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Выясняем, как правильно вести борьбу с насекомыми в доме, квартире или на даче с применением современных методов и инсектицидных средств...

Outside the window, the twenty-first century and, it would seem, the chemical industry that produces all kinds of insecticides, has long reached unprecedented heights, but the fight against insects in an apartment for many people is still very relevant. Insects continue to bother people with their bites, endure diseases, spoil food, furniture and clothing. In addition, they very quickly adapt to the means intended for their destruction, and this fact forces scientists around the world to constantly search for new and new methods of fighting insects that would restrain the growth of pest and parasite populations in modern megacities.

У современных популяций насекомых в городах нередко наблюдается устойчивость к действию многих инсектицидов.

Some unprepared citizens seriously expect that their fight against insects will quickly end after they prishikayut some Dichlorvos, or will pass one by one on the baseboards of the apartment. Practice shows that such a superficial approach to the question in most cases gives the most minimal result, or does not give it at all.

It should be understood that the destruction of insects in the room is, first of all, a complex procedure:

  • Often, the necessary actions must be carried out in a strictly defined order to kill not only adult insects, but also their larvae and eggs, which will prevent the repeated restoration of the population size;
  • When combating this or that type of insect, it is necessary to take into account the relevant biological features (for example, nests of bed bugs are most often located closer to those places where a person sleeps, but cockroaches try to stay close to water sources.) The flea larva, about which many people in general do not know anything, often swarm in the dust at the corners of the apartment); На фотографии показано гнездо постельных клопов в складках мягкой мебели.А так выглядят яйца и личинки блох.
  • As a rule, the combination of different types of means and methods of struggle gives a greater result than when only one tool or method is used.

And now the question is - what do you think is the most important thing in the fight against insects in the apartment? High efficiency? No residual odor? Acceptable price? No, no, and once again no: the most important thing is security, and it's about it that we should never forget. There are many known cases when the fight against ordinary cockroaches ended tragically not only for the unlucky fighter, but also for pets, neighbors, children ...

Accordingly, in the fight against domestic insects, you need to take into account a number of different nuances, which we'll talk about in more detail.

On a note

The word "disinsection" (this is the name of the fight against insects) comes from the Latin word insectum - an insect and the French des, which means destruction or removal. The package of measures includes exposure to pests and parasites with special chemical, physical and biological agents.

Popular methods of fighting insects

Among the methods of fighting insects today is the most common and effective chemical, that is, using special chemicals - insecticides. Often with their help, you can assuredly kill pests and parasites in just a few hours.

In accordance with the method of penetration of poison into the body of an insect, the following types of insecticides are distinguished:

  • Intestinal - enter the gastrointestinal tract of the insect (for example, with food, water, or with self-cleaning of the paws and antennae with jaws); Инсектицид может попадать в организм таракана, когда насекомое производит очистку, например, своих усиков.
  • Contact - penetrate into the body through the chitinous cover with simple contact;
  • Fumigants - affect the insect through its respiratory system;
  • Mixed action (eg, contact-intestinal).

Physical methods for controlling domestic insects include:

  • exposure to temperature (cold or heat);
  • mechanical destruction (including not only sticky traps, but also banal shaking of clothes, use of a vacuum cleaner);
  • exposure to electricity (for example, electric traps for cockroaches , "electric shock" lamps-traps for flying insects, etc.); Электрическая ловушка для таракановА так электрическая ловушка выглядит изнутри...
  • ultrasound (mainly ultrasonic mosquito repellents).

On a note

For example, against bed bed bugs, it is sometimes effective to treat infected objects with hot water or steam: bloodsuckers die at temperatures already around + 50 ° C. Freezing the apartment at -25 ° C can also give a good effect - you just need to protect the heating batteries from freezing. You can also get the furniture out to freeze and hold it for a couple of days.

Clothes that are contaminated with ward lice can be effectively rid of parasites and nits, simply ironing with a hot iron or being washed in hot water. Or hold it on the frosty balcony.

Бельевые вши на одежде

Against cockroaches effectively freezing - for them the fatal temperature is -8 ° C and lower.

However, treatment with high and low temperatures has its inconveniences and does not guarantee a positive outcome of the fight against insects in the apartment. In particular, it is sometimes impossible to freeze the whole apartment without the risk of damage to the heating pipes, and taking out certain pieces of furniture for frost can not always ensure complete destruction of insects in the room. In addition, not all clothing and interior items can be exposed to high temperatures.

Insufficiently reliable, and sometimes even dangerous, in the use of many folk remedies for fighting insects: treatment with kerosene, methylated spirit, dust, boiling water, extracts of herbs. It should be borne in mind that watering the baseboard or sofa with kerosene, gasoline or alcohol can create much more problems for yourself than the same bedbugs represent - especially with accidental ignition of fumes.

Категорически не рекомендуется использовать керосин и другие горючие жидкости при борьбе с насекомыми в квартире.

And, of course, a very effective way to say goodbye to insects for a long time in your apartment or at the dacha, after obtaining a guaranteed result, is to contact a professional insect fighting service. Experienced pest control today is practically in every city, and sometimes there are dozens of such services within many large cities.

Insecticides and traps

As a rule, chemical preparations for controlling domestic insects are produced and sold in the form of aerosols, liquid concentrates, gels, powders, soaps, pencils, and spray solutions in the form of a spray.

Examples of aerosol products available in cans: Dichlorvos (today there are different types of them, which differ significantly from the old Soviet Dichlorvos), Reid, Neofos, Raptor, Combat, Prima-71, Armol and others.

Пример одного из современных Дихлофосов

Аэрозольное средство от летающих насекомых Combat PowerSpray

Some concentrates of modern insecticides, especially so-called microencapsulated products, are very effective and economical in use. Such concentrates are adapted to domestic use, diluted with ordinary water, after which the finished solution is sprayed, for example, from a conventional atomizer.

Examples of concentrated broad-spectrum drugs, positioned by the manufacturers as microencapsulated: Ksulat Micro, Delta Zone, Lambda Zone, Get, Executioner, Cucaracha. The first four of these means, in addition, are characterized by an almost complete lack of odor and show good results when fighting insects in the country (wasps, hornets, garden ants, flies, etc.)

Примеры микрокапсулированных средств от насекомых: Ксулат Микро, Дельта Зона и Лямбда Зона.

Microencapsulated funds are often used by professional disinfestation services. In cases where an unpleasant odor is not critical, Tetriks, Diazonon, Sinuzan, and others are also involved.

For insects that eat leftovers from a person's table, insecticidal gels are used in the form of poisoned baits - they are effective in controlling cockroaches, mocrites, scales and domestic ants. For example, such gels as Globol, Exil, Clean house, Dohloks, Antitarakan, Absolute, Great warrior, etc. are used.

Гель для уничтожения тараканов Дохлокс

As for insecticidal powders, which are also collectively called dust in the people, they tend to crumble in the places of greatest congestion and possible appearance of insects. Well-proven, for example, powder Koba, a dust from insects Clean House, Neopin. Powders help to destroy not only cockroaches, but also fleas, ants, bed bugs (if there is a contact action in the insecticide).

Today, pencils from insects are also very popular - they rub the surfaces inside and outside the furniture, draw lines on walls, floor and ceiling, door and window boxes. Among insecticide pencils in Russia, the best known, of course, is the chalk from the cockroaches and bedbugs of Mashenka.

Мелок Машенька для борьбы с тараканами и другими насекомыми.

On a note

Insecticidal soaps in the fight against insects in the apartment are used less often than other forms of drugs. For example, soaps can be used when washing clothing that is contaminated with clothing lice. The most famous soap is soap and Green soap.

More recently, the market also has an insecticidal soap from Get bugs based on chlorpyrifos.

When fighting cockroaches or bedbugs in the house, permethin smoke chips can also have an excellent effect (for example, Quiet Evening, City) - this method is not known to anyone, but its effectiveness is comparable to the professional treatment of an apartment with a so-called cold fog, and at the same time it will cost almost five times cheaper. Insecticide smoke, formed by a gum, evenly fills the whole room, destroying adult individuals and insect larvae even in the most secluded cracks and inaccessible places.

На фото показан пример перметриновой дымовой шашки Тихий Вечер.

Инсектицидный дым из шашки заполняет все комнаты квартиры, уничтожая насекомых даже в самых укромных местах.

In addition, when fighting domestic insects, do not forget about the various types of traps, a classic example of which is sticky paper for flies. However, it should be borne in mind that the action of the traps is usually stretched in time and can not provide a quick effect in the fight against insects.

In residential areas, the following traps are more often used:

  • Sticky (hanging against flies and food moths, as well as folding sticky traps for cockroaches and ants);
  • Electric ("houses" against cockroaches, lamp against night butterflies and to fight flying flying sucking insects, including at the dacha).

Липкие ловушки весьма эффективны при борьбе с тараканами и муравьями (когда этих насекомых в целом не очень много).

Лампа для борьбы с летающими насекомыми.

With the right approach, some folk remedies from insects can also provide a good effect. Here, in the first place, it is necessary to allocate borax, boric acid and powder from dry chamomile (otherwise called pyrethrum powder - it contains natural pyrethroids).

Procedure for processing an apartment against insects

In many cases, before cleaning the apartment, it is useful to clean the premises first. If you plan to spray the drug, then clothes, dishes, children's toys and other small items should be sealed in plastic bags. Furniture is moved away from the walls, freeing access to skirting boards and rosettes. Windows and doors are tightly closed before processing.

Одежду, посуду и другие вещи перед обработкой квартиры следует упаковать в полиэтиленовые мешки.

When processing the apartment should not be residents and pets. Be sure to use personal protective equipment. Drugs should be used in accordance with the instructions.

Here are just some typical errors when processing:

  • The drug does not smell, which means I will not use a respirator;
  • Why dilute so much, I'd better make the solution more rigid, 10 times more concentrated than written in the instructions, then the effect will be better;
  • Yes what will happen to the cat, it is not a cockroach;
  • Why work everywhere, because the insects I see only in one corner - so I will process only there;
  • So I processed the apartment from bedbugs , they really disappeared for a month, then there were again small larvae - well, everything, means the drug did not help, the dummy does not work.

Etc. In general, who is in that much. Errors in self-processing are many, but if you follow the instructions for the appropriate product, use personal protective equipment and learn the process in advance (for example, on the Internet), then you can protect yourself from 95% of possible problems.

During the treatment, all surfaces, including the floor, walls, ceiling, door and window frames, furniture and objects in the apartment are sprayed with the drug. Especially carefully, the places of possible sheltering of insects, as well as the ways of their movement and the place of possible egg clutches (in the case of bedbugs) should be carefully treated - plinths, corners, edges of the floor covering, various crevices, folds of upholstery.

Особенно тщательно нужно обрабатывать места возможного укрытия насекомых.

After two hours, and in some cases after two or three days, the apartment is ventilated and a general cleaning is performed in it, with careful removal of the dead insects. It should be borne in mind that if pets later eat disoriented or already dead insects, they can get serious poisoning.

If poisonous baits are used (including boric acid), then they are laid out on the ways of moving insects and in places of possible shelter. The gel is applied here in the form of dotted lines. From time to time, bait needs to be updated, and the gel is applied again, as it eventually dries up and loses its appeal to cockroaches and ants.

Fight insects on their own: what do you need to know?

If a decision is made to fight insects in the apartment on their own, then you need to take into account some of the nuances in advance.

First, once again, we should take care of safety. Mandatory use of protective clothing, a gas mask or respirator, gloves. Remove children and animals from the premises. You can take food in the treated room no earlier than 8 hours later.

При самостоятельной обработке квартиры от насекомых следует использовать средства индивидуальной защиты.

Secondly, you need to use those methods and drugs that will be effective for the type of insects that infect the room. For example, it is useless to use poisoned baits to fight such bloodsucking insects as bedbugs. To combat these parasites, it is better to use aerosols, sprays and powders.

When using sprays to destroy moths, it is also useful to treat the ceiling (it is often overlooked). Poisoned lures for cockroaches and ants should be placed on their tracks (especially behind the stove, refrigerator, near the sink and bin).

Домашние муравьи собрались вокруг отравленной приманки.

Thirdly, it is absolutely necessary to process all the cracks, angles and other shelters where insects can hide. Otherwise, the treatment of the proper effect may not have, and in a couple of days the insects will appear again.

From the use of such folk remedies, like kerosene, gasoline, alcohol and denatured water, it is better to refuse altogether, since otherwise elementary fire safety measures will have to be broken.

Self-control of insects in the apartment can indeed be effective with the proper and appropriate use of various means, but it takes a lot of time and effort, requires some perseverance and certain skills. Sometimes it is more expedient to call specialists.

The fight against insects by the forces of pest control services

In some cases, the independent struggle against insects in the apartment still does not give the desired effect. So, the call of specialists is often necessary:

  • With a high degree of infection of the room with insects (that is, when there are a lot of them);
  • And also if independent processing, despite all the efforts, for some reason does not give the desired result (these reasons are not always obvious);
  • If there is insufficient knowledge, confidence in one's own forces or the very process of destroying insects is unpleasant;
  • If the apartment is badly infected neighbors;
  • If there is a desire to save energy and time.

Если самостоятельно бороться с насекомыми в квартире нет желания или возможности, то всегда можно вызвать службу дезинсекции.

To call the pest control team, simply call the SES or the selected private company, place an order and pay for the service. After clarifying the details, the employees of the company are assigned the day and time of their arrival.

The apartment needs to be prepared in the same way as for self-handling. After checking the package of documents provided by employees, the premises should be left for the specified time. All the necessary actions will be made by the specialists themselves. After taking the job, you need to check the availability of the warranty card, which you may need if you need to re-process. Then you should spend a general cleaning in the room.

После обработки квартиры нужно провести в ней влажную уборку.


"I write about my impressions on the method of etching bugs with a hot mist. Expensively, but by 5 points. No re-treatment was required, insects died out the first time, and the next day we quietly engaged in cleaning. Stink only at first, it disappeared the next day and without any consequences. So I recommend it. "

Semen B., Moscow

After the destruction of insects in the apartment, it is useful to take measures to prevent re-infection. For example, you can close the ventilation holes with a grid or a grid with small cells (this will help to protect yourself from neighbor bugs and cockroaches), hang out moth preparations in the cupboards, periodically grease the decoction boxes or wormwood with the decoction boxes or the wormwood box (helps from the so-called basement fleas).

Для предотвращения проникновения насекомых от соседей полезно закрыть вентиляционные ходы мелкоячеистой решеткой.

Для защиты шкафов с одеждой от моли можно использовать специальные секции.

You can use insecticide crayons and gels for preventive application on the plinth, places behind furniture, a refrigerator, etc. In the bathroom and toilet you can put sticky traps in time to intercept defectors from neighbors. When buying products, you should always check them for larvae of moths, and keep the apartment clean, regularly cleaning and not allowing littering.

If you have a personal experience of successful (or not) insect fighting, then do not forget to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page - it may be useful to a lot of people and will benefit them.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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