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How to stain cockroaches in an apartment and who to commission a disinsection

Начинать морить тараканов нужно сразу же, как только они были замечены в помещении, а вот как это делать правильно и эффективно мы дальше и посмотрим...

It is useful to bear in mind that you can not only cockroaches yourself in the apartment, but also by the special services of pest control. However, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

The first option is good because it usually allows you to save a considerable amount of money - and this factor turns out to be decisive for many. However, people often overestimate their strength, believing that it is enough pophikat slightly Dichlorvos, sprinkle the plinth with boric acid - and voila, most of the hated cockroaches destroyed, and the survivors fled to their neighbors ...

Нередко встречаются ситуации, когда от тараканов не удается избавиться ни Дихлофосом, ни отравленными приманками с борной кислотой.

However, in practice, everything is not so smooth, and there is a serious risk of inconveniently spending considerable time and effort on self-administered disinsection, if it does not understand what cockroaches should be killed to achieve a really high effect and how to do it correctly. We will discuss these questions in more detail below.

The call of professional pest control relieves the owner of the premises from the majority of the hassle of destroying cockroaches, but it requires certain monetary costs. And if somewhere in the province of the saved amount will not be too significant, then, for example, to wash cockroaches in Moscow or St. Petersburg can cost a lot of money, especially with a large area of ​​the apartment.

And what's really to be said, there are a lot of fraudulent one-day firms that provide frankly inefficient services in the market for disinfestation services today.

Выбирать компанию, которая бы провела дезинсекцию квартиры от тараканов, нужно грамотно и аккуратно, чтобы не столкнуться с мошенниками.


"A terrible office ***, a complete deception - like cockroaches crawling on the walls in the kitchen, and continue to crawl. Disgusting attitude towards customers, the dispatcher calls one amount, the processor requires another, and for that - it's not clear. They promised to process the whole apartment, and only the kitchen and a little floor in the hallway were sprayed. Now they demand more money for re-processing. Reviews on the Internet are all wonderful, but it's a natural deception, I do not recommend this company. "

Olga, Moscow

In any case, no matter which variant of the fight against cockroaches you choose (alone or by professionals), it is useful to first understand some important nuances, knowledge of which will immediately save you from the typical mistakes and many problems.

You want to kill cockroaches on your own - please, but keep in mind that some people "struggle" with these insects in the literal sense of the year, and all because they have not figured out the basic approaches to solving this problem. Want to call the service of pest control - fine, but choose the firm correctly - we'll talk about this too.

Некоторые люди буквально годами морят тараканов, но так и не могут от них надолго избавиться, так как не учитывают важных нюансов...

So, as you have already understood, in order to effectively combat cockroaches, it is often not enough just to buy a tool and apply it in an apartment. A more competent approach to the destruction of cockroaches is as follows:

  1. The ways of possible penetration of cockroaches into the apartment are determined, the neighbors are questioned for the presence of these insects - this will be necessary in order to prevent the cockroaches from penetrating the room again and again;
  2. Identify the reasons for the general nature that led to the reproduction of cockroaches in the apartment (the regular presence of food leftovers on the table, the flowing cock, regularly supplying insects with so much water necessary for them, etc.);
  3. Choose and buy effective remedies for cockroaches , and not one, but several funds with a different mechanism of action ;
  4. Identify the main places where insects prefer to hide, as well as the areas where they can be found most often (when you will kill cockroaches, the targeted effect on these zones will give the maximum effect, and there is no sense to "scatter" the insecticide throughout the apartment or spray it slightly whether not on the ceiling, as some do);
  5. The actual use of the purchased facilities in the premises is made;
  6. Implemented preventive measures designed to protect the apartment from the repeated penetration into it of cockroaches.

Let's consider the specified points more in detail.

Estimate the overall situation with cockroaches in the apartment

If there are a lot of cockroaches in the apartment, it is sometimes better to blame them for a special strategy. A typical example: insects are constantly caught in the eyes, not only at night, but also in the daytime, running around in kitchen cabinets and cabinets, when cleaning in a scoop, there is a large amount of residue of their chitinous cover after moulting. It is in this situation that cockroaches are better to be complex, since selective measures to combat them can only have a partial effect.

Если тараканов в квартире очень много, то морить их нужно комплексно, не ограничиваясь лишь покупкой какого-либо инсектицидного средства.

When there are very few cockroaches in the apartment, it is easy to wash them even with the use of insecticidal gels alone, it is important to choose them correctly and use them.

For a very rough estimate of the degree of contamination of the room, you can conduct the following simple test: turn on the light at night and try to count all the seen cockroaches. If in the course of three such tests the number of cockroaches each time exceeds 10, then we can congratulate you: your apartment is a real paradise for cockroaches.

Usually in such cases on the shelves, bedside tables, walls and tables come across cockroaches of very different sizes - from very small larvae (nymphs), to large, well-fed females carrying so-called ootecs full of eggs. Sometimes you can meet even white cockroaches, just faded.

На фото показана самка рыжего таракана с оотекой (в ней созревают яйца)

Сразу после линьки тараканы выглядят практически белыми.

The presence of cockroaches of different sizes and ages means that pests in the apartment have already been established for a very long time and are actively growing. In such situations, as a step in the sequential struggle, careful thorough processing of infected premises with powerful insecticidal agents in the form of sprays or aerosols is preferred.

If the cockroaches come in quite a small amount - for example, not more than 1-2 individuals during each test described above - then it may be sufficient to use insecticidal gels and glue traps that in a few weeks will completely destroy the insects and protect the room from the penetration of new ones.

При небольшом количестве тараканов в помещении уничтожить их можно, например, путем грамотной комбинации инсектицидного геля и ловушек.

It is also very useful to communicate with neighbors. If they also have cockroaches, then they are more likely to move to your apartment in one or another quantity, and besides simply to help them, it will be necessary to prevent the penetration of cockroaches into housing in the future.

Choose a remedy for cockroaches

Very effective means from cockroaches are some concentrated insecticidal preparations, which must be diluted with water before use. Many of them are used by professional insect fighting services. These funds, when properly applied, allow for a relatively short period of time to wash cockroaches, even with a huge number of them in the house.

Вот такую картину можно наблюдать, если использовать эффективное инсектицидное средство.

Here is a short list of some fairly effective drugs:

  1. Get (Get) - practically odorless, very effective, acts on the treated surfaces for several weeks. The drug contains a microencapsulated insecticide, so it reliably etches cockroaches that simply crawl over the treated surface (insecticide particles adhere to the legs and body of the insect). The price of insect remedy Get is about 800 rubles per 100 ml bottle. This amount is usually enough to handle the kitchen and another room. Микрокапсулированный препарат Гет весьма эффективно уничтожает тараканов и практически не имеет запаха.
  2. Delta Zone and Lambda Zone are also high-performance, microencapsulated preparations that are odorless (the Delta-Zone product contains insecticide deltamethrin, and Lambda-Zone - lambda-cyhalothrin). Both costs about 650 rubles for 50 ml, one bottle is enough for processing 100 square meters. m. of surfaces. Средство от насекомых Дельта-Зона (тоже не имеет запаха)Средство от насекомых Лямбда-Зона
  3. Ksulat Micro, also a microencapsulated drug without a smell, whose high efficiency is based on the use of three powerful insecticides at once in its composition (even the populations of cockroaches that have developed resistance to individual poisoning can be killed). The price for Xulat Micro is about 450 rubles per 30 ml bottle, which is enough to handle surfaces of 40 square meters. Средство от клопов и тараканов Ксулат Микро
  4. Perhaps, it is worth noting also the morally obsolete and strongly smelling Carbophos (also Malathion), which is sold in bottles, canisters, ampoules and in the form of powder for dilution with water. It is effective and inexpensive, but it has a strong unpleasant smell.

Карбофос достаточно эффективен от тараканов, но имеет сильный неприятный запах.

A few inferior to these drugs for profitability, and sometimes for effectiveness, aerosol insect repellent - ready-to-use solutions of insecticides in balloons for spraying. For example:

  1. Raptor;
  2. Raid;
  3. Combat commander;
  4. Dichlorvos Neo;
  5. Dichlorvos Eco

…and many others.

В целом готовые к применению аэрозольные препараты уступают по эффективности и экономичности концентратам вышеуказанных средств от насекомых.

Small aerosol cans are easy to use, and when used correctly they also give good results. It is best to blame them cockroaches in cases where the exact location of their preferred location in the room.

The above types of agents are highly desirable to be combined with additional drugs having a different mechanism of action.

For example, it is also possible to effectively kill cockroaches in the form of gels - in fact, gel-like lures with poison, which are applied in places of movement of cockroaches, attract them with their odor and do not leave a chance of survival after getting into the stomach. The gel is easy to apply to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

На фотографии показан гель от тараканов в шприце (для удобства нанесения).

Examples of insecticidal gels effective against cockroaches:

  • Globol;
  • Raptor;
  • Storm;
  • Fas;
  • Dohloks;
  • Brownie Prosshka.

Гель от тараканов и муравьев Домовой Прошка

Гель от тараканов и муравьев Раптор

On a note

Gels from well-known manufacturers are safe for children and pets. They contain bitterness, which the cockroaches do not feel, and the child (or animal), they immediately cause the desire to spit a drop of funds.

Gels, unlike aerosols or sprays, do not destroy cockroaches quickly, but they systematically reduce the number of their populations. In addition, the use of gels is not associated with the mandatory need for spraying in the apartment "chemistry", which is sometimes so afraid of some tenants.

Быстро поморить тараканов гелем не получится, но для постепенного уничтожения насекомых он хорошо подходит.

Moving on. So-called traps for cockroaches are good with a small number of insects in the apartment, as well as with periodic hits of individuals from neighbors (that is, for use for prevention purposes). With a high number of insects with the help of traps, you can also catch the bulk of them, but this will take considerable time.

Very effective glue and electric traps for cockroaches.

На фото - клеевая ловушка с попавшими в нее тараканами.

А так выглядит электрическая ловушка для тараканов

Недостаток ловушки в том, что ее приходится периодически вытряхивать...

Cockroaches can also be sprayed with insecticide powders (they are also called dusts), pencils (for example, a pencil from Mashenka's cockroaches is known to everyone) and folk remedies based on borax and boric acid. It is not so important which of these options you choose, it is desirable only that this is not the only tool that you use. Combine powders with gels, aerosols, sprays, traps - and the result will be incomparably more pronounced.

Companies that can be assigned a disinfestation

Calling the disinfector, it should be remembered that too low a service cost than the average market, can mean a low quality of services that you will be offered. In this case, it is useful to specify in advance what means the employees of the service seam cockroaches - there are cases when, after the work of the disinfestation service, the tenants eventually had to throw out the upholstered furniture, since for months it retained a persistent unpleasant smell of insecticides.

Полезно заранее выяснить, насколько сильно пахнет препарат, которым служба дезинсекции планирует обработать вашу квартиру.

If you want to call a district SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station) for the treatment of the premises, then bear in mind that it is extremely difficult to call them to process one apartment. Still, it is a state office with all the resulting bureaucratic costs. Do not confuse the SES and small firms, which in their name also often like to insert the word "Sanepidemstantsiya."

To help cockroaches in Moscow you can, using, for example, the services of companies Geradhes, Klop-Control, Klop-Stop, Dezalit, Deztsentr and some others. In the major cities of the country there are branches of Geradez and Desalit, as well as local services, which should be selected according to the advice of their friends and relatives.

The cost of disinfestation services in good companies starts from 2000-3000 rubles for a one-room apartment - and this with a guarantee of the absence of cockroaches during six months (or they will offer repeated free treatment when they appear). If you do not want a student with a garden sprayer to come to you, but really a professional with the appropriate overalls and normal equipment, then choose the company carefully, and not on the first phone or website that came to your eyes.

Пример обработки помещения от тараканов с помощью генератора холодного тумана.

Morim cockroaches as efficiently and safely as possible

Before you wash cockroaches, you must carefully prepare all surfaces and furniture for processing. For this:

  1. From the bedside tables and cupboards all the dishes are taken out, and they themselves move away from the walls;
  2. In the closets and closets are freed shelves;
  3. Provides free access to all plinths in the room;
  4. With the preliminary detection of places of shelters of insects, the approaches to them are freed;
  5. People and pets are taken out of the room, the aquariums are covered with glass and the compressors are turned off.

After this, if necessary, the preparation itself is prepared (for example, if concentrate is used, it must be diluted in accordance with the instructions).

If cockroaches are to be sprayed with sprays and aerosols, the funds are applied to the maximum number of surfaces in the contaminated room, all possible places of concealment of cockroaches are handled (remember - it was mentioned above that it is important to find such places in advance), skirting, walls, interior spaces of cabinets and bedside tables, space behind the stove.

Когда морите тараканов, особое внимание нужно обращать на места возможного скопления насекомых и пути их перемещения.

Then the apartment closes for 1-2 hours, and the handler leaves it. Upon return, a thorough airing of the room and a damp cleaning are carried out.

Gels are applied to the back surfaces of bedside tables, a refrigerator and a stove, and also along the baseboards, behind furniture, on the upper surfaces inside cabinets and shelves - wherever cockroaches can run, but where cleaning is rarely done. The agent places drops at a distance of 2-3 cm from one another in the form of lines. After that, you should try not to wash off or erase such "dotted lines" for at least two weeks.

Traps for cockroaches are placed in places where insects come to your eyes most often. As the traps are filled with deceased insects, they should be cleaned or replaced.

And you should always remember that from the first time cockroaches can sometimes be difficult to bring even professional pest controlists. Insects can hide in the ventilation, they can just come from the neighbors again. Therefore, re-processing the premises is a normal phenomenon even in the practice of de-stations (that is, one does not need to immediately think that you have been deceived and you have wasted your money).

Имейте в виду, что тараканы могут появиться в помещении вновь, особенно если они есть у ваших соседей - к этому нужно заранее подготовиться и принять профилактические меры.

Owners of apartments should take protective preventive measures to prevent the appearance of unwanted guests: ventilating strokes periodically handle insecticide means with a barrier effect, maintain cleanliness in the house and promptly throw out garbage, take care of the quality insulation of doors and windows. With such an integrated approach, it is more likely that cockroaches in your apartment will never appear again.

Good luck in dealing with these pests!

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