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We get rid of the invasion of cockroaches at home

Рассмотрим варианты избавления от тараканов в домашних условиях

Getting rid of cockroaches at home is easy today, and the whole procedure for the destruction and expulsion of these insects from the house is quite affordable for an ordinary resident of a large city who has never faced such difficulties before. Nevertheless, each method and every means of getting rid of cockroaches requires its approach and has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages.

And before you get rid of cockroaches at home, you should get acquainted with all available options and stop the choice on the means that are optimal for the solution of the task.

Gels from cockroaches - the best solution to the problem

For today, cockroach gels are optimal in most cases a remedy (although few people know about it, because there are so many different drugs on the market).

Гели от тараканов

The main advantages of gels are:

  • The possibility of using without evacuation all warm-blooded residents from the premises. The gel is simply applied in the right places to the floor, walls, skirting boards, and they forget about it for a while. And while people live, drink tea and watch TV, cockroaches are quietly poisoned.
  • Ease of use - gels do not require a clever way of applying and preparing some special baits. Extorted - and forgotten.
  • Safety - in the composition of almost all modern gels from cockroaches enter special bitterness, which does not allow a child, a dog or a cat to swallow even a drop of a remedy. At the same time, cockroaches do not pay attention to these bitternesses.
  • Efficiency - a single tube of gel is usually enough to get rid of cockroaches in a standard two-room apartment, that is, poison hundreds of cockroaches!

Operate gels simply: cockroaches either eat them, or are carried on legs in shelters. It is important that his poisoned insect will be eaten with the gel itself, and poisoned as well.

But they do not lack helium and certain drawbacks. So, they do not allow rapid, emergency destruction of cockroaches throughout the apartment in one day, which is sometimes preferable. In general, to expect a noticeable result with the use of gels can only be a week or two after their application.


"We in Vykhino district have rented a one-year-old in the summer. Good apartment, with balcony. True, the cockroaches there were many, it is clear that before us the newcomers lived. I wanted to anoint gel, which at home I was poisoned, but it was necessary to get in a week. Gel did not have time to act. I had to spend half a day and etch an empty apartment with Raptor ... "

Alya, Moscow

Nevertheless, gels are used today more and more often to get rid of cockroaches at home. It's not for nothing that every manufacturer of aerosols known in the past considers the issue of their own gel to be a matter of honor.

No matter how numerous the cockroaches are in the apartment, getting rid of them with the help of a gel will be a simple task:

  • A syringe or tube of gel is preferably heated in warm water or rubbed in the hands.
  • In places where cockroaches occur most often, small lines are applied from the gel droplets. The distance between the drops should be the smaller, the more cockroaches dwell in the apartment. Typically, such gel points are left at an interval of from 5 to 20 cm.
  • The gel should be on the surface as long as there are cockroaches in the apartment. If the cleaning line is rubbed off during cleaning, it must be repainted.

Gels from cockroaches do not have fats in their composition, and therefore do not leave stains on those surfaces that were applied.

The most famous and effective for today gels for the destruction of cockroaches at home are the following:

  • Sturm, which consists of two insecticides of different classes. This combination destroys cockroaches particularly effectively. Капкан: штурм-гель-паста
  • Fas, a similar preparation with a similar composition. Фас: гель от тараканов
  • Brownie, Russian development, well manifests itself when used together with other types of the same brand (for example, with an aerosol form). Гель от тараканов Домовой
  • Globol - German insecticide gel, is considered one of the most effective. However, because of the constant and frequent use in some cities, there are populations of cockroaches that are resistant to it. Немецкий гель для борьбы с тараканами Globol


"The last time even Verified Globol did not help, I had to call a sanitation service. There, the guys told me that the whole city was poisonous with Globol, and the cockroaches began to get used to it. But they all died out in a few hours from their smelly gas. "

Oksana, Tallinn

On a note

Gel Globol is actively forged today by at least two unclean manufacturers. They produce drugs Global and Global. To distinguish them from the original is quite simple: a real Globol has two letters "o" in the title, and on the tube and box it is inscribed only in German.

The average cost of a tube of gel from cockroaches is now 150-200 rubles. Once again, we note that in comparison with other means of getting rid of cockroaches at home, gels are probably the most accessible and effective.

Application of aerosol insecticides: faster and more harmful

Aerosol preparations, extremely popular several years ago, with the advent of gels from cockroaches begin to lose their positions in the market. But they do not lose efficiency: when deciding how to get rid of cockroaches at home in one day, you should choose them.

Основное преимущество аэрозолей - высокая скорость уничтожения тараканов

The main advantage of aerosols is their high rate of action. These drugs are not waiting for cockroaches to deign to eat or stain their feet in them - they, along with air, get into the lungs even those insects that sit in their cozy shelters. And from the lungs penetrate into the blood, affect the nervous system, after which the pest is already doomed.

The rules for the use of aerosols are such that, if they are observed, the risk of poisoning one of the occupants of the apartment is minimal (unfortunately, not everyone reads the instructions for using the product, which sometimes causes poisoning).

To treat the room with aerosol from cockroaches it is necessary:

  • Remove all people and pets from the premises. If in one of the rooms there is an aquarium, it should be covered with glass and turn off the compressor.
  • Dress gloves, clothes with long sleeves and cotton-gauze bandage. It is not necessary to worry especially - most aerosols are not dangerous for humans, but allergies or dizziness can cause with inhalation.
  • Close the windows and doors.
  • Maximum spray the drug in places where insects can hide, and treat the surface with all the surfaces in the apartment in general.
  • Leave the room and allow the product to stand.
  • After three to four hours, ventilate the room and conduct a thorough wet cleaning.

On a note

Most of the aerosol formulations are based on Cypermethrin and its derivatives. This substance easily disintegrates in the air, and therefore within a few hours after spraying the product ceases to be dangerous. Before this, they destroyed most of the cockroaches that had had time to breathe.

Disadvantages of aerosols from cockroaches are:

  • The ease of their entry into the airways of a person and the ability to cause allergies, and with profuse inhalation - intoxication.
  • Relative expensiveness - to handle a two-room apartment will need a drug at 1200-1600 rubles. Even the prices for the services of professional pest control are somewhere nearby ...
  • A large number of fakes and frank marriage on the market. Here it is necessary to look at both and choose the proven means, skillfully distinguishing them from counterfeit.

The recognized leaders in the fight against cockroaches today are:

  • Aerosol Gett, sold in well-recognized white cylinders with black inscriptions. His fakes are issued with the names Get and Get.
  • Raptor from creeping insects is a very effective preparation, in addition to which special traps and gel are produced. Аэрозоль от ползающих насекомых Раптор
  • Sinuzan, which is strictly professional means. Cockroaches mow is very effective, but dangerous to humans and has an unpleasant smell. Looks like a professional insecticide Tetriks.

Choosing aerosol from cockroaches for home use, it makes sense to consider only specially adapted means for a house such as Gett, Raptor and Raid. No matter how effective the occupational poisons are, their use can be complex and even dangerous.

Use of dust and chalk

These drugs are rather a tribute to traditions. They work the same way as gels, but they do not have advantages over the latter. The only thing, because of what sometimes prefer in the fight against cockroaches at home is the powder or crayons - the price.

Пример: мелок от тараканов Машенька

For example, if mildly infected house cockroaches can completely withdraw from it with the help of a pencil Mashenka for 45 rubles.

Disadvantages of dusts is the impossibility of their application to vertical surfaces. In addition, many of them can be dangerous to humans, and, tasted by young children, can cause allergies and digestive disorders.

It is good to use powders and crayons in the premises, which for a certain period remain without tenants - cottages, sanatoriums, temporary apartments, student canteens in the summer.

The most popular means today are:

  • Mashenka, chalk, famous since the post-Soviet times. To this day, it is actively produced, constantly improving the composition and increasing its effectiveness.
  • Pyrethrum, perhaps, the only completely natural drug from cockroaches, confidently proven in the fight against them at home.
  • Clean House, an effective tool that managed to shine with efficiency before the market seizes the gels. Чистый Дом: дуст от тараканов


"... the whole camp site is closed for the winter. Constantly there are only watchmen working in shifts. The premises are treated with insecticides in the form of dusts, which are removed by all their houses during spring cleaning. This guarantees the absence of cockroaches and ants in the rooms for tourists ... "

Alyona, Balaklava

Freezing cockroaches

This way of home fighting with cockroaches is very effective, but has serious limitations:

  • all cockroaches die in the room only when the temperature drops below minus 8 ° C. Accordingly, this temperature still needs to wait. Not everyone has such an opportunity.
  • Frost in the room is dangerous not only for cockroaches, but also for heating and water supply systems .
  • Freezing cockroaches gives only a temporary effect. When the temperature returns to the previous frame, the cockroaches will again populate the apartment, coming from the neighbors.

Мороз эффективно уничтожает тараканов в квартире

Nevertheless, the processing of cabins, warehouses, workshops and empty villas is thus very simple: windows open in the room, all water supply systems are disconnected and cockroaches are destroyed.

Traps from cockroaches

The most effective today are traps with an adhesive plate in the middle. Of them, the cockroach can not get out. Such traps are sold in the most diverse forms in the markets and shops, but it is unlikely to make such a trap at home (although there are craftsmen who make them from cardboard and sticky scotch).

Липкая ловушка для тараканов

With your hands, you can make a simple, but effective, trap from a normal half-liter jar. The top part of its internal walls should be carefully greased with vegetable oil, and on the bottom to drip honey. The attracted pests will fall into the jar and be fed with honey, but they will not be able to get out of the trap.

Popular traps today that kill cockroaches by electric discharge are relatively ineffective and do not have special advantages over traps on Velcro.

Фото электрической ловушки для тараканов

A parallel "disinfection by a strong current" is a myth where sellers of such traps try to rebuild from competitors.

Folk remedies

The famous folk remedies for fighting cockroaches at home include the following:

  • Boric acid, which, as part of various baits, is used as a poison from cockroaches. Борная кислота издавна применяется для борьбы с тараканами
  • Ammonia alcohol, which is added to the water when washing the floors. Cockroaches are very sensitive to its smell, and with a mild infestation of an apartment, they can escape from such an event.
  • Degradation of strongly smelling grasses in places of insects accumulation. Among such herbs - wormwood, St. John's wort, sage. However, such measures will not destroy insects, but only frighten them away.

In general, folk remedies against cockroaches are ineffective. They really help only sometimes, when the insects themselves are in the room a little. When serious infection of the apartment should take destroying drugs direct action.

The same means, as ultrasonic scarers, generally do not have the efficiency and can be used only for decorating the interior. Therefore, if it is necessary to fight cockroaches effectively, gels, aerosols, frost or dust should be used.

Successful you fight with cockroaches!

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    Let's try aerosol

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    Many thanks to the authors for the detailed and qualitative advice. Very good and friendly presentation of the material.

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    Thanks for the information, the article was very useful.

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    Buy yogurt or dessert (especially there is air with jam), small plastic packages. With pleasure you eat, and in an empty package you pour 3-4 cm of water and put on the night, where there are many cockroaches. Next morning you will see how many will be drowned cuckoos!

  5. Alice :

    Our cockroaches quite oborzeli already, live in the freezer. They do not feel cold or poison at all, they will survive a nuclear war.

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    I decided to share my bitter experience. Every time, learning new habitation, I first of all processed the apartment from all evil spirits with the help of a trusted company. The results are long-term positive. In that year in the early spring cockroaches suddenly crept. The contact was not found. Caused from other companies 3 times. Everyone promised a result, but my creatures only said thank you. Tried various means: sprays, kombats, dichlorvos, gels and electromagnetic and ultrasonic repeller Pest Regrett. BUT TARAKANS become more and more. A month has passed - the flies are stupid, the moth if it flies, then flies, cockroaches are shocked, but do not scare away. The most opposite is that they crawl to people, climb to their feet when I sit at the computer. Imagine, already 3 cockroaches asked for help on my feet. I'm terrified. At me already, in my opinion, the psychosis begins. And tonight I saw a recommendation: I put a chopped onion and apple in a glass container, coated with butter. I put it in the kitchen and in the kitchen. They are very active from 00 to 2 nights. In the kitchen went out at one o'clock. And about the horror - walk as much as 6 pieces, yes such large ... But sluggish. I catch them with a wet sponge, a rough side, and into the toilet. But in the prepared bowl on the bow was only 1 small at the company. Left him until morning, and in the morning he came to life and, in my opinion, grew. Here such horror. They say that they are in apartments where there are troubles. I live alone, no one in the family is unrest. I think we should try different baits: banana, yogurt, cucumber. She suggested that neighbors do the whole entrance processing, but they say that everything is clean. Do you believe? If there are recommendations, I will be very grateful.

  7. Svetlana :

    In the Soviet era, parents from a secret company were brought in a tiuran powder - radioactive, poured on a plate on paper, and cockroaches left the whole house. How it worked on us - radiation, it is understandable, but parents did not think about it ... We often ached. Therefore now I do not apply any chemistry, but cockroaches have overcome - the neighbor (grandmother) pulls garbage home from the garbage dump, and no funds from reptiles help. All neighbors are worn out, and at least she's got a foul smut. It's difficult to evict now - it pays for an apartment and the entrance is even washed, the yard sweeps. There is no noise from her, but the moustached have horror, they even climb into the freezer! Therefore, how many do not withdraw, while such cohabitants live in the entrance, it is useless.

    I read somewhere that a toad should be started - they eat them well. A bowl of water for her, and she will eat all these reptiles. Someone even fried a bit, instead of cats)) But the cockroaches got rid of. And granny toss a toad ... Laughter laugh, but from one such messed up the whole house suffers! I think that it is not human methods that need to be used here, but magic ones or grandmothers should be withdrawn, or cockroaches should be discarded. But the grandmother is a man, and one can not wish evil to a man. Fight off the hunt for a slop business - banks are looking for bottles, and at home these garbage bags are dismantled - horror! In the entrance stink such stands, that we with neighbors of a window are wide open and air fresheners we use. All good luck in getting rid of these creatures, and neighbors cleanliness!

  8. Natalia :

    A chalk Masha does not harm the dogs in the apartment? Or is it better to close it or transport it somewhere?

  9. Angelina :

    Excellent article, I'll try everything at once. My grandmother's cockroaches are horrible! She sees very badly and does not want to move to us. These creeps live with her, like the owners of the apartment, creep always and everywhere at any time of the day, do not even try to escape when you start killing them. Although the grandmother's new apartment in a new house, European-quality repair. Where from? Etched by professional means, but the sense of zero. And ultrasound to them in general on a drum)) Moreover, it is pleasant to them in this device, a whole pack lives and kicks. Tomorrow I'll buy a spray Raptor, gels, powder and Velcro. Granny while in the hospital, we'll show.

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