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Destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg: where to turn?

Посмотрим, куда можно обратиться в Санкт-Петербурге для быстрого и надежного уничтожения клопов

It is a mistake to believe that the larger the city and the higher the standard of living in it, the less inhabitants of such a city are familiar with problems with bedbugs. Rather, on the contrary: in a big city with a high density of living quarters and a high variety of sanitary conditions in apartments, it is much easier for parasites to survive, reproduce and spread. There is nothing surprising in that the destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg is a very popular service, and at least a few dozen companies are engaged in such a disinfestation, the largest of which we will consider further.

В СПб есть немало служб дезинсекции, однако далеко не все они способны предложить действительно высокопрофессиональные услуги

It is interesting

The northern capital of Russia is not the only city with a million inhabitants, whose inhabitants suffer from bed bugs. Even the famous Swedish Oslo and Umeå are famous for the fact that in their safe sleeping areas bugs breed, as if on farms, and local disinsection services are always provided with work. And already about Mexico or Beijing, you can not say ...

Of all the diversity of disinfestation services, it is important to be able to choose one that will really carry out the high-quality destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg, and it will suit the customer both at the price level, the level of service, and the safety of the treatment procedure itself (a number of companies use very toxic drugs, not particularly concerned about health tenants of the apartment ).

Below, we give a brief overview of organizations that have already earned a good reputation among residents of the northern capital and whose help can be safely handled without fear of quality of work and their health.

Who to look for and to whom to contact?

Generally speaking, for the destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg, you can contact either the local SES (in some parts of the city there are regional offices), or in specialized companies engaged in disinfestation (destruction of insects), disinfection (treatment of premises against bacteria, viruses and fungi) and deratization (destruction of rodents). The vast majority of companies provide a large range of services, and the destruction of bedbugs is only one of them. In other words, a company that deals, for example, basically with deratization, will certainly be ready to offer disinfestation services.

Крупные компании обычно занимаются не только обработкой помещений от клопов, но также и от крыс, тараканов  и других паразитов

Уничтожение клопов - лишь одно из направлений деятельности служб дезинсекции.

Guaranteed quality service and reliable destruction of bugs are provided by SES. The St. Petersburg city station is especially famous for this: experienced disinsectors work here, and disinfestation with preparations for the customer's choice is offered for a relatively small amount of money. Other organizations should be chosen if for some reason the team of the epidemiological station does not work. In this case, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Used drugs. As a rule, professional brigades use specialized concentrated agents such as Tetriks, Chlorpyrifos, Diazinon, Fufanon. If the manager of the company finds it difficult to say the name of the facility or says about Dichlofos, Carbophos - the tube can be safely hung. Службы дезинсекции обычно используют в работе инсектицидные препараты для профессионального применения
  • Provided guarantees. The client pays companies not just for processing the premises, but for the reliable destruction of bedbugs. If bedbugs reappear in the home during the warranty period, specialists should conduct the re-treatment for free. Если в течение гарантийного периода клопы появятся вновь, компания проведет новую обработку бесплатно
  • The desire of the organization to help the client - to explain how the treatment will occur, to consult on the preparation for it.

Many, but far from all, St. Petersburg companies meet the necessary requirements. And according to the available feedback and the data on the Internet from the diversity of these organizations, there are several, most trustworthy users.

Sanitary and Epidemiological Station of Saint-Petersburg

SES St. Petersburg - this is the first organization, whose name comes to most people in the head at the thought of the need to destroy bedbugs. Indeed, the service apart from everything else is engaged in breeding bugs, and due to the constantly high demand for the service even offers an expanded service for the destruction of these parasites in St. Petersburg.

СЭС Санкт-Петербурга вполне успешно борется с клопами в квартире

So, SES St. Petersburg offers a choice of treatment room insecticide, the odor of which is eroded in an hour, or more powerful drug, requiring a 5-hour ventilation of the premises. At the same time, the prices and terms of the guarantee for both types of funds are the same.

Prices SES start at 1200 rubles per room or one-room apartment and reach 2,000 rubles for a 5-room apartment. In addition, SES conducts processing of cabins for the KAD at an agreed price.

Оплата услуг СЭС за уничтожение клопов может проводиться в рассрочку


"We have bugs last summer, probably from the neighbors came. We did not think they called SES - they have the most divine prices. Good guys, professional, quickly done everything, told how to put the apartment in order. Bugs after them already were not, although the guys promised that if they appear, they will spend a second treatment for free. "

Tatiana, St. Petersburg

Taking into account the precedents, when clients faced unscrupulous disinfectors from small companies, all such affected SES offers work in installments with payment of a part of the amount after the guarantee period, provided that bed bugs are not in the room.

You can contact SES in St. Petersburg by calling 8 (812) 643-23-67.

The branch of Geradhes in St. Petersburg

Geradhes is one of the largest networks of disinfestation and disinfection services in Russia. St. Petersburg branch of it provides breeding of bedbugs in one day, the cost of processing a one-room apartment is 1,700 rubles, rooms in a hostel - 1,300 rubles, a four-room apartment - 2,300 rubles. The cost of the service includes the selection of the drug at the request of the client and advice on preparing the apartment for pest control, and also putting it in order - after.

За дополнительную плату специалисты Герадез сами подготовят квартиру к обработке от клопов

For an additional 300 rubles, the company's specialists themselves will push aside furniture and prepare an apartment for the destruction of bedbugs, for an additional payment of 100% to the tariff, they will fully prepare the apartment and clean it after the destruction of bedbugs.

The phone of the company is 8 (812) 425-15-40.

Service of pest control in St. Petersburg

The service of pest control offers services for the destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, and also conducts general disinfestation of premises and fighting cockroaches, fleas, ants and other insects.

Служба дезинсекции СПб борется не только с клопами, но также и с блохами, тараканами и другими паразитами.

The cost of services starts from 1400 rubles for a one-room apartment, another 500 rubles need to pay extra when working for the KAD. Disinfestation five-room apartment costs 3200 rubles, cabins - 1200 rubles. For an additional fee is the so-called "Lux" service, in which the disinfector themselves prepare the room for processing and put it in order after baiting the bugs.

В услугу Люкс входит полная подготовка помещения к обработке от клопов и ее уборка после.

Destructive disinsection, which is necessary in difficult cases and when the room is heavily infested, costs more - from 2300 rubles. In this case, the treatment is carried out at least 2 times with a break in two weeks.

Phone of the company for communication: 8 (812) 961-70-96.

Center of pest control "Anticlope"

"Anticlope" - one of the few specialized companies in St. Petersburg, dealing primarily with the destruction of bedbugs. Known for the fact that free of charge re-processing in the event that within a month after the first treatment in the room again appeared bugs. Specialists of "Anticlope" work without days off.

Специалисты Антиклопа работают без выходных

Telephone for communication 8 (812) 995-13-45.

"No to Cockroaches"

Another company that has branches in most of the regional centers of Russia. The destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg is conducted with a guarantee of six months to 2 years.

Важной составляющей при работе с профессионалами является гарантия от повторного появления клопов

Depending on the warranty period, the cost of processing the room varies. Thus, the processing of a 1-room apartment without a guarantee costs 1,440 rubles, with a guarantee for half a year - 1,760 rubles, with a guarantee for 2 years - 2,280 rubles. The company offers discounts for the processing of several apartments.


"... I can still advise TarakanamNet. Very good company, but they work more than others. We ordered them to go out with a guarantee for 1 year, they came to us twice, then, because to us bugs from neighbors run. After the second time they themselves offered treatment to their neighbors, and after that the bugs disappeared. "

Veronica, Kronstadt


GreenHouse is one of quite expensive companies. The processing of a one-room apartment here costs 2000 rubles, but at the same time customers are always offered various seasonal and holiday discounts. In addition, the company proposes the destruction of rats and moles in private plots.

Компания GreenHouse часто предоставляет скидки на уничтожение клопов

Phone for communication: 8 (812) 922-71-57.

How to prepare for the destruction of bedbugs?

Regardless of the service in which the destruction of bedbugs is ordered in St. Petersburg, the entire process of disinfestation is always standard and requires a typical preparation of the apartment for him. Furniture in the room should be moved away from the walls so that with the help of a special sprayer with a tube it is possible to treat any of its surfaces. Carpets should be pulled out from under the furniture so that they can be twisted, from the cabinets you need to get clothes and underwear.

Перед уничтожением клопов важно подготовить помещение к предстоящей процедуре

Already after the treatment, you will need to wash your clothes thoroughly and carry out a wet cleaning of the room. It will also be necessary to ventilate the apartment well, so that the smell of insecticide does not remain in it.

If the company conducts the destruction of bugs with the help of hair dryers or low temperatures, the manager should advise the customer about the order of preparing the room for processing.

To the record "Destruction of bedbugs in St. Petersburg: where to turn?" 11 comments left.
  1. Ivan :

    Come on, with these new services such Hochma sometimes happen, which would never have been in the work of ordinary SES at the union. Recently not in St. Petersburg, but right in the capital, such, so to say, "disinsectors" of cockroaches and rats at the bus station were poisoned. As they started in the morning, they went all that way in suits all day and fog was let out. And in the end, the cockroaches were, as they were, and remained, and the cashier here one day two days after treatment for an attack of asthma barely to the senses led.

  2. Elena :

    Want for your money to increase the family of bedbugs in the apartment - contact the city department of St. Petersburg. After 2 treatments for 4 thousand rubles. they threw out a new mattress and bred them so much that bedbugs began to run in the afternoon. They spat on all the services, processed the chemistry themselves, and on this epic ended.

  3. Anna :

    Yeah, these bugs are not something that bite, and if you do not find the right remedy against them, or you do not turn to a normal service, you yourself can also be eaten.

  4. Maria :

    In the "Anticlope" do not contact! 2 times came - bedbugs became 3 times more, even more gorged, insolent and not afraid at all! Tell me how to deal with these creatures ((Force is no longer.

  5. Oleg :

    The question is, probably, to the administration: are you sure of the phone number of the SES provided? It is very suspicious that the state. service is open on weekends.

  6. Eugene :

    After 4 months. independent struggle turned to Geradhes. They filled the whole apartment with their own means, except parquet. The smell is tolerable, it quickly faded in the summer. But the bedbugs died a month. Then they began to appear again, in the old parquet the larvae remained, as they went. We arrived under warranty, processed again.

  7. Natalia :

    Appealed to the service, treated with a fog somehow, but the bugs and the truth disappeared.

  8. Maria :

    Terrible, but also ran into this problem, apparently from the neighbors opposite. The "Sanitary Service" was processed at the end of November 2015, two months later they appeared again. We arrived, but processed under the guarantee for money. In one day they run again, as if nothing had happened. Believe in services later, which instead of the solution you are poured all over with tap water. We were told to wait for 10 days, will be exhausted, and for the time being, do additional processing! Service wow, money to the wind.

  9. Alain :

    Also called the special services. We arrived in 2 hours, did everything quickly, we did not see any more bugs. Very well worked.

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