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The company for the destruction of bedbugs "Clean City" and feedback on their work

Существует несколько компаний под названием Чистый город, оказывающих услуги по уничтожению клопов и дургих насекомых - давайте познакомимся с ними подробнее...

Today, there are several companies involved in the destruction of bedbugs and called "Clean City". It is interesting that sometimes even the geography of these companies intersects, and in St. Petersburg alone there are two Pure Cities.

Reviews about different companies "Clean City" and the results of breeding bedbugs with their help are quite different, and therefore potential customers often have certain problems with the choice. For example, it is not known whether the "Clean City" will come on call, which was recommended by acquaintances, or it will be a similar one-day company after the name, after which the bugs will remain, and in addition the persistent smell of chemicals in the room will appear for months.

К сожалению, не все службы дезинсекции работают одинаково хорошо, зачастую оставляя после себя в квартире живых клопов.

On a note

More than the services of pest control, companies with the name "Clean City" are available among cleaning companies. In order not to accidentally call such a service, it should be remembered that the organizations that are engaged in cleaning, almost never produce processing from insects. Accordingly, if the site or in the company's prospectus it is about cleaning the premises, experts will not accurately etch bedbugs .

So, let's figure out who is who among the capital and regional "Clean Cities" and what kind of feedback they leave for real clients.


"Bugs in the house we found on returning from vacation. I do not know how they got here, but the first night my wife and I slept on the floor on the balcony. In the nursery like insects were not. The next day, called "Clean City", they said that they urgently needed it. The guys arrived in three hours, they themselves pushed all the furniture, all processed, propshikali, put in place, gave the contract with a signature and a guarantee. And they processed the whole house in general, they said that bedbugs can bite in the bedroom and hide in the kitchen. But now it seems like three months have passed already, and so far none have been seen. "

Alexander, St. Petersburg

На фотографии показан пример обработки квартиры от клопов с помощью так называемого холодного тумана.

Several companies with the same name: whom to choose?

The oldest company "Clean City", specializing in breeding insects and rodents, is the Moscow Sanitary and Epidemiological Service "Clean City", known for its responsible approach to work and a large number of fairly well-known client organizations. Among the customers of SES "Clean City" - the market Abramtsevo, LLC Energoset, several large fitness clubs and cafes Prime. It is about the work of this company that customers leave most of all good reviews.

At the same time SES "Clean City" works both with large organizations and whole cottage settlements, as well as with individual apartments and small rooms.

СЭС Чистый Город существует на рынке услуг дезинсекции достаточно давно и довольно неплохо справляется даже с самыми запущенными случаями заражения помещений постельными клопами.

Another large organization is the center "Clean City", whose branches are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and Stary Oskol. This company does not have such a large number of eminent clients, but at the same time qualitatively and regularly works with individuals and offers fairly democratic prices for the processing of apartments and private houses.

And, finally, SES-service "Clean City" from St. Petersburg - judging by the opinions of customers, perhaps the main anti-hero with a great name. Presumably, the company was well promoted, having promoted the site with a known name and having pulled on it a part of clients of firms-namesakes. It is about SES-service Clean City on the Internet that hosts the most negative reviews.

После обработки квартиры зачастую яйца клопов остаются живыми, из них выводятся личинки примерно через 1-2 недели.

Примерно такую картину можно наблюдать после не очень качественной обработки помещения.


"We for the destruction of bedbugs caused SES-service Clean City. Nothing good to say about the company can not. The guys came, they processed the whole apartment for half an hour, gave a leaf with a seal and without a signature, left. A week later the bugs appeared again. The contract states that the company gives a guarantee for three months. They called, they told us through their teeth that they give a guarantee, but the re-processing is paid. I wonder how this can be understood? They still called, they waited, no one came. Then they called again, they did not pick up the phone. In general, another sharashkin office. "

Lilia, St. Petersburg

But the tip about the Moscow company with the same name:

"I want to leave my feedback on the work of the SES" Clean City "company. It employs real professionals. Even before the departure of the pest control, the manager explained in detail what I need to do, how to push the furniture away, remove the carpets. Two men came, quickly sprinkled the whole room with a special compound, processed the wallpaper and plinth. They said that they would clean it up, give it a contract and leave. Not a single bug after that we did not see. "

Irina, Moscow

Services and prices of companies

The cost of services of all three companies is approximately equal with small fluctuations in the range of 100-200 rubles. Here are price lists of different organizations Pure City:

The room Price SES Clean City, rub. Price Dezentra Clean City, rub. Price SES-service Clean City, rub.
1 room, dorm room - 1500 1300
1 bedroom apartment 1800 1800 1600
2-bedroom apartment 2000 2000 2000
3-room apartment 2300 2300 2500
4-room apartment 2600 2500 3000
5-room apartment 3000 3000 3500

The cost of processing cottages and private houses for all companies is negotiable and depends on the area to be treated and the number of rooms.

Цена на обработку помещений от клопов существенно зависит от обрабатываемой площади.

На фото показано гнездо клопов в складке матраса.


"Last summer bugs appeared, somewhere in July. It's a nightmare somehow, when someone is running around under your blanket at night. We called the company Clean City, the guys worked everything well, we liked it, however, the smell remained. Bugs after them were not, we are happy that they decided to call the service, and not fool yourself. "

Julia, St. Petersburg

How does Clean City work?

All three companies work roughly the same way. After the customer calls, the disinsectors leave for several hours, for which the owner of the premises should move the furniture away from the walls, clean bed linen and remove all family members and pets from the dwelling.

Перед приездом службы дезинсекции необходимо подготовить квартиру к обработке...

For the processing of the company, they mainly use Microfos, Xulat, Microcin, Minap, Carbofos, Tetriks, Executioner, Forsyth and Get. At the same time, in SES-Service Clean City for a higher fee, it is proposed to treat the premises with means that do not have an odor and allow sleeping an hour after the treatment.

All companies work under an agreement that is the main document regulating their activities. All contracts must be certified with the seal of the company and the signature of the person responsible for carrying out the work. If there are no signatures or seals on the contract, the customer has the right not to pay for the work, since in this case the company does not bear any responsibility for its services for the destruction of insects .

Даже если вы вызываете для уничтожения клопов проверенную временем компанию Чистый Город, убедитесь, что в договоре есть все подписи и печати.

При наличии гарантии на качество выполненных работ вы сможете попросить повторную бесплатную обработку квартиры при обнаружении в ней выживших клопов.


"The guys from Dezentr Pure City are great fellows. Half a day we were not in the apartment, and they themselves worked for an hour and a half. As a result - in the house there are no moths, no cockroaches, no bedbugs, although immediately after the move they flattened the apartment. We for the sake of interest learned from them what they poison, they said - Tetrix, but they did not recommend buying it. It is for professional use only. They said that it's better to take Get. "

Igor, Novosibirsk

Professional means of disinsection from the companies "Clean City"

Like most companies specializing in pest control, the Clean Pest Management Service "Pure City" implements funds for the removal of parasites. Among them:

  • Get-is sold by the center Clean City, has no smell, destroys bedbugs within a few days after application until another wet cleaning. Средство от насекомых Get
  • Forssayt is a remedy that can be used at home. When a strong infection requires a double treatment of the apartment or house. Средство для уничтожения насекомых Форссайт
  • The executioner is a fairly effective tool for home use, manufactured under a German license. Весьма популярное и достаточно эффективное средство от клопов Палач
  • Tetrix is ​​already a professional Dutch remedy with a strong smell, one of the most reliable and powerful. Средство для профессиональной дезинсекции Тетрикс (Tetriex)
  • Fufanon, a drug based on carbophos, allows you to destroy bedbugs in one treatment. Kills eggs of parasites. Еще один препарат для проведения профессиональной обработки от насекомых - Фуфанон
  • Microcin, has a rather strong unpleasant odor, but is at the same time a very powerful drug.

Препарат для уничтожения насекомых Микроцин

It should always be remembered that even the strongest means without proper treatment will not be able to bring out bedbugs. In addition, the use of all drugs from bugs requires compliance with safety regulations and the use of personal protective equipment. As a rule, the savings in the payment of labor of pest controlers result in a serious expenditure of forces on self-processing the apartment, can be fraught with allergy and even with mild poisoning.


"The children from the Pure City came, they poisoned the bugs with Tetrix. What a terrible smelly rubbish, after her apartment had to air for three hours. I'm not surprised that the bedbugs die of it. Then we spent a few days sweeping dead bugs, cockroaches and ants from different nooks. I did not even know that they are in our house. "

Anton, Stary Oskol

In addition to the "Clean City" with the breeding of bedbugs, urban and regional SES, the branches of the company Geradhes, are well managed. You can apply to other organizations, if they are recommended by friends - it's easier to avoid deception and really effectively take out bugs in the shortest time.

To the record "Company for the destruction of bedbugs" Clean City "and feedback on their work" left 59 comments.
  1. Victoria :

    Bad office Clean city, all the deception - both bite and bite. Bad processing, the dispatcher says one amount, the master requires a different amount. The whole room was promised to be processed, but only two sofas and a floor were treated. Now they require more money for re-processing. The reviews are all good, but it's a hoax, I do not recommend this firm.

  2. Dmitry :

    We ordered the treatment in LLC Clean City in St. Petersburg (Ligovsky Prospekt 50, k9). We arrived, instead of the indicated price they asked for 2 times more! Treated + Tipo protection covered ... As a result, after a week as the bugs crawled, and creep. And adults creep! The company does not take any measures, although the site, of course, 100% guarantee)) And blah blah blah ... At the address specified on the Internet, they are not. They wanted to bring the claim, register it. No one to hand it over. The INN on the site will not find, in the contract it, too, no. DO NOT RECOMMEND THE FIRM!

  3. Yuri :

    A pure city is a fraud! Claps deduced 15 minutes, there is no sense. Money is asked twice as much as indicated on the website. Do not contact this company, just spend money and nerves!

  4. Sonia :

    Has ordered processing in Open Company a pure city. The master came, instead of the contractual amount, he asked exactly the same amount. One but. How to bite and now bite. Repeat requires more money. This is an obvious deception and I do not recommend it to anyone.

  5. Olga :

    A pure city is simply downloading money from people! Bugs were not taken out for 4 treatments by different means (imagine how much money they downloaded). Such a feeling that they did not infer, but on the contrary - bred. Full sucks firm.

    • Anonymous :

      Olga, you described our situation directly, we were made 2 treatments and the bugs were multiplied directly while we were on vacation. We gave them 2,800, for the third processing we asked for another 800, but we, of course, refused. It was necessary to read reviews at once, henceforth I will be smarter.

  6. Alexander :

    I fully agree with the previous speakers! .. "Clean City" - frank kidalovo, came twice: the result of "zero", bedbugs like running and running around. Charlatans, and only. So that their bugs eat! ))

    • Anonymous :

      In 2015, by my phone number 318-40-62, indicated on the site of LLC "Clean City", at the domain address ses-service of the Russian Federation, the service "Destruction of bedbugs" was ordered. According to the prices for services announced on the site and named by the operator, the cost of works for my apartment was 2000 rubles and 300 rubles for the departure of a specialist. 2015 around 13-00 at my apartment, a man arrived who introduced himself as a specialist company LLC "Clean City". The specialist's phone ... arrived by car ... This person gave me a contract with the seal of the "Clean City" LLC. The contract with the executor does not specify the payment and tax details of the company, only the name, link to the site, phone 426-15-10 and address: 192071, St. Petersburg, Ligovsky p-t, d.50, which, as I later learned , the company is not located. The contract specifies the price for 100% prepayment of works in ... rubles, which is ... more rubles declared. It was explained to me that additional treatment of the premises with the drug "Cypermethrin" will be carried out, together with the planned preparation "Xulat S25". Before the beginning of the work the representative of the company asked to transfer to him the amount of ... rubles, I did it, but no payment documents for this amount (such as a receipt, a check) were given to me. The company representative processed the premises allegedly declared drugs. I called back by phone, where I made an order for processing and asked about the cost of processing with the drug "Tsipermetrin." The operator said that such processing costs 2000 rubles for my apartment, and the amount that was presented to me in the contract could not comment. Then I called on the phone specified in the contract and I was told that the contractor took the money from me correctly, tk. he treated my apartment with a dose much higher than estimated, while the safety of this concentration of the substance for a person I was not explained. The site details of LLC "Clean City" are specified, but the organization with similar requisites does not appear in the tax authorities' database. Working with customers, as well as numerous complaints of fraud on the Internet, characterize the company's activities as fraudulent.

      I ask you to conduct an inspection of LLC "Clean City" to initiate a criminal investigation into fraud.

      • Anonymous :

        Well, how's the progress? Sued? )

      • Paul :

        I have such a problem. 2000 rub. for two rooms, sprinkled, a couple of days again appeared. A week later they called, asked, were upset and again came, but for 800 rubles. After three hours I began to check. All the sofas and armchairs were wet from the solution. BUT the spoon crawls on this phlegm very quickly. In the end, after this "treatment" a day later appeared again. He divided the sofa and chairs into fragments. Handled with kerosene and hot iron. Almost a week lived normally. But they began to bite small, barely noticeable. Maybe they should invite these specialists once again and fill their faces? Although moralku facilitate. In court it will be difficult - it is necessary to prove that they poison the insects with the left remedy. They have IDN, but the office is in Novgorod.

  7. Elena :

    On this office it is necessary to submit to the court.

  8. Jeanne :

    On July 1, a specialist came to work on a two-room apartment. For 2000 rubles. In fact, we had to pay an additional 3000 for installing the "barrier". So the master recommended. Total call cost me 5000 rubles. They promised a 100% guarantee. Three days after treatment, entering the apartment, found the same darkness of bedbugs. At the call with indignation, they said that after 10 days, repeat the processing under the guarantee. For 800 rubles. July 14 came - processed. The master said that the first treatment was substandard. Today is the 19th of July. Insects are still there. In a huge amount. Why do I have to pay 800 rubles for the guarantee call? How many such warranty calls do I need ??? They asked the leadership in contact, they deleted the message in the place of the answer and blocked the entrance to the group.

    • Tatiana :

      We have a similar situation!

      • Anonymous :

        Ilyin Vladimir, St. Petersburg, Clean City, processed four times three rooms, couches all thrown out, money was asked for processing 2 times more than what they cost. And the bugs and run. Do not believe the company Clean city, deception and advertising, wasting money. Contact all of the other companies with a guarantee, I called, and there were no bedbugs. I advise everyone.

    • Anonymous :

      A similar situation! Scam! Horror.

  9. Vladislav :

    Scammers, cheating and divorce! File a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor.

  10. Igor :

    It sucks full, I had to leave for 5 hours with a sick grandfather. Come, and there they run - bugs. They bleached for 2 minutes and left, but no use.

  11. Svetlana :

    Completely agrees with previous reviews. Price by phone one - the master calls 2-3 times more (installing a barrier from neighbors and other garbage). Treated with a garden sprayer. He said - the drug is microencapsulated, insects can appear up to a month. As a result, bedbugs became many times larger, it was impossible to sleep. They called another company - they processed ULV equipment, a normal drug. The next night - not a single bug.

    • Tatiana :

      Tell me, please, what company was called and in what city? We were already tortured! ((

  12. Tatiana :

    Today for the third time I will pay money for disinfection! What is the guarantee, I can not understand, if every time I have to pay, but bugs like living in an apartment, and live ?! Infinitely? On the site the price for a 3-room apartment is 2500. In the first treatment, 5500 were ripped off! Ostensibly enhanced protection with a barrier, etc. The result is zero. When called for the first time, they promised a free warranty within 2 years. On a second call, it turned out that "free processing" costs 800 rubles. Have arrived, have sprinkled. The result is zero. Today they are going for the third time. On my question, why the bedbugs are still in the apartment, the operator on the phone said: "Wait for the master!" - and hung up!

  13. Guzalia :

    Hello. I agree with the fact that scammers. On July 24 they made the treatment, a week passed, the bugs went and went. I do not know what to do. Money was cut down by 3400, a nightmare, rascals.

  14. Di :

    I applied to this service, since good advertising is the first in the search engine. But it was worth me to look separately for reviews, and not on their site only positive to read. But since I had no experience in this business yet, I found the first company I came across and applied, I was quickly recorded. The next day came, all processed and said that within 2 weeks you have to wait. And I was still suffering for 2 weeks, waiting for the result! But the bugs were not going to die. I was flooded with the whole apartment. All my cases from the sofa could be squeezed, and they said that they can not be washed immediately. Then one cover was covered with mold and it had to be thrown out. As a result, only having turned to another firm it was possible to get rid of bedbugs.

  15. Andrew :

    All as at all, I will not be unfounded, it is necessary to punish somehow. Everyone should file an application for fraud, and when the applications are TENS, they will be hung in any way under nuts. Unite!

    • Love :

      I totally agree. I'll tell you more: by phone they said 2 and a half, and took 12,500 rubles, allegedly with a guarantee. When I called to come under the guarantee, as the bedbugs did not show up, they asked for 1300 - like this under the guarantee. What did I pay for then?

  16. Elena :

    I join all the reviews! I, too, suffered from the actions of this scam! Lost a lot of time - for a whole month she waited, how to fuck the last, when will the cockroaches die? And everything, of course, is useless. By the way, at the address "Ligovsky Prospect 50" they have no office, we were not too lazy, we went for a walk, we looked, I wanted to look them in the eyes. In vain ... Ready to join any action directed against these scams!

  17. Elena :

    As a scammed victim of the actions of this company is ready to join!

  18. Eugene :

    Initially, the request to send the contract in order to read and see what conditions are prescribed in the contract, I was told that we do not have a contract in electronic form. Call the master, he will show it to you. Well, okay, the master came, processed the apartment, plus recommended to make a barrier for 3000 rubles, so already for certain. Okay, everyone did. We paid. Within a week bedbugs have not disappeared anywhere. I called the company, I was told that we will do a re-treatment for 800 rubles. But again, no one will give a guarantee. A very excellent scheme for the company: they did not carry out their work, and for additional processing under the guarantee they immediately require money. The phrase from their site: "We provide a 100% guarantee for the destruction of bedbugs" (and not for work, as in other firms). Then why should I pay money if you give a guarantee for the destruction of bedbugs? They are not where they are. An ordinary divorce for money.

  19. Stanislav :

    We arrived, we poured, gave 6000 rubles. for 1k apartment, promised a 100% result in 10 days. I drove off the apartment, so that for certain. He returned - the bugs met the living and hungry ... He did not even find the dead. Read reviews on other sites about this office and realized that this is scam. Everyone tells a system that I was also divorced.

  20. Marina :

    I read all the reviews about this company, I have everything the same: I was contacted by this office, I was told by phone for 2 room 2000. As a result, upon the arrival of the master, he said that we should put a barrier, in total, 5000. More than 10 days passed as insects ran, and run. And for another call, you still have to pay 800 rubles. I wonder, is that such a guarantee? Do not contact this company. Divorce for money. The result is zero.

    • Paul :

      And why did you call this pseudo office if you read these reviews?

  21. Constantine :

    The same song, because drugs for processing cheap take - they have them for 1 thousand rubles / liter, can be slightly more, and prices are almost the same. Other companies process drugs for 13 thousand rubles / liter, hence the quality of processing.

  22. Irina :

    Please advise, in St. Petersburg, a good company to destroy bedbugs. Also fell for this scam ((

  23. Alain :

    Faced the problem of the appearance of bed bugs and were in horror and panic, because they breed terribly quickly, and the discomfort from them, what a dream it is when they live like that. In general, they called first in one company, talked very politely, they told everything in detail how and what will happen, but thanks for patience, of course, thanks, as there were a lot of questions. Processing took place on October 10, with a hot mist, the master was also polite and courteous, my husband was present at the processing. BUT after treatment, the bugs did not disappear. It is clear that they write: they will live a few days, then die, but when you really find three nests. That's horrible. And running around alive. Scary. Well, about the re-processing, we read that this is empty, and we began to seek a solution to the problem. How many forums have been read - can not convey in words, as stumbled upon another company. Decided to take risks, the doctor epidemiologist Vyacheslav was a miracle, the treatment was completely different, without fogs. On October 24, everything was done to us, yesterday everyone checked with her husband: there are only corpses, there are no living ones. I want very much to believe that our nightmare is over. But it's easy to breathe, I think, we'll probably be in a month or two. But while everything is fine, the smell is specific so far, but we and the animals are alive! And this smell can be tolerated, most importantly, that this infection is dead all. Maybe someone will use my feedback, because when they themselves faced this, no one could help. And no one knew anything, they all searched for themselves.

  24. Leonty :

    Scoundrels are full, 4 times come, but to sense zero!

  25. Ramadan :

    The same trouble with me - they summoned an employee for the destruction of bugs from the firm Clean City. He came, talked a lot, then yes, then he talked into a more active drug, more expensive, for our peace of mind. We agreed. He treated everything with a tip, but the sense of zero, the bugs as a chain broke (I called them, they said that the re-processing fee.) I told them, God forbid you or your employee I will meet, I will break his jaw for deception. it all happened in St. Petersburg.

    • Paul :

      Hello! How with the jaw? I would also join you to break the second one.

  26. Peter :

    The same story)) Processing that does not bring results. Repeated after 10 days for 800 rubles and on the spot still want money. Right now I'm at war with them. I'll wait a couple of days, if there is no result, a letter to Rospotrebnadzor and a statement to the police on fraud. Peter.

  27. Ligateness :

    No, well, well done, all over the world anti-advertising was done because of greed and stupid stubbornness.

  28. Vasileostrovskaya :

    Scoundrels! You contact the company, they say and write on the website that they have processing with a 100% guarantee. In fact, after 1.5 months bugs appeared, when I called the company, they said that re-processing under the guarantee of 800 rubles! Be carefull!

  29. Alexandra :

    She made a barrier to herself in January, bedbugs climbed from neighbors. Then she left for two weeks. I arrived, bedbugs did not have a month, now they're climbing again!

    • Vyacheslav Alexandrovich :

      Alexandra, at the answer for you I will allow a short summary after the above-mentioned reviews (although there were more about other cities, but it is not important) ... To date, bedbugs are really a problem of large cities, for obvious reasons (large population migration to a metropolis, housing, etc.) So, I wanted you to hear. I do not know for sure, but I can assume that today there is nothing surprising in this (unfortunately), maybe there is a market for services and not professionals who pretend to be such ... Maybe it's necessary to know that getting rid of these insects is possible, first, professionally (independently - it is meaningless, even if you acquire a professional drug). A medical disinfector is a profession. Secondly, the use of professional insecticides, when talking about bedbugs, it is either chlorpyrimac, sinusan (FOS) or a preparation of the pyrethroid group (sipaz super, yurax, tetracin). It is possible, of course, and microcin, minap and even superfas, but almost all the same it is better to use, I repeat, chlorpyrimac, super sipaz, tetracin or the present, or a combination thereof. Well, and of course, there must be a qualitative treatment ...

      If it's an apartment, then surely everything, and not the room where they bite. If this is a room, then not only the halo of the bed, but the entire room (beds, armchairs, furniture, skirting boards, ceiling, rosette places, wall paper, etc.). As for your words, I must object to you - the primary all the same way getting these insects, called bugs, is their drift into the apartment by people in different ways. And he creeps from his neighbor very seldom. This is evidenced by the scientific world and long-term practice.

      The term "barrier" I do not like. Yes, indeed some insecticides retain their toxic properties for insects up to three to four weeks, but you can not help doing a wet cleaning month ... So this is more theoretically. Yes, after a quality treatment, single bites are allowed two to three days, but, as a rule, a week after the disinsection is sufficient for a further quiet life. With a large flatness of the apartment sometimes secondary processing is required. Pay attention - not repeated, but secondary ... By the way, it's better not to leave after processing for 2 weeks ... And the barrier is probably true for increasing the tariff rate ...

      Well, so ... It was not a resume, it was a mini lecture. Ask, I will answer. True, I rarely go there very much. With respect, your humble servant, Vyacheslav Alexandrovich.

  30. Lyudmila :

    25.02.16 processed three apartments in one entrance. For the second and third apartments promised a price of 1,700 rubles. (a discount). How to determine the number of cockroaches and bedbugs to believe that you will have to pay 2 times more than promised on the phone and on the site of the Clean City? There were no warnings about the possibility of an increase in the price. It turns out that such a contract is brought into place, that the master himself determines the number of bugs and the cost of work on the spot. Why are prices printed on the website, if they do not work in reality? I think that customers are bred for money. At the same time, the phone indicated the time of possible work with a two-room apartment for about 40 minutes, and the master coped 15 minutes with all the circumstances aggravating the work (for which the cost was increased, except for using a weak strong drug). In one of the apartments only kitchen and bathroom are treated, and the fee was taken as for processing the entire two-room apartment (instead of the promised 1,700 rubles, 3500 were taken). I think that clients in this firm are not respected.

  31. Natalia :

    We brought the claps home with furniture, found them almost immediately, according to the characteristic bites. There was a difficult choice of the disinfestation company, tk. of the companies the sea, and the responses are different, they rarely write contented people - those who have lost it - got rid of and forgotten ... We stopped at the company a clean city (but not St. Petersburg, which is criticized here in reviews, and the other), and after 4 months I can confidently Thank you, the bedbugs have died! The treatment was conducted by Alexander, a week later they once again bitten us, we started calling and ordering repeated free processing, we were not denied, but explained that in 2-3 weeks they will all probably perish. They decided to wait, cheers! More of us did not bite. It is very important to call the service, once you notice the bites, you should not even try to etch yourself. In general, it helped us! Thank you.

    PS It's not about the St. Petersburg company clean city.

  32. Anna :

    Clean city in Ligovsky ... Complete garbage!

  33. Radium :

    They paid for the treatment of the room (there were no more of them anywhere), they paid extra for the means of fufanon. Result 0! I called them and complained. Pay for a re-visit of a specialist 800 rubles. FOR WHAT! Because it does not work? In short, this company is bullshit. Only money from people pulls. Treaty of SUN K-37. You parasites! The clean city still called themselves.

  34. Xenia :

    Called "Clean City" from the site of the service, the rascals are those! Come, previously agreed the amount of 1400, suddenly a dude in the mask says that you need to pay 2000 rubles more, then they die, and even the eggs will die, and the remedy will stay on the surface for 2-3 years. I drove out of the room, slipped a piece of paper, sprinkled something, it was not clear what exactly, but the bugs were as they were, and remained ... And 100% povyluplyalis new, trifles appeared fully in a week. On the phone said, they say, up to 10 days can appear. It's been 11 days, and all of us are attacked and attacked ... And apparently they are not going to die. Called on the phone specified in the contract, they say, they say, 800 rubles more to pay for the call. Most likely, he will come and again the amount will increase! Called on the number on the site. They can not answer a single question, they say, read the contract. To the question: "Did you read it yourself? Do you know what is written in it? ", The answer was:" Let's not talk about air "(verbatim), and hung up ... Strongly do not advise this company!

  35. Natalia :

    I, too, joined the army of the deceived. Clean City - scammers! I ordered the processing of a 3-room apartment for 2500 rubles. The master came and proposed to treat for 4500 not with fufanone and lambda-cyhalothrin. Allegedly for 2 years will be super-protection. Well, we went to this scam. A sort of grasshopper named Michael jumped around the rooms with a sprayer garden. For 10 minutes all finished. Furniture did not move or raise. The plinth did not work. After 12 days, we, in the dead bitten, complained to the company. They sent a guarantee for another master for 800 rubles to fix everything. True, this time the master opened a new bottle of fufanon with me and carefully processed everything. Furniture itself all raised and opened. Also skirting. But when the five liters of the finished solution ran out, he refused to dilute the remedy further. I asked for more money. He sang a song about "better" processing for 1000 rubles for each room. Then I just wanted another 800 rubles for the second portion of the solution. But we did not believe in this attraction of unprecedented generosity. At the exit I have: 2 rooms without bedbugs, and the sofa in the third room is still infected. Today I bought a "Cucaracha", 50 ml., In the store "Garden and vegetable garden". On Sunday I will poison myself. I saw how I worked, I can do it myself.

  36. Nikolay :

    Well, it's tin, scam full. Well, the firm, tin, burn in hell!

  37. Alexander :

    (((Late to read the reviews, the situation was completely repeated, like all the victims.) Somehow you want to attract these "cleaners" from SES-Service for all the places.

  38. Denis :

    Spent 6000 + 1500 + 800. Maybe someone knows a way how to track them down? Checks do not give, now nothing and do not do it.

  39. Svetlana :

    I want to talk about the treatment. We had these little creatures not so long ago, did not know what to do and where to run. Above the neighbor said that they also had bedbugs and advised me to the company Clean City. They helped her very much. Originally the price was determined, but she was offered to make a barrier, which she did not regret. I so understood that the barrier is a separate service. The next day I called the company and on the same day they came to me! I immediately asked about the barrier, the processing master told me that this is not included in the amount. The amount claimed included only a universal remedy for the volume of rooms that I ordered! I was offered enhanced treatment, a barrier. In total, I gave twice as much, but I was already so bitten that I agreed to everything. They treated me well, however, I left the apartment so as not to inhale chemistry and for a long time airing the apartment. But after this treatment, I was never bitten again! Now I read the reviews and I'm surprised how this happens in people. They helped my neighbor, and now if my friends have such a problem, I will definitely advise Clean City. I am very grateful to the company! THANK YOU!

  40. Tatiana :

    I join all the above negative reviews! This company came 3 times, but no result, as bedbugs ran, and run. The first time they processed one-room apartment for more than 5 thousand rubles. After 3 weeks we again found the bedbugs, called them again, we were asked to call the master 800 rubles, but the master came to work with two kinds of solutions and installed a barrier from neighbors, asked 2 thousand for work. But the bugs did not disappear. They called again, and they processed the same solution and offered a barrier again, we refused, paying only for calling 800 rubles. But insects never left us ... My advice: do not call private traders, this is an extra waste of money, and most importantly - nerves! Our acquaintance faced the same problem, while processing a two-room apartment for 1700 and the bugs disappeared! He called another company, and not this sharashkin office.

  41. Alice :

    29.10.16 caused this service, because of pregnancy she left for two days, so as not to get poisoned herself. Arriving home on October 30, at night I did not find any bugs, but today, on October 31, I saw them again on the mattress. I called the same service, they told me to call the phone specified in the contract, but they can not reach them, they are busy. For processing paid 3300, and you have to pay again for the second one, this is a divorce of some kind. I think that it is necessary to write a collective complaint, otherwise they will continue to deceive people. And it is necessary to write at once to any organs, since in another way it will not work!

  42. Margarita :

    Scammers they are! Torn for the primary treatment of 10,500 rubles. In their price list, for some reason, this amount is not indicated. Treated with their words Tetrix. The most reliable means ... They ruined the whole apartment with some cheap, smelly remedy. All the bugs were alive! The re-treatment was ordered. Everything was the same. In general, we threw away the sofa, carpets and bought a good steamer ... He saves us. Bugs and their eggs instantly die of hot. And their office is rotten. I immediately realized - after the grass guy who is a type of trawler, was encrypted from me around our house. I followed him by car in circles. And even recorded a video, where she asked about why he runs from me and what he came to. He did not want me to see his car. Still, I managed to take a picture of him and the number of the car ... I immediately had suspicions. It is a great pity that I did not read the reviews before ordering their services.

  43. Wicked :

    On the site the cost of processing is indicated 1800 rubles, and in fact lured 3200. We brought a photocopy of something of the type of contract, there it is written that within 30 days the repeated call is free of charge, then within a year the re-processing will cost 30% of the original cost. The processing lasted 10 minutes. Neither a receipt nor a receipt confirming payment was given. It took 3 weeks, all insects both walked and walked. We call this office, they demand money for re-processing. She poked into the terms of the contract, hang up. I regret very much that I did not read reviews about them on other sites in advance, there is one negative. Definitely, I do not recommend it!

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