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What are cockroaches afraid of and how to deal with them

Чего боятся тараканы

In the world there are several thousand species of cockroaches, but not all of them are synanthropic insects, i.e. coexisting next to a person. They are some of the most ancient creatures on Earth and can live in countries with a climate from very hot to moderate, not meeting unless the inhabitants of the North Pole.

It's hard to even say what the cockroaches are afraid of. After all, these insects survived even dinosaurs, almost without changing their appearance, and in the modern world they can survive at a level of radiation exposure, ten times greater than a man can bear.

In European countries mostly black and red species live. These insects are well adapted to the parasitic life-style organism: thanks to the flattened form they can penetrate into the smallest slits, several pairs of legs allow them to run very fast, they can almost live for a month without food and about a week without water, and they are extraordinarily prolific.

The sight of even one cockroach in the room is an indication that somewhere nearby his whole family lives, as they live in colonies. Thus each individual leaves behind itself a smelling trace that others could easily find it.

Cockroaches are so common in the modern world and so firmly entered our life that many people experience the most real fear when meeting them, which in scientific terms is called blatthobia (fear of cockroaches). Like other phobias, it is most often the result of a strong fright in childhood.

Боязнь тараканов

A terrible film or violent negative reaction of close people to these insects or their own traumatic experience lays the foundation for why some people are afraid of cockroaches in adult life.

Strong blatto-phobia has to be treated with professional psychotherapeutic methods, for example, using hypnosis. Neuro-linguistic programming also effectively helps to stop being afraid of cockroaches. Fear of cockroaches, from this point of view, is the manifestation of certain models created by the person himself, but not working very well at the same time. With the help of different techniques, these models change so that blattophobia begins to recede and eventually disappears altogether.

Although cockroaches are associated with dirt and waste, they can appear in an apartment where cleanliness is maintained. On his paws, the nasty guest can carry dangerous bacteria and eggs of worms, which is especially dangerous when there are small children in the house, pulling everything in the mouth. The chitinous coverlets discarded during moult and various isolations of these insects can cause allergy up to asthmatic attacks. Moving inside home appliances or in an electrical outlet, cockroaches can cause a short circuit. All these factors force people to get rid of undesirable neighbors as soon as possible.

Fight with cockroaches folk methods

Мертвый таракан

In the apartment, cockroaches prefer to live close to the sources of water (leaking pipes, sewage sinks) and food. The ideal place, combining both conditions, is the kitchen. True, in the daytime an insect in the kitchen can rarely be found (except for very dirty dwellings), from which follows a logical conclusion that cockroaches are afraid of light.

In addition, and when you turn on the lamp at night they quickly scatter. In fact, you need to understand why cockroaches are afraid of light sources. Like many other living things, these insects lead a more active life at night, hiding in the day in various cracks. At night, a sharp turn on the lamp, accompanied by human steps, signals to the cockroaches that the danger is near, and makes them promptly flee from such a place.

  • Among the traditional means of fighting these parasites, the most popular (excluding room sneakers) is a boric acid powder rolled into a food product, such as dough or boiled potatoes. The advantage of this method is its absolute harmlessness to humans. And the main disadvantage is that the agent acts slowly enough, and to destroy cockroaches, they must directly come into contact with the product, so already laid eggs somewhere behind the plinth can safely continue to develop. Conducted the same wet cleaning levels all efforts aimed at the destruction of these insects.
  • Another slightly forgotten way to get rid of cockroaches was in Russia, the chilling of the room. The method is quite effective, because they do not tolerate the cold, but specifically, the frost, but hardly anyone will risk today to leave the city apartment open in a severe frost even for the sake of destroying these parasites.
  • There is an opinion that cockroaches are afraid of the smell of ammonia, and therefore it is worth adding it to the water for washing the sexes. It is difficult to say what effect this method will have on cockroaches, since it is unlikely that there will be a woman who wants to inhale the odor of ammonia during washing of the floors, not to mention the fact that with this procedure, the bottle with the substance must first be opened and poured into water.
  • Of the other folk methods, odors and aromatic oils of some plants, for example, cedar, eucalyptus, red elderberry, are quite effective for repelling cockroaches . You can use them in aromatic lamps, or spread it with a sprinkler in the kitchen.
  • Also, cockroaches are afraid of the smells of herbs: mint, anise. The disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that already existing cockroaches, these flavors will not be destroyed.

Impact on cockroaches with industrial preparations

For a long time, chemists have tried to determine what smells are afraid of cockroaches, and use it in industrial development. The chemical method today is the most effective way to get rid of various insects in the house. Most common are insecticides in the form of aerosols, gels, crayons and traps with poison.

Применение аэрозольных средств от тараканов

The remedy for cockroaches in the form of a usual chalk or a pencil of the "Mashenka" type, based on a nerve-paralytic effect, is quite common. It can not be said that it has a powerful effect, but it can prevent the spread of insects with medium and small numbers.

Insecticides in aerosol form have a quick action and ease of use. On the other hand, they have virtually no aftereffect on the remaining cockroaches, and poisonous vapors can also harm a person, penetrate the ventilation system into other dwellings of the apartment building.

All known aerosol Dichlofos has a wide scope of application, but today more effective and at the same time relatively safer for human insecticides based on pyrethroids. Thus, the neopin substance is not very toxic to warm-blooded animals, but when applied to various surfaces it causes anxiety in cockroaches, forcing them to run out of shelters and die.

The composition of "Global" type gels, in addition to the insecticide itself, includes a fat base to prevent fast drying, food flavors (attractants) to attract insects to smell and some auxiliary substances. Such gels are convenient to use, do not have a pronounced toxic effect on humans, because they are based on intestinal contact effects on insects when they eat the remedy.

One of the most convenient and safe forms of insecticides are traps with poison. As attractants can be used sunflower oil, honey, synthetic flavors. Quite popular among the people are special houses of industrial production with a sticky coating for catching cockroaches, the use of traps with beer or other food products and greased edges, as a rule, has little effect in their destruction.

The consequences of using insecticides in a dwelling.

When the goal is the complete destruction of cockroaches in the house, the main question is what the owners are most afraid of. At the same time, they often try to use any chemical means to get rid of insects.

Применение инсектицидов может быть опасным

But it is worth remembering that highly active chemicals contained in insecticides can affect not only insects, but also the health of the person himself, all the more so with direct contact with them.

Poisonous fumes can lead to a weakening of immunity and the development of new or exacerbation of chronic diseases. Especially dangerous is the use of aerosol and gel forms of insecticides, if the house has small children or pets that can inadvertently eat the insect intended for insects. Since the mass of a pet is usually small, there is an increased likelihood of problems with his health after an intense fight with cockroaches .

Prevention of the appearance of cockroaches in the house

Even after getting rid of uninvited guests in order to prevent their new visits, one must follow simple rules. It will be necessary to repair all cracks and cracks through which nasty insects can enter the house, and process these slots with a powder of boric acid or insecticide chalk. In addition, there should be a fine mesh on the ventilation holes. At night, you should dry the surface of the bathroom and kitchen sink, water the indoor plants in the mornings, and not at night, fix the dripping faucets and leaking pipes, depriving the cockroaches of access to water.

All food products that are outside the refrigerator must be stored in tightly tightened jars or closable bags so that no smells of food remain. Cabinets and the area of ​​the trash can be regularly cleaned with detergents, try to get rid of food waste regularly.

And if everything is done correctly, then the cockroaches are unlikely to find your house a suitable home for themselves.

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