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On the characteristics of the destruction of bedbugs and cockroaches

Методы уничтожения тараканов и клопов отличаются друг от друга из-за различий в биологии этих паразитов...

Not particularly insect-aware victims of bedbugs or involuntary "breadwinner" of cockroaches can even confuse the larvae of these insects. Indeed, outwardly, the bugs and cockroaches are quite similar, and their nymphs (young larvae) resemble each other particularly strongly.

На фото показаны личинки постельного клопа, внешне очень похожие на личинок таракана

А так выглядит личинка рыжего таракана

But these two groups of insects are evolutionally and morphologically very different in terms of diet and lifestyle. Accordingly, the destruction of bedbugs and cockroaches - the tasks are different and require a certain knowledge of the specifics of the biology of these parasites.

On a note

In general, in nature bugs are insects that have adapted to feeding with various liquid and semi-liquid substances. The jaws of bedbugs during evolution have turned into long proboscis with which pests and suck the juices or cavities from their food objects.

A significant part of the bug species feeds on vegetable juices, some (for example, water-bed bugs ) suck almost completely the insides of other insects and small fishes. And some species, in particular, all known bed bugs, have learned to feed on the blood of animals.

Cockroaches, by the way, together with eccentric-like mantises, are part of a squad of cockroaches. They usually do not represent direct danger to humans, but some of their species are the constant companions of man, adapted to feeding on the remains of food.

Тараканы отлично приспособились жить рядом с человеком

Bedbugs are awful and hard to extract

It is with the specificity of feeding bugs that all the difficulties in their breeding are associated: they are not able to feed them with poisoned dust or tasty balls with boric acid, which is very effective against cockroaches, even if they crawl along the insecticide, they will not be surprised at them. The Bedbug simply does not eat poison.

Эффективные против тараканов рецепты вкусных шариков с борной кислотой абсолютно бесполезны против клопов

Клопы питаются исключительно кровью человека

Therefore, a bug can be poisoned in one of two ways:

  • spray near it an insecticide spray or a spray that will penetrate into the insect with air. There are a lot of such tools today - Raptor from bedbugs, Combat, Dichlorfos from different brands. Клопов, так же как и тараканов, можно уничтожить при помощи инсектицидных аэрозолей.
  • It is also possible to treat the places of dislocation of bedbugs with contact insecticides - these substances, adhering to the paw or parasite's body, penetrate through its outer chitinous integuments into the body and lead to poisoning. Such insecticides are some organophosphorus compounds - carbofos (malathion), chlorpyrifos, actually dichlorvos, etc.


Today's "Dichlophos" no longer contain an organophosphorus insecticide with the same name. Compared with the Soviet version of the drug, their composition became completely different, more safe for humans. As a rule, modern aerosols under the brand name "Dichlophos" contain synthetic pyrethroids.

Современные Дихлофосы обычно содержат только пиретроиды.

Another characteristic of bed bugs is the resistance of their eggs to many insecticides. Even if adult bedbugs and their larvae in the room are exterminated, eggs laid by parasites remain unscathed. After a week or two of them new larvae hatch, which can give life to a new population.

яйца клопов зачастую устойчивы даже к современным инсектицидам, и через некоторое время после обработки квартиры они могут дать новое потомство.

No matter how manufacturers try to praise their products, the vast majority of insecticides of egg bugs do not destroy.

Finally, the bug is an insect with a short cycle of reproduction and great fertility. Each female lays up to 500 eggs for its life, and after 1.5-2 months (in optimal conditions - and after 30 days) the deferred egg turns into an adult insect, ready for reproduction.

Уничтожить клопов трудно еще и потому, что они быстро размножаются.

This means that due to random mutations bugs can quickly develop resistance to many insecticides. There are often situations when certain funds for the destruction of bedbugs do not have an effect on them, and we have to use an alternative drug.

On a note

The fighters with parasites themselves play an important role in increasing the resistance of bedbugs to insecticides. The more often and illiterately a particular substance is used (that is, when it is not finished, and some bugs survive), the more likely that in a given population there will be individuals who have managed to adapt to the poison and rewarded with such stability of their offspring. That is why the development of means to combat bugs and the development of the latter's resistance to such means is a kind of arms race in which man has not yet succeeded particularly.

What are cockroaches afraid of?

Cockroaches - insects are more vulnerable than bugs, if only because they eat practically everything that comes their way. Cockroaches have powerful gnawing jaws, which allows them to use substances that are comparable in density to wood. In addition, cockroaches can eat completely inedible for human organics - shoe cream, glues, paper - and therefore, by the way, survive even away from a person or with a long absence.

Тараканы имеют мощные челюсти и употребляют в пищу даже, казалось бы, несъедобные материалы

Accordingly, the destruction of cockroaches can be carried out with products that have the taste and smell of conventional products, but containing poisoned stuffing. This greatly simplifies the fight against parasites - with mild contamination of the room, balls of dough and boric acid decomposed in the right places will allow to remove pests without complete treatment of the room.

Борная кислота все еще вполне популяна и эффективна против тараканов

On a note

But the statement that cockroaches eat bugs, is a myth - in very rare cases, cockroaches can only eat chitinous remnants from transfused bedbugs or their eggs. However, in the room itself, these insects meet with each other very rarely, and therefore such cases are, rather, an exception to the rules.

Of course, as a biological weapon, cockroaches against bedbugs can not be used. But the tiny "domestic" pharaoh ants are just different enemies of bedbugs: the last ones die from the acid released by ants, and even a few tiny ants can quite kill an adult bug.

Домашние фараоновы муравьи являются естественными врагами клопов.

Cockroaches are afraid of the same substances to which bugs are also susceptible, and in addition they perish from boric acid, borax, various insecticidal dusts and chalk. They are also afraid of some folk remedies such as wormwood, tansy, vinegar, alcohol, only in high concentrations.

For the destruction of insects, it is not necessary to choose a chemical remedy for bedbugs and cockroaches - other insects can destroy these insects.

Heat and cold against pests

Destruction of cockroaches and bedbugs can also be carried out by thermal means. For example, bugs quickly die at a temperature below minus 25 ° C and above + 50 ° C.

Cockroaches are less resistant to temperatures: they are fatal to 5-degree frost and temperatures above + 45 ° C. This is widely used both in folk methods of destroying pests, and special services of pest control.

Parasites can be frozen on their own in non-residential premises or where, at too low temperatures, there is no threat of destruction of heating and water supply systems. Obviously, this should be done in those regions and in such seasons, when the temperature in the street drops below 20 ° C.

Тараканы в квартире менее устойчивы к колебаниям температур, чем клопы.

Some pest control services for the control of insect parasites have special facilities with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. However, such tools have limited application - they handle only large and easily accessible nests of parasites.

На фотографии показано гнездо клопов в кровати

More efficiently, disinsectors destroy bugs and cockroaches with the help of industrial fan heaters. Such installations allow to warm up air in a premise up to 50-60 ° quickly after which within half an hour all cockroaches and bedbugs here will die. However, such treatment is almost always more expensive than similar treatment using insecticides.

Independently withdraw the bugs in the summer, closing the apartment and hoping for its warming up with sunlight, it will not work. Only occasionally do they kill bugs on contaminated clothing or bedding, putting things in a closed car, left for a few hours in the sun (this method works quite well).

How to kill bugs and cockroaches at the same time?

As a rule, when total room treatment with aerosol insecticides from bugs, all insects die in it - and bugs, and cockroaches, and ants with moths. A similar effect is observed when the room is "fried" or using organophosphorus agents such as carbophos.

Средство Карбофос одинаково эффективно против тараканов и клопов

But when the cockroaches are destroyed with the help of gels, borax or boric acid, bugs in the apartment always survive.

Destroying bedbugs and cockroaches at the same time, it should be remembered that these insects are lodging and hiding in different places. Cockroaches prefer corners, bedside tables, space behind skirting boards in kitchens, in storerooms and closets - where they can easily get to the food and debris reserves. Bedbugs also live mainly in bedrooms, furniture, behind carpets on the walls, in closets - closer to the places of rest for a person.

Места обитания клопов в квартире

When destroying cockroaches and bedbugs with the same thoroughness, it is necessary to process all possible places of shelters for these insects. To this end, you can use, for example, the following tools:

  • Insect Remedy Get
  • Executioner
  • Avalon
  • Delta Zone
  • Medilis Zieper
  • CYFX
  • Cucaracha.

Инсектицидное средство Get (эффективно как от клопов, так и от тараканов)

And it's worth remembering that if cockroaches after careful processing of the premises are taken out for sure and completely, then the bugs in a few days may come again. The reason for this is the larvae gradually hatching from the surviving eggs. Therefore, in such cases it is worthwhile to be ready for the second act of struggle.

On a note

Sometimes anti-bugs and cockroaches recommend glue traps, to which insects simply stick. However, if such traps can produce a result against a small number of cockroaches, then they can not cope with the bugs with their help: they can not be attracted into traps by a pleasantly smelling bait, and it is very problematic to arrange traps on all places of the bedbug movement.

Means useless for breeding cockroaches and bedbugs

There are methods and means that are not only advertised, but also widely known in the people, as effective against bugs and cockroaches, but in fact are pacifiers.

Among them:

  • Ultrasound, electromagnetic and magnetic resonance scares bugs and cockroaches. As practice shows (and special experiments), and bugs, and cockroaches, such means are safely ignored. Обычные ультразвуковые отпугиватели не эффективны ни против клопов, ни против тараканов.
  • Strongly smelling herbs - they can only temporarily reduce the activity of insects and protect the premises from penetration into them. However, if bedbugs and cockroaches in the apartment are already firmly established, neither tansy, wormwood and lavender will not allow to get rid of parasites. Полынь сможет на некоторое время отпугнуть насекомых от жилища, но не уничтожает их
  • Plots and prayers from cockroaches and bedbugs (you will be surprised, but they are still actively used in the villages). Here, perhaps, without comment. All the same, times are not the same ...

Inefficient attempts will be made to freeze insects with hunger: bedbugs can survive without food for months, and cockroaches are able to eat for a long time even in a long-abandoned apartment apartment. Not surprisingly, even in summer cottages, visited three weeks a year, it is necessary to destroy bugs and cockroaches with the same regularity as in permanently living rooms.

To work independently or to commission disinfestation to professionals?

If the room is inhabited by bedbugs and cockroaches, then, perhaps, it is worthwhile turning to professional disinfesters. Processing an apartment in this case will require increased amounts of insecticides and will be somewhat more labor-intensive.

Если в квартире большое количество насекомых-паразитов, то лучше доверить обработку профессиональным дезинсекторам.

Professionals in this case will cope faster, and the cost of their work will not be much higher than the price of the insecticide and the time spent on self-destroying the parasites.

On a note

The price of disinfestation of a one-room apartment in Moscow or St. Petersburg ranges from 1200 to 2000 rubles. For example, about 1200 rubles is a set of bottles of the Executioner, which will be enough to handle the same apartment.

But the main thing is that the pest control is provided - a guarantee that insects will not appear in the house for a certain period. This is very important, and especially this is the city's SES. Therefore, if there is no particularly burning desire to remove parasites from the premises on their own, then it's worth turning to professionals.

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