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Choosing a service for the destruction of bedbugs: what is important to know about their work

Перед тем как вызвать службу по уничтожению постельных клопов, полезно познакомиться с важными нюансами их работы, о чем мы дальше и поговорим.

Companies involved in the fight against parasites are often considered by the owners of premises as an extreme option, which should be resorted only when the independent removal of insects from the house does not work.

This approach is not entirely correct.

In fact, the service for the elimination of bedbugs is, perhaps, the most effective, reliable, fast and safe way to remove parasites from the house. This is largely achieved for the following reasons:

  • each service to combat bugs uses really powerful insecticides that kill bugs after the first baiting.
  • When the office is operated by the disinsection service from bedbugs, residents do not need to be here (and even categorically contraindicated), which excludes the risk of poisoning or the appearance of allergies to the drugs used.
  • As a rule, a good service for breeding bedbugs during the first treatment destroys not only adult insects, but their eggs (or at least a significant part of them). This means that in the apartment itself, after processing bugs massively no longer appear.

Далеко не каждый инсектицидный препарат способен уничтожить яйца клопов, вследствие чего через пару недель вылупляются новые личинки.

На фотографии показано гнездо клопов - как видите, здесь может быть огромное количество яиц...

But the main thing that provides service from bedbugs is the economy of forces, nerves and health of the tenants themselves. Anyone who has poisoned bedbugs on their own knows how much this process is laborious and unpleasant, especially when the insecticide is very toxic and has a strong, disgusting smell. When you call the same disinsector, these most difficult duties are shifted to their shoulders.

Perhaps, the main lack of treatment in the organization for the destruction of bedbugs is the increased price of all "pleasure". As a rule, the insecticide itself, which will be sufficient for self-processing the room, is one and a half to two times less than the services of pest control.

And of course, there is always the risk of getting on unscrupulous disinfesters who will take money for work, but in the end they will leave you alone with bedbugs in the room. Perhaps, these two negative factors and incline many owners of premises to self-baiting bugs.

К сожалению, некоторые службы уничтожения клопов работают не очень качественно, и в итоге после обработки помещения клиента по-прежнему продолжают кусать паразиты.


"I'll tell you: call SES and do not take your time. We have a daughter in the hostel three times bugs harassed, all to no avail. Or not everyone is dying, or from neighboring rooms resort, and in a month - all in a new way. And even once they called the firm to persecute bugs - with the same result. And then came SES, rolled the report on the commandant of the hostel, etched not only the daughter's room, but all the neighboring ones, in which they found insects-that's all. There are no more clogs, and the baiting itself took place at the expense of the institute. All the same, SES is a state structure, they are responsible and can write where to ... "

Marina, Barnaul

Services and self-baiting of bugs: what and when should be preferred?

In most cases, getting rid of bugs is a better option. The services of professional disinsectors should be resorted to:

  • owners of spacious houses and apartments - independently it is very difficult to process a residential area of ​​more than 50 square meters. m;
  • residents of severely infected premises, in which the bedbugs managed to populate several hard-to-reach places;
  • if the residents have allergies to insect remedies;
  • if in a particular place you can not buy reliable means for fighting insects such as the Executioner, Tetriks and Geta;
  • when within reach there is a reliable firm for the destruction of bedbugs.

При большом количестве паразитов в помещении и отсутствии опыта по борьбе с ними лучше прибегнуть к помощи профессионалов.

Conversely, there is a sense to poison bugs on their own, if they are wound up in small apartments or cabins, with little infection and when there is an opportunity to apply effective drugs.


Even with the call of the pest controlers, the owners of the room will still have some troubles - at least after the treatment in the apartment or house it will be necessary to carry out a wet cleaning and almost always arrange the furniture.

Practice shows that, in fact, the most significant role is played by the financial factor: if there is not enough money to call a company to kill bedbugs, for all it wants, the parasites will have to be taken out on their own.

How do pest control services work?

Each service of bug baiting uses modern insecticides for pest control, which exert a nerve-paralytic effect on insects, but are generally safe for humans:

  • Tetrix is ​​a very smelly, but also very effective Dutch drug. Recently, it has become possible to buy it in small quantities for self-use, but professionals do not recommend using it without special protection. Инсектицидный препарат Тетрикс
  • Sinuzan is a remedy similar to Tetriks and provides for the removal of bedbugs at a time. Еще одно средство для профессионального применения - концентрат эмульсии Синузан
  • Clovorone - is considered one of the most powerful drugs from bedbugs in general. It is based on toxins of protein nature, which ensure rapid death of parasites. Несмотря на порошкообразную форму, Клоповерон является весьма эффективным средством от клопов
  • Fufanon is an analog of Carbophos, very effective against egg bugs.

Фуфанон (концентрат эмульсии)

... and some other drugs. Good specialists when going to the site have a few different means, sometimes - additional powdered means to enhance the effect.

On a note

No service against bedbugs today uses Dust (DDT) or Dichlorvos. Dust is officially recognized as very toxic to humans, and old Dichlofos is inferior in efficiency and safety to all modern professional drugs. Modern Dichlophos Neo and Dichlophos Eco - household products that do not reach the efficiency of Tetriks and Sinuzan.

Some firms to combat bugs treat rooms with high-temperature air or hot steam. This approach is the safest and most effective, but such methods are available only for very large companies - equipment is expensive and can not afford to small firms.

Пример обработки швов дивана, зараженного клопами, горячим паром

Использование мощных теплогенераторов позволяет создать в квартире губительную для клопов высокую температуру.

Also, cold fog or hot mist generators can be used against bugs: the generated aerosol contains an insecticide and is able to penetrate the most inaccessible places.

In addition, the specialists of good companies are fully staffed with personal protective equipment - respirators, special chemical protection suits, gloves and goggles. All this is necessary in order to avoid irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as to avoid the ingress of insecticides into the respiratory tract and digestive tract.

Most insect control companies in the apartment produce only spraying and processing of shelter places for bedbugs. Therefore, managers of these organizations usually require that before the processing the tenants themselves pushed the sofas and cabinets from the walls, removed the carpets. Some companies carry out these works for an additional fee.

Перед приездом службы дезинсекции следует отодвинуть мебель от стен, чтобы предоставить свободный доступ к обработке всех зараженных клопами поверхностей.

As a rule, all surfaces and furniture are processed from bed bugs in the room, and sometimes clothes in closets. In a run-down housing or in the cabins in key places, an insecticide powder can scatter, which can not be cleaned for several days. As a rule, after treatment, disinfesters give recommendations on taking measures against bugs and preventing their re-appearance in the house.

Choosing the best company for the destruction of bedbugs

The most famous service to combat bugs is the famous SES (sanitary and epidemiological service). Its departments - SES stations - are located in all major cities and regional centers of the country, and specialists are constantly trained and have access to the most effective means from bugs.

Disadvantages of SES is its slowness and strong bureaucratization. As a rule, you can call the station and simply call the disinec- tors not, and for the arrival you need to tell in paints about the general parasitism of the house and about the suffering of children from their bites. And even after this wait for an immediate departure pest control is not worth it.

Несмотря на то, что станции СЭС находятся практически во всех крупных городах, вызвать представителей этой организации на обработку квартиры от клопов не всегда бывает легко.

Обычно лишь при весьма сильном заражении насекомыми всего многоквартирного дома СЭС может выехать на обработку.

On the other hand, SES is a state institution, and in some situations they can not only recommend, but also prescribe pest control. This is very good for the situation with multi-apartment buildings, where one apartment is an incubator of bedbugs, and parasites from it constantly terrorize the occupants of the surrounding rooms. If the SES establishes such a source of distribution of parasites, careless tenants of an infected apartment will be required to conduct housing treatment.


"We had bugs in the second month after the move. I was terrified that some insects would bite me under the covers at night. Never in my life. The Clean City was called out, the guys did everything well, but they said that the bedbugs are climbing from the neighbors, and that's where they need to be harvested first. It turned out that the apartment is rented by Tajiks under us, they live there for 8 people in one room, with families and children. Of course, they are not something that did not bug bugs - they do not even open the door to us. I had to call SES. My aunt came, looked at this case, called the police, an hour later the apartment was searched, half of the residents were evicted. And then the guys from the SES came and destroyed the bugs there. "

Anna, Moscow

Other large companies with branches in different cities are:

  • Geradhes is one of the most famous companies, processing not only from bedbugs, but also from any other insects, as well as from rats, mice and woodworms.
  • Service of pest control Klop-Control, working in Moscow, Moscow region, Tula, Kazan and Novosibirsk. At work its experts apply both aerosol means, and generators of a cold and hot fog.
  • De VstanDez, conducting the destruction of bedbugs in Moscow.

На фотографии показано гнездо клопов в складках дивана

In addition, today a lot of companies have been bred, called "Clean City", not connected with each other and providing services of completely different quality.

Very numerous firms to kill bugs in St. Petersburg. There are more than 20 of them. Among them - SES, the branch of Geradez, the service of St. Petersburg's disinsection, the company "Bio-Service" and many others.

In small towns, there are usually no separate companies, but there is an opportunity to call specialists from district departments of SES or branches of major services from nearby major cities.

В небольшие населенные пункты обычно бывает можно вызвать фирму по уничтожению клопов из ближайшего крупного города.

When choosing a company to fight insects should always prefer large and reputable. They and their employees are more professional, and the equipment and preparations are more reliable. In any case, even before the call, you should call the organization and find out what means are used in it and how the processing takes place. Usually it is already clear from the manager's answers how professional this or that service for the destruction of bedbugs is.

We are guided by the prices

The cost of breeding bedbugs in the room depends primarily on the size of the room, as well as on the company's reputation and the location of the housing being processed. Apartments in the city center are treated cheaper than in the suburbs; the well-known company of Geradez treats the premises more expensively than, for example, the St. Petersburg Pest Control Service.

Обычно цена на обработку квартиры от постельных клопов зависит от площади помещения и, так сказать, от авторитетности службы, в которую вы обращаетесь.

The exception here is the well-known SES - their services are always more accessible (at a price, but not by the ease of obtaining them) than the work of other companies.

For an example, we give a table of prices for breeding bugs in different premises by different companies:

The room Price in SES SPb, rub. Price in Geradhes, rub. Price in VitaDez, rub. Price in the Bug-Control, rub.
One room 1200 1700 - -
1-room. apartment 1200 2000 1800 2200
2-room. apartment 1400 2200 2200 2400
3-roomed. apartment 1600 2400 2800 2600
4-room. apartment 1800 2800 3300 2800
5-room. apartment 2000 - 3800 -
Module buildings 500 - - -

What needs to be done before and after the arrival of the service?

Always before the disinsection service arrives:

  • Push aside the furniture from the walls;
  • Remove bed linen, put it in laundry, release wardrobes;
  • Vacuum the carpets on both sides, roll them up, vacuum the upholstered furniture;
  • Pack children's toys and food in packages;
  • Remove all people and pets from the premises.

Для исключения попадания отравы на одежду, игрушки и т. п. вещи, их рекомендуется поместить в герметично закрытые полиэтиленовые пакеты.

And after the treatment in the room you need to vacuum the floors and conduct a thorough wet cleaning, wash things and ventilate all the rooms. Some services offer an additional charge for performing these procedures on their own.

During the processing of the premises, it is undesirable to be present to anyone other than the dezinsector itself. After processing, it is necessary to close the windows and doors in the apartment for several hours and let it "brew".

Complex cleaning of the apartment from parasites and pests

As a rule, in the professional processing of rooms from bugs, virtually all other arthropods die, including cockroaches, moths, fleas, lice, ants and mosquitoes. Therefore, ordering the destruction of bedbugs, you can safely expect to complete disposal of the entire wrecking brotherhood.

Практически всегда при обработке помещения от клопов уничтожаются также и другие насекомые, например, тараканы...

In some cases, when processing private houses, cellars and lodgings, in parallel with the destruction of bugs, there is a need to remove rats and mice. This service is already provided with the use of other drugs, and therefore such procedures are performed separately and for other money.

In general, the removal of bedbugs is usually a more complicated process compared with the removal of cockroaches, fleas or woodworms. Therefore, if several types of insects live in the house at once, you can safely order disinfestation from bedbugs and be sure of the cleanliness of the apartment after they are removed.

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