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At what temperature do bed bugs die and will steam treatment help?

Обработка гнезд постельных клопов паром или, наоборот, низкими температурами вполне способна уничтожить не только самих паразитов, но также и их яйца. Давайте посмотрим теперь, как это можно применить на практике...

And adult bugs, and their larvae, called in the scientific environment nymphs, do not tolerate significant temperature changes. Both low temperatures, and too high are for them disastrous, and even not strong deviations from the norm have a very negative effect on the reproduction of these insects. Next we will consider at what temperature bugs die and how this weakness of parasites can be successfully used in their elimination.

The people have long used the method of freezing bedbugs in homes, and taking out furniture, infected with parasites, on the street in winter is one of the most famous methods of inexpensively destroying bug nests in sofas, armchairs and beds.

Метод вымораживания гнезд клопов в диванах и кроватях используется довольно давно.

Very effective also the destruction of bedbugs by the so-called burning out method. This does not mean the use of an open flame in the room - it is here about heating the air in an apartment or house to 55-60 ° C and keeping it at this level for about 2-3 hours.

Often used from bedbugs and a steam generator, with which nests are treated even higher temperatures: bedbugs die on contact with hot steam almost instantly.

При контакте с горячим паром от парогенератора клопы погибают очень быстро.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of such methods is somewhat limited, and the technical implementation is quite complex, which does not allow the temperature methods of combating the frequency of application to compete with the use of insecticides. However, in some cases, only such methods can become, perhaps, the only salvation from bedbugs, so it is useful to get acquainted with them in more detail ...

Critical temperatures for bedbugs

Adult bugs and their larvae can withstand temperatures around minus 15 - minus 17 ° C during the day, which makes them sufficiently resistant to moderate freezing of the room.

At a temperature below minus 20 ° C, the bedbugs die within a few hours.

Eggs of bedbugs are even more resistant to low temperatures. They can survive short-term cooling to minus 30 ° C, and at minus 7 ° C they die only after a month and a half, but at the same time their development stops completely. At + 50 ° C and high humidity eggs, bugs can remain viable throughout the day.

Яйца клопов значительно более устойчивы к низким температурам, чем взрослые особи и личинки.

На фотографии показаны яйца и экскременты постельных клопов

You can freeze bedbugs only in those rooms that are not afraid of long cooling, and in regions where temperatures stay long enough below -15 ° C for a long time. In this case, freezing should be repeated at least twice: this is a guarantee that the repeated procedure will die bugs, which will be released from the survivors of the first freezing of eggs.

Вымораживание клопов нужно проводить хотя бы дважды с перерывом примерно в 2 недели, чтобы максимально полно уничтожить насекомых.

To high temperatures parasites are less stable. For example, at a temperature of + 45 ° C bed bugs are kept for about half an hour, and at + 50 ° C they die for several minutes.

It is interesting

At temperatures below + 10 ° C, the development of egg bugs stops, and the embryo falls into anabiosis. At temperatures below + 14 ° C, female bugs cease to lay eggs, and larvae do not grow and do not shed. It is interesting that in nature in the conditions of caves, from where bed bugs , in fact, moved to human habitation, they normally develop and reproduce at temperatures around + 9 ° С.

Are the bedbugs afraid of hot steam?

Hot steam is even more destructive for bedbugs than just high air temperatures. Under a stream of steam with a temperature of about 100 ° C, bedbugs die instantly, but under steam with a temperature of about 40 ° C (more precisely, this is already the so-called hot mist) can be without damage for a long time.

При температуре пара около 100 градусов клопы погибнут даже в глубоких складках и повреждениях матраса.

Eggs of bedbugs are also vulnerable to hot steam, as are adult insects. That is why steam is more effective against eggs than many insecticides - most insecticides on eggs practically do not work, while hot steam simply physically burns off bug eggs, denaturing proteins, and developing embryos die.

Яйца клопов зачастую выживают даже при использовании мощных инсектицидов, однако горячий пар их уничтожает практически мгновенно.

Thanks to this, hot steam can be used for self-control of parasites. Steaming by bugs is usually done using special steam cleaners - devices for cleaning surfaces with water vapor. A steam cleaner from bugs can be used by anyone capable of heating a jet of steam to a temperature above 60 ° C.

Если вы решили использовать пароочиститель для уничтожения клопов, убедитесь, что он может выдавать пар с температурой не менее 60 градусов Цельсия.

Пример использования пароочистителя против клопов.

On a note

Some steam cleaners work on a vacuum principle - in them steam is formed under reduced pressure and lower temperature. Accordingly, if the steam generator does not heat the steam above 50 ° C, it is pointless to use it from bedbugs - they simply will not die.

Do not use steam from a simple kettle against bedbugs. Not only is this process extremely difficult, dangerous and inefficient, it can also lead to damage to furniture. Therefore, if we are to start fighting steam with bedbugs, it is necessary to use steam cleaners or steam generators.

We destroy bugs with a steam generator

Generally speaking, a steam cleaner or steam generator is unlikely to completely eliminate bedbugs in the room. At least because even a jet of steam can not get into some places where bugs can hide - at the joints of the wooden parts of the bed frame, behind the plinth, behind the wallpaper. Therefore, the destruction of bedbugs by a steam cleaner can be carried out only where they are on open surfaces: on mattresses and beds, on the back of carpets hanging on the wall, under things.

Парогенератор позволяет уничтожать гнезда паразитов лишь на относительно доступных поверхностях.

To remove bugs with a steam cleaner (steam generator), it must be set to a steam temperature above 60 ° C, and wrap the nozzle with a cloth so that the steam jet is wide. The ferry should handle all the places where bugs can live, which makes this method of struggle quite laborious.

Сопло парогенератора желательно обмотать тканью, чтобы поток пара стал шире и охватывал большую площадь.

На картинке схематично изображены места возможного обитания клопов в квартире.

Typically, for one application, a steam cleaner against bedbugs will not help, except that it will allow you to get rid of insects on one mattress or on one couch. And best of all, he copes with clusters of insects in their nests, where due to the high concentration of eggs and individuals of different ages, bedbugs die massively with minimal time and effort.

Высокотемпературная обработка особенно эффективна при непосредственном воздействии на обнаруженные гнезда клопов.

But with the regular processing of parasite accumulations found with the help of a steam generator, from bugs, at least from most of them, it can sometimes be disposed of within a few weeks. But in this case, with a high probability in the apartment will remain single individuals, which in the future will be able to give offspring.

Freezing bedbugs: we fight with parasites in a popular way

Bedbugs in winter in most of our country can live only in human habitation. On the street in such conditions, they quickly die, without any chance of survival. In addition, only in apartments and houses bed bugs constantly find a source of food, without which they would also quickly perish (although sometimes bugs live without food for up to 6 months and even more).

Freezing bugs in the room can only be done where there is no running water and heating system. For example, in garages, coops, sheds, in cottages where temporary cooling does not lead to pipe damage.

Вымораживание постельных клопов является довольно популярным, но не самым эффективным способом избавления от них.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to freeze living quarters from bedbugs in many cases. Even if the water is completely drained from all plumbing systems, temperatures around minus 20 ° C can be disastrous for wallpaper and plaster, so freezing bedbugs in an apartment or a private house can have more costly consequences than calling professional pest controlists.

In other rooms for freezing it is enough to open windows and doors on a frosty day and leave them as long as possible. At a frost in a minus 20 ° With the most part of bedbugs will die already in the same day.

При температуре минус 20 большая часть взрослых клопов может погибнуть, чего нельзя сказать об их яйцах.

In addition to this, whenever possible, couches, armchairs, mattresses are carried out on the street, in the thickness of which the temperature can fall slowly, and consequently, the bugs in them die for a longer time.

Safety rules for the temperature elimination of bedbugs

The main thing when fighting bugs with the help of high and low temperatures is observe the safety rules during work:

  • Do not direct hot steam on yourself or another person.
  • Do not steam treat surfaces and fabrics that can be damaged by high temperatures - lacquered, wooden, covered with wallpaper. При обработке мебели от клопов постарайтесь не направлять пар на лакированные и пластиковые поверхности.
  • When working with steam with a temperature of more than 70 ° C, it should be avoided on plastic surfaces, as they can irreversibly deform.
  • Do not adjust the steam generator to so-called high humidity steam - 20-30% will be enough, otherwise you can spoil the furniture being processed. With this humidity, bedbugs die almost as quickly as when they are raised.
  • Do not freeze rooms with operating heating and sewerage systems.

Sometimes against the bedbugs are used fan heaters (heat generators) - analogues of household dyuk. They allow you to raise the temperature in the room for several hours to 60-65 ° C, and after such treatment all bugs die out. However, such powerful devices are rather cumbersome, expensive and difficult to access, and therefore this method is used only by very large companies specializing in pest control. The main advantage of such systems is that the bugs die during their operation even without directional processing of the nests.

Если в квартире на длительное время поднять температуру до 65 градусов, то все клопы в помещении погибнут.

If there is no desire to fight bugs yourself, then it is always possible to call special pest control services, which, for acceptable money (approximately from 1500 rubles per one-room apartment), will burn or brew bugs in it, or (in most cases) offer classical treatment with insecticides. In any case, the removal of parasites by professionals will be safe and short-lived.

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