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How effective is the elimination of bugs with hot fog?

Рассмотрим особенности процедуры уничтожения клопов с помощью горячего тумана и насколько такой метод обработки помещений эффективен.

The destruction of bedbugs by hot mist consists in heating the insecticide mixture to a temperature above 50 ° C and spraying it in an infected object. Due to a sufficiently high temperature, the toxic agent does not settle for a long time on the surfaces and spreads throughout the space of the room.

In the air, a slurry of the active substance is formed, penetrating into all inaccessible slits and niches in which bugs can hide. As the cooling cools, the aerosol settles on the surfaces with which the parasites can touch, and on the insects themselves, leading to their poisoning.

По мере остывания частицы аэрозоля оседают на поверхностях, сохраняя свое отравляющее действие по отношению к клопам

Treatment from bugs with hot fog is also effective because parasites do not tolerate temperatures above 45 ° C. A hot aerosol kills them by itself, and the insecticide works when, after mixing with air, the fog cools. Thus, with the right approach, the destruction of bugs with a hot mist is more effective than simply spraying household sprays and aerosols or applying a similar method of cold mist.


"Just a tremendous thanks to the guys who helped us cope with the abundance of bugs in the new apartment. We were immediately told: if we want to get a good effect and quickly - choose the method of hot fog. The apartment was handled about 1 hour. Then, until evening (hours 4-5), they waited until all this settled, then ventilated. In general, they went to bed only late at night, but without bedbugs. "

Elena Arkadievna, Tver

Hot fog can be used to kill bedbugs in almost all types of premises potentially suitable for the habitation of these bloodsucking insects. However, it should be noted that this method is associated with certain difficulties in bringing apartments, houses, baths or hotels into a livable and safe state after barking, so when cleaning later, do not disregard the instructions of the disinfector.

Лучше всего доверить обработку помещения горячим туманом профессионалам.

Advantages and disadvantages of hot fog

The main plus of hot fog, as already noted above, is precisely the high temperature of the aerosol: when processing nests and shelters of bedbugs, insects and their eggs die almost immediately from heating. Given that the generators used by professionals provide insecticide heating to 80-90ºС, the destruction of bedbugs by fog during immediate processing is very fast.

При непосредственной обработке гнезда клопов горячим туманом паразиты погибнут практически сразу


"I remember that there was a lot of smoke and I had to wait long enough for everything to fade and it would be possible to settle into an apartment. But the result seems to be good. A month has passed - not a single bug has returned yet. There is only one minus, in my opinion: it will be a little expensive. If bedbugs are not many, then cheaper, probably, will do with the usual methods of processing. "

Sergey, St. Petersburg

In addition, due to the high temperature, the fog remains in the air for a long time and then settles evenly on the surfaces. Such a time-extended action on parasites has its advantages: thanks to this it becomes possible to destroy even those bedbugs that for the first few hours after processing for some reason did not die.

Обработка горячим туманом имеет пролонгированное действие, что позволяет уничтожить даже тех клопов, которые не погибли сразу.

Nevertheless, this method has its drawbacks:

  • In most cases, apply a hot mist to kill bugs yourself is problematic, since the fog generator is expensive and buying it for one treatment is irrational.
  • The time of treatment of the room with the use of hot mist is stretched. According to the rules, the insecticide cloud should hang in the air for at least 3-6 hours, and after the sedimentation of the drug it is necessary to wait another minimum of 2-3 hours. Thus, the treatment of the room from bugs with a hot mist is delayed for almost the entire day.

And most importantly: the destruction of bugs with a hot mist can be dangerous for the handler, and therefore requires strict adherence to the instructions for operating the fog generator and the availability of personal protective equipment. If we compare this method with the use of household aerosols, it turns out to be more risky for untrained handlers.

При уничтожении клопов горячим туманом необходимо строго соблюдать все меры безопасности


"As I understand it, the main advantage of processing with hot mist is a high penetrating power, so there is no need to purposely seek out places of the greatest accumulation of parasites. Small droplets of steam penetrate into all the cracks and even permeate the structure of fleecy materials. Therefore, the processing by this method seemed faster. The whole apartment (3 rooms) was processed per hour with a tail. The result is still up to now. "

Vitaliy, Moscow region

Destruction of bedbugs with the help of hot mist generators

The procedure for the destruction of bugs with a hot mist is divided into three stages.

  1. Preparation of the room for processing. It should be borne in mind that the aerosol should be free to settle on the skirting boards, in all corners of the room, on the back surfaces of the furniture. Particular attention should be paid to beds and sofas, in which bedbugs often hide in the afternoon. When preparing a room, you need to push furniture away from the walls, roll up carpets, clean bed linens and remove mattresses, close windows and doors. All people and pets must leave the premises. На картинке показаны места возможного обитания клопов в квартире
  2. Actual processing. Despite the ability of the fog to penetrate into hard-to-reach places, the generator also carefully processes the door frames, beds and sofas, skirting boards, and also spreads the aerosol throughout the space in the room. After that, the room is closed and kept for 6-7 hours. После обработки помещения нужно выдержать его закрытым несколько часов для полного уничтожения всех клопов
  3. After the expiration of the insecticide subsidence in the apartment (or any other room), a general wet cleaning is carried out, in which all surfaces are washed as thoroughly as possible.

If the treatment is carried out by the forces of the disinfestation service, the owners of the premises participate in this process only at the stage of preparation for the destruction of bedbugs, and afterwards they put things in order. It should be noted that to date, some services offer for the additional cost of their employees to prepare the premises for processing, and then - to get out of it.

If the treatment is carried out by the tenants themselves, then they should familiarize themselves in advance with the features of this process, read the reviews and, of course, take care of the means of protection and security of the processor.

Safety rules for the use of hot mist generators

So, you decided to independently destroy pests with a hot fog. First of all, you should protect your body and breathing organs from contact with a poisonous aerosol. To do this, you need: a respirator (the gauze bandage does not fit here), clothes with long sleeves, glasses, hat and gloves on the hands.

Процедура уничтожения клопов горячим туманом подразумевает использование защитной одежды с длинными рукавами и респиратора.

As stated earlier, there should be no animals in the treated room. If there is an aquarium, it should be tightly closed with a cover slip, turn off the compressor, and on top put a wet sheet or a large towel.

One of the most important aspects of safety in handling is the careful monitoring of your health. If suddenly you feel a burning sensation on the skin, a headache or nausea, the elimination of bugs should be stopped immediately, go to fresh air, and rinse the body with clean water. If after this the symptoms do not go away or increase, you need to urgently go to the hospital.


"They made treatment from bugs with a hot mist. I do not know what kind of compositions they used, but I think that it is irrational and expensive to go. The result, of course, is, but we got about the same effect twice or twice less when processing a smaller area. And friends complained that after a hot treatment with fog, the bugs did not disappear completely, and two months later they had to repeat everything. "

Alexander, Omsk

Types and models of hot fog generators

Today, the market presents several models of hot mist generators, most suitable for indoor use. Here are some examples of them:

  • TF 160 HD "Jumbo" - one of the most powerful professional generators of hot fog from the manufacturer "Igeba". The device has a tank, designed for 60 liters of poison, consumes 9 liters of fuel per hour; in closed premises provides the best penetration of the aerosol - up to 120 meters. For processing, this equipment is installed on the floor, i.e. is more stationary. The cost of it is 492,000 rubles. Генератор горячего тумана TF 160 HD «Jumbo»
  • Swinfog SN 50 - analog Jumbo, but much more economical. Spends 2 liters of gasoline per hour, equipped with a strap for carrying on the shoulder. This generator is ideal for the treatment of enclosed spaces. Its price is 70900 rubles. Фотография генератора горячего тумана Swingfog SN 50
  • Airofog AR35 - also a small generator, carried on the shoulder. In the armed state weighs 14.5 kg. It should be noted that this equipment operates on gasoline not lower than AI92; the fuel consumption is 2 l / h. The price of the unit is 48,700 rubles. Генератор горячего тумана Airofog AR35


"After living in the apartment of representatives of southern nationalities there found a lot of" interesting. " The most terrible was the abundance of bedbugs and cockroaches. My brother at first tried to cope, but a month later they decided to call SES, especially since neighbors also began to complain about an unpleasant neighborhood. They dragged a sort of "vacuum cleaner" into our apartment, pumped all the rooms with hot smoke and left in about an hour. I had to wait a long time until all this subsided and disappeared, so I spent the night with friends, but the result was excellent. "

Olesya, Moscow

In comparison with the installations generating a cold mist, the generators of hot fog are quite expensive, there are practically no household models among them. Generators of hot fog are classified as professional equipment, and therefore have a higher efficiency, which, in turn, ensures their continued popularity among workers of pest control services.

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  1. Injured :

    Was treated with a hot mist. Two days did not spend the night in the apartment. Two days later, everyone aired and was already exulting. But the hour X came and all this starving flock together with the cockroaches that had appeared from nowhere (they were not there) arranged a nightly orgy. They came off superbly. They ate in three days. They are still worn, even in the daytime, without hesitation. I'm still waiting: should they then die? .. Fig with two. They do not. In my opinion, their laughter can even be heard throughout the house. And by the way, a man from the service rested a golden cross, which he forgot to hide ...

    • Constantine :

      Well, if the employee of the service stole a golden cross from his apartment, then it was not reason to treat him with an expensive drug. I think you sprayed ordinary water there.

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