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In detail about the treatment of premises from various insects: important nuances

Если вы собрались заказывать обработку помещения от насекомых (либо хотите проводить дезинсекцию самостоятельно), то для начала полезно будет узнать об этой процедуре некоторые важные практические нюансы...

Further you will learn:

  • What should be taken into account when ordering the treatment of the room from insects?
  • What are the ways of processing and which one to prefer?
  • What means are usually produced by disinsection and what is important about them in advance in order to avoid unpleasant situations;
  • How to interact with the professional services of pest control and what to pay special attention to.

and other interesting moments.

In general, well-planned and qualitatively carried out processing of premises from insects can be characterized as a rather complex and time-consuming process. If you think that it's enough to just buy Dichlofos from a nearby store and pop it along the baseboards of the room - well, insects usually appreciate it and continue to please the residents with their presence for a long time, while continuing to actively breed and occupy neighboring territories.

При большом количестве насекомых в доме обработка помещения должна быть комплексной, так как иначе эффект может оказаться весьма незначительным.

Usually disinsection treatment of the premises is required in those cases when the initial stage of infection has long been lost, so that pests or parasites multiply multiplied, leading to a significant deterioration in the sanitary situation and, in general, a decrease in the quality of life of people. However, in some cases, and against recent "guests", such treatment is also in demand, especially if tenants are initially inclined to use the services of professionals and do not try to fight insects with various folk methods or (not believe it, but it happens) by conspiracies and prayers.

The most common treatment of apartments from insects is to destroy the following arthropods:

  • cockroaches;
  • ants;
  • bedbugs;
  • moths;
  • fleas;
  • woodworm.

Обработка помещений от клопов является сегодня одной из наиболее востребованных услуг.

Иногда даже приходится обрабатывать ванные комнаты и туалеты от мокриц...

On a note

Strictly speaking, lice, spiders or, for example, mites, are not insects (insects have only 3 pairs of legs). But in everyday life, almost always, these arthropods are called insects.

In addition, in industrial warehouses, in shops, at various food processing plants and in livestock houses, insect treatment is carried out to destroy beetle bugs, grinders and briers, ticks, flies, and against highly specialized pests of stored products.

Если не бороться с насекомыми на складах пищевой продукции, то они могут нанести запасам серьезный урон.

At the same time, the methods of processing household and industrial (warehouse) premises can differ significantly both in the type of tools used and in the methods of disinfestation. As a rule, very large rooms are treated with fumigation methods, sometimes with special smoke bombs from insects .

In the case of treatment of living quarters, the methods of disinfestation can be very diverse, but, as a rule, the main damage to insects is caused by spraying any effective insecticide (or a specially selected mixture thereof) in finely dispersed form in as large a space as possible.

Methods of processing rooms from insects

There are several methods of treating the premises with insecticidal agents. In this case, most often the services of pest control deduce insects as follows:

  • By simple aerosol treatment - spraying with insecticide preparations the places of possible accumulation of insects and the ways of their movement. The preparation in this case is sprayed with a special sprayer (spray). Imagine a conventional household or garden spray, and you will understand that the insecticide spray created by such treatment is relatively large-dispersed, and therefore, its volatility is not always sufficient to penetrate various narrow slots and hard-to-reach places. Better things are when using ready-made aerosol cans. При использовании готового аэрозольного баллончика с инсектицидным средством распыляемые частицы значительно меньше по размеру, чем при использовании бытового опрыскивателя.А вот при использовании обычного пульверизатора инсектицидный аэрозоль получается сравнительно крупнодисперсным и быстро оседает.
  • By the method of cold fog. This method is similar to simple aerosol treatment, but here the solution of the insecticide is sprayed with a special device so small drops that they stay in the room air for a long time and penetrate even into those places and cracks that can be very difficult to treat with a conventional spray gun. For example, such a thin aerosol can destroy the nest of bedbugs, penetrating into the sofa or mattress through micropores in the tissues, and is also able to reach cockroaches hiding in the microwave or opening of the sockets. На фото показан пример обработки квартиры методом холодного тумана.
  • By the method of hot fog. This method is quite similar to the method of cold fog, but implies additional heating of insecticidal aerosol to a temperature of 50-60 ° C, which increases the time of finding the product in the air and its effectiveness against insects. Обработка помещения от насекомых методом горячего тумана.
  • Fumigation, in which the insecticide is used in the gaseous state. The use of sulfur and permetrinovymi checkers from insects can be attributed to this method. Today, there are insecticidal checkers for household use - from cockroaches, bugs, fleas and other unwanted animals. Sometimes it is enough to use such a checker once in a closed room to cut most of the pests and parasites that have settled in it. Пример применения специальной дымовой шашки для уничтожения насекомых в помещении (теплице).
  • The use of powdered insecticides, which are scattered in places of movement of insects (the so-called dusts - the name came from the long-unused pesticide DDT). Пример инсектицидного средства в порошкообразном состоянии (дуст).
  • Using insecticidal gels against cockroaches, ants and woodworms (professional disinsectors use this method except as an auxiliary method, however, although gels work slowly, but when choosing a quality drug, they help quite well to reduce the number of cockroaches to zero, for example). In fact, such gels work like poisoned baits. Инсектицидные гели работают как отравленные приманки и уничтожают насекомых после того, как те их съедят.

Thus, if you plan to order the treatment of industrial or domestic premises from insects and get the maximum result, it is better to be guided by the method of cold or hot fog. Large anti-insect services, as a rule, are always ready to render such a service - it is enough to specify it by phone.


"Hot mist was recommended to us by friends. They ordered the treatment for the morning (they said that it would be a long time to get out). The employee of the firm came, pohimichil in the apartment somewhere for half an hour, took almost 5 thousand and left, saying that it is necessary to wait a few hours. We went into the apartment only in the evening. Impressions - tin! The smell is creepy, though it has disappeared after a week. It was impossible to sleep on that day in the house. But the cockroaches from under the plaster crumbled like leaves from a tree. Well, really the whole floor was strewn! They walked and were afraid to step in order not to smudge the floor, they gathered the shovels ".

Kushnaryov, Moscow region.

Means by which disinsection is performed

In the overwhelming majority of modern insecticides for the treatment of premises from insects contain substances related to pyrethroids (permethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, etc.), or to organophosphorus compounds (chlorpyrifos, chlorophos, malathion - the same carbofos, etc.) ). All these substances affect the nervous system of insects, leading to paralysis, and then to death.

Современные инсектицидные средства в большинстве своем действуют на нервную систему насекомых, вызывая паралич и последующую гибель.

For a person, most insecticides are relatively low-toxic, but if mistreated, they can lead to poisoning - for example, if you get into the respiratory tract or digestive tract. Some of the insecticides can cause skin irritations.

On a note

Permethrin, sufficiently innocuous for a person, is quite dangerous for cats (the first signs of poisoning in them are abundant salivation and inadequate behavior). Therefore, if the room is treated with a drug based on this insecticide, it should be taken care of in advance that the mustachioed pet does not come into contact with the treated surfaces until wet cleaning. You can not allow the animal to eat poisoned dead or disoriented insects.

Поедание животными отравленных насекомых может привести к тяжелым последствиям...

It should be borne in mind that pest control is usually the main purpose of the reliable destruction of insects in the room, not always worrying about whether the drug smells strongly and how long this smell will persist after treatment. There are cases when tenants had to simply throw out furniture because of the fact that for months it retained the persistent chemical smell of an insecticide.

Fortunately, some modern desinsection services themselves are guided by drugs with a relatively weak and rapidly eroded odor. In addition, when ordering, you can specify this point in advance, specifying that you agree only on the treatment with a faintly smelling remedy.

If you are going to conduct the processing of the apartment on your own, it is useful to consider the following points:

  • Aerosol preparations in cans (Dichlophos, Reid, Combat, etc.) allow you to quickly destroy insects, if you know exactly where their cluster is located. Just spray aerosol into the air, on the floor or walls often is ineffective. Аэрозоль Рейд Макс от летающих и ползающих насекомых
  • Concentrates of insecticides for dilution and subsequent spraying from household spray (Get, Lambda Zone, Xulat Micro, etc.) are more economical than aerosol formulations in cans, and are often more effective, including due to prolonged action. Such funds can easily be purchased over the Internet. Пример концентрата инсектицидного средства от насекомых Лямбда Зона.
  • One-time treatment of the room is not always enough. For example, for egg bugs, most insecticides do not have a toxic effect. Accordingly, the first processing will kill adult individuals of the parasites and their larvae, and the eggs will survive. After a couple of weeks, it is advisable to repeat the treatment, as this will allow the destruction of young larvae, which by this time will be removed from the surviving after the first treatment of eggs. Однократной обработки помещения против клопов бывает недостаточно, так как яйца паразитов в большинстве случаев выживают.Из выживших после обработки яиц клопов через некоторое время вылупятся молодые личинки.
  • If, for example, cockroaches or bedbugs continue to regularly enter the room from neighbors, even after thorough disinfestation, sooner or later insects may re-settle in your apartment. Therefore, treatment with insects should be carried out jointly with neighbors. Если соседи - тоже ответственные люди и настроены на благоприятное и долгое совместное проживание, то нужно искать компромиссы и договариваться с ними об одновременной обработке квартир.
  • If neighbors do not go into contact, you can apply to SES, and also take protective measures using the means with a barrier effect (for example: the means handles a ventilation stroke around the perimeter, and each insect, crossing the treated area, inevitably contacts the insecticide). Насекомые могут проникать в квартиру через вентиляционные ходы.

Procedure for processing

Regardless of whether insects are handled by professional pest controllers or by the owners themselves, in the most general case, it consists of the following stages:

  • Preparation of the room. If it is a residential apartment or a private house, they provide access to places where insects can hide, furniture is moved away from the walls; in the event of the destruction of bedbugs, it is useful to remove bed linen in advance. Clean things, dishes, children's toys are folded into plastic bags and hermetically sealed (you need to be sure that there are no insects or their eggs on these things). People are taken out of warehouses and industrial premises, sometimes it is necessary to regulate ventilation in the manner required by the application of a particular remedy.
  • Treatment of the room with the drug. If it is an aerosol (fog, spray), it is applied to all surfaces, furniture and equipment for which insects can crawl, as well as the alleged places of their shelter. When using gels or powders, they are applied in places of movement of insects. Fumigants are simply released into the air and then fill themselves in all corners of the room.
  • Cleaning the room and bringing it into a residential or working kind. Usually at this stage careful ventilation and wet cleaning are required.

When calling special disinsection services, the manager usually warns himself how to prepare the premises, and after processing the pest control will explain how to put order in it. In addition, some companies offer all these works by their specialists for a certain amount.

Специалисты по дезинсекции за дополнительную плату могут сами подготовить помещение к обработке от насекомых.

Professional disinsection: features of the procedure and interaction with specialists

Calling a professional disinfestation service to handle the room from insects makes sense in the following cases:

  • when there are a lot of insects in the room, and there is no desire to fight with them on their own;
  • when it seems to you that you have already tried all the means and methods, but nothing helps;
  • when an independent struggle gives effect only for a month or two, after which the insects appear again;
  • when the tendency to allergies does not give you the opportunity to spray the insecticide in the apartment yourself;
  • and just in case you want to get a guaranteed result with minimal effort on your part.

In large industrial buildings or warehouses, professional disinfestation is the only way to effectively destroy pests.

Для обработки больших помещений от насекомых без вызова профессионалов зачастую бывает просто не обойтись.

The participation of the owners of the premises in such processing, as a rule, is limited to preparing it and then putting it in order. Presence during processing is usually prohibited in order to avoid poisoning. If the customer necessarily wants to observe the whole procedure, he should have a respirator and rubber gloves with him.

All bona fide insect killers give out the necessary package of documents to the customers: a contract with a seal and a signature, an act of completed work, a cash receipt for payment. Always at the stage of calling the service it is necessary to specify what guarantees the company provides: in many cases, even an ideally performed treatment does not allow the destruction of insects in one procedure, and therefore in a few weeks bugs or cockroaches may again appear in the room, for the destruction of which re-treatment is required you need to make sure that such processing, if required, will be done free of charge).

При вызове специалистов убедитесь в том, что компания гарантирует повторную бесплатную обработку помещения в случае необходимости.

If you did not take care of the guarantee in advance, then for you it can become an unpleasant surprise when the company asks for more processing of money.


"... The price was not much higher than that of other companies, but the result is excellent. Bedbugs were dead before our very eyes, before hiding in all the cracks, but then they suddenly povylazili. The smell was at first time, but after a day it had completely disappeared. The processing itself took about forty minutes + another 3 hours the apartment was kept closed. As a result, we managed for half a day and paid only 2 thousand with copecks. "

Maxim, Krasnoyarsk

Treatment of premises from insects with their own hands

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning rooms from insects independently is the need to adhere to strict safety rules : the handler should be dressed in long-sleeved clothes, use a respirator, glasses and rubber gloves. Head should be put on the head.

Работая с инсектицидными средствами, обязательно используйте средства индивидуальной защиты.

Even if the product has almost no smell - it does not become less dangerous from this. On the contrary: without smell, it is easy to lose vigilance and inhale insecticide spray. Believe me, when people neglected basic safety rules when dealing with insecticides, nothing good came of it, or rather - there were sometimes very bad and dangerous situations.

During the treatment with aerosols and sprays, all tenants and pets must be removed from the apartment. At the end of the procedure, the apartment or house is closed. Usually in 2-3 hours the apartment is wet cleaning, and people can return to it.

Через несколько часов после завершения процедуры необходимо провести влажную уборку в помещении.

During the processing itself, special attention should be paid to those places in the room where insects may be located. On the extent to which the spraying of key surfaces in the house is meticulously, the efficiency of the treatment is largely dependent.

It should be borne in mind that insects in the room can appear again. They can get out of the already laid dead ancestors of eggs, come from neighbors or be brought into the apartment with new things. Therefore, it is always necessary to be ready for the need for re-treatment, as well as to regularly carry out preventive measures to protect the premises from single individuals falling into it.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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