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Disinsection of premises from cockroaches - where to apply for processing?

Перед тем как вызвать службу дезинсекции для обработки помещения от тараканов, полезно сперва познакомиться с некоторыми важными нюансами - о них и поговорим...

As if some comrades did not rely on various insecticidal gels, Dichlorvos or crayons ( Mashenka pencil , for example), however, practice shows that professional disinsection from cockroaches in any premises is in most cases much more effective procedure than self-breeding pests. And there are several reasons for this:

  1. Such treatment of premises from cockroaches is carried out with the help of very powerful insecticides, many of which an ordinary person would simply not be available for purchase anywhere in the household chemical shop. These drugs, designed specifically for professional disinsection, literally do not leave the cockroaches a chance to survive;
  2. The second important point is that professional sanitation from cockroaches is carried out by specialists who by their activity know well where the insects are hiding, how they usually get into the apartment and how to get them even where the hand does not reach and does not penetrate the spray from the can. Some may seem strange, but in reality, even using, for example, a mediocre insecticide, an experienced pest controler will destroy cockroaches at times more efficiently than if an unprepared person does this, just read the instructions on the package;
  3. If the sanitary-epidemiological station (SES), rather than a private company, is engaged in the destruction of cockroaches, in most cases such sanitation is compulsorily carried out in apartments that are breeding grounds for insects (it is not unusual for a situation where it is good to agree with, to put it mildly, not very clean neighbors it is possible, and then the SES call can really solve this problem).

На фотографии показан пример обработки помещения от тараканов с помощью генератора горячего тумана.

In general, it can be said that the disinfection of a room from cockroaches by professionals, although it costs a little more money than in the case of independent struggle, but with the proper choice of the disinfestation service is a guarantee that live cockroaches in the room you will no longer see. Even if after the treatment of the room cockroaches in it, for example, in a couple of months, will appear again, then with the guarantee (and good faith of the company), the repeated call of the disinsectors will not cost the customer money - such situations are normal and are provided for in the contract for the provision of disinsection services.

But if you do not give proper attention to the choice of the disinfestation service, you can witness the following unpleasant surprises: the handler asks for more money than was stipulated earlier, or imposes additional services (barrier treatment, "double" processing, "triple" - in general, just such as to pay two or three times as much , but the "guarantee" is yes, of course, it will, pay again, then it will be processed according to such a "guarantee." It seems ridiculous, but this is a real practice in the market of disinsection services , when business is taken over by firms with suspicious reputation.

Выбирать службу дезинсекции нужно тщательно, иначе есть риск быть обманутым или получить некачественные услуги.

Feedback (an example of how it happens in practice if the disinfestation service is incorrectly chosen):

"On June 1, a specialist came to work with us. For 2500 rubles. And in fact we needed to pay an additional 3000 for installing a barrier. He was recommended by the master. As a result, we paid 5500 rubles for the call. They promised a one hundred percent guarantee. Four days after the treatment they returned to the apartment back, saw there the same darkness of cockroaches. We rang with indignation, we were told that yes, it would be nice to repeat after ten days, to re-process the warranty. For 800 rubles. June 15 arrived - again processed. Master said that for the first time the treatment turned out not very high-quality. Today is June 20, insects are still full in the apartment. In incredible quantities creep, less did not become. Why on earth should 800 rubles be paid for the guarantee? And a lot of these warranty processing I have? They asked the leaders in contact, but no response, quickly deleted the question and blocked the entrance to the group. "

Zhanna, St. Petersburg

The main difficulty for the owner of a room with cockroaches is to be able to choose exactly such a company that, at an affordable price, without cheating, will perform the disinfestation as efficiently as possible and give a guarantee for free re-sanitation if insects return within the agreed time. It should be borne in mind that scavenging from cockroaches today are offered by dozens of companies in every big city, and the employees of some of them not only are not professionals, but they do not differ in conscientiousness and decency.

Работники некоторых фирм могут быть недостаточно профессиональны или просто оказаться мошенниками...

Therefore, it is useful to be able to distinguish good disinsectors from amateurs of quick profit in advance, which we will talk about just below ...

What is included in the set of services for pest control from cockroaches?

Any sanitary treatment from cockroaches should ideally include the following stages:

  1. Determination of the current situation with insects in the room (degree of infection);
  2. Assessment of the presence of other types of insects (often apartments are simultaneously infected with cockroaches and bedbugs, frequent "guest" are also fleas, penetrating, for example, from the cellars of houses);
  3. Search for the main places of shelters of cockroaches, as well as possible ways of their penetration into the room;
  4. Selection of an insecticidal drug, optimal for use in this particular situation;
  5. Conclusion of the contract taking into account the conducted survey;
  6. Preparation of the premises for sanitation;
  7. Actually, the disinfestation of an apartment or house from cockroaches;
  8. Bringing the room in order.

Следует иметь в виду, что санобработка помещения от тараканов является комплексной процедурой и состоит из ряда этапов.

When private disinsection services are working, the first item of this plan is often executed in the telephone mode on the basis of the customer's survey. Some companies offer for an additional payment the preparation of the premises for disinsection and putting it in order after processing, but in most cases these tasks fall on the shoulders of the tenants.

The instruction on the correct choice of the company

Many companies offering disinfestation services can be eliminated at the stage of the first phone call: according to the answers that managers give to questions of future clients, it is clear what level of services the organization offers.

So, when calling a company it is useful to immediately check with the manager the following points:

  1. What are the means of disinsection? The specialist should specify the name of the drugs, and not just say "powerful", "good" or "organophosphorus" (by the way, there are hundreds of organophosphorus insecticides); Примеры инсектицидных препаратов, иногда используемых профессионалами при обработке помещений от насекомых.
  2. What equipment do specialists use in their work? Depending on the size of the room, these can be manual sprayers, or generators of cold and hot fog. Usually the "more serious" equipment used, the better (some small companies can simply send a student with a garden sprayer, since there is no money for expensive equipment); Пример обработки квартиры генератором холодного тумана
  3. What guarantees does the company provide? After all, even after the professional destruction of cockroaches (and even if the treatment is conducted by the sanitary and epidemiological station) insects can re-enter the room from neighbors - the traps help to catch only a part of the individuals, but will not save from the mass invasion of cockroaches from neighboring apartments. Serious companies take this fact into account in advance and at the stage of concluding the contract offer guarantees for different terms for an additional fee;
  4. How long disinfestation lasts - a thorough sanitation of the apartment takes at least half an hour, usually - about 1-2 hours. But if the pest control is promised to handle for 15 minutes, it is better to refuse their services.

On a note

If confidentiality is important to you, then it is also necessary to specify in advance whether disinsectors can come in ordinary clothes, so as not to cause unnecessary questions from neighbors. And then the arrival of people in overalls with strange aggregates at the ready may lead to the fact that the whole house will think that something is amiss in your apartment ...

Работники некоторых служб дезинсекции приезжают уже полностью экипированные...

In addition, the manager himself must ask clarifying questions on which he can roughly assess the situation in the apartment. He will need to find out what the area is, what insects, except cockroaches, live in it, how long ago the last repair was done, whether there was an independent disinsection, whether there are suspicions about the presence of cockroaches from neighbors.

Обычно дезинсекционные службы интересуются, имеются ли тараканы у соседей.

The more such questions the manager asks, the more likely that the company has experience and is really interested in the quality performance of pest control from cockroaches. If the operator simply asks for the address and promises to send the children to process the apartment, then the probability is raised that only two or three people work in the company, and it is possible that you are talking with the director, who himself will come to do the processing with a poorly predictable result.

Call Sanepidemstantsiyu

Immediately warn: count on the fact that the disinsection in your house will conduct SES, it is not necessary. On the quality of processing, this organization surpasses many private companies, but because of the large load and bureaucratic system of work, it is quite difficult to achieve the departure of the sanitary and epidemiological station on a private request.

Заранее не стоит рассчитывать на то, что санэпидемстанция приедет обрабатывать вашу квартиру от тараканов.

SES can fight cockroaches on its own in municipal institutions: canteens, universities, schools, dormitories, markets and shops. But if the experts of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station will carry out the destruction of cockroaches in each apartment, the owners of which did not take timely measures to maintain a normal sanitary condition in it, the service will simply have no time to monitor the epidemiological situation in the entrusted area.

For this reason, SES makes the destruction of cockroaches in apartments only in particularly neglected cases, for example, when all premises in an apartment building are infected. But in such situations, from the application to the district station until the sanitation itself is unlikely to take less than 2-3 weeks. To this end, the residents of the house need to write a joint statement to the SES in the name of the head of the site, in which it is necessary to justify why the application to other services is useless.

СЭС все же иногда проводит дезинсекцию в тяжелых случаях, когда тараканы присутствуют в большом количестве практически во всех квартирах дома.

На фото показано гнездо тараканов в мебели


"It is the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station of cockroaches and does not poison. They have other things to do. One time I remember such a case when I was still in a student hostel. But even there everyone was hounding themselves, as best they could, and only when parents of students from 6 rooms wrote a joint statement, SES reacted. And the disinfection was carried out, and the instructions were given out, and then they went for a long time to check that the instructions were being carried out. And so, to leave the apartment SES - it is unlikely. It's easier to apply to private traders ... "

Oksana, Nizhny Novgorod

Disinsection by Geradez

Geradhes is the largest network of disinfestation stations in Russia, operating in a large number of cities. Its specialists leave for all challenges, both from private individuals and organizations, and poison cockroaches in all types of premises.

Герадез является одной из наиболее крупных сетей станций дезинсекции в РФ.

It should be noted that sanitary treatment of premises from cockroaches by Geradez forces is carried out in full accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, the results of works are guaranteed for 6 months, and the disinfestation itself is made as confidential as possible. In general, the Geradez network today enjoys a rather high popularity in the cities where its branches are located, and regular orders allow the company to purchase new equipment, train specialists and provide discounts for services.


"And we somehow did not seek and did not choose the company. In the first they got a call, they invited us, they gave us a very good disinsection from cockroaches. Then we already found out that this is Geradez, consider, the largest desesluzhba in Russia. But when called, we were not aware, just liked how the guys accepted the order, how quickly they then organized the processing. We had to leave the house for three hours, and we paid 400 rubles more so that they themselves moved all the furniture. In general, nothing was required from us at all, only to leave the apartment while they were hounding everything there. "

Olga, Moscow

The Bug Control

Bug-Control is perhaps one of the most technically well-equipped disinfestation services. In its arsenal there are generators of cold and hot fog, special aerosol plants, heat generators for burning bugs and cockroaches, means for barrier protection of premises, poisoned baits and much more. Depending on the chosen package of services, the company's specialists provide guarantees for a different period and produce both simple disinfestation and de-processing with further prevention of the appearance of insects in the room.

Особенностью службы дезинсекции Клоп Контроль является хорошее техническое оснащение, что позволяет качественно проводить обработку помещений от разных видов насекомых.

The range of prices for the services of the Bug-Control is quite wide. A simple disinsection in a one-room apartment costs about 1800 rubles, in a three-room apartment - 2500 rubles. Complete disinsection using a cold fog generator, special gels and traps to prevent the re-emergence of insects in the house and an annual guarantee costs 3000 rubles in a one-room apartment, 4000 rubles in a three-room apartment.


"We chose a long time. I did not want to be mistaken, as my mother was mistaken, and three different services went to her three times, and only one normal job did. We decided to call a Bug-Control, although they have a complete treatment of the expensive. But I'll tell you that it's worth it. Guys not only that all the cockroaches have been poisoned, but also traps in the ventilation ponastavili, plus where it is necessary to anoint with a special gel. After this we have not seen a single cockroach for a year and a half, although our neighbors have plenty ... "

Marina, Kazan

In addition to the above, as an example of large companies, there are also many other large, medium and small organizations represented in different cities of Russia and CIS countries. And other regional services may be more convenient to work than large players. The consumer should only be able to find such a conscientious company.

The service of pest control was chosen, what next?

The fight against insects does not end after a phone call to the selected company - moreover, after the call of specialists, the pest control from cockroaches, it can be said, is just beginning.

For an hour and a half before the arrival of disinfesters in the apartment, it is already necessary to hide dishes, foodstuffs, children's toys in bags, push furniture away from the walls in the kitchen and in the rooms.

Перед процедурой дезинсекции посуду, одежду и продукты питания полезно упаковать в полиэтиленовые пакеты.

Еще до приезда работников службы может потребоваться отодвинуть мебель от стен...

On a note

In some cases, the services of pest control are asked not to push furniture away before the arrival of specialists, so that the cockroaches do not have time to hide. In other companies, on the contrary, they ask to do this in advance in order to speed up the processing procedure. Well, you need to do exactly as the manager on the phone says.

Preliminary it is necessary to plan your day in such a way that for the arrival of pest control, all tenants with pets from the apartment or house have already left. The whole procedure together with airing the apartment will take 3-4 hours, and all this time in the room no one should be.

As soon as the specialists arrived, they need to check all the documents prescribed in the guarantee agreement, the presence of a signature and a seal on the contract itself.

The company is obliged to provide the customer with the following documents:

  1. Contract with the seal and signature of the contractor;
  2. Certificate of completion;
  3. Documents on disinfection drugs used;
  4. Check for payment of services.

The presence of such documents indicates that the company, at least from a legal point of view, approaches to fulfilling its obligations quite responsibly.

After carrying out pest control, the apartment needs to be thoroughly ventilated and wet cleaned in it. Things, curtains and bed linens should be washed. Experts on how to deal with traps and when they can be removed should tell you separately.

После санобработки квартиры от тараканов необходимо тщательно проветрить помещение и провести в нем влажную уборку.

Ideally, of course, the pest control must call you several times after the treatment to control the quality of the disinsection performed. In practice, this is done only in SES (even come for monitoring), and in private services negotiate with customers that if after the pest control in the room cockroaches are found, the client should call and inform the manager himself.

If you have experience of contacting any disinfestation service for services for the destruction of cockroaches, then be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page (in the comments field).

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