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How to deal with cockroaches in the apartment

Боремся с тараканами в квартире

The fight against cockroaches in the house is a rather laborious process, which, however, today can be carried out literally within one day. In this case, the owner always has to choose how to deal with cockroaches, because absolutely universal way does not exist.

Even for seemingly safe and extremely effective insecticides for home use, there are always pros and cons that you need to know about.

It is important to understand that the fight against cockroaches in an apartment should not begin with the search for the most effective or fastest means, as often happens. After all, if the cockroaches were wound up in the house, then there were reasons for this, and it is necessary to pay attention to it first of all.

Therefore, effective control of cockroaches implies, first of all, an integrated approach, which we will consider.

Look at the root: fighting the causes of the appearance of cockroaches in the house

Cockroaches - this is primarily a sign of the presence of garbage in the apartment, dirty unwashed corners, available to feed insect products and constantly dripping and flowing anywhere in the water.

Cockroaches are a symbol of unsanitary conditions.

Тараканы в доме - это признак антисанитарных условий

On the other hand, in an absolutely clean apartment, in which there is no food, huge comfortable slots and puddles in the sink, cockroaches can not live. This - a hint of the main and most effective way to deal with cockroaches: it is enough to make the apartment clean and this luster is constantly maintained, and the cockroaches will go away by themselves.

This is done like this:

  • thorough cleaning of the apartment and minor repairs are carried out: crevices are removed, stragglers are replaced, plinths are replaced. From the floor is wiped off a film of fat (by the way, very nutritious) under and behind the stove, the bread crumbs are carefully cleaned.
  • All products that are not currently used, are hidden in the refrigerator or packed in plastic bags.
  • At night, the remains of water in the sink and bath are wiped, the glasses and mugs with juices and compotes are cleaned
  • The dishes are washed after eating, and not before him.

But this approach has the main disadvantage: it requires serious work and regular time expenditure. Even without financial investments, he does not like everyone and gives a result only in a month or two. That is why, as an alternative, there are other methods to combat cockroaches, fast, effective, but always leave a second chance for pests.


"I read your forum, every three months a new drug poisoned the apartment, but until it brought order to it, they kept coming back. But as the repair was done, so all the problems disappeared - I had not seen a single cockroach for about three years. I even forgot what means help them. "

Lyudmila, Uman

Methods of fighting cockroaches here and now

All effective methods of combating cockroaches can be divided into several categories:

  • Independent use of insecticides in various forms - gels, aerosols, powders, chalk. This method is considered today the most universal - it can be used at any time of year in any premises. But before you deal with cockroaches at home or in canteens and dormitories with the help of such otra, you should carefully study the instructions for use of the drug. It explains how to effectively combat cockroaches without risk and harm to other occupants of the premises.

Гели весьма эффективны при борьбе с тараканами


"In practice, in the canteen of the Polytechnic, cockroaches were poisoned. I did not even think that there were so many of them somewhere. I can imagine how many kilograms of food they ate every day. We started splashing out of the cans, they fell in straight bundles. At the forum I read later that the tool is called Xulat. In short, there will be problems in the hostel with cockroaches - use ... "

Egor, Novosibirsk

  • Calling the services of pest control is perhaps the most effective way of destroying any insects in the house. In addition, it is fast and fairly safe. The only negative, because of which the struggle with domestic cockroaches by the specialists is used quite rarely - the high cost of calling such brigades. It ranges from 1600 rubles for processing 1-room apartments in the regions and up to 2500 rubles for the same procedure in Moscow. Вызов дезинсекторов
  • Freezing cockroaches is a method, in simplicity, ecological compatibility and efficiency with which all modern methods of fighting cockroaches combined can not be compared. But it is not without its shortcomings: only residents of the middle and northern part of our country can apply it, and only in winter. It is important at the same time to prevent freezing of water in the heating pipes, otherwise they may burst. Тараканы погибают при вымораживании квартиры
  • The use of traps and baits is based either on attracting insects into a special "trap" from which they can not escape, or on the use of a specially prepared poisonous mixture. However, these measures to combat cockroaches are often used as preventive measures - to protect the apartment from neighboring "zaletnyh" guests, as well as auxiliary - when destroying individuals in the room.

Применение ловушек для тараканов

There are other ways to combat cockroaches - simple physical destruction of insects, the use of scarers and folk remedies - but in most cases they are either inefficient or too laborious. Therefore, when deciding how to deal with domestic cockroaches, the main and proven methods should be studied in detail first.

The use of insecticides: an effective chemical attack

Insecticides produced today for home use combine qualities that were considered incompatible half a century ago. For example, many of them are able to poison insects by inhalation, and accordingly, do not require eating them. Together with efficiency, most of these tools can boast of relative safety for humans.

It would seem, what else can be required to fight cockroaches at home? Indeed, this in most cases is sufficient, and drugs to combat cockroaches today are used more often than all other methods.

But among them there is a classification.

  • Geli from cockroaches, for today - the most commonly used form of drugs. They do not require the treatment of the whole room with the removal of residents, are put in drops in secluded but attractive places for pests, and they are very effective: some funds destroy one drop to half a thousand insects. Insecticidal gels are not very dangerous for children and pets, and therefore you can destroy cockroaches with their help, without disturbing the habitual way of life. Typically, cockroaches die within a few weeks. The most popular gels today are Globol, Raptor, Brownie, Fas, Sturm. They are very inexpensive - a one-room apartment costs 150-200 rubles. This option is also very suitable when fighting cockroaches in a hostel: each tenant has a syringe with gel, and no one will see cockroaches in the hostel. Гель от тараканов в шприце - Домовой
  • Aerosol means - all known Raid, Raptor, Tetrix, Fufanon, Combat, Executioner and others. Their main advantage is the speed of action. When the apartment is fully processed, cockroaches die in it for several hours. However, for this, all the inhabitants, including pets, must be removed from the premises (otherwise they would have to breathe poisonous vapors). In addition to the laborious application, these drugs are also quite expensive. Аэрозоль от тараканов Raid
  • Powders, which are called dust in common people. Combine the advantages and disadvantages of the previous two categories: they allow combining the fight against insects with life in the apartment, stretching the term of getting rid of cockroaches, and are in the middle price category. The most famous powders are Clean House, Brownie, Raptor and Piretrum.

Порошок от тараканов Чистый Дом

On a note

In the original Dust is a drug DDT, the most notorious insecticide in the world. It was used in apartments during the Soviet era, locking the premises for a week and going on vacation, away from the strong smell and perishing insects.

  • Pencils, of which today is the most famous chalk Masha. Effective, but require a diligent approach to use. Their main advantage is price. The same Mashenka will allow for 80-100 rubles to expel and destroy the whole cockroach from the house. Карандаш от тараканов Машенька
  • Homemade poisoned baits are perhaps the most inefficient way. According to folk recipes is prepared using borax or boric acid, with mixing them with egg, flour, sugar and vanilla. Before you deal with cockroaches at home with the help of such recipes, you should evaluate your financial capabilities and prefer insecticidal gels - they are the same, but the efficiency is many times higher.

Борная кислота

Отравленные приманки из муки и яйца с борной кислотой

Despite all the advantages and diversity of these tools, there are much simpler but no less effective methods. Not deprived, however, and their shortcomings.

Severe Siberian method: freezing cockroaches

Fighting cockroaches with folk methods has always been considered not the most effective solution. But frost is a factor that mows the moustached cohabitants quickly and cleanly. And even their eggs do not spare.

Мороз убивает тараканов и их яйца

The application of this method is simple to disgrace:

  • from the room all inhabitants are removed, which may be unpleasant temperatures below minus 8 ° С
  • open windows
  • Hidden heating pipes and hot water supply
  • the room closes for a day
  • after the disinfestation windows are closed, the apartment is heated and from the bedside tables the corpse of cockroaches sprinkled with frost is thrown out.

Of course, such disinsection can be carried out only in winter and only in the northern regions of the country - temperatures above minus 8 ° C can cause cockroaches to endure. In addition, such a procedure is fraught with the destruction of the heating system and water supply.

Nevertheless, for residents of winter freezing regions deciding how to deal with cockroaches in a private home, this method may prove to be optimal.

Physical methods of struggle

In this category, you could include everything that people try to understand that it's time to take an insecticide. As a rule it is a "sneaker and vacuum cleaner" method. Of course, they both do not work.

However, among physical methods of struggle there is a rather effective method - the use of special traps.

In most cases, the trap operates on the principle of "lured - stick". The insect runs to the smell of vanilla or chocolate, runs into a cozy house, and sticks to a special scotch.

Тараканы прилипли к скотчу в ловушке

At once we will make a reservation: to destroy all cockroaches in too contaminated apartment in such a way it is impossible. But to keep such traps in places through which cockroaches can penetrate into an apartment from neighbors is justified.

On a note

Modern Chinese traps are perfect for those who are thinking how to deal with red cockroaches: in some instances of such houses, a home-bred black cockroach in its prime will not fit in principle. So the fight against cockroaches in the house with the help of these funds has certain limitations.

And it must be remembered that if the fight against red cockroaches or their black fellows began, it should lead with caution on the sides. If insects inhabit neighboring apartments - it is necessary to conduct explanatory work among neighbors and to fight insects with joint forces. And always remember that if in the apartment the cockroaches were once good, they will return for the pleasures. Therefore, the conditions for their sweet life must be destroyed immediately.

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  1. Katya :

    For many years the whole family struggled with the invasion of cockroaches in our house. On this topic, I read a lot of articles ... We started with folk remedies ... when they did not help, we switched to drugs for baiting (gels, sprays, powders), but for a couple of months they did not work. And then my mother advised to call specialists who have the experience of productive victories over these unpleasant creatures. I asked at my mother's feet. Pah-pah-pah half a year we live, we do not know the troubles))

  2. Victor :

    People, use the GET tool! Helps a lot.

  3. Pineapple :

    People, my business is not that it's dirty in the apartment, and in general we did not have cockroaches. It's just that people are doing business, climbing up to the roof, throwing out the Prussians, and then they're writing ads: "Let's get the cockroaches out." So the strangest thing is that there have never been cockroaches and cockroaches, and here suddenly appeared the Prussians, and these announcements. Prompt means good from cockroaches.

    • Tatiana :

      Absolutely agree with you! We live in a new house, the apartment is well renovated, there was no mud and no, there is no dampness, and the cockroaches suddenly appeared a couple of days after the announcement was posted in the entrance, "Let's Drive the Cockroaches."

    • Valya :

      At us too at first went, actively offered to poison cockroaches, at anybody was not. And two weeks later they crawled!

  4. Wit is great :

    In a new apartment after a while cockroaches started (from neighbors they ran). Then there were two mice in the kitchen. The cockroaches are gone. I caught mice - after a while again there were cockroaches. Then the cycle was repeated. Now no cockroaches, no mice. So try and choose what's best.

  5. Riga :

    They removed the hotel in the hostel, the house was perfectly clean, but the cockroaches attacked. But it turns out, in the bathroom under the linoleum the water keeps a thin layer: checked all the pipes - do not flow. And it turns out, all the condensate that accumulates from the pipes drips slowly under the linoleum, and apparently does not have time to dry up. Horror, fuuu ... I told my mistress, I ignored her.
    We decided to buy chalk, there was less, but there is. And my husband said that they have a nest in a plate with pechenyuhami and sweets, which, allegedly, for the householder holds, I was shaken all over by this news. The time has passed, the cockroaches literally began to walk, I was in hysterics, I heard an alarm. I went and bought a gel, I sit and wait for the result)

  6. Love :

    My husband and I bought an apartment, renovated, in an old house that is teeming with cockroaches ((I realized this late for myself when I stopped and lived for a week.) I struggled on my own, everything: crayons, gels, and traps. service, gave a lot of money, but they did not help ((

  7. Lida :

    We live in an old house, a type of hostel. Cockroaches simply attacked, especially in the summer. The neighbor opposite herded the cockroaches, so they crawled through the windows and doors, I hollowed them about half an hour. I decided that I also urgently need to poison, the entire balloon of the raid was poured out, and that you think everything is pointless. I tried all the means, bought poison in SES, splashed it, poured it out, and 4 days later pedestrians came again. It's just a nightmare, it turns out, cockroaches bite, fly, jump, and recently killed one and he's gorged on something. People, I'm terrified, nothing takes them, they seem to evolve and get used to everything! What to do?

  8. Anonymous :

    I have never used poison, just set fire to a can, they are very sensitive to fire.

  9. Shaki :

    I'm horrified, we never had anything like this at home, but three days ago my husband discovered that we had guests. I can not convey in words how much they disgust me, even by name I can not name. It can be said, this is my phobia. Also Raptor gel processed the apartment, we wait. I have not slept since almost the day my husband found them. Here such trouble. God grant, we are waiting for a positive result.

  10. Guest :

    The house is clean and tidy. I clean every day, a small child climbs everywhere. Cockroaches appeared. 3 times called the service to poison the cockroaches, several times, independently, all kinds of aerosols, gels, boric acid. A sense of zero. Cockroaches seemed to be more. I do not even know what to do ...

  11. Sasha :

    The whole trouble is that these creatures climb everywhere: in household appliances, in wardrobes, in book cases. And they are omnivorous, you can hide water and food, but they do not mind eating a binding of books or eating badly washed stains of food on clothes. It is because of this that these creatures are difficult to lime. They came from my neighbor, I live in a house, like a hostel. I think to combine several types of persecution - I hope it will help. So far, there are not many of them, but I'm afraid that they will come back from their neighbor again. Share your victories over these creatures.

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