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Destruction of bedbugs with a cold mist and reviews about this procedure

Попробуем разобраться, что собой представляет так называемый холодный туман и действительно ли с его помощью можно эффективно уничтожить клопов...

Further you will learn:

  • Is the elimination of bedbugs a cold mist is a more effective procedure than the use of conventional sprayers and spray guns;
  • What makes this cold mist and how it works;
  • Why, in 2-3 weeks after treatment, the bugs can again appear in it;
  • How do ordinary people respond about the effectiveness of using cold fog against bedbugs?

And also other interesting and useful nuances.

Practice shows that the use of cold fog for the destruction of bedbugs is often much more effective than using the usual sprayers (sprayers) or sprayers for disinsection. And one of the key differences is that in the so-called cold mist, the particle size of the insecticide aerosol cloud is incomparably smaller (30-80 microns) than when using, for example, the same sprayer (hundreds of microns and even more, depending on the model and mode of operation).

Размер частиц холодного тумана очень маленький, поэтому инсектицидное аэрозольное облако легко проникает даже в самые труднодоступные места.

On a note

Devices spraying an insecticidal liquid with a particle diameter corresponding to the fog are called fog generators. In this case, the generators of cold and hot fog are distinguished. In the first there is no insecticide heating system, due to which they are much more compact and economical in operation.

For the destruction of bedbugs, cockroaches and other insects, hot mist generators are often used, which are characterized by the fact that they contain a special insecticide heating system. When using hot mist, an even smaller particle size of the aerosol cloud is achieved.

It is noteworthy that among the generators of cold fog there are household models, while hot mist generators are devices exclusively for professional use.

На фото показан пример генератора холодного тумана в действии.

А так выглядит генератор горячего тумана...

What are the advantages in combating bedbugs so small a particle size of a sprayed solution containing an insecticide? Perhaps the most obvious is that the aerosol does not immediately settle on the floor, but will stay in the air for a long time - literally for hours (usually about 2-3 hours). This means that with an aerosol cloud will manage to contact almost all surfaces in the room, including walls, ceiling, chandeliers, furniture. Instead of falling into the air, immediately settling in the form of drops under the influence of gravity, the smallest particles of the aerosol will chaotically move in the air, gradually settling and adhering to the surface of the elements of the interior.

In addition, the second very important point is the ability of a fine aerosol cloud to penetrate into the finest crevices, pores of various materials (including furniture), including sockets, household appliances and other hard-to-reach places where bugs and eggs can easily hide .

В мелких щелях в стенах клопы могут собираться десятками и сотнями - холодный туман легко проникнет даже в самые укромные гнезда паразитов.

Feedback on the destruction of bedbugs with a cold fog:

"With bugs we fought for three consecutive seasons. Processed and Kukarachi themselves, and Tsifoksom with the call of a specialist. But all this practically did not work. Then before the start of the heating season decided to attend to the problem really and forked for treatment with a cold mist. A peasant came with such a compact thing in his hands, processed our whole apartment with a jet of some kind of smoke-like smoke, said to isolate the room for 4 hours, took the money and left. When they came in, it stank terribly, but after three hours of airing, the smell was gone. Bugs from the cracks poked and writhed on the floor, and after 3 days we did not see any living at all. "

Valentina Belova, Ekaterinburg

It is important to understand that the use of a cold fog generator for the destruction of bedbugs is still far from a guarantee of obtaining the required result. The correct choice of insecticide for spraying also plays an important role: it should not only be highly effective against bedbugs, but should also be relatively safe for humans and pets, and not have a persistent unpleasant smell (after all, you do not want to throw furniture after the treatment of the apartment - known cases, when it almost for months kept the smell of improperly selected poison from bedbugs).

For example, professional disinfestation services when treating apartments from bedbugs create a cold fog from solutions of such insecticides as Tetriks, Xulat, Minap-22, Sinuzan, etc. If you have a cold fog generator and decided to fight the bugs yourself, it will make sense to pick up though and more expensive, but less odorous and at the same time effective agent. In this case, for example, modern preparations can come up from bedbugs Lambda-Zone, Delta-Zone, Get, etc.

Микрокапсулированное инсектицидное средство Get (Гет).

However, in general, the treatment of cold fog from bugs by the occupants of the premises is very rare: not everyone can afford to purchase the appropriate equipment. It is much easier and more effective to call deceivers on the house.

Специалист-дезинсектор отлично знает, какие места в квартире нужно обработать в первую очередь, чтобы наверняка уничтожить клопов.


"... To combat bugs, my sister advised me to immediately choose the method of hot fog. But we looked and decided to stop after all on processing with a cold fog, because at a price it went out 2 times with a tail cheaper. The result is good, we immediately noticed, it became normal to sleep. The effect has been holding for six months already. "

Eugene, Yaroslavl

Additional nuances of killing cold bugs

Like other methods of killing bugs, cold fog has its advantages and disadvantages, and therefore in some cases it may be more preferable, and in others - give way to other ways of removing parasites.

If a hot mist is almost impossible to use for the treatment of an apartment or a private house because of the high cost and complexity of using the respective generators, then the use of cold fog is more or less available to ordinary citizens. So, cold fog generators for home use cost from 20 thousand rubles, and if necessary, they can be justified on a regular basis (for example, if you regularly attack bugs from hen houses or a small hotel that you rent).

Генератор холодного тумана С100


"We ordered the treatment with a cold mist in an attempt to get rid of bedbugs. Did not work out. It turned out that they at us have obzhali to itself space behind wall-paper, and thick vinyl an upper layer has not passed a preparation so insects have survived. Re-already processed hot method with this feature, the result was much better. But it is quite possible that with a different wall covering the problem could have been solved the first time. "

Irina, Moscow

If you do not know whether to order the treatment of an apartment from bugs with a hot mist or still cold, then keep in mind: there are no pronounced differences in the effectiveness of these procedures, as a rule, in practice. Yes, the hot mist generator gives a smaller particle size of the insecticide particles (5-30 microns), they hang even longer in the air, even more penetrate into different pores and cracks. But often the effect will be almost the same as if the treatment room was carried out in a cold fog.

A very approximate example can be given very roughly: if one takes the efficiency of processing from bugs with a cold fog, then all other things being equal, the efficiency of using a conventional sprayer will be 0.5-0.7, and the hot mist 1.1-1.2.

Вообще говоря, обработка квартиры и холодным, и горячим туманом дает обычно хороший эффект в обоих случаях.

Well, and do not forget that the fog generator (of any type) simply saves time and effort on processing. It's one thing to slowly spray a solution from a domestic sprayer or a garden sprayer, and it's quite another thing when you immediately work much better and can be performed faster with the help of appropriate equipment.

Speaking of which ...

Declared by the services of disinsection, the cost of processing an apartment from bed bugs with a cold fog and using a sprayer differs slightly. If the usual pest control costs, as a rule, about 2000 rubles for a one-room flat in an average area, then the use of a cold fog will cost the customer in 2500-4000 rubles, depending on the company. And this again shows that, with the right approach, it is possible to destroy parasites using a conventional sprayer or a domestic spray.

If you decide to destroy bedbugs with a cold fog on your own, then pay special attention to personal protective equipment. Be sure to use a quality respirator - because the particles of the created insecticide aerosol cloud are very small, and you hardly want to inhale the poison on a par with the bugs ...

Чтобы не отравиться инсектицидом самому, важно использовать качественный респиратор.

Cold fog generators: types and brands

Generally, cold fog generators can be conditionally divided into two types:

  • Professional, with the help of which workers of disinfestation services poison insects in warehouses, in greenhouses and other premises of a large area;
  • Household, which can be used in apartments and private homes.

The professional models include, in particular, the following:

  • U60-pro - a large mobile installation on a chassis with a capacity of 54 liters and a power of 1.5 kW. There is an installation of about 200,000 rubles, and is used in agriculture, in premises of livestock farms, in greenhouses. Генератор холодного тумана U60-pro (хорошо подходит для обработки производственных помещений).
  • Fontan COMPACTSTAR is a powerful generator that produces up to 35 cubic meters of cold mist per hour and weighs 36 kg. Against bedbugs used in large hotel complexes. It costs about 150 000 rubles.

Генератор холодного тумана Fontan COMPACTSTAR.

Household cold-fog generators are small in weight, compact and operate from the outlet. Among them:

  • DH-50 - the device of manufacture of South Korea. Weighs 3.7 kg, has a long wire and is great for processing small rooms. The jet length of the created aerosol is 10 m, the power of the device is 1.25 kW. Its price is about 20,000 rubles. DH-FOG 50 - компактный генератор холодного тумана, часто используемый службами дезинсекции.
  • The generator of cold fog B100 - approximately with the same characteristics, as the previous device, but capable to process up to 100 m ² of the area for 80 seconds. The cost of the model is also of the order of 20,000 rubles.

B100 - вполне доступный по цене прибор для обработки частных домов и квартир от насекомых.

Generally speaking, compact domestic cold fog generators are optimal for hotels and hotels, large houses, farms and gardeners. They can come in handy not only in the fight against bed bugs, but also for the destruction of cockroaches, fleas, moths and various pests of the garden.

How the bugs are cleared with cold fog

The elimination of bedbugs by a cold fog, according to its methodology, differs little from the excretion of parasites by means of sprayers.

Before processing the premises, the insecticide preparation is diluted in water in the required concentration and poured into the corresponding tank of the fog generator. The generator itself is plugged into the outlet, after which the plinths are methodically and thoroughly processed by the jet of aerosol, all the furniture (including the mattresses on the beds, which it is desirable before removing it from the frame), the walls of the apartment (the bugs often hide behind the wallpaper), and then the fog is simply sprayed in the air premises.

В первую очередь холодным туманом обрабатываются те места, где насекомые находятся с наибольшей вероятностью.

Основные места укрытия клопов - диваны и кровати, поэтому их обработке нужно уделять особое внимание.

На фотографии показано, как дезинсектор обрабатывает труднодоступные места на кухне.

After that, the apartment must be left for three to four hours. During this time, a part of the bedbugs will immediately perish from the air weighed in the air, some of it will later become poisoned by insecticide drops deposited on the surface.

On a note

Not all insecticides have a so-called ovicide effect, that is, they are capable of destroying eggs of bedbugs even if they are in direct contact with them. And such eggs, even within a single room, can be hundreds or even thousands. In this situation, the effectiveness of the treatment often depends on whether the product has a prolonged action: if so, after about a couple of weeks, young larvae emerging from the eggs will certainly contact the insecticide remaining on some surfaces and die.

Be that as it may, in most cases it is highly desirable to re-treat the premises - about 2-3 weeks after the first. Especially if you suddenly began to notice the appearance of small, almost transparent larvae after a period of "calm". It is important not to miss the moment - not to let them grow and lay new eggs.

Через 2-3 недели после обработки квартиры холодным туманом личинки клопов могут появиться вновь, вылупившись из яиц.

Чтобы надежно избавиться от клопов в помещении, важно уничтожить личинок еще до того, как они вырастут и отложат новые яйца.

Even before the treatment of the premises it is necessary to provide unimpeded access to the back walls of furniture, all skirting boards and other places where bugs can hide. If you use disinfestors to bring out bedbugs with cold fog, then this preparation should be done before they arrive (most likely, the manager on the phone warns you about this).

При уничтожении клопов почти всегда приходится разбирать мягкую мебель...

Children's toys, dishes, small electronics, etc. preferably placed in plastic bags and hermetically closed. At the same time, you should be absolutely sure that there are no bedbugs or eggs on these things.

After the treatment with cold fog from bugs and "insisting" the apartment for several hours, it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning in the room, wash clothes from the cabinets, and wash the dishes thoroughly. It is often inappropriate to wipe the back walls of furniture and other hard-to-reach places in order to keep the drug on them in case larvae of bugs from surviving eggs appear.

Security is above all!

If you think that the main thing when processing an apartment from bedbugs is the effectiveness of the procedure, then this is not so. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that such disinsection, especially if performed alone, does not lead to your poisoning or poisoning of other residents, including domestic animals (there are very, very serious cases, and not always with a favorable outcome).

When cold bugs are destroyed with cold fog with the use of powerful insecticides, not only serious poisoning, but also the development of no less dangerous allergic reactions in response to the ingress of aerosol onto the skin or into the respiratory tract, is possible.

Попадание инсектицидов на кожу и в дыхательные пути может иногда приводить к сильной аллергической реакции.

Therefore, in order to reduce the associated risks, it is necessary:

  • When processing, remove from the premises all people and animals, except for the handler;
  • When removing bedbugs, use rubber gloves, glasses, an effective respirator and clothing that completely covers all areas of the body;
  • At the slightest sign of poisoning or skin irritation, stop treatment, leave the room, rinse your mouth, drink water with activated charcoal and wash your hands and face thoroughly.

It is because of the possibility of poisoning that it is not recommended to apply a cold mist for self-destructing bugs without adequate preparation. In the case of disinsectors, to protect against the negative effects of the drug on the body, there is all the necessary equipment (and knowledge!), So calling them will relieve you of both the hassle of insect elimination and the risk of poisoning.

Вызов профессиональных дезинсекторов может стать наиболее эффективным способом раз и навсегда избавиться от клопов в квартире.


"Initially, we learned about the method of cold fog when processing mosquito pads. And after that they learned that he works particularly well in enclosed premises. Therefore, when found in a new apartment bugs, then immediately turned to this technique. The price is quite human: a 3-room apartment cost us less than 3 thousand rubles. "

Ivanovo, Kolpino

If you have the experience of calling a pest control service, whose specialists have taken cold bugs out of bedbugs, or you used it yourself - be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page!

To the record "The destruction of bedbugs with a cold mist and feedback on this procedure" left 4 comments.
  1. Alexander :

    The use of cold fog in apartments is forbidden and dangerous. The generator of "cold fog" is used for processing barns, hen houses, shops, open spaces, vehicles, where people do not live directly.

    1. The drug penetrates into all the cracks and can easily be in a neighboring apartment and cause irreparable damage.

    2. Once the "fog" penetrates everywhere, it will remain in the apartment for a long time, and in the apartment it is undesirable to live at least 3 days.

    3. The amount of chemical. of the preparation is used practically the same as in the case of small-drop spraying, it is simply distributed over the whole area of ​​the room and in places where the parasites accumulate it is less.

    Once, after processing the basement of the apartment house with "fog", some negligent disinfectors were mass poisoned and had to call the Emergency Ministry and an ambulance. So think twice about when you are offered this service.

  2. Andrew :

    I am a qualified disinfector, categorically disagree with Alexander. It does not apply to a cold mist. Most likely, Alexander's incompetence (or just a desire to work with a garden sprayer and say that it's cool, without the money for expensive equipment). I use a cold mist generator for more than 5 years, I work in Moscow in the service of disinfestation, not a single case of complaints from tenants and neighbors was not (used drugs have a 3-4 hazard class, are allowed for use in Russia). And Alexander, probably, wanted to write about the use of the "Hot Mist". And the case described by him, really was, but the treatment was carried out in the basement of a residential house (they were poisoned with fleas, just a generator of HOT mist, and industrial!)

    This is written by people who go for treatment with a conventional garden spray and cheap poison, not wanting to spend money on the purchase of generators!

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