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Destruction of bedbugs: reviews of people and important practical nuances

Выбирая средство и способ уничтожения клопов, полезно сперва ознакомиться с отзывами тех людей, которые уже прошли через это и готовы поделиться важными нюансами этой нелегкой борьбы с паразитами...

Self-destruction of bedbugs in the house - a lesson for an unprepared person is not easy. Although it is generally believed that bed bugs can be etched in the same way as cockroaches, however, this is only partly true. Bedbugs do die from the same aerosol insecticides and sprays that destroy cockroaches, but no gels, poisoned traps, boric acid baits and various folk remedies (mostly) destroy them will not help.

Эффективные в борьбе с тараканами приманки с борной кислотой окажутся совершенно бесполезны для уничтожения клопов.

The reason for this is the specific nutrition of bed bugs. These insects can only pierce the skin of a person and some pets, and then suck blood. To eat various baits or to run into the arranged houses with fragrant attractants they will not, and this must first of all be taken into account by those who decided to undertake the destruction of bedbugs on their own.

Клопы питаются исключительно кровью, и это надо учитывать при выборе средств для их уничтожения.

The feedback of even experienced parasite fighters clearly demonstrates all the difficulties in dealing with them.


"I know what the destruction of bed bugs is not hearsay, and when I read other reviews, it makes me laugh. She herself poisoned them first at the first apartment, then at the second, then at the mother's house, and this summer at the dacha. Living creatures, they do not always succeed in destroying them from the first time. Previously, the dust was very good from them - we scattered it along the skirting boards and under the beds when we left the house. Then he was banned. At mum I poisoned bedbugs by means of Cucaracha. It smells bad and needs to be dissolved in a certain concentration. Drove twice, a week between them was a break. In the second apartment when it was necessary to poison, Cucarachu did not find, bought Get, I liked it better, because it does not smell. Once they sprinkle everything, and then you do not need to wash the floors for a week. And all, only bedbugs you collect dead. But Get is expensive. Therefore, when later on in the country bugs began, I planted simple Carbophos. And that's what I'm saying - this is the best tool in general. It smells, of course, but it attacks the bedbugs reliably, but costs a penny. I do not think that I will ever face them, but if it happens, I will poison Karbofos. "

Elena Pavlovna, Moscow

Means for bugs for self-induction

There are several types of tools that effectively destroy bed bugs:

  • Aerosol preparations are solutions of insecticides already poured into cylinders with compressed gas for spraying. These include, for example, Combat, Raptor, Dichlophos Neo , Dichlophos Eco, Raid, Clean House, etc. They are most often used by housewives in the early stages of fighting bugs due to ease of use. However, their use is rational only when the infestation of the room with bed bugs is infrequent. For example, if parasites are located in only one chair, sofa or computer system unit. Numerous reviews suggest that with a large number of bloodsuckers in an apartment, aerosol products either do not help, or they are too expensive to use. Аэрозольное средство против насекомых Комбат Суперспрей
    При большом количестве клопов в доме аэрозоли против них будут не слишком-то эффективны...
  • Sprays, more precisely, concentrates of insecticides, which for use need to be diluted with water and poured into a household spray for subsequent spraying in the form of a spray. For example, this includes many professional disinfec- tors such as Tetriks, Sinuzan, Diazinon and others, which have a very unpleasant smell and are quite toxic to humans. However, there are such drugs for household use - Lambda Zone, Executioner, Get, Delta-Zone, Medilis Ziper , etc. It is necessary to destroy bedbugs with their help, keeping the necessary concentration of solution and with mandatory application of personal protective equipment. Концентрат медилис Ципер требует разведения водой для дальнейшего распыления в виде спрея
    Скопление клопов в диване
  • Some dusts - for example, Pyrethrum, phenaxine, Carbophos in powder form. They are scattered in places of frequent encounters with bedbugs, and if the place is guessed accurately, usually within a few days the bugs are poisoned by contact with a poisonous powder. Дуст Фенаксин можно использовать для уничтожения клопов, особенно если примерно знать места их возможного обитания.

Strongly active folk remedies such as denatured, turpentine and kerosene destroy bugs only when they are directly processed by their nests. Those bedbugs, which you can not physically reach with a solution, will not be destroyed, and therefore it is impossible to count such popular recipes - just waste your time and create a fire-dangerous situation in the apartment.

A review of Carbophos and a remedy for bugs The Executioner :

"The bedbugs were poisoned with Carbophos. And two times and both times with different results. The houses destroyed them in one day, and they never saw one again. At the wife after that the head long was turned around - all the same the agent harmful. But at the cottage all the same processed, and the bugs were left. Travanuli again - the same effect. Then I just found out that if someone from the neighbors constantly harasses bedbugs with Carbophos , they get used to it and do not die anymore. Apparently, our neighbor treats the chicken coop to them. Tried to process the dacha by the Executioner - it turned out. A good remedy, but expensive. 70 rubles for a small bottle, which only one mattress can be processed. "

Vitaliy, Chernigov

Средство от насекомых Карбофос (в порошке)

Достаточно эффективное, судя по отзывам, но недешевое средство для уничтожения клопов Палач.

Feedback on the use of Get and Tetrix funds:

"If you need to bug bugs in the apartment - take Tetrix or Get. Definitely. All the rest is so, children indulge. Especially balloons all sorts. Get has no smell, but somehow it seemed to me less effective. But Tetrix surprised. Bedbugs began to die in one room, while I was still poisoning in another. The closet pushed aside - and they were already dead. But, it's true, this Tetrix stinks just killing. "

Anna, St. Petersburg

Тетрикс является средством от насекомых для профессионального применения и имеет весьма неприятный запах

Микрокапсулированное средство от клопов Get - современное и не имеет запаха.

The method of killing bugs

The main task in the destruction of bedbugs - to ensure contact of the poison agent with their chitinous cover or respiratory system. That's why the drugs are produced in the form of aerosols or sprayed as a spray - the smallest particles of insecticides stay in the air for a long time and enter the body of insects during their breathing, or settle on the parasites and surfaces on which they move.

Препараты в виде спреев или аэрозолей способны проникнуть даже в труднодоступные места, где могут прятаться клопы.

Effective means from bedbugs often have a contact poisoning effect, that is, even if they fall on the body of a bug they penetrate into the body and lead to poisoning (Lambda Zone preparations, Delta Zone, Get, etc.). Such remedies are very effective, many of them are odorless, but generally relatively expensive, if compared with the obsolete Carbophos.

Микрокапсулированная суспензия против клопов Дельта Зона

Insecticide should be sprayed on the maximum number of surfaces, and places such as cabinets, skirting boards or beds simply processed from above. The more fully the whole room is processed, the less chance the bugs will have to survive.

На картинке показаны места наиболее вероятного обитания клопов в квартире.

After the procedure, the apartment should be closed for several hours, and then cleaned.

If there were a lot of bedbugs before the treatment, even after the destruction of adults and larvae, eggs can survive here. Of these, in a few days there will be new nymphs who will start biting the residents of the apartment. In these cases, one should not sin on the ineffectiveness of the drug used - even the most powerful insecticide may simply not fall on immobile eggs and not lead to their death.

Therefore, in many cases, re-treatment of the premises will be necessary. It should be done 2-3 weeks after the first. During this time, all the larvae will be hatched from the eggs, but none of them will yet have time to turn into an adult bug and lay new eggs.

За время между первой и второй обработками из выживших яиц обычно выводятся новые личинки клопов...


"I immediately tried Klopomor from bedbugs. I did not read them, I do not believe them. I really did not like this drug. Bad smells, toxic, in addition to him bought a respirator, gloves, a robe - in short, almost the same amount of money spent on protection. Klopov withdrew only the third time. The month almost lived with them. And this despite the fact that after every treatment of live parasites in the house did not find. Probably, it was better to call the pest control centers. "

Ilya, Moscow

And what if you call specialists?

In most cases, for the destruction of bedbugs in an apartment it is easier and more reliable to call a special disinfestation service, whose employees will themselves process the premises and give a guarantee that the parasites will no longer appear.

Чтобы не уничтожать клопов самостоятельно, можно обратиться в службу дезинсекции.

Если клопов в помещении много, то без помощи профессионалов иногда бывает сложно обойтись.

The services of firms engaged in disinsection cost about 3-4 times more than what the owner of the premises has to pay for an insecticide alone. For example, in Moscow, to destroy bugs in a one-room apartment is about 2,000 rubles, while the cost of Get's drug, which is enough to process the same area, is about 750 rubles. But at the same time reliable companies guarantee the destruction of bedbugs, but the result of self-processing, even an effective tool, is not always predictable.

Самостоятельная борьба с клопами может оказаться не всегда успешной


"I remember how my grandmother flooded the apartment with dichlorvos, that after that it was impossible to stay there for a week. In my apartment, I immediately called a team of specialists and asked them that when I return, there is no smell, no bugs in it. And indeed, all the bugs were destroyed, the apartment was aired for a long time, but when I came in, the smell was still felt. By the evening he had disappeared. "

Alena, Yekaterinburg

Safe destruction of bedbugs

With any chosen method of killing bugs, it should be remembered that agents toxic to parasites can also affect the human body.

Modern insecticides used in preparations of Get, Executioner, Delta Zone, Agran, Cifox, Cucarach and others do not cause severe poisoning in humans when moderate amounts of them enter the interior.

Современное средство от насекомых Цифокс

But they can lead to an allergic reaction, dizziness and other side effects. Therefore, with the independent destruction of bed bugs, you must use:

  • respirator or gauze bandage
  • gloves
  • headdress
  • spectacles
  • clothes with long sleeves.

Если вы все-таки решились уничтожать клопов самостоятельно, обязательно используйте средства индивидуальной защиты.

Before processing the premises, care must be taken to ensure that there are no people or pets in the apartment. If the apartment has an aquarium, it should be covered with a cover slip, and turn off the compressor.

People's flammable means such as kerosene or alcohol used to destroy bed bugs is generally not recommended, because they leave a smell in the room for a long time and create the risk of a fire.


"In our family, bedbugs have only bitten a daughter, she did not even have a year yet. All the time bitten in the morning woke up, we ran, searched for mosquitoes and did not find. Only once I caught a bug when cleaning the bug and did not collapse in a faint. I really started hysterics. I called my husband off work, called the hotel and went there for two days with a little girl. My husband filled the whole apartment with some new Dichlophos, slept in it myself, and the next day I went off. Probably poisoned. Bedbugs disappeared, we specifically checked all the sofas and carpets - only the dead were found. Two days later we returned to the apartment, my husband became normal again the next day and went to work. "

Oksana, Volokolamsk

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  1. Hope :

    I ordered the treatment in the firm. Spent quickly and without a smell. Now there are no bugs.

  2. Tim :

    People, are you so naive? It's not difficult to notice that after the announcements about the destruction of bedbugs on the porches and pillars, they appear - they are specially hired by the bargers to get their money!

  3. Natalia :

    I never thought that I would see bedbugs in my life. That's horrible! I called the disinfectors. Processed. I wait for a week, 10 days, have crawled everywhere: on a ceiling, in a case. Caused another firm, after 2 days I sleep on the couch and no bedbugs. Super. And then the depression has already begun.

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