kapets, at night I can not sleep ((shaking from them, disgusting and I'm afraid ((

  7. Max :

    What are you afraid of? This same cutie just :)

    • Dasha :

      You think so?

    • Marina :

      It's an abomination, how do you like them, Max ?!

    • Nikolay :

      Cockroaches are the carriers of dangerous pathogens: eggs of parasites, causative agents of dysentery, pneumonia and other. They travel by sewage, garbage disposal, etc. These innocuous creatures pose a serious biological hazard to humans.

  8. Diane :

    Fu, I killed 3 of them, and at night it's impossible to sleep at all.

  9. Natasha :

    We rent an apartment a week. And now I discovered how this creature crawls along the wall near the bed ... I'm afraid to sleep now (

  10. Alexander :

    You do not like cockroaches? You just do not know how to cook them)) What are they yummy here on the pictures.

  11. Elena :

    Cockroaches they are so nasty and vile. I saw them in the toilet. I killed one, and another grandmother killed my grandmother. But how to kill all these vile creatures!

    • Anonymous :

      I will advise you on how to deal with cockroaches :-) Take a well-boiled egg yolk, as much in equal proportions of well-boiled potatoes and as much boric acid. Roll into a ball and scatter, where the cockroaches. In a day, take a broom and collect dead cockroaches.

  12. Veronica :

    Let me send you my

  13. Lyudmila :

    There are comments, and nobody writes what to do. She also found a couple of cockroaches in her room. So unpleasant! I'm going to find out by neighbors today - whose is it? The apartment was bought, immediately made repairs - it was not visible these "guests". And here you are. Br ...

  14. Yana :

    The "Mashenka" chalk helps a lot. I moved out of the 2-room apartment for a month, now do not bother

  15. Kolya :

    In my kitchen, these creatures also appeared, what to do with them?

  16. Margarita :

    When living in a hostel, a very good recipe was helped: dilute boric acid with egg yolk to make a gruel. Spread this mush in places of accumulation on pieces of thick paper. It helped very well. Do not forget to change once a week.

  17. Vasilisa :

    I woke up at night, went to the bath, and then hello - hike from neighbors cockroaches. As I saw, I can not sleep at all.

  18. Alexandra :

    I rode cockroaches to myself and to my mother. Just need to find the place where they nest. In my kitchen, they lived behind a microwave in the power supply unit. And my mother in the shelf in the bathroom, which was near the battery. They love warmth, look for a source of heat in the room in which they most often meet. Well, as you will find, any means will be good. I sprayed them with fear from everyone with a freshener of air, and then with a slipper.

  19. Mary :

    Is it possible to refresh them with liquefier? .. And anyway, now a lot of money from them. And sprays and gels ... I have one zaletny - I gel corners there are all sorts and generally perimeter walked. All. Six months later, again, apparently, guests flied from their neighbors. Again I went through the gel. All.

  20. Karina :

    These vile creatures, how to get rid of them?

  21. Tatiana :

    Pipettes, horror, these creatures, fuuu. Rapidly multiply, bastards. I sleep at night with a lamp, but otherwise, they are everywhere!

  22. Margot :

    Horrible. And I have the first floor, it seems, from the basement climb. And what kind of gel?

  23. Nastyusha :

    What horror, we have cockroaches in the room, what to do? I have small children.

  24. Kisha :

    I'm scared. My brother says he saw a fast-moving insect, like an ant, black, big. It seems to me, a cockroach. I'm afraid. I have never seen them. I'm scared. I looked at the pictures. Tin. I think that you just need to keep the house clean.

  25. Incognito :

    In the middle of the night he fell right on his head, grabbed the stick with a fright and killed him. Then there were more and all jump from the ceiling (parachutists some). Tin is simple.

    • Anonymous :

      They just want to get into the body through the mouth, nose, eyes and ears and continue to multiply there ...

  26. Vadim :

    I remember I spilled water, then I saw the 1st, then the 2nd. They seem to multiply!

  27. Vitaliy :

    And we also had cockroaches, 3 years terrorized us. This is either neighbors, homeless people, or alcoholics, so good luck, complain. We also had a homeless person: they carried trash to the apartment, cockroaches were divorced and unsanitary, and mostly fled to the apartments in the summer, both at the entrance and neighbors. And that bum apartment rented and rubbish piled up. The owner came and drove out. The apartment was cleaned - everything, cockroaches disappeared.

  28. Catrin :

    I read fanfic at night and I see that Alisa (kitten) looks up. Still, I also looked up, my heart quivered: there was a long black insect on the ceiling. I decided to call my father, tried many methods, did not wake up (it was 1:49), he slept too fast. This thing did not move, and even when I left, it still remained on the ceiling. I saw this thing when she passed me, but I did not pay attention. When I wrote this, she (probably) was tired of standing just like that, and left. I was calm, fuuuhh.

    The problem is still there. With a lamp on, I'm afraid. This creature runs around, I look at it - immediately stops, I read the fanfic - it runs. Damn, I'm terribly scared, the girl's intuition tells me that they live next to the battery (the battery near my bed). The horror, I tell you, is terrible. I know, probably, it's because of my garbage. You see, sometimes it's too lazy to go to the trash. Tell me that it helps, I really want to get rid of it, horror!

  29. Seyde :

    Which remedies help to get rid of cockroaches?

    • Anonymous :

      Hello! We were helped by the "Tarol" remedy, a super remedy. They devour it and bring it to the nest, and then die. In two weeks they took out all the cockroaches. We moved to the apartment, secondary housing, there was a bunch of cockroaches. Now there is no. For 15 years now, no.

  30. Elena :

    One evening I go to the kitchen to drink water and I see this face running along the wall. We have a cat, so access to food is not limited. The next day progenerali all with her husband, with powder and bleach, the cups of the cat were removed, as a trash can bought a container with a tight-fitting lid. At night we clean everything up and periodically go with checks - like, it is not visible.

    I think they have climbed to us through ventilation, here, we still need to change the grid on it and walk through the sealant until it is visible. Special funds have not yet been purchased. Let's hope that they will not come to visit us again. :)

  31. Anastasia :

    We have been fighting these creatures for a month already. Up to that have become impudent, that in bed to climb began, today to the husband in an ear climbed, it was necessary to go to hospital to pull out. Have tried various poison, crayons, powders - BREAD. Tomorrow I will call SES, let them poison me.

  32. Dasha :

    Everyone is lying on neighbors, a typical fence of himself. Or maybe you yourself dirty, or brought from ...

  33. Rasling :

    Water, without it, cockroaches do not live. A month ago in the kitchen, I and my brother saw one cockroach. Maybe he was alone. All kitchen disinfected, a week later I saw a cockroach on the table, immediately killed. The next day they sprinkled everything again and began to wipe everything dry from the table, washing them and from the floor, removing all moisture and 3 months as we did not see it. He zalyetny, climbed through the ventilation, before this cockroaches have not seen for 15 years.

  34. Hope :

    We bought an apartment, we stopped ... And what do you think ?! Of course, damn it, cockroaches. For a month already 2-nailed. It's an abomination. And I have small children. Because of what they, in general, climb? Now there are so many emotions, that in general pipets ...

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