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Destruction of bed bugs in Moscow: where to go and how much it costs

Рынок услуг по уничтожению клопов в Москве заполнен самыми разными компаниями, и как тут обычному человеку разобраться, какой из них лучше всего доверить обработку собственного жилища?..

Perhaps, in no one city of Russia there is such a variety of companies dealing with the destruction of bedbugs, as in Moscow. In the market for services for the elimination of bedbugs and other insects, there are both large and responsible services that take care of their reputation and really care that there are no parasites left in the apartment of the client, as well as a large number of one-day companies consisting of a small website on the Internet and one disinsector with a garden ballon for spraying (and this pest is often at the same time the director of his small firm).

Помимо крупных компаний по уничтожению клопов, в Москве существует также множество мелких фирм, работу которых иногда сложно назвать качественной...

That is why even at the stage of choosing a contractor company, the destruction of bedbugs in Moscow turns for an unprepared person into an "exciting" fight with his own economy and something like a lottery.

Если вы не хотите, чтобы уничтожение клопов превратилось в лотерею с неопределенным исходом, то обращайтесь в компании, которые дорожат своей репутацией.


"There is some kind of lawlessness in this Moscow going on. Daughter in the hostel THREE (!) Once called dezinsectors, three different companies came, squirted, swore that now there would be no bedbugs. In a week the child is bitten again. As if it is not clear that several rooms need to be processed at once. It got to the point that I had to write a complaint in the SES, from there came one aunt, went through the rooms, wrote where the slander had to be, the commandant was fired two days later, all the hostel was poisoned together with the basement - and all there are no bedbugs. In short, if you want to work with private traders, pay only a month after work, if bedbugs do not appear. "

Veronika Pavlovna, Kaluga

Если обработка проводилась непрофессионалами, то уже через пару дней насекомые могут появиться вновь.

Nevertheless, reliable companies that offer the elimination of bedbugs in Moscow do exist, and among them there are also those whose services are quite affordable. Below we will consider several such disinsection services, which you can safely handle, without fear of frank hackwork in the work.

On a note

The main step at the stage of choosing a service to kill bugs in Moscow is a call to the office. It is on the basis of the results of a telephone conversation and one should decide on the choice of a particular company. After communicating with the manager, the client should not have any questions: he should well imagine the whole procedure and his own actions with her. In addition, only in a telephone conversation details of a specific call are specified: the cost of leaving the Moscow Ring Road, the processing of complex premises, the possibility of destroying several types of insects in the apartment. At least, based on the results of such communication, you should get the impression that you are communicating with professionals. If there is no such impression, then it's worth calling another company.

Service for breeding bugs in Moscow

The most famous organization dealing with the struggle with synanthropic insects is the city SES. Do not confuse it with private companies, also calling themselves sanitary-epidemiological stations : SES is a controlling organization, whose responsibility is basically constant support of the normal sanitary condition of all facilities - both residential and industrial, in the city.

Задачей городской СЭС в Москве является поддержка нормального санитарного состояния жилых и промышленных объектов.

Некоторые частные компании также могут называть себя санитарно-эпидемиологическими станциями, хотя не имеют к СЭС никакого отношения.

Other major well-known services are:

  • Geradhes;
  • SanMarieDez;
  • Clean city;
  • The Bed Stop;
  • Dezentr;
  • Moscow City Sanitary Service.

It is not necessary that companies that are not included in this list are not trustworthy. But extra caution when referring to any service will not hurt.

Prices for pest control

Prices for the destruction of bedbugs in Moscow differ slightly in different companies, but in general are approximately in the same range. As a rule, in all firms the cost of processing apartments with different number of rooms is indicated.

The destruction of bedbugs in private houses, cabins and industrial facilities depends significantly on the area of ​​the infected premises and its distance from the center of the capital.

В основном цены на услуги по уничтожению клопов зависят от площади обрабатываемого помещения.

Скопление клопов в диване.

As of 2016, companies offer the following prices for their services (in rubles):

Size of apartment Geradhes SanMaridae Clean city Bug Stop Dezentr MSSSS
1 room. 1500 1500 1800 2000 1800 1900
2 rooms. 1700 1900 2000 2200 2000 2100
3 rooms. 1900 2200 2300 2400 2200 2300
4 rooms. 2100 2400 2600 2800 2500 2500

All prices quoted are indicative only. For example, many companies offer discounts to pensioners and disabled people, but set a certain mark-up when leaving the Moscow Ring Road, the use of imported drugs, an extended guarantee, the handling of extra beds in the room and services such as cleaning the premises and arranging furniture in places. You can find out the specific amount by calling the office of the chosen company and clearly describing your situation.

Moscow City SES

Moscow SES itself does not deal with the bugs, and it will not always be possible to summon it for processing an apartment or a private house. The task of the station's employees is to avoid the appearance of a foci of any infection or the reproduction of parasites.

Хотя работники московской городской СЭС не занимаются непосредственно уничтожением паразитов, в их задачи входит наблюдение за уровнем численности клопов по районам и в целом по городу.

But if it turns out that several apartments are infected with bedbugs at once and especially inter-apartment spaces, where parasites come to the living quarters, the SES will send a specialist on such a complaint, and after confirmation of the infection, will effect the destruction of parasites by its own forces.

When calling in SES experienced tenants often deliberately exaggerate the colors and describe the invasion of bedbugs, as a real disaster for the whole house: and it works.

On a note

If SES workers find out that neighboring rooms are infected with bedbugs, they can compulsorily process them. This is especially useful when irresponsible neighbors are not eager to bug bugs.

SES works reliably and carefully controls the absence of bedbugs in the already treated rooms.

В помещениях, где уже проводилась обработка от клопов, специалисты СЭС стараются не допустить их повторного появления.

But when applying to the service it is worthwhile to be ready for the fact that this is a state organization with a rather massive bureaucratic apparatus and nowhere in a hurry with workers.


"We called SES several times, but we were offered to use the services of frequent companies. Only when I explained that already two private companies could not cope, they sent a specialist to us. Not even to us. He looked at the apartment from us, and went around the neighbors. It turned out that all our problems were from them: bedbugs were infected with bedbugs, and some were also tormented, but they summoned services on the sly so as not to frighten anybody. It ended with the fact that two times the whole parade was processed by children from SES, and then once again came to check that there were no bugs. They work very well. "

Paul, Butovo

Center for Pest Control SanMarieDez

Sanitary services SanMariDez works in Moscow on the market of disinfestation services (as well as disinfestation and disinfection of premises) for more than 10 years - a long time, quite frankly, quite a long time, and during this time the company really proved itself as a reliable assistant in the fight against various pests.

Компания СанМариДез присутствует на рынке услуг дезинсекции в Москве уже более 10 лет.

With regard to the destruction of bedbugs - SanMariDes objectively identifies the following positive points:

  • Good technical equipment (modern generators of cold and hot fog are used in processing; unlike conventional sprayers, these devices generate the thinnest aerosol penetrating even the most difficult places where bugs can hide);
  • Clients are given the opportunity to choose for themselves whether the dwelling will be treated with standard domestic preparations having an unpleasant smell, or with practically non-smelling imported insecticides (many companies do not provide such a choice, and the residents then have to suffer a smell in the apartment for a long time);
  • Efficiency of departure of employees - really can come urgently, often literally within 3 hours;
  • Also important is the long-term experience of the company not only with individuals, but also with legal entities - enterprises and organizations in Moscow and the Moscow region (kindergartens, schools, hotels, hostels, etc.). This, at first glance, not very noticeable fact, in practice means a lot of experience of employees and a serious approach to the business of the company as a whole.

Clean Bugs Destruction Clean City

The clean city is a fairly large and old organization, specializing mainly on customers-legal entities - hotels, supermarkets, warehouses. The company provides all the documents necessary for work, uses modern drugs with a weak odor, relatively safe for humans.

На фотографии показан постельный клоп, а также яйца на матрасе кровати

In addition, the Pure City Pest Control Service has a price split according to the duration of the guarantee. For example, a simple treatment of a one-room apartment from the Clean City costs 1800 rubles, processing with a guarantee of no parasites for 6 months - 2500 rubles, and with a guarantee for 1 year - 5000 rubles.

It is important!

Always ask employees of the called organization to provide services and check what exactly they guarantee. In fact, it often turns out that unscrupulous small firms issue a simple printout of the conditions of their work, promise a guarantee, and when the client again bugs appear after several weeks, they claim that re-processing is paid separately, despite the guarantee. The contract should be stamped by the organization and signed by the employee responsible for the work.

Если вскоре после уничтожения клопов они появились снова, то компания должна провести повторную обработку по гарантии бесплатно.

Geradez and reviews about the company

Geradhes is one of the largest companies, the branch network of which covers most of the major cities of the country. Depending on the type of premises, Geradez specialists use such drugs as Tetrix, Diazinon, Cucarachu, and also barrier means such as various traps for the destruction of bedbugs.

Федеральная сеть Герадез является одной из самых крупных в РФ


"I was recommended by Geradhes relatives from St. Petersburg. They also had bedbugs, the team from Geradez took them out at a time. I really liked how the guys work. An hour and a half worked on the apartment, then another call was asked if the parasites did not appear again. Indeed, after one treatment bugs have disappeared, although experts have warned that it may require repeated harassment. "

Mikhail, Moscow

The destruction of bedbugs from the Bedbug Stop

The service of disinfestation and deratization Bedbug, also called disinfector, has a very large number of positive feedback from customers. Clop Stop specialists work quickly, provide all necessary documents, and also observe confidentiality - come to processing in ordinary clothes and change clothes already in the apartment.

В компанию Клоп Стоп (Дезинфектор) можно обращаться круглосуточно

An important difference between the Bug Stop service from some other firms is the possibility of a round-the-clock call of the handler.

Dezentr: a little about the work of the company

In addition to breeding bugs, Dezentr also offers work on the destruction of virtually any parasites and pests. Specialists of the company can process garden plots, garbage chutes and cellars.

В компании Дезцентр помимо уничтожения клопов также оказывают услуги по выведению различных видов других насекомых и грызунов.

At the same time, the client is initially informed that with serious infection and a large number of bedbugs, prices may be higher than those indicated in the price list because of the increased consumption of drugs.

Moscow City Sanitary Service

Another company that offers round the clock service and a 100% guarantee for its work is the Moscow City Sanitary Service. MSSSS guarantees free re-treatment of the premises, if after the first bug did not appear, but only if insects do not contaminate neighboring apartments.

На фотографии показан работник службы дезинсекции с генератором горячего тумана.


"We ran into bugs after buying an apartment. There were so many of them here that we even were afraid to sleep at once. Bedbugs came across everywhere - in furniture, under linoleum, in a sofa. It's amazing how we did not notice them at once. We were advised to apply to the Moscow Sanitary Service, said that they are specialists in complex situations. Their master came, looked that everything was bad, said that he would probably have to poison twice, took 3000 rubles for work. Already after the first treatment of bedbugs it was not visible, but the master came again in two weeks and persecuted repeatedly without additional payment. "

Tatiana, Moscow

What should be done before the destruction of bedbugs?

It is important to remember that during the destruction of bedbugs in an apartment, only the handler and the owner can be in it. The owner of the apartment in this case is given a respirator.

All other people, as well as animals from the room must be removed for a minimum of several hours.

Before the arrival of a specialist, you need to push furniture away from the walls and take out all the things stored there from the sofas. Processing is subject to all clothing in the cabinets, all furniture and linen. Dishes in the kitchen before processing should be packed in packages and tied.

К обработке помещения от клопов нужно заранее подготовиться...
После того как помещение будет обработано, нужно дать ему выстояться некоторое время.

After processing the apartment 2-3 hours should stand, then it is wet cleaning, washing clothes and clothes are erased. Used drugs do not leave traces on the furniture, but they must be washed off in order to avoid the appearance of allergic reactions in residents.

And remember: the destruction of bedbugs in Moscow or another city - the procedure is complex and complex. Not always, even with a small number of parasites, it is possible to withdraw them from the first time. Therefore, if additional processing is required for the final victory, do not rush to get upset and blame the hired firm for unprofessionalism.

Если клопов в помещении много, то даже у профессионалов не всегда получится вывести их после первой же обработки.

Just call the office and explain the situation. A trustworthy company will accomplish the task to the end and do everything for free to free its customers from problems.

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