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Про обработку квартиры от постельных клопов

It's not easy to live in an apartment that is infected with bugs. Restless sleep, itchy bites, shattered nervous system - that's just part of what the residents of such houses come across. The most sensible solution to detect the first bug is the immediate fight against parasites.

Unfortunately, completely getting rid of bedbugs on its own can be quite difficult, and in general it is not a very pleasant and very time-consuming occupation for which you need to find time and energy. Therefore, quite often people prefer to immediately apply to SES or to qualified companies engaged in disinsection.

Sanitization from bedbugs: to lead by themselves or entrust to the masters?

Sanitation of an apartment from bedbugs should be carried out in a complex way, because it is important to immediately cover all secluded places where parasites can hide. There can be many such places even in one room.

Mechanically, so to speak, manually catching and destroying all bedbugs is simply unrealistic, especially since during the day they try not to come across people's eyes, preferring to hunt at night.

Folk remedies act more as a deterrent and are excellent for prevention, but they are unlikely to be able to completely solve an already existing problem of infection.

Treatment against bugs with ready-made insecticides requires extreme caution and responsible approach. After all, often the means that bugs are good for poisoning are toxic to humans and animals.

And in general, not every person can fight with bedbugs in an apartment . Many are so squeamish that they are ready to flee to another room when they see one bug. What can we say about the nest of unpleasant parasites.

On the other hand, there are special disinsection services that deal with the destruction of any parasite professionally. They use proven quality tools, work with a guarantee. Such careful complex treatment from bedbugs, the price of which is sometimes approximately equal to the price of a good purchased insecticide, will be much more efficient at times.

Дезинсектор обрабатывает квартиру

How much does sanitizing an apartment from bed bugs cost? Below are the average prices:

  • 1 к. Кв: 2000 rub.
  • 2 к. Кв: 2300 rub.
  • 3 к. Кв: 2500 rub.
  • 4 к. Кв: 2700 rub.
  • public facilities (kitchen, bathroom, entrance hall): 1800 rub.
  • dorm room: 1500 rub.

These prices vary from region to region and increase from the province to the center of each city. For example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk prices for pest control are maximized. But in general, the order is exactly that.

As pest control rooms are treated from bedbugs

Sanitary treatment of apartments from bedbugs is carried out by spraying a liquid chemical onto various surfaces. Sometimes professional products have a faint smell, but often do not have it at all.

Обработка матраса от клопов

It is noteworthy that the chemicals used do not leave marks on the surfaces. Although sometimes a polished white coating can be found on polished desks or cabinets, but it is easily removed with a damp cloth.

The specialist handles all the soft furniture, carpets, cracks in the walls, the space near the skirting boards, the door frame and windows, the back of the furniture, and sometimes the wardrobe. It is desirable that the treatment is carried out throughout the apartment, and not just in the bedroom. Only in this case can guarantee 100% efficiency.

It is possible to order processing not only of a dwelling, but also temporary dwellings, cabins, hotels.


"For about a year I struggled unsuccessfully with bedbugs. At first it seemed that it would not be difficult to get them out if you had a head on your shoulders and normally growing hands. I tried to fill them with boiling water, then I switched to dust and expensive finished preparations. How much time and money spent - do not count already. My friend helped me out: he said that now professional processing of premises from bedbugs is carried out, everything is done quickly and efficiently. It's true, in a few days all my anguish was over. By the way, nothing stank and did not have to leave. Thank you very much to the guys, now I advise all their firm ".

Alexey, Ryazan.

Professional remedies for bedbugs:

Most often, when processing an apartment, the services use drugs that are difficult to find on a free sale:

  • Extermin F: is odorless, effective against creeping insects, has a residual effect of 4-8 weeks. Экстермин - инсектицид
  • Effective Ultra: odorless, low toxic for warm-blooded animals, has microencapsulated form and long lasting effect. Препарат от клопов Эффектив Ультра
  • Chlorprymarmark: in its composition is found to be one of the most effective against insects substance that does not accumulate in biological media (in humans and animals), after application to the surface it works up to 3 months. Хлорпиримак
  • Biorin: a liquid with a weak odor, which is also based on the substances of the pyrethroid group. Does not represent inhalation hazard, has a long residual effect. Еще один препарат от постельных клопов Биорин
  • Tetrix: it acts very quickly, is economically applied, is sold only as a concentrate. Recognized as one of the most effective means to combat bugs. True, it has a strong unpleasant smell. Тетрикс

It is not recommended to use these products on their own, and after using them, professionals should conduct a thorough wet cleaning in the apartment.

How to prepare an apartment for sanitation from bugs

How exactly will the apartment be treated from bugs and how to prepare for it, it's best to talk with the most disinsecting company. Some require that furniture be pushed off the walls, and sometimes the masters do it themselves.

If possible, it is better to plan the visit of the master so that day 3 of the house does not have children and animals. However, if this is not possible, this is not so critical, because modern drugs for the destruction of bedbugs are designed specifically for living quarters.

Preparing an apartment for the arrival of a disinfector requires the following procedures:

  • You need to do a wet cleaning.
  • Hide food, dishes and small items of use or cover them with plastic bags.
  • If there is an aquarium, it needs to close and turn off the compressor. Indoors should not be amphibians (reptiles, snakes, turtles) - for them, the poison is very destructive.
  • Provide the master access to inaccessible places of the apartment, dismantle the rubble of things.
  • Remove the bed linen from the bed, process it. Process clothing.

On a note

How to handle things from bedbugs: it is enough to boil them for half an hour or wash at a temperature above + 50 ° C.

If it was decided to call a disinsection service, it is worth discussing this issue with the neighbors. If they also have parasites, then probably they will want to perform parallel processing. In addition, it will secure the apartments at home from further incursions of bedbugs.

Постельные клопы проникают в квартиру от соседей


"I live in the old Khrushchev and we have already tortured the whole house with bugs! They climb from all the cracks, only get rid of them - they run away from their neighbors. We decided to discuss this issue at the meeting of the tenants of the house and agreed to conduct treatment in each apartment. It turned out to be only 2000 rubles from each housing (discounted for wholesale), now there are no parasites for two years. You can not imagine what kind of happiness! By the way, many have pets at home, there were no poisonings, so you should not be afraid. "

Peter, St. Petersburg

Will you need re-treatment from bedbugs?

Specialists of disinfestation services work in such a way that the repeated processing of the apartment from bugs is no longer required, because the drugs have a powerful residual effect. If bedbugs still appeared indoors again, you should immediately go to the same service. As a rule, specialists give a guarantee for their work, but even if it does not exist, re-treatment from bugs will most likely be carried out at a reduced price.

If the clothes, bedding and soft toys were not boiled before the arrival of the master, you should do it immediately after he left. This will help get rid of all the bugs completely.

Professional dezobrabotka from bedbugs - a chance to quickly and easily get rid of parasites in the apartment, preserving the health and full sleep of his family. Disinsection companies work with quality guarantees and an understanding that the apartment will be used after processing immediately. Therefore, they can be safely addressed when an immediate and effective destruction of bedbugs is required.

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  1. Andrew :

    Guys, I strongly recommend that you do the processing yourself, it turns out much cheaper. There is no difference what to do, most importantly - take the concentration of the drug above to 20-25%. Then a small bottle is enough for 2-3 treatments. And this is not advertising. I advise you as a specialist in this field. Think about it. The handler comes to you, prepares the working solution and then simply sprinkles your home. Actually for the money, he spends 100-200 rubles on the concentrate itself, this is at best if the good will use, and plus the road and his hands. All the same you will do yourself. Yes, of course, you buy the drug in a small package, more expensive than the processors buy, but even so you will get 2-3 times cheaper.

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