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The better to poison cockroaches in the apartment?

Рассмотрим 10 вариантов избавления от тараканов в квартире

Choosing what to poison cockroaches, you should always consider the specific features of the apartment, the number of cockroaches in it and their own needs. Tips and feedback from other fighters with cockroaches can be in this case both a good help and a hindrance.

Not always the means by which the neighbors have decided to poison the cockroaches are convenient, affordable and effective. But still knowing, with the help of what successfully hunts cockroaches from the overwhelming majority of people from all parts of the country are successfully carried out, it is possible to choose with the greatest success precisely that remedy that will help you in your situation.

So, the rating of means from cockroaches which are successfully applied by Russian and Ukrainian housewives and householders is further presented. And the place of each tool is determined by the number of reviews of its successful application and similar reviews of failures. So…

Place 10. Traps with Velcro

Not the most effective and not very fast in operation, such traps have an important advantage - absolute safety for humans and pets.

Липкая ловушка для тараканов

This is the quality for which, in the case of a small number of cockroaches, it is preferable to prefer sticky traps: using such traps does not require grass cockroaches with special sprays and powders. Traps are simply placed in places where insects can move.

Thus, it is an ideal tool and in those situations where the Prussians in the house do not always live, but often come from neighbors.

Place 9. Sinuzan Aerosol

Of all the funds from cockroaches, Sinuzan is considered one of the most effective. It is about him that they learn when they ask why the disinfectants are poisoned with cockroaches. Indeed, having processed all the surfaces in the room by Sinuzan, you can be sure that there will be no more living cockroaches at all.

Инсектицидное средство Синузан (от тараканов и клопов)

However, Sinuzan has two main disadvantages - toxicity to humans and an unpleasant odor (in addition, the solution for spraying must be prepared independently, diluting the concentrate). Before you poison the cockroaches with it, you should carefully read the instructions and purchase a respirator, rubber gloves and special glasses. This agent can cause severe allergic reactions, and if you get into the airways - cough and intoxication of the body.

But the cockroach Sinuzan is very powerful. With proper treatment, all pests in the room are destroyed in just two to three hours.

A few more hours are needed to weather the unpleasant smell of the drug from the apartment. In addition, when you know what professionals are poisoning cockroaches, you just have to ask how they do it: you can buy a sinusan only in a canister, and therefore you will need a garden sprayer or household spray to apply it.

Place 8. Pyrethrum Powder

But the Pyrethrum powder is truly a home remedy. You can poison cockroaches with it without any risk for children and pets - the insecticide itself is a dried extract of camomile flowers, absolutely harmless for warm-blooded mammals .


Порошок Пиретрум

It is interesting

The same camomile flowers from which Pyrethrum is prepared are used as a disinfectant in the preparation of baby baths. You can say that this is the most benevolent insecticide of all.

Use Pyrethrum is simple: it must be poured along the baseboards, near the sink and trash can, in those places where cockroaches are found most often. Insects will not eat it for no reason, but clearing their paws from adhering crumbs, they will swallow the substance, and nothing more will save them.

Therefore, deciding how to eat cockroaches in the apartment , you can safely stop at Pyrethrum: its price is 350 rubles for 300 grams, which is enough to etch cockroaches with not too much of their number in the apartment.

The only problem with Pyrethrum is its inaccessibility: not everywhere you can buy it in markets or in stores. As a rule, it is sold in special shops for truck farmers and flower growers, and also it can be bought on the Internet.

Place 7. Gel from cockroaches Phas

A very effective tool that solves the problem of how to etch cockroaches where they are constantly harvested and they have already become accustomed to the most common insecticides.

Гель для борьбы с тараканами Фас

The gel consists of two types of insecticide, Diazinon and Cypermethrin, from Fas cockroaches. Even if to preparations of one type the cockroaches developed immunity, the second insecticide successfully "insures" the effect from the first.

The gel itself attracts pests with its odor, and they eat it even better than the remnants of food on the table. The results of the use of Fas gel in ordinary apartments indicate that a week after its application, the peak of pest death occurs, and in two or three weeks the insects disappear completely.

Before you poison the cockroaches at home with Fasom, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the instructions for its use: in the most general case, the gel is applied by individual drops in the form of chains with a distance between them of 5-10 cm where the cockroaches occur most often, and also around the toilet bowl and shells - habitual places of watering pests.

Place 6. Melochka Mashenka from cockroaches

As old and "popular" as this drug, it continues to be effective, as its manufacturer constantly equips it with more and more powerful and at the same time safe insecticides.

Инсектицидный карандаш Машенька

In modern Mashenka two forms of Cypermethrin are used - an insecticide of nerve agent, harmless to humans. As a result, the smearing of these shallow walls and skirting removes the issue from the agenda, than to poison cockroaches in an apartment with their constant raids from neighbors.


"My cockroaches do not live in an apartment. I'm too clean and tidy for them. But from the neighbors they run regularly. Only I hear the wonderful aroma of Dichlophos and I know that the next morning in the bathroom there will be black abominations - red ones from the bathroom are chosen, and black can not. Therefore, the entire bathroom, and in particular - its threshold - I constantly smeared with Mashenka, the one my mum still struggled with insects. Even if bold comrades cross this threshold, they do not run far into the apartment. And we are fighting ... "

Lilia, Pskov

Place 5. Boric acid

It would seem, how could this morally obsolete fragment of the Soviet era be in the rating of the most effective means? To use boric acid, it is necessary to diligently scatter it in the right places, to prepare from it and other ingredients the balls that cockroaches should tempt, and yet it does not give such a powerful result as other insecticidal dusts, and often in general is ineffective, that many cockroaches develop resistance to it. But…

Boric acid is used in the control of cockroaches in greater quantities than almost all other means taken together. The habit to conduct etching of cockroaches remains, especially in rural areas, where it is impossible to get expensive modern means, and the population is very limited in means.

Борная кислота до сих пор активно применяется для травли тараканов

As a result, more insects perish from boric acid throughout the country than from any other insecticide.


"Long thought how to etch cockroaches from a microwave oven. Nowhere else did they notice more in the apartment, but they regularly fished in the stove in the stove. My grandmother's recipe - boric acid - helped. She was showered around the microwave and on the recommendation from the forum - around the trash can. A week was collected dead doe-dogs, then they ceased to appear at all. "

Hope, Moscow

Three main advantages ensure the non-decreasing popularity of boric acid: relative cheapness, safety and accessibility. Indeed, 10 grams of it cost only 50 rubles, and to stick poisoned balls of egg yolks, poison and vanilla to the entire apartment is enough 500 rubles.

You can buy boric acid in any pharmacy, but for a person it is absolutely harmless: before it was even used as an antiseptic. It is not surprising that in most cases, when the question arises, "Why is it better to poison cockroaches?", One of the first answers is precisely it, boric acid.

Place 4. Raptor from creeping insects in the form of an aerosol

Raptor from creeping insects is one of the most famous and popular means. Safe, affordable (only 130 rubles per bottle, which is enough for a minimum of room), simple and pleasant to use (almost does not smell), very effective. It is not surprising that more and more housewives prefer it.

Раптор для уничтожения ползающих насекомых

To use it, it's enough to choose the day when nobody will be in the apartment, process the places where the cockroaches are found most often, and in a few hours - wash the surfaces on which the spray could settle.

Before you etch cockroaches in an apartment with the help of Raptor, it's worthwhile figuring out if they can not handle the whole room? It will not be much more expensive than with pickling only in the kitchen, but it will ensure effective disposal of cockroaches in the apartment in general. To do this, you will need the fullest possible treatment of furniture and all surfaces in the apartment with a drug, and then - several hours of insisting an apartment with closed windows.

Place 3. Gel Globol

Nothing fundamentally different from other gels, Globol is just very effective. Experiments have shown that one drop of it is enough to poison 500 cockroaches - as well as with the Executioner from bedbugs, with Globol, Germans very carefully approached the solution of the problem, than to eat cockroaches and not poison themselves. Globol is used in the same way as other gels.

Одна капля геля Глобол может отравить до 500 тараканов


"As a result, we bought two Globol tubes. Expensive, but promising. We thought how to properly poison cockroaches with him, asked at the forum. Ponastavlyali of them tracks throughout the balcony and under the tiles, waited a few days. A week later, they began to find the dead bodies under the bedside tables. On the whole, they found little, but the cockroaches themselves generally ceased to come across, as if there were none at all. Probably they did not rest in their holes. "

Ivan Savelin, Astrakhan

It is important to remember that the Russian market is flooded with copies of the gel under the names Global and Global. On the packaging of the original product should be written exactly Globol, and the remaining inscriptions should be in German. The effectiveness of counterfeit is not verified by real tests!

Place 2. Aerosol Gett from cockroaches

As it turned out, among the other sprays from cockroaches Gett is most effective at the lowest price and the cost of effort when using. In Russia, it is issued under the name Master250 , but sly entrepreneurs are exploiting the vulnerability of the name and releasing the Get tool, which so far does not gain from the reviews that have tried it the popularity that Gett has.

Мастер 250 (Gett) от тараканов и клопов

So if you decide how to etch cockroaches forever, it is better to prefer the original Gett with two "t" or its Russian counterpart Master 250.

And, finally, the first place: Pasta-gel Sturm

To date, this is an ideal option for baiting cockroaches apartment. Tremendously effective, easy to use, as well as other gels, it is safe and protected from immunity of insects - in its composition, as well as in the filling already presented in the Fas chart contains two components. As a result, Sturm works everywhere and always.

Инсектицидный гель Капкан Штурм-гель-паста

Its only controversial minus is the inability to destroy insects quickly and instantly. In most cases, this is not required, cockroaches are poisoned gradually, and the whole special operation is carried out in parallel with the normal life of other inhabitants of the room. In addition, Sturm is available, and knowing how much it costs to squash cockroaches by the forces of professional brigades, you can hear the figures 5-10 times larger than the right number of syringes with gel.

In the end, deciding what can kill cockroaches, you should clearly determine the needs (whether to fight insects quickly, but spending a lot of energy, or measured and relaxed), their capabilities (whether it is possible to get the drug and spend money on it) and personal preferences (many panic fear dusts, for example), and then just use proven experience and make the right decision in the fight for the purity of their apartment.

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