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The clown control service and the peculiarities of its work

Попробуем разобраться в особенностях работы компании Клоп Контроль, а также какие услуги она предлагает и как о ее работе отзываются клиенты.

Bug Control is, perhaps, one of the most famous companies in Moscow engaged in breeding domestic insects, as well as pest control in homes and plots, deodorization and disinfection. In fact, this company provides almost a full range of services to ensure the normal sanitary condition of the premises.

Round-the-clock service of pest control Klop Control exists on the market since 2012, constantly expanding and increasing the range of works performed. Initially, the company worked only within Moscow, but later its branches were opened in Tula, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen. In addition, the Moscow branch offers the provision of services not only within Moscow, but throughout the Moscow region.

Компания Клоп Контроль проводит не только дезинсекцию, но и дератизацию помещений (уничтожение мышей и крыс)


"For about ten years we were put up with rats and mice in our granary, although this is strictly forbidden, because the rodents, in addition to spoiling the stored product itself, are also a source of serious infections. Prior to the Bug of Control we contacted several other organizations, but they were all afraid to take up such an area. In addition, we have the field adjacent to the field, which are sources of rodents. And Klop Control worked for us for 12 days, systematically processed the premises and territory, utilities and border areas. The result is that the rats, mice and voles completely disappeared from the territory. "

Igor Semenovich, Istra

Service Services

Klop Control offers a wide range of services to maintain the normal sanitary condition of any room. Among them:

  • pest control - removing bugs , fleas, cockroaches, ants, moths and other synanthropic insects;
  • excretion of ticks and scrub;
  • disinfection of premises - destruction of viruses, bacteria, fungi;
  • deratization - the fight against mice and rats in the premises, the destruction of moles in the garden and garden plots;
  • elimination of mold;
  • deodorization - fight against bad odors;
  • cleaning - professional cleaning of premises and maintenance of cleanliness in them;
  • sale of means of pest control.

Одной из наиболее востребованных услуг компании Клоп Контроль является дезинсекция, то есть уничтожение насекомых.

Борьба с мокрицами также входит в перечень услуг службы Клоп Контроль.

Уничтожение мышей и крыс в помещениях является также весьма востребованной услугой в Москве и области.

At the same time to provide each service the company has a full arsenal of necessary funds, modern equipment and trained personnel.


"We ordered the destruction of cockroaches from the Bug. Before processing, the guys checked the whole apartment, found some scales, even though they did not bother us at all. We ordered from them an economy-cleaning option, for a two-room apartment was paid 2400 rubles. The guys worked for an hour and a half, conducted a wet treatment, then showed us how many cockroaches they were able to harvest dead - two and a half full scoops turned out. They gave us a contract, said that because of a severe infection, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. But we were lucky, all the cockroaches rested at once. "

Oleg, Mytischi

Если вас одолелы тараканы - специалисты Клоп Контроль весьма быстро от них избавят, причем с высокой вероятностью этих насекомых вы уже не увидите как минимум год.

Especially a lot of positive feedback on the work of the Bedbug control service can be found in relation to the destruction of bedbugs and fleas in homes.

It is useful to bear in mind that the Bug Control offers several variants of pest control for different cases:

  • Usual disinsection - processing of all surfaces in the room, beds and sofas, window frames and door frames, skirting boards. In this case, insecticidal agents having a residual effect of about 2 months are used.
  • Reinforced disinsection is the same, only with the use of funds having a residual life of more than 3 months.
  • Protective disinfestation - similar to reinforced, but with the processing of things and the additional provision of the customer with repellents to protect the premises from the repeated penetration of insects from the outside.
  • Pre-disinfestation, in which additional ways of penetrating insects into an apartment outside of it (for example, a corridor) are processed.

На фотографии показаны специалисты-дезинсекторы, проводящие обработку помещения.

In addition, the company additionally sells highly effective insecticides, as well as traps and scarers (will be useful to those who want to try to get rid of parasites on their own).


"We first called Clop Control, we did not like this company. For going outside the Moscow Ring Road - surcharge, for stronger drugs - surcharge, for traps - co-payment. As a result, all processing cost us twice as much as the manager said by phone. Of course, this is all on a "voluntary" basis. Like, you want, that bedbugs do not appear for three months - buy. When a month later they were poisoned at the mother's apartment, they called the Clean City. The effect is the same, only one and a half times cheaper and without all of these surcharges. "

Zhenya, Moscow

And this is not the only negative feedback. As elsewhere, things do not always go smoothly.

What drugs are bait parasites Bug Control?

To combat bugs and other synanthropic insects, the Clop Control specialists use insecticides of neuro-paralytic action, which are at the same time relatively safe for humans.

Для борьбы с насекомыми в Клоп Контроле применяют препараты преимущественно нервно-паралитического действия, которые при этом относительно безопасны для человека и животных.

In this case, the treatment is carried out in such a way as to minimize the possibility of the impact of the funds on the occupants of the premises.

Among the means used by the company can be identified the following:

  • Tetrix is ​​a Dutch drug that provides protection from insects for 3 months. Инсектицидное средство Тетрикс
  • Delta Zone is a deltamethrin based product that is practically odorless. Инсектицидное средство на основе дельтаметрина Дельта Зона
  • Carbophos and Fufanon, one of the most inexpensive, but very effective drugs, which allow to destroy insects at all stages of development, including eggs. Инсектицидное средство Фуфанон-Супер
  • Foresight - allows you to poison only adult insects and larvae, against eggs is ineffective. Средство Форсайт весьма эффективно в борьбе со взрослыми особями клопов, однако на их яйца оно практически не действует.
  • Sinuzan is a remedy with a strong odor, it is usually used by professional disinsectors. Профессиональное средство для дезинсекции Синузан
  • Xulat is an analogue of the former Empire, also a very effective insecticide. Инсектицидный препарат Ксулат

To handle these facilities, special manual aerosol units are used. For example, when ordering treatment using cold fog, portable fog generators are used. Workers of the Bedbug Control have all the necessary personal protective equipment, and the tenants of the premises and pets must leave the apartment for the time of pest control.


"Last year we poisoned bedbugs at the dacha in Odintsovo. At first they tried with all sorts of powders, but then they gave up and called the Bug Control. It is very expensive, of course, and especially given the call for the Moscow Ring Road, but from the first time they all withdrew. The stench, of course, was simply eerie, but for a couple of days everything had disappeared, and more of us bugs no longer appeared. "

Hope, Moscow

Если самостоятельная борьба с паразитами не дает результата, то в большинстве случаев наилучшим решением будет обращение в профессиональную службу дезинсекции...

Prices for services Bedbugs

Prices for breeding bedbugs by the disinfestation service Bedbug Control are quite high. But the level of their service and provided guarantees are worth this money: the company really works reliably, quickly responds to calls, guarantees the absence of insects for a certain period after processing and gives discounts to customers for processing other premises or ordering other services.

The simplest treatment from bedbugs costs 1800 rubles for a one-room apartment, 2200 for a two-room apartment, 2500 for a three-room apartment and 3,000 for a four-room apartment. This service is called wet disinfestation: with this treatment, the room is treated with an insecticide, it is kept in this state for a while, then it is ventilated.

More expensive is the treatment with the use of fog generators (Clog Control uses cold fog generators, although in general there are also hot mist generators that can hardly be called much more efficient). For such treatment of a one-room apartment, you will need to pay 3000 rubles, 2-room - 3500 rubles, 3-room - 4000 rubles and 4-room - 4500 rubles.

Пример обработки помещения от клопов холодным туманом

After such treatment the company gives a guarantee for 1 year, installs traps in each room for additional protection of the premises, leaves some insecticide to the owners for preventive purposes and gives a discount of 50% for disinfection and cleaning of housing. As a result, such measures practically do not give parasites a chance to survive or re-enter the premises and often even relieve the owners of the apartment from the trouble of preventing its re-infection.

The order of breeding bedbugs

All work is done by the Bedbug in accordance with the contract signed with the customer. In addition to the main provisions, this document also specifies the area to be treated, the means used, the warranty period and the cost of work.

В договоре на оказание услуг компанией Клоп Контроль должны указываться площадь обрабатываемого помещения и применяемые от насекомых средства

At the first call to the company manager Klop Control specifies the condition of the premises, the estimated degree of its contamination, the address, and also offers the most suitable services and coordinates the price and processing time.

After that, the disinsectors themselves leave for the room. To reduce the time of processing the apartment, you must remove all people and animals from it in advance, move furniture away from the walls, hide clothes and utensils in hermetically sealed plastic bags.

Перед приездом специалистов службы дезинсекции желательно заранее подготовить квартиру к обработке.

Disinsectors work for about an hour and a half, after which, at the request of the customer, ventilation and cleaning of the premises are carried out.

The treatment from bedbugs is best planned for the morning hours, so that before the sleep insecticide spray and the smell had time to get out of the room. In the future, if you find bugs (cockroaches, fleas, ants ...), you can safely call the service and demand a free re-processing: Bedbug Control is famous for the fact that they are very responsible for fulfilling their promises. However, as the reviews show, when there was a need for re-treatment after their work, there was practically no, and with very strong contamination of the premises, the disinfesters themselves honestly warn tenants that in most cases such a number of bugs can not be withdrawn in most cases even by the most powerful means.

В компании Клоп Контроль предупреждают клиентов о том, что если помещение слишком заражено насекомыми, то одной обработки может быть недостаточно


"The first time we applied to SES, the second time - in another apartment - in Bug Control. Both companies have well spoiled bedbugs, nothing left after them, but the SES itself has arrived so far, while everything was inspected while the deceivers were sent, we bitten a week of bugs. A Bug Control arrived the day after the call. True, they also take four times more money. But it's worth it. These are bedbugs, it is impossible to sleep with them at all. "

Olga, Novosibirsk

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