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Conspiracies and prayers for fighting bugs

Использование заговоров и молитв для борьбы с клопами

When the tried means do not help in solving the problem, a person starts using his strongest weapon - the word. It is believed that words spoken by all rules and at the right time have a powerful impact and provide quick assistance with the help of supernatural forces. We are talking about such ancient ways to achieve what is desired, like conspiracies and prayers from all kinds of misfortunes, including from insect invasions.

This will seem surprising, but Russian conspiracies and prayers from bedbugs are actively used even in a modern, progressive world, despite the fact that the roots of these rituals go back to pagan times.

Magic or severe necessity?

Many historical sources and works of classical literature describe in detail how badly the bedbugs pestered people, and those in turn fought against the pests with all their might, and at times unsuccessfully.

In such circumstances, hardly anyone was surprised by the spread of magical spells and rituals, which were considered almost the last chance to get rid of the misfortune. Conspiracies against bedbugs are simple, they do not require any special magical skills and, according to the belief, bring purely economic benefits - they get rid of insects and do not harm the residents of the house.

A simple example of such a conspiracy, used in the early 20th century:

Fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches and every creature,
Here I go to you, guest:
My body is like a bone;
My blood is like pitch;
Eat moss, not me!
My word is strong. The key, the lock.
Amen, amen, amen.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that prayer and conspiracy are one and the same . Yes, and in one, and in the other case, there are appeals to the higher forces and the accompanying words ("amen," "hallelujah," etc.), but there are differences:

  • Conspiracy is a powerful verbal formula with a call to the aid of the forces of nature and elements - this is a requirement, an absolute assertion of one's will, having conviction in the final result.
  • Prayer is a humble request, an appeal to the light forces, spirits and God , which implies the complete immersion of the supplicant in the process (the so-called "presence of the spirit"). The result of the action of prayer is often equated with a miracle.

Молитва это смиренная просьба, обращение к Богу

Thus, the difference between conspiracy and prayer is precisely the meaning of the text, the relation to the result and the degree of its expectation. In addition, these rites have their own rules of use, which are not recommended to violate, and in some cases are prohibited.

The rules of rites against bedbugs

Conspiracies were used (and used!) More often by prayers from bedbugs, but the order of their conduct is similar, so we will dwell in more detail on conspiracies, having examined their structure.

Traditionally, the plot contains three parts:

  • retreat
  • the main part
  • and bracing.

But many plots from bedbugs are extremely simple and have several lines with a simple "plot."

The text is an appeal to an insect with a request to leave (or a description of this action in the present or future time). The plot ends with the plot: "So be it!", "Exactly!" And others. Speak bracing should be with maximum confidence in the successful outcome of the conceived - it is believed that these words trigger the course of events.

For example, when trying to get rid of bedbugs , a cat is put into the house, and when the animal decides to leave, they are told to conspire, according to which the bedbugs must leave the house after the cat. At the end, the same binding is pronounced: "So be it!".

Despite the fact that conspiracies do not require special skills of practical magic, the rules for using magic texts still exist:

  • the conspirator-man should be as much as possible non-drinker and non-smoking, if possible, both the man and the woman can read the plot;
  • a conspiracy can not be conducted just in case - just to solve a specific problem and with a clearly defined goal;
  • jokes, laughter and fun during the rite are excluded, it is important to focus on the issue;
  • conduct rituals in the early morning on an empty stomach;
  • in no case can not change places or skip words of the plot text - everything is interconnected in it;
  • when reading a conspiracy it is very important to observe the rhythm and poetics of the text, do not stray.

Sometimes for the ritual, you may need different attributes - threads, floral incense, water, wax candles, etc. These magical objects help to strengthen the effect of spoken words.

При проведении магических обрядов используют различные атрибуты

In addition, by virtue of a conspiracy, one must unconditionally believe.

Let's take a closer look at the power of the conspiracy.

There are several points of view, but one can not ignore the mighty power of the words themselves, which even proverbs say. Also the so-called placebo effect works, when a firm belief and conviction in a positive outcome of a case helps a person (the same plot with different approaches gives different results).

It so happens that the plot does not work. Why can this happen?

The main reason is the attitude to the rite. A conspiracy is only a help in the direction of strength and energy to solve a problem, which means that it is all about concentrating on the goal and absolute conviction of a positive result (it is important to comply with the above rules). Only after meeting all the conditions, we can say that the plot did not help.

Along with conspiracies and prayers, there is another powerful tool used against insects - runes . Specialists note that it is necessary to work with runes very carefully, so as not to start the directly opposite process.


For example, there is a runic becoming (formula) "From unwanted living creatures in the house". And protective runes from bedbugs, used incorrectly, can work on the contrary - insects will become even greater.

Popular conspiracies and prayers from bedbugs

There are many collections of conspiracies and prayers from bedbugs, so the scope for action is wide enough. The following are the most common texts of these rites.

Постельный клоп

It is necessary to plant a bug in a matchbox, crumble bread there, put a pinch of salt and say:

Bug the Bug, here's a piece of bread and a piece of bread,
Go as you live in the field.
There, and wait for your brothers in the wild,
And I can not see bedbugs anymore!
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Boxes should be carried to the field and left.

Or here - from ancient conspiracies:

Bedbugs you, bugs, do not bite me. Your teeth are repainted, and my body is crimson.

Bedbugs, you, bedbugs. My bed bugs will go to the far rafts. Leave you home and never return. As it is said, this will come true. Amen (repeat three times).

Many collections publish conspiracies against bedbugs in the guise of prayers. This is due to the similarity of the texts - in some cases, only a qualified linguist or specialist in the occult sciences can determine the type of ritual.

An example of a prayer that clearly differs from a conspiracy:

"Nicola, the sainthood of God, the helper of God, you are in the field, you are in the house, on the road and on the road, in heaven and on earth, interrupt and save from all evil. Amen".

Икона Николая Угодника

This prayer is read three times in the fight against bedbugs, sometimes in conjunction with the prayer "Our Father". Then, in the habitat of the bugs, pre-harvested herb tansy is laid out, and a plot is pronounced.

An example of the similarity of rituals is seen in a conspiracy in which there is no appeal to a particular person for help, but there are "attributes" of prayer.

It is necessary to take a broom that is unusable for use in a bath from bare rods and knock them on the threshold, saying:

"You can not sweat like that with a golik, so bedbugs can not mate and breed and divorce in my house. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

From time immemorial, the image of the bug was considered no less cunning than that of the heroine of Russian fox tales. Having tried all means, people dropped their hands in the fight against the invasion of bedbugs, deciding in the end to outwit the insect, using conspiracies and prayers.

But conspiracy should not be carried away: if the rite did not work, you need to wait some time and then again to think it over and, if necessary, repeat it. It's important to remember that magic is not a toy. And friends, if it does not work out - try using modern high-performance chemicals. Perhaps they will give more effect.

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