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Get rid of red cockroaches in the apartment

Рыжий таракан (прусак)

Red cockroach in Russia is often called "prusak" because of the opinion that arose in due time that these insects appeared from Prussia (present-day Germany). In turn, the Germans believe that they were brought from Russia, and they are called Russen. In fact, red cockroaches fell into the cool European climate from Central Asia, and in Europe heat-loving insects were able to multiply so widely in regularly heated rooms that getting rid of them today often becomes a big problem.

Prusaks can eat a variety of foods, preferring wet food, while they do not stop using paper and wallpaper glue. They can not only live in apartments, but also in the kitchens of enterprises.

Since red cockroaches often come into contact with waste, they can cause various infectious diseases and helminthic invasions, while moths that are thrown off during mating periods can cause serious allergic reactions up to asthmatic attacks.

Folk ways to get rid of red cockroaches

Prusaks can live without food for a long time, but with a shortage of water, they die within a week. Therefore, among the most popular means of getting rid of red cockroaches, the primacy is kept by a powder of boric acid, which, when ingested, causes severe dehydration in insects.

Пакетик с борной кислотой

It is very simple to prepare baits with powder or a solution of boric acid. To do this, mix the raw egg or boiled mashed potatoes with boric acid powder to the state of the gruel so that you can glaze the balls. Next, they should be decomposed in the places of possible congestion of the Prusaks (under the shells, near the trash can).

Борная кислота и яйцо

Смешиваем борную кислоту с сырым яйцом

Шарики из смеси сырого яйца и борной кислоты

The downside of this method of getting rid of cockroaches is its extremely slow action. In addition, if the house has a small child crawling around the apartment and pulling in his mouth all in a row, we must remember that the remedy can cause him unpleasant consequences.

Of other folk methods of fighting against the Prusaks, homemade traps with a sticky base are quite popular (thick double-sided adhesive tape should be glued to the thick paper, and the bait should be placed in the center). And also worth mentioning are traps in the form of glass jars with the inside lure and greased with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil edges.

Unfortunately, it is possible to get rid of red cockroaches by such methods only in part because for insect eggs such traps will not have any effect, and after a while unpleasant guests will appear again.

To scare off cockroaches, plants and aromatic oils with an intense odor are often used, for example, bay leaves, elder branches, eucalyptus, fir, cedar oils.

Ultrasonic repellers and electric traps

Quite popular among the people are also ultrasonic rotors of cockroaches and electric traps. Ultrasonic devices affect the Prusaks by emitting high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans (the human ear is capable of receiving sounds no more than 20-22 kHz). These funds are very expensive, and the producers themselves say that for greater effect it is necessary to include several scarers simultaneously.

In general, it can be noted that with a serious invasion of red cockroaches, ultrasound will not be a very effective means of solving the problem.

In electric traps of industrial production, the Prusaks are lured inside and destroyed by an electric discharge of high voltage. The idea of ​​the device is good, but the perimeter of the action is small, and on already laid eggs of red cockroaches, such traps do not work. However, with a small number of insects in the apartment, an electric trap will help quietly, effectively and without excessive noise and an unpleasant smell to get rid of cockroaches.

Chemical means of combating red cockroaches

One of the least toxic chemicals for humans to get rid of Prusaks are insecticide crayons (pencils), which have a paralytic effect on insects, although it is much weaker than gels. Such crayons (for example, chalk "Mashenka ") are well suited to prevent the migration of insects from neighboring rooms, but in order to get rid of a large number of red cockroaches, they are not suitable.

Мелок от тараканов Машенька

Rapid destruction of cockroaches and ease of use (you only need to spray into places of possible insect habitat) are guaranteed by insecticides in the form of sprays, among which are "Global", "Reid" and others. True, their aftereffect is not as long as in gels, and poisonous vapors are very allergenic and capable of leaving the ventilation system to other apartments.

In the most popular gels ("Global", "Raptor", "Dohloks" and others), in addition to the insecticide, there is also a fat base to prevent drying and special attractant substances that act as bait.

In the gels "Global" and "Raptor", a rather strong insecticide chlorpyrifos is used as the contact-intestinal agent, which causes the violation of the functions of the nervous system and the death of the insect.

The "Dohloks" agent is based on the insecticide fipronil. When the Prusaks come into contact with it, there is also a violation of the transmission of nerve impulses, but the mechanism is slightly different.

Compared to aerosols, gels are more economical to use, and, in addition, this form of the drug can maintain its properties for 1-2 months. These drugs have less toxic effect on humans, since they cause a reaction only when they are eaten by insects, and the concentration of insecticide is too small to cause harm to a person or an animal.

However, manufacturers point to packages that the product should not be allowed to fall into the hands of a small child or in the mouth to a pet. Also it is worth considering that you need to apply the gels on a dry surface.

We get rid of red cockroaches with the help of professionals

In search of an answer to the question of how to permanently get rid of red cockroaches, it is worth paying attention to the services professionally engaged in the disinsection of premises. Today, a large number of private firms for the destruction of cockroaches, ants and other insects have appeared, which, for a fee, will be able to clean the dwelling from uninvited guests for a long time, using highly effective chemicals in the complex.

Дезинсекция квартиры от тараканов

And for large rooms such as kitchens in the company or in the office, this service will be just a godsend in the fight against cockroaches .

You need to be prepared for the fact that pest controlers are likely to insist on the annihilation of bothersome insects in neighboring premises, because parasites can move quite quickly around the building, negating efforts to eradicate them locally.

Ways of penetration of the Prussians into the dwelling and the necessary preventive measures

For the life of a red cockroach, three essential conditions of existence are necessary:

  • heat
  • water
  • and a sufficient amount of food.

Of course, to deprive these insects of heat is very problematic in modern apartments, but it is quite possible to eliminate water leaks and accessible food from the surfaces of tables or floors. It is enough to wipe the sink and other places of high humidity in the evening, dry out regularly and prevent the accumulation of food leftovers on the table, in the kitchen sink and cupboards.

Sometimes red cockroaches can enter rooms if they often eat. In this case it is necessary to sanitize the room and not allow snacks from outside the kitchen.

To prevent the movement of the Prusaks from neighbors, the skirting boards, door and window seams must be capped, and the ventilation apertures should be closed with a dense mesh.

During the day, insects can hide in various crevices, behind wall-papers adhering to wall and tile, in other secluded corners in the kitchen and in the bathroom, so it is necessary to treat these places with a suitable means (for example, insecticide crayons or cockroach gel).

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