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Than to treat the apartment from cockroaches?

Обзор средств для обработки квартиры от тараканов

When cockroaches appear in the house, the first desire is to quickly get rid of unpleasant pests and to protect themselves from their penetration in the future. Treatment from cockroaches can be carried out with their own hands using aerosols, dust or gels - this requires certain time costs, as well as the lack of excessive fastidiousness and a strong allergy to chemistry. If you fully comply with the requirements of the instructions and carry out the treatment correctly, these funds will give a good long-term result.

When there is no possibility or desire to tinker with poisons, it is possible to connect specialists to this case, summoning a brigade of pest controllers to the house. This method is good because private offices provide a guarantee for their services and use professional quality disinfectants. The minus of professional processing is relative high cost.

Than to treat the apartment from cockroaches

To date, the chemical industry produces many poisons of various groups, which are presented in several convenient forms of release: aerosol, powder, liquid, paste, gel, chalk. You can choose exactly the option, the use of which seems most convenient.

The most well-known means from cockroaches are:

  • Gett - a preparation made by the technology of microencapsulation. It does not smell, is safe for humans and animals, can be applied on any surfaces in the house. The principle of action is as follows: a cockroach runs through the infected surface and clings to the feet of a microcapsule with poison. He brings her to a secluded place, where other cockroaches live, where they eventually also come into contact with the poison brought. After a while, paralysis and the death of insects begin. Спрей Гетт от тараканов
  • Raid - aerosol, has an oily structure, which settles on smooth surfaces, has a rather heavy and sharp smell. Effectively copes with small populations of insects, it is convenient in application. This remedy is contraindicated to allergic people, requires ventilation after use. Аэрозоль от летающих и ползающих насекомых Рэйд
  • Raptor is an aerosol, with the help of which the apartment is processed from cockroaches at early stages. The drug works quite efficiently, but it has a distinct smell of dichlorvos, requires the use of personal protective equipment, is contraindicated in asthmatics and allergies. There are also traps and gel Raptor . Аэрозоль Раптор
  • Pasta Sturm - a remedy in the form of ready-to-use insecticidal gel, placed in a syringe. Insect death occurs 12 hours after contact with the poison. During this time, the cockroach usually manages to poison and several of its relatives, with whom he contacted. The product is produced for professional use, has a wide range of actions: it kills not only red, but also black, American cockroaches , ants and scales. Штурм гель-паста от тараканов
  • Fas - gel from cockroaches on the basis of two active substances of different mechanism of action. It is convenient in application, economical, has a low class of danger for people and animals. After application, the gel Fas is active on the surface for 1.5-2 months. Effective even with a strong infection of the apartment with insects. Гель против тараканов Фас
  • Brownie is an insecticidal gel with an intestinal-contact effect on insects. Conveniently applied, the death of insects occurs in a day or two. The product is very economical, it retains its properties for up to 2 months after application. Gel Domovoi - this is an inexpensive solution to the problem of cockroaches at an average level of infection. Гель против тараканов Домовой (в шприце)
  • Globol - German gel from cockroaches prolonged action. Very effective even with a strong infection of the apartment with insects. When buying, you should keep in mind that there are a lot of counterfeit products on the market today, you need to look for a tool with the inscriptions on the packaging completely in German and a special holographic sticker. Глобол - немецкое средство от тараканов
  • Pyrethrum is a powder from a safe Caucasian Caucasian or Dalmatian chamomile. Refers to natural methods of struggle, natural insecticide. Fresh powdered powder is sprayed in places of insect accumulation with a rubber pear. Suitable for the destruction of a small population of cockroaches or to prevent their penetration into the room. Инсектицидный порошок Пиретрум
  • Mashenka is an inexpensive means in the form of chalk, convenient in application. Melochka Mashenka is perfect for preventing the penetration of cockroaches, as well as destroy their small populations. Could not be effective enough for a strong infection of the apartment with cockroaches.

Мелок против тараканов Машенька

Each of the above drugs has a different cost, its pros and cons. As a recommendation, one thing can be said: while there are few cockroaches, you can cope with them with folk remedies, traps or insecticide crayons.

But the fight against an increased population requires the use of insecticidal aerosols or gels.

Instructions for handling an apartment with aerosols

Aerosols have the property of settling on surfaces, so before using it is necessary:

  • Hide all food and personal items.
  • Wear personal protective equipment for the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract: goggles, mask.
  • Shake the aerosol can and then spray the product in places where insects have accumulated (1-2 seconds at a single point), and also on possible ways of their movement.

Treatment is usually carried out twice with an interval of several days.


"I got cockroaches from neighbors in a communal apartment, when they poisoned them. I, on the advice of these same neighbors, bought Reid and sprayed the whole room. The smell was then very strong, but the cockroaches immediately disappeared. "


Apartment treatment with gels

It is not difficult to treat an apartment from cockroaches with the help of a gel. As a rule, they are sold in a special tube or syringe, which greatly facilitates the application process.

Гели от тараканов часто выпускают в шприцах

The gel is applied pointwise at intervals of several centimeters. Use it should be near the baseboards, under the sinks and in the kitchen cupboards, near the trash can. In short, you need to cover all the favorite places of cockroaches.

Depending on the active substance in the base, the gel retains its properties on the surface from a week to two months.

Powders and crayons against cockroaches

Powder, having a finely dispersed form, acts not only as a poison, but also mechanically, clogging the respiratory tract of an insect. However, this same fine dust easily rises into the air and can enter the human or animal body, causing poisoning.

При работе с порошками полезно использовать респиратор

When working with powder, respiratory protective equipment must be used.


"Ryazan, Vladimirsky Prospekt. We live in the old house, there were cockroaches and, probably, will always be. My wife once a month stably paints all skirting boards, walls and household appliances with some kind of Chinese chalk, and cockroaches in our apartment almost never look. Once the neighbors poisoned them with some kind of smelly muck, so they fled to us in droves, but then they fled back without any measures. In general, I'm for a pencil. "

Vadim, Ryazan

As a rule, powders are applied in a thin layer in places where insects gather, they should be filled with one continuous line. For ease of spraying, a rubber bulb can be used.

If treatment against cockroaches is carried out with insecticide chalk (pencil), then it is applied even easier. A continuous line is drawn, which the cockroach must necessarily cross. This is done in places of congestion of cockroaches, as well as in places of their movement.

Calling the brigade of pest control: preparing and bringing the apartment in order

Professional treatment of the house from cockroaches is the easiest way to end these insects forever. This can be quite expensive, but almost every company provides a guarantee. Usually "fighters" work reliably and quickly - after all, it's their bread.

Дезинсектор обрабатывает квартиру от тараканов

In order to prepare an apartment for processing, it is necessary:

  • remove dishes, hide food;
  • close the aquarium by turning off the air intake;
  • remove people and pets from the apartment.

And after the specialists finish the work, it is necessary:

  • ventilate the room well, wipe the surfaces and wash the dishes;
  • after a couple of days, thoroughly vacuum the apartment and immediately discard the contents of the bag;
  • do wet cleaning in the room, but not earlier than was indicated by specialists.

Complete extinction of parasites after professional treatment of an apartment from cockroaches occurs usually within a few hours or days.

Choosing a way to fight insects can only the owner of the apartment, assessing the scale of the disaster and calculating their financial capabilities. Self-control of insects will be budgetary, but long and, perhaps, ineffective. Professional help costs money, but it will save insects for sure and for a long time. As in other cases, the destruction of insects will have to choose: time or money.

Successful you fight with cockroaches!

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