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If the apartment had black cockroaches ...

Черные тараканы

If the black cockroaches in the neighbors' apartment feel themselves full masters, if they are firmly established in the garbage chute, then very soon they will put the whole house and your dwelling on their ears.

Can you hope that your cleanliness will prevent insects from getting accustomed to your living space? Yes, impeccable cleanliness in the house, lack of access to food products and maintenance of sanitary ware in an ideal condition are serious "negative" arguments for a black cockroach . It is unlikely that he wants to stay in this room for a long time, but he will certainly stop to ask if there are unwashed dishes left in the kitchen.

Once the tenants have made a mistake, the insects will return in their tracks and lead the brothers. So you should meet them fully armed.

And first, let's take a closer look at the black cockroaches, and then see how you can get rid of them if they come to the house.

Who is more dangerous: a black cockroach or a redhead?

In Russian flats most often there are two kinds of house cockroaches : black and red. But they rarely get along with each other. They are warmed by the same walls, they are claiming the same source of food. All this creates competition.

Всем знакомый рыжий таракан

Более редкий для России черный таракан

And it seems that the winner in the interspecific struggle is the cockroach.

The slightly carefree attitude of the black cockroach females to their offspring leads to the fact that some eggs left unattended are eaten by representatives of any kind of cockroaches (both red and black). For these insects cannibalism is quite a natural phenomenon.

In addition, while the black cockroach reaches puberty, during this time it is time to grow and breed more than one generation of the Prussian. Therefore, the number of black cockroaches grows more slowly than the red ones.

So, maybe you should not be afraid of their appearance? However, large, reaching in length of three centimeters, black cockroaches, slightly shining chitinous shell, exuding an unpleasant smell and capable of developing an incredible speed - a phenomenon still unnatural for a modern apartment.

Finding such a disrespectful giant who is working in the kitchen, exploring the bath or (oh, horror!) Getting into bed, you will involuntarily shudder and remember Chukovsky's "Cockroach".

There is a quality that calls the black cockroach to red: the neighborhood with any of them is extremely undesirable for a person; this living creature pollutes human dwellings with products of vital activity, disabling wiring and household appliances.

The presence in the apartment of black cockroaches coming from the sewers, cellars, garbage containers and carrying an incredible number of pathogens on their bodies is a sign of low sanitary condition of the premises and a real threat to health. Particularly vulnerable to infection are curious children.

Methods to combat black cockroaches

People are not used to risk the most expensive. Since then, as a man has become aware that these synanthropic insects are not only malo-sympathetic, but also extremely harmful, he began with special zeal to get rid of black cockroaches. And he succeeded in this.

It is safe to say that getting rid of insects is a feasible task.

Боремся с тараканами

Let's consider the basic methods of fighting black cockroaches , which are improved day by day.

  • Mechanical extermination. The first weapon against cockroaches, perhaps, is the sneaker. He is able to destroy one zazevavshuyusya individual, but absolutely ineffective in the massive invasion of cockroaches.
  • Thermal impact - a way to get rid of black house cockroaches, came down to us from the depths of centuries. It consists in freezing the building. For residents of modern high-rise buildings with central heating, this method is technically not feasible.
  • Repellents - means not killing, but only repelling cockroaches . Someone noticed that black cockroaches do not tolerate some strong smells. Almost every mistress who has experience of fighting harmful insects has her favorite means in the arsenal, which relieves from the invasion of black cockroaches: laurel leaves, rye harvested during the flowering period, elderberry blossoms or fragrant pyrethrum.
    The use of drugs of natural origin bribes with its safety. Unfortunately, either the cockroaches eventually forgot how to distinguish smells, or simply accustomed to them, but it is often possible to meet them, crawling on the bouquets prepared for them.
  • Traps. Kohl to drive the cockroach out of the house is a complicated matter, it was decided to overcome it with cunning. To attract cockroach attention, of course, food products are used. From the food lying in a prominent place, the insect will never refuse. Самодельная ловушка для тараканов
    This is where his misfortune comes. Human fantasy knows no bounds. Putting a treat in a glass jar and oiling its walls with oil, you can be sure that outside after such a nice meal, black cockroaches will not get out. The same effect is achieved if on the way to the bait smear the sticky mass, to which the insect will adhere firmly.
    Modern devices for catching insects are even more intricate. If the cockroach is tempted by the bait, it will be killed by an electric discharge and even be disinfected by the same electricity. And this method of fighting black cockroaches has a disadvantage: first the insect needs to be trapped
  • Insecticides are products of the chemical industry that act on the insect's organism, destroying it. This huge group of substances, different in structure and mechanism of action. These drugs can help get rid of cockroaches, when all of the above is powerless. However, insects strike everyone with their vitality and ability to survive even after eating poison.
    In some cases, this phenomenon has an explanation: if a poisoned cockroach finds a drop of water, it will get drunk, then the effect of many insecticides is neutralized or weakened. Manufacturers offer tools for getting rid of black and red cockroaches in a variety of forms - gels, crayons, aerosols, powders. When using many insecticides, special care must be taken since they are toxic to humans and pets. Мелок Машенька от тараканов
    But there is a means that has won the special sympathy of the population. This boric acid - a long-used, cheap, relatively safe for humans and up to the present day effective in fighting black cockroaches insecticide.

To put a control strike

The active resistance of people, whether old-fashioned traps or ultramodern insecticides, had their effect, they managed to get rid of the big black cockroaches. Nobody rustles in the trash can, no one hides over the cracks, when the light in the kitchen lights up.

Is this the final victory? I think no. As practice shows, tenants of multi-storey houses, often not knowing each other either by name or face, make a fatal mistake, trying to get black cockroaches without the support of neighbors. Insects tend to migrate from an apartment to an apartment, the appearance in the kitchen of previously absent cockroaches, can only mean one thing: one of the neighbors announced to them another war.

It will be right to unite efforts by processing all the apartments at the same time and deliver a control strike against the main shelters of black cockroaches-raw basements, garbage chutes. It is more reasonable to entrust such an event to experts in matters of pest control. Only then can we hope that the black cockroaches in the apartment will not appear for a very long time, or, perhaps, never.

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