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We destroy bedbugs by our own hands

уничтожение клопов своими руками

The destruction of bed bugs is a well-established process and to this day is quite accessible even to a person who has never faced the need to fight against any domestic insects.

The specificity of bugs is that they are absolutely indifferent to the sanitary conditions in the house. That is why even perfectly cleaned apartments and expensive apartments can become for them as comfortable a home as a student's canteen - for cockroaches.

But wherever bed bugs have settled , the destruction by their own hands of these parasites with the right approach - it's literally one day and 1500-2000 rubles. At the same time, modern insecticides provide high security for fighting bed bugs and its effectiveness even in cases when such activities are carried out by the user for the first time.

Methods for self-destruction bedbugs

The fight against bugs in the most general case can take place in two formats: direct extermination, or simple repulsion.

Speaking specifically about the destruction of bed bugs themselves, the most common for today are the following methods:

  • use of common household insecticides that are highly effective against bedbugs
  • fight bed bugs using low or high temperatures
  • mechanical methods of killing bugs.

Of these three options, in 90% of cases, the first is used to achieve the desired results. The reason for this is its universality and efficiency.

If the application of temperature methods in domestic conditions is available only to residents of individual regions (with a cold climate), and not all the year round, then an effective drug can be treated any apartment at any time of the year.

The mechanical methods of fighting are the direct extermination of insects with their hands or with a vacuum cleaner. They give a more or less reliable result only when overhauling the premises, when it is possible to destroy all insects in a certain area.

That is why, first of all, you should get acquainted with the destruction of bed bugs with your own hands with the help of powerful insecticides.

Destroy bedbugs with insecticides

Do not immediately be afraid of insecticides as "toxic chemicals." The beauty of modern tools for fighting domestic insects is that with a pronounced effect on bugs, they are harmless enough to humans. However, certain security measures when applying them should still be followed.

Most household insecticides are produced in the form of a spray or liquid, which must be sprayed indoors with a conventional spray from household chemicals. Such means include:

  • The executioner, considered today the optimal drug for self-destruction of bedbugs. It is available as a liquid concentrate and requires dissolution in a larger volume of water. Палач от клопов
  • Klopomor, even more effective than the Executioner, but also more toxic. In some cases, its use is undesirable. Клопомор
  • Combat battalion, produced in balloons by the type of air fresheners. Комбат в виде аэрозоля
  • Tetrix, the most expensive, offensive and hard-to-reach, but also an incredibly powerful drug from bedbugs. Препарат Тетрикс от клопов
  • Carbophos, somewhat outdated morally, but continuing to actively kill bedbugs, especially in rural areas. Sometimes it is realized in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in water to obtain a working suspension ... Карбофос

…and some others. The main advantage of these tools is the ability to destroy bedbugs with their help with their own hands.

They just need to take and sprinkle on the maximum number of surfaces in the room, wait a few hours, ventilate the room and conduct a wet cleaning.

With careful processing of places in which bugs can be hidden - beds, cabinets, mattresses, carpets, bookshelves - one treatment is enough to completely destroy adult bedbugs, larvae and eggs.


When working with all spray products, the handler should use a cotton-gauze dressing, gloves and as much as possible closed clothing. Such measures will help to avoid allergies or effects on the skin of active substances of insecticides.

Preparations produced in the form of powders or pencils are also quite effective. For example, they include the famous Pyrethrum or the traditional pencil Mashenka .

The first one should be scattered in places of accumulation and movement of bedbugs, the second - to smear all surfaces on which bedbugs can move. Such measures, although they will delay the destruction of bedbugs for several days, or even weeks, but will allow to do without evacuation of the residents of the premises.


"... I lost a moment, hoped that" it will resolve itself. " A month later, these things began to gnaw so badly that they had to move to their parents. The apartment was literally flooded with Carbophos, the sofa and the bed were sprinkled with the Executioner, he was very expensive to handle the whole apartment. He closed the windows and left. A week later he swept several kilograms of these bedbugs, shook the bed, wiped the whole apartment with a rag, and they did not show up again. "

Yaroslav Andreev, Bryansk

Temperature treatment with own hands

Temperature methods of killing bugs themselves are based on the sensitivity of parasites to sudden temperature changes and their ability to survive only in narrow temperature ranges. To kill insects , the following measures are sufficient:

  • In the northern regions in winter, when the air temperature in the street is below minus 22 ° C, leave the windows open for a few days. Such a drop in temperature will kill bedbugs, but may also damage the heating system.
  • If the examination showed that bedbugs inhabit only one sofa or mattresses on the bed (which is rare enough) - take them out for a few days on the street, and after - thoroughly vacuum. Гнездо постельных клопов в матрасе
  • In the southern regions - on the contrary, bed linen, mattresses or pillows should be closed on a hot day in a car left in the sun. If the temperature in it rises above + 50 ° C, all the bugs in the laundry will die.
  • Wash contaminated pillows and bed linen in a washing machine at a temperature above + 50 ° C.

With the exception of the first method, such methods do not allow the whole apartment to be processed. Therefore, they are rarely used.

Sometimes people practice the treatment of mattresses and bed with boiling water, but such measures give only a temporary result: those bugs that hide in the apartment in the crevices of furniture and behind the skirting will remain unscathed.

If bed bugs are found in the apartment, destroying them manually using mechanical means of struggle (for example, sneakers, vacuum cleaner) in most cases is doomed to failure. It is practically impossible to vacuum the space behind the skirtings, clothing, which can contain eggs and larvae, rosettes and various small cracks in the room.

And even more so, there is no chance to pass all the bedbugs simply by hands, especially considering the small size of the larvae of the earliest ages and the complexity of their detection. It is also unlikely to find all the eggs of parasites.

Traditional means of combating bugs like turpentine, wormwood and vinegar do not destroy insects, but only discourage. Therefore, their use gives only a temporary effect. In addition, their use is associated with serious inconveniences, arising from the spread of a sharp and unpleasant odor in the room.

So if bed bugs in an apartment or house are wound up and destroyed, you decide on your own, then it's best to use reliable modern insecticides.

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