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Sanitation of a room from bedbugs with the help of Sanepidemstance (SES)

Есть ряд важных моментов, касающихся вызова СЭС для проведения санобработки помещения от клопов, и далее мы попробуем детально в них разобраться...

Sanitation from bugs by SES staff is perhaps one of the most reliable ways to get rid of parasites indoors. However, before calling Sanepidemstantsiyu for baiting bugs , you should consider some important nuances ...

  1. Today it is customary to use the word "SES" or "Sanepidemstantsiya" to call any office that deals with the destruction of bedbugs, cockroaches, rats or fleas. Some of these companies themselves refer to themselves as SES with a prefix of their own name: for example, SES Pure City, SES SanEpidemStance. This is somewhat misleading people unconcerned in these matters. Generally speaking, SES is a state institution that is part of Rospotrebnadzor itself. It is about this Sanitary and Epidemiological Station that we will continue to talk about, describing the work and the means used for sanitation. Есть частные фирмы, в названиях которых также можно встретить упоминание СЭС или Санэпидемстанции.
  2. Considering the fact that SES is a state organization, before turning to it it is worthwhile to be ready for interaction with a severe bureaucratic machine. And although recently the situation has been slightly corrected, however, Sanepidemstance has not reached the level of high-quality client-oriented service in most cities.
  3. The presence of bedbugs in an apartment is not a critical epidemiological problem, and therefore the corresponding calls of inspectors and disinec- tors for sanitation purposes are not a priority for SES.

However, there is good news: in the house where Sanepidemstance specialists worked, bugs in most cases disappear for a long time, and even for good. Therefore, choosing who to entrust the destruction of bedbugs in his apartment, sanitation by the SES should be remembered in the first place.

Как правило, после обработки квартиры силами СЭС клопы исчезают из помещения навсегда, то есть служба работает эффективно.

What means does SES use against bedbugs?

Depending on the situation and some conjuncture moments, SES specialists poison bugs with different insecticides. The final decision on the use of a given drug is taken after the specialist leaves the premises and assesses the extent of his infection.

In addition, in selecting a remedy for bedbugs, a certain role is played by the type of the room itself. For example, the sanitation of households in the non-residential season can be carried out with powerful strong smelling preparations, which are usually more affordable at a price than no less effective products without a strong odor. If you want to save the client and in a private house or apartment, you can order sanitation with odorant preparations.

В числе препаратов, которые используют санэпидемстанции для обработки домов от насекомых, имеются как пахучие средства, так и препараты без сильного запаха.

Most often, treatment from bedbugs specialists Sanepidemstantsiya made by the following means:

  • Biorin is an aqueous emulsion of the insecticide deltamethrin and several of its synergists. Has an unpleasant smell. Disperses with the help of special aerosol generators (so-called fog generators).
  • Sinuzan is an emulsion concentrate based on chlorpyrifos, very effective against bedbugs and other domestic insects. His analogue is a remedy for insects. Minap 22.
  • Tetrix is ​​a powerful Dutch remedy, characterized by a very sharp nasty smell. Perhaps, this is one of the most effective and popular in SES drugs for sanitation from bugs and cockroaches.
  • Chlorpyrimac - you can say, this is an improved version of Tetrix. Contains a set of fragrances for odor masking, and is therefore more suitable for use in living rooms.
  • Effective Ultra - a modern enough tool, which includes tetrametrin, propoxur, MGC-264 and piperonyl butoxide. Such a complex composition of the poison is a guarantee that the parasites will not develop resistance to this agent.
  • Extermin is a microencapsulated drug based on chlorpyrifos, which has a prolonged effect.

На картинке в качестве примера показаны некоторые применяемые СЭС средства от насекомых: Синузан, Эффектив Ультра и Экстермин.

Different departments and stations of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service use various drugs. Therefore, if it is important for the customer to know what the bugs infect in a particular SES, then it is necessary to ask this question at the first call to the station.

It is interesting

Sanepidemstantsy perform the destruction of bedbugs only those means that, in accordance with GOSTs, refer to the 3rd and 4th hazard classes for humans (low-risk, at least in ready-to-use form). Most of them, upon contact with the skin of a person, do not cause irritation, and only with repeated exposure, sometimes lead to the appearance of irritation or allergic reaction. However, if you get into the respiratory tract and the digestive tract, drugs may well cause severe poisoning.

Itself Sanepidemstantsiya officially preparations for the destruction of bugs does not sell, and therefore call the service and find out the prices are not worth it. But always and everywhere there are various roundabout options: as the experience of many independent fighters with bedbugs shows, you can buy funds by coming to a local SES and talking with people who work there, it is quite possible.

The order of excretion of parasites

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the SES workers' forces deduce bugs for one sanitation. But even before carrying out this procedure, an expert comes to the object - a city apartment, a dwelling house, a cottage community - to find out the situation on the spot.

На фото показано гнездо клопов в мебели - видны яйца и личинки паразитов.

Often during such a survey, tenants learn a lot of new things, not only about the number of bedbugs in their apartment, but also about the situation with them in their neighbors. In addition, the visiting inspector of Sanepidemstance always has extensive experience in the destruction of not only bedbugs, but also other insects, and knows where to find them, where the main populations are kept, how to find bedbugs where it is even difficult to look.

On a note

In many cases, after the examination of the premises, a specialist of the SES instructs to conduct a survey and processing of neighboring apartments. For apartment buildings, this is especially true: here, the first anxiety can be killed by tenants of not the most infected apartments, while, perhaps, near neighbors live in a real bug.

Зачастую клопы попадают в помещение от соседей, у которых в квартире может быть настоящий клоповник.

In some cases, the inspector of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station makes such trips to inspect the premises several times - to assess the increase in the number of parasites and their possible spread.

Before the sanitation of the premises between the customer and the SES, an agreement is signed for the conduct of disinsection work. On the basis of the concluded contract SES already appoints treatment from bugs.


  1. At the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, a tactic is developed for the destruction of bedbugs and other insects, depending on their species composition and abundance. To the honor of the SES, it should be noted that many other companies on disinfestations practically never conduct such work.
  2. A means for killing bugs is selected.
  3. The actual measures for the extermination of insects are carried out.
  4. In the future, the SES representative monitors the effectiveness of sanitation.

It is usually considered that sanitation from bedbugs is effective if within two months after it the bed bugs did not appear.

Если личинки клопов не появились, например, из выживших яиц даже через пару месяцев, то санобработка считается эффективной.

On a note

Even if the destruction of bedbugs is not carried out by Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, but another company, its representative is obliged to come to the site within a month or two after the work is done and check the result. Otherwise, the work on breeding bugs can be formally considered not finished.

Sanitation from bugs is carried out in a room from which all residents and pets are removed. All available surfaces, contaminated furniture and clothing are processed. After carrying out the work, the responsible specialist draws up an act of acceptance and delivery of the performed work, which indicates the area of ​​the treated room, as well as the number and type of the insecticide used.

При уничтожении паразитов будут обработаны все потенциально зараженные поверхности, поэтому желательно заранее обеспечить свободный к ним доступ.

How to call Sanitary and Epidemiological Station?

And finally, about the most difficult. Calling SES for breeding bedbugs is quite a difficult matter. Although Sanepidemstvo's duties include fighter activities from bedbugs, the service itself and its specialists are constantly very busy with work, and when applying to individuals for sanitation, they are usually redirected to other pest control services (private firms).

СЭС является государственной службой, и не всегда реагирует на обращения частных лиц.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to achieve the departure of Sanepidemstance to a residential house or apartment.

First, you need to talk with your neighbors and find out if someone has a similar problem. As a rule, if more than two flats are infected with bugs in an apartment building, the SES will necessarily come to check the situation. Therefore, when calling to the station, you should certainly inform about the infection of several apartments at once, and add that a resident of a resident has a strong allergy to bug bites (if this is true).

На фотографии показаны массовые укусы клопов на шее женщины.

Even more effective will be the appeal to Sanepidemstantion with a complaint about unscrupulous neighbors or businesses near residential buildings, which are the source of bedbugs and do not take measures to exterminate them. The fight against such distributors of parasites is one of the main tasks of the SES, and for such challenges the specialists of the service leave very quickly.

Once again, we note that this is a SES, which is a state organization, and not about small firms with similar names.

How effective is the work of SES: feedback from people

Reading reviews, it can sometimes be difficult to understand whether it is a state SES, or the work of private disinsection services, mistakenly called the same abbreviation. However, sometimes such a division is possible.


"The first time bugs were noticed in the apartment for the New Year. When the first horror passed, we realized that we must fight fast, so as not to itch on New Year's Eve. Etched bedbugs with Get, a good remedy, a couple weeks of parasites were not visible at all. And then they appeared again. It is clear that they are creeping from their neighbors. We suspected the apartment on the floor above - it was filmed by the Koreans and arranged a workshop there for preparing an acute carrot. We talked with neighbors over them - they had the same problem, only with cockroaches. It turned out that the bedbugs climb from them even to the neighboring front door. Eight apartments they have infected! We went all crowd, naphali them, they got scared, some nasty smelly baited the bedbugs, but there was no sense. Closer to summer, it all began with a new one. By that time we had already taken out bedbugs in our house for three times. They could not stand it, they wrote a collective complaint to the district SES. As a result, SES itself found the owner of the apartment, summoned him from Moscow, prescribed sanitation. And only after that the bedbugs disappeared everywhere. "

Anton, Voronezh

Чтобы надежно избавиться от клопов, весьма полезно действовать с соседями сообща.

One more tip:

"We were very disappointed by the Stop-Boot firm. The guy came, for five minutes quickly all propshikal, gave a piece of paper without a signature and left. He said only that the next day there will be no more bugs. But they appeared again in three days! We called again to the company, they promised us, promised, but did not come. We wrote a complaint to the local SES, described the situation. Auntie came to us at once, checked everything, found a few nests of bedbugs, went to twitch the neighbors. As a result, the brigade of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station came centrally, etched bugs in two parades in eight or nine apartments. That's what I understand, work. Then another five days later, another specialist from SES came to us, he checked that there were no more bedbugs. "

Inna, Samara

Не все частные службы дезинсекции работают профессионально и эффективно.

Almost always SES services for sanitation of an apartment from bugs are cheaper than the corresponding services of private companies. So, for example, treatment of a one-room apartment costs in the Sanitary and Epidemiological stations of large cities about 1000-1200 rubles, a two-room apartment costs 1400-1500 rubles, depending on the layout of the apartment itself and its location.

At the same time, the efficiency of the work of Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations in most cases is quite high, and disinfestation by the forces of its specialists can even be regarded as something of a standard. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, then first of all it is necessary to address it in the SES, and only if it is impossible to call its specialists, you can start to consider other options.

If you have a personal experience of interacting with SES about the removal of bed bugs, be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Victoria :

    I want to get rid of bedbugs!

  2. Alexandra :

    We live in a hostel, bugs appeared before the new year. For some time they disappeared after self-processing, and then reappeared. Then we were moved to another room, made repairs, everything was fine, but now they started to appear again, it's not clear where. I ask for help, the child suffers 3 years, very strong reaction to bites.

    • Anonymous :

      Go to the SES of your city. They are usually called FBSU, Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology (city). At my place in the city of Korolev the cost of 3200 rubles 2 k. Apartment. Whether it helped or not, I do not know yet, I just wasted yesterday. Then I'll write.

  3. Anonymous :

    Good afternoon. We live in a communal flat, clean everywhere, neatly, but the bedbugs simply overcame. What to do with them? Called two services paid - the result is not. Do not disappear. Tell me where to go?

  4. Elena :

    Do not contact the Stop Bug company. Money to the wind! Not only do prices differ from them in fact, so there is no result either!

  5. Alain :

    Good afternoon, in connection with the move had to rent an apartment. The last time Klopov saw 10 years ago. And I could not think that they still exist in a metropolis. The first night there were a few bites only me, my son and husband are clean. On the second morning I woke up all in the paths. Husband and child are clean, began to look, found on the bed at the head of the bed. Immediately called the company, a guy came, changed clothes, and drove us out into the street. Treated with some kind of fog. Tell me, how effective is this? Household utensils endured at minus 36 per day. Will help? Or repeat the sanitation?

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