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Removal of cockroaches from the apartment: step by step instruction

Выводим тараканов из квартиры

How to bring out cockroaches, says and written a lot. But few people give concrete instructions. At the same time, most owners of apartments, houses, cottages and canteens are looking for not a listing of means and methods, but a specific step-by-step instruction that in what sequence to make and how to bring out cockroaches in an apartment or house for sure.

It is this instruction that we offer readers.

Step 0. Understand the situation

It should be understood that the cockroaches in the apartment do not just appear. If they are wound up, and even more so - they multiply actively, it means that conditions favorable for them are created in the room.

But cockroaches are not bedbugs. The ideal situation for them is dirt and unsanitary conditions. Because if the cockroaches in the room live constantly, then you need to figure out how to eliminate the causes of their appearance. And only then - think about how to get the cockroaches out of the apartment, who have already settled in it.


Insects in the apartment are like a person's disease. It is really quick and easy to get cockroaches out. But to prevent their re-entry into the premises is much more difficult.

The removal of cockroaches should begin with an assessment of the extent of the problem. And not in the apartment, but in the whole house: deciding how to bring cockroaches out forever, you need to destroy first of all the hotbeds of these pests.

Step 1. Communicate with neighbors

Usually the neighbors' apartments are the sources of infection. Therefore, you need to bypass at least an apartment with which there are adjacent walls. As a maximum, the whole house.

Тараканы приходят в квартиру от соседей

If one of the neighbors apartment is infected more strongly, it is necessary to decide together what to bring out cockroaches in both. And in the case of pest control, only their housing should be ready, that after a certain time, the Prussians multiplying from neighbors will gradually penetrate into the apartment cleared from them through ventilation and external walls.


Cockroaches in an apartment can not be permanently removed if they continue to breed in neighboring apartments.

Therefore, planning how to bring cockroaches out of the apartment at home, it is necessary to work together with neighbors. Only such a conclusion of cockroaches will give a long-term result.

Step 2. Eliminate the reasons for occupying the apartment with cockroaches

This is the main task. Without its solution, even powerful insecticides will work only for a short time. And having made the premises inconvenient for the life of cockroaches, it is possible to ensure the removal of cockroaches at home without additional measures and means.

What is required for this? Very little:

  • remove the remains of food inaccessible places, pack them in plastic bags Важно ограничить насекомым доступ к остаткам пищи
  • Wipe the sinks and bath before going to bed - cockroaches need regular drinking
  • carefully clean in the nightstands, sweep the dirty under the furniture.

Despite the simplicity of these measures, owners of infected premises do not comply with them. As a result, they have to look for insecticides and constantly learn what to bring the cockroaches out of the house.


Even in Soviet times, I constantly asked my friend-father how he got rid of cockroaches. He never had them at all. He simply said that he maintained order, healed all the cracks, never left food on the table. I thought he was cunning and hiding something. But after repair from us, I took the rule to lick the apartment to shine once a week. For half a year the cockroaches left, and even a fashionable pencil was not needed ...

Tatyana, Gomel

Step 3. Destroy already existing cockroaches

This is a step of action and result. Cockroaches can be produced in different ways and at different times. And for each method there are optimal means and methods:

Application of aerosol insecticides. Advantages of this method - speed of action, total treatment of the room and complete destruction of cockroaches , with the right choice of means - high efficiency. It is necessary to use insecticides, deciding how quickly to remove cockroaches.

The main means here are Raid, Raptor, Gett, Fufanon, Microfos, Dichlorvos, Carbofos, various dusts, Medilis Ziper, Tetriks, Dohloks, Combat, Fas and others.

Пример: аэрозоль Раптор от ползающих насекомых

Minuses of aerosol insecticides - a fairly high cost, the need to leave at least one day for all residents, a certain amount of effort.

When they are used, all places of possible accumulation and movement of insects are sprayed from the cylinders, and after a few hours the room is thoroughly cleaned and subjected to wet cleaning and ventilation.

Use of gels, powders and pencils. In fact, these are the same insecticides, only in a different form. Their action is slightly more time-consuming, but they can be used while in the apartment.

The most effective of these tools showed gels - Fas, Sturm, Brownie, Globol, Raptor, dust - Clean House, Pyrethrum - and the famous pencil Mashenka .

Карандаш (мелок) от тараканов Машенька

The main advantages of these tools are ease of use and safety. Typically, they are all inexpensive and very affordable, even if you need to handle auxiliary structures and equipment.

To effectively remove cockroaches using a gel, you will need up to 200 rubles for the whole apartment. This is lower than using most other tools.

Each of these means is applied in different ways and has its own specificity of action. In any case, with their application, the result will appear only after a few days.

On a note

It is different gels - the best way out in cases when the mistresses are racking their brains, how to get cockroaches out of the refrigerator, or how to get the cockroaches of their microwaves. It is enough to apply a gel or a pencil line in the device itself from the outside or inside, and you can be sure that in a few days the cockroaches will not penetrate into it.

Calling the service of pest control. The cockroach removal service is usually the last resort used in case of high contamination of the premises. Specialists in desinsection use analogues of the above described means, but only stronger and more toxic. As a result, cockroaches disappear completely after such treatment, but it requires great efforts to clean the room and to observe the security measures of the tenants.

Работник службы дезинсекции обрабатывает квартиру от тараканов

An additional advantage of this method is the absence of the need to rack your brains, what can be brought out of cockroaches: the service will do everything itself and give a guarantee.

Minuses of specialized services - in the high cost of their services (from 1600 rubles per one-room apartment) and the need to prepare the room for processing. At least one day in the apartment should not be residents and pets.

Freezing cockroaches. This is an almost ideal solution for residents of the northern part of the country and those who can reduce the temperature in the room below minus 8 ° C without risk for plumbing systems.

The operation is very simple: on a frosty day all the windows are opened in the room, the heaters are turned off, and the apartment is left to cool for half a day. If the frost in the street is stronger than minus 12 ° C, it will take about 5-6 hours to reach the target temperature in the room and the death of insects. For the reliability it is worthwhile to freeze the apartment for 8-9 hours.

The advantages of this method are many - safety for people and pets (only aquariums and terrariums should be taken care of in advance), simplicity and free-of-charge.

But he also has disadvantages: in heated apartments frost can lead to breakdown of radiators, pipes, heating devices. In addition, not all and not all the year round this method is available, which significantly limits its use.

Use of special traps. An effective method for apartments in which there are few cockroaches or they infiltrate them occasionally. Traps attract insects with the smell of bait, and already inside the cockroach it sticks to a special Velcro and perishes (or eats a bait poisoned by poison).

Пример: ловушки Комбат от тараканов


Well, I do not have cockroaches at all. Only sometimes they crawl from their neighbors, spoil their wives. By the way, only through the fan in the bathroom. I bought cardboard houses with Velcro, put it under the bathroom, and the problem ended. For the sake of interest, I check them - two or three Prusakas a week are caught.

Igor, Odessa

The method is very inexpensive, easy to implement, but in the case of a large number of cockroaches indoors will not help.

On a note

Some of the traps produced by the Chinese industry are so small that they are effective only against the Prusaks. Therefore, before removing red cockroaches with their help, you should make sure that there are no larger black or American brethren in the room.

Folk remedies. This is the least effective method, but in the case of low infestation the room can be used. In addition, it is recommended to be used as a supplement to other methods.

It is known that cockroaches scare away the smell of ammonia. Therefore, in the usual washing of floors or wet cleaning in an apartment it is necessary to drip a few drops of ammonia into a bucket of water. This is a fairly effective preventive measure.

Also known are special poisoned baits made by hand from borax or boric acid and flour, sugar and eggs. To some extent, they help to control the number of insects, but in many cases a pronounced result is not given.

Step 4. We make the apartment safe for other inhabitants

When using any poisonous drugs, you need to take care of the safety of children and pets. Even though the bulk of insecticides from cockroaches on the market are not highly toxic, they can still cause a variety of disorders - allergy to skin contact, vomiting and diarrhea if ingested, individual reactions.

Следует помнить о ядовитости инсектицидов

To avoid such trouble, the following measures should be observed:

  • Use of aerosol insecticides should be carried out only in an empty room, and after carrying out the disinfestation carry out a thorough and complete wet cleaning.
  • Powders and gels should be applied in places hard to reach for animals and children - bedside tables, behind radiators, under furniture. You should choose drugs that repel animals - Fas, for example, or Absolute gel, which includes bitterness.
  • Means with the content of borax and boric acid should be laid out where animals and children can not reach them.
  • When calling the services of pest control carefully follow all their recommendations.

Usually every remedy against cockroaches is sold with an instruction, strict adherence to which is a guarantee of safe and harmless disinsection.

Step 5. Do not let the cockroaches enter the apartment again

To prevent the repeated penetration of cockroaches into the apartment should carefully monitor its cleanliness and sanitary condition. In addition, it will be useful to do the following:

  • Set the mesh on the ventilation holes or spread them inside with a pencil from the cockroaches.
  • In the anteroom decompose the traps from the cockroaches .
  • Pencil strips along the outer perimeter of the apartment windows

And most importantly - to give a good and proven means to neighbors. Only after that be ready, that part of the cockroaches will try to escape in the already cleaned room.

Good luck to you in the fight against cockroaches!

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  1. Irina :

    At me, I so understand, resort sometimes from neighbors. Quite a long time was not, but then they either started repairing (periodically something is dolbjat-drill) - cockroaches appeared again. A little, 1-2 see a week ...
    Talking with neighbors is useless, because people, to put it mildly, are inadequate. The apartment is more like a landfill. The neighbor is dragging everything from the garbage and the remnants of substandard products from the market (((Such typical Bulgakov's Annushka ...
    So it will be necessary to use crayons and traps from time to time, as far as not all chemicals even for the home carry.

  2. Irina V :

    I do not know how to get rid of these reptiles, I tried everything. A sense, if in all the entrance, i.e. in the whole house in every apartment they live. Indeed, the best way is to poison the entire house.

  3. Tanya :

    The new apartment had a lot of cockroaches and nothing helped, but once in my plate on the stove the water boiled, there was cooked a chicken breast, it burnt very badly. Smoke was on the whole apartment, but the cockroaches disappeared! More than six months I have not seen them at all, and now, apparently, from neighbors one or two weeks for two come across. If you get it, then, probably, I'll try it again)

  4. Vlada :

    I already got these redheads. I do not know already what to bring them out. What I just did not try, climb all the time from the neighbors, say anything to them, at least do not say that they roared cockroaches, they do not care.

  5. Hope :

    We rented an apartment ... I came to clean up and gasped: cockroaches povylazili, already horror. Tomorrow I give the keys back. Let herself live with them.

    • Anonymous :

      Have you been refunded? Just the same problem. I rented an apartment, and there are cockroaches.

      • Anonymous :

        We also took pictures with red guests, but the landlady moved to another city.

  6. Alexandra :

    And you try to contact a special service. It helped us a lot. They also persecuted themselves, while these same forces did not run out. Appealed to the pros. Very quickly saved us from such an unpleasant neighborhood.

    • Anna :

      We called the service 3 times! All the same they climb, I do not know what to do already.

  7. Julia :

    These creatures climb from everywhere, I do not know what to do. I tried everything already: syringes, and aerosols, and crayons, even dichlorvos did not take these reptiles. I'm desperate, what should I do?

  8. Vyacheslav :

    I rented an apartment - the sea cockroaches after the last tenants. I called an office for destruction, and all - there is not one! The cost of 600 rubles.

  9. Anonymous :

    And we are lying with a newborn baby in the hospital, and these parasites are everywhere!

  10. Lara :

    This year I'm just crazy about these cockroaches. For 20 years there was no such horror. What only I did not try: I caught and etched - and nothing, I can not withdraw. I read about the processing, I will probably call. My strength is no more. I would like to know about the preparation of folk remedies. Share ...

  11. Sanka :

    Do not buy pest regrett - it does not help.

  12. Hector :

    The article is very good, the priorities are set and the main means of struggle are considered.

  13. Julia :

    For many years we lived with cockroaches, we tried everything. Going out at night was scary from their number. I saw the gel "Raptor" in the store. I was about 50 UAH. Decided to try. In the evening the husband anointed all their entrances and exits. And in an hour they just started dying. In the morning she dug scoops 10. And all! Just everything. They are no more. I can not believe until now. The problem was solved in one evening. Now a little one or two appear, but in the morning I find their bodies. So good luck to everyone in this difficult matter.

  14. Victor :

    The ultrasonic device does not help, do not waste money!

  15. Anna :

    Well, we have just not tried: the service was called 3 times, and the crayons, and the gels are different, and at least they creep. I'm in despair, I'm afraid of them, horror, we live in an apartment a year, an apartment after repairs, and we can not get them out!

    • Ira :

      Traps! Only traps. In the hoods, under the stove, in and behind the fridge. 100% will be lost. Buy 20 pieces, and that's it!

  16. Lena :

    The article is very useful! Thank you! We cockroaches came from the neighbors from above (there lodgers have planted a dump). In a week of 2-3 falls: in the kitchen and in the toilet. Today I will go to the neighbors. Get rid of, I understood from the article, it is better to work together. Tried the spray Reid, but it does not help much, after spraying, they still crawl and do not die.

  17. Michael :

    They, reptiles, love love. It seems that there is no moisture, but everything is running smoothly, all kinds of black and brown, like to live and reproduce in the columns of musical centers. The syringe helped at one time, it is necessary to try, especially since the apartment is removable.

  18. Eugene :

    There were cockroaches, brought out, then rented an apartment. A year and a half passed, she decided to go there herself and was horrified: the cockroaches are dark. Now I think myself to call a sanitary and epidemiological station.

  19. Victor :

    Well I do not know. Traps ponastavil, where possible, plus chalk missed. Still climb, creature. I'll go hit the neighbor from below - most likely, they climb from him.

  20. Anzor :

    How do you get rid of them?

  21. Kostya :

    They are such creatures ... They need a drink, they will not live without water.

  22. Maria :

    Earlier there was a preparation "Regent". Now whether there is a sale - I do not know. It is used for watering the crop. One small packet is diluted in 0.5 or 0.7 liters of water. A syringe, it is possible without a needle, splashes into all the cracks, incl. plinth. Weeks 2 can sometimes appear. Then everything. Forever they leave the house. Even if your neighbors are full, cockroaches will not come to you. Checked.

  23. Vladimir, Moscow :

    Well, why should you soar and poison yourself with all sorts of chemistry in the 21st century? Biology-zoology did not study that-whether? A cockroach, like a living being, is itself an excellent food for someone. Namely, for ordinary, everywhere living home SPIDERS! One or two spiders are under your stove or in the bathroom - that's all! You will only sweep the dried shells. And to find spiders easily in the ventilation, on the stairs, yes maybe they already have you. Only you drive them out of stupidity or rob them with brooms. Check. Good luck.

  24. Darina :

    For spiders - it's true! )) So it is, they catch them and leave them on the networks. The article is very sensible! Thank you ))

  25. Zinaida :

    Everyone who has cockroaches. In 1981 my family got an apartment. They are in the whole house. My husband, as expected, began to do repairs. My father-in-law said: when you put hardboard, nail the skirting, seal the slits with narrow rags soaked in the paint of the genital. Between the orgalite and the plinth, and the wall and skirting. It turns out that the two strips tightly close all the entrances for the crawling creatures. How many lived in that apartment - did not see a single cockroach. Everyone was surprised at this. Now I live in another. When I moved, I also sealed them and brought them out, who lived in it. This fall, I put a new linoleum in the kitchen, tore down the plinth, and did not put it back. They began to run from their neighbors, waiting for the heat to finish everything. While I manage traps.

  26. Nina, Rybinsk :

    Try to do this: boil eggs in the shell and potatoes in a uniform, then peel, mash and add boric acid. Screw the balls and put on the whole apartment.

    • Julia :

      That's about boric acid - it's true. Only I mixed it with a yolk of a boiled egg and laid it out in corners on paper. Gone, parasites! And did not appear for a long time!

  27. Luba :

    My house is private, and there are many cockroaches. How to kill them?

  28. Julia :

    Try to buy a Leopard, it's true for animals. We were advised by him, said that he very well helps with cockroaches. Tried - and really helped. Where we lived in a rented apartment, there was darkness there, it was impossible to sleep. They were everywhere, brrr, as I recall, already scary.

  29. Vladimir :

    Traps do not help. I threw 2 pieces under the fridge, and they crawl over them and at least henna.

  30. Rome :

    We live with my family for a year in a rented apartment, there was nothing to bode ill, until I came across a cockroach in the bathroom. Thanks for the article, it helped a lot, they were going to get rid of it. It turned out that they ran around the house.

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