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How and how can you quickly bring bed bugs out of the apartment?

На фото постельные клопы и их личинки

Bed bugs are the most domestic of all human insect-parasites. Nowhere else than in a human dwelling, they can not find a source of food, and therefore they are literally tied to apartments, houses and dormitories.

Compared to other insects - cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes - bed bugs are less versatile in terms of habitats and fodder objects. However, they are also more resistant to different ways of fighting, because of which deducing bedbugs from an apartment is a rather laborious process.

Nevertheless, it is possible to bring out bedbugs today quickly and reliably. The method of disinfestation of various premises is well-developed, and regardless of whether professionals will save the premises from parasites, or the tenant himself will do it, the chances of success in getting rid of bedbugs are very high.

How to bring out bed bugs: a review of methods

Before you remove bedbugs from the dwelling, it is necessary to understand what methods exist for this and which one should be preferred in each particular case. Among the main ways to note are the following:

  • Direct destruction of bedbugs with special poisonous substances. It can be Combat, Executioner, Dichlorvos, Carbophos or any other means. It is important only to initially rely on full treatment of the premises and not to have illusions about the possibility of hiding bedbugs only in the couch: almost always parasites inhabit a lot of places in the apartment, and only in upholstered furniture can be found by the owners. Before you remove bedbugs from the apartment in this way, you must comply with all safety requirements.
  • Freezing or "burning out" bedbugs. The first operation is carried out with a complete cooling of the apartment in winter or removal of furniture in which insects live, in the cold. The elimination of bed bugs in the second way consists in warming up the apartment with industrial fan heaters with an increase in temperature to + 50 ° C for several hours.
  • Collect bugs with a vacuum cleaner or hands. This method is very laborious and will not allow you to completely get rid of bedbugs in a residential apartment. But how support for other methods is often considered.
  • Use of highly smelling substances - dust, turpentine, denatured, some herbs. Very rarely, such means can completely rid the apartment of bedbugs, but it is possible to drive them partially.

Bedbugs fast enough to develop resistance to the means by which they regularly poison. Therefore, if the bedbugs in the apartment came from neighbors, you need to find out what they were poisoned there, and use another drug.

Feedback on the withdrawal of bedbugs:

"I do not know, fortunately or not, but we've got bugs before the repair. We did everything - changed the wallpaper, floors, ceilings, and therefore all this muck just swept and passed. They threw out two couches, which were directly infested with bedbugs. No means were used to house the house, only did not heat the month, but it still was warm. Already half a year after repair, as bedbugs do not. I think they got rid of ... "

The most effective expulsion of bedbugs from the apartment will be when they are dealt with by professionals.

Для эффективного уничтожения клопов в квартире полезно обращаться к профессионалам-дезинсекторам

Оборудование для уничтожения насекомых-паразитов

To do this, usually called brigades of health services, specialists who know perfectly well where the bugs can hide and in what cases what means and methods are better to use. In addition, the heat treatment of the apartment can be done only with the help of specialized equipment, which is available from such specialists.

Breeding of bedbugs depending on the specifics of their localization

Bed bugs in the apartment usually settle in different places. It can be a bed, furniture, and cracks in the floor and behind the baseboards, and household appliances, clothes or pantry. The main thing for them is darkness, normal temperature regime and food availability.

На рисунке изображены места, где в первую очередь следует искать клопов в квартире

Most often the place of congestion bedbugs are beds and sofas, on which people sleep. To drive them from here is possible in many ways:

  • take the furniture out to freeze;
  • treat it with special preparations - the Executioner, Carbophos, Tetrix and others;
  • Scald the whole surface with boiling water or walk through the hair dryer.

It is important to understand that if bedbugs are hiding in some other place of the apartment, the processing of one bed will not give a result - they will sooner or later return to it.

Feedback on the removal of bed bugs from the sofa :

"We have already, and this way the sofa has been treated. And Dust, and Dichlophos, and Carbophos. Bugs still remain. In the end, threw it out and bought a new one. But they returned anyway! Called the service and we were shown that all the parasites are in the closet and behind the carpet on the wall. In general, you need to poison the entire apartment ... "

If bedbugs have chosen very hard to reach places, it is necessary to conduct complex disinfestation of the whole room, either on their own, or by attracting specialists. The latter, by the way, have special tools for introducing poison into narrow slits.

In everyday life, Pyrethrum and some similar powders and solutions are widely used, with which it is possible to process such slits, plinths and rosettes. These funds are relatively inexpensive, but do not give a quick effect.

Many powder insecticides are ineffective against egg bugs. This means that even after destroying the main nest by these means, it is possible to meet in a few weeks bedbugs that have emerged from previously laid eggs.

And, finally, the settlement of bedbugs in clothes is the most favorable option. To get rid of them here is the easiest: clothes enough to wash at a temperature above 50 ° C or just warm in the sun or with an iron, and all the parasites will die at the same time.

Removing bedbugs from couches, beds and armchairs

Домашние клопы в диване

Upholstered furniture is a favorite shelter for bedbugs. Here, the sleeping person is most accessible to them, the optimal temperature regime is constantly maintained, and even when killed, when killed, the insect risks less.

Important: the smallest larvae of bedbugs can slide inside the mattresses. Because of this, it is much more difficult to detect and destroy them.

But soft furniture is the easiest thing to process. It can be scalded in an old way with boiling water from a large saucepan, you can take it outside to the frost, you can treat insecticides on the street. It is important before you take the bedbugs out of the apartment, check that there are not any more of them. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

Клопы в складках матраса

It is possible to process upholstered furniture with turpentine or denatured alcohol. Bugs these substances are scared off, and therefore carry out such treatment should be on the street. However, it is usually impossible to completely get rid of parasites in an apartment by such means.

How to pull bedbugs out of clothes

Клопы любят прятаться в одежде

The simplest way to remove bedbugs from clothes is to heat it. Here practically everything is effective:

  • washing at high temperature;
  • scalding in a large bowl;
  • ironing;
  • steaming clothes in a closed car in the sun on a summer day;
  • dry cleaning - they usually include processing clothes with special insecticides.

It is possible to combine all clothes into packages in a complex treatment of an apartment, carefully treat it with insecticide and pack it up. In a few hours all the bugs on clothes will die. The main thing - do not forget after that clothes thoroughly washed.

What if the entire apartment is infected with bugs?

The way to bring bed bugs from a particular apartment is best described by a representative of the health service. Here it is necessary to consider:

  1. Dimensions of the apartment;
  2. Infestations with bedbugs of neighboring apartments;
  3. Season of the year.

As a rule, for complex treatment of apartments, high-performance insecticides are used, and only occasionally they resort to heat treatment of the apartment. Both methods are reliable enough, but temperature treatment is much safer for permanent residents.

When self-processing an apartment you need:

  1. Carefully choose a drug to fight. Today, the most effective are Carbofos, Executioner, Fufanon, Combat and some others. Choosing which means to bug bugs, it is necessary to find out which of them uses local health services. They are usually most effective in specific conditions.
  2. Observe all safety precautions specified in the instructions. In any case, it is necessary to remove all tenants and pets from the premises for a day, and the treatment should be carried out in a gauze dressing and gloves.
  3. The maximum careful processing of all places where bugs are hidden or potentially can be.
  4. Leave the room with the windows closed for several hours.
  5. Ventilate the apartment and thoroughly wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. Most insecticides used today, quickly disintegrate in the air, but even a minimum of them, persisting on walls and tables, can lead to unpleasant consequences (for example, allergies).

In the northern regions in winter, the apartment can be freezed, leaving for several days with open windows. It is important only to provide for the protection of engineering systems from freezing and make sure that the temperature outside the window dropped below minus 22 ° C.

A particularly serious case is the simultaneous infestation of bedragms in several apartments in a multi-storey building. Here for effective struggle it is necessary to find out who has bedbugs in the house, to cooperate and coordinate their actions so that either simultaneously conduct an independent treatment of the apartment, or call a team of pest control in several rooms at once. It is important to understand that if at least one apartment in the house remains bugs, they will quickly spread throughout the building.

Feedback on the persecution of bugs in the hostel:

"In general, I never saw this muck in my eyes, and only after moving, when they started biting at night, sinned against mosquitoes. And then I found out that almost all of the new hostel was struck by them. Once etched, the second, all to no avail. They run from the next room in a few days. In short, two weeks agreed on harassment, summoned a brigade, a lot of money was threatened (104 rooms with kitchens and storerooms!), But they were notorious. For more than a year, nobody has ever been bitten. Called simply sanepidemstantsiyu, without any services. "

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  1. Alexandra :

    I have a little baby, a mother, a father, I live in the same apartment. We were brought that year with a sofa, at first there were no bedbugs, and then how they climbed ... It is impossible to sleep and live. I tried to poison them with dichlorvos, but so far I have not succeeded. How to bug bugs, if there is nowhere to go for a long time?

  2. Love :

    Hello. I want to share how we got rid of this evil. We brought bugs to friends. We tried everything we could. After the grass, 2-3 days passed and they crept out again. For 3 months, my husband and I got up at night and just drove them (so that children do not bite). Oblazy all that is possible - they did not find their masonry. The wallpaper was torn off, the plinths were torn off, the platbands on the doors. Worked Combat, Reid, Raptor (spray and vaporfugator) - the result of zero. Have thrown out mattresses, two sofas - it seemed to me, that they everywhere. Of course, they became much less, but ... When I saw a bite on a baby, I almost went mad. I went to the hardware store, bought carbofos (costs about 50 rubles) and Varan. We moved with the children to a large room (there is nowhere else to go) and they poisoned him. The stench is utterly unreal. We sealed the door from the outside with usual polyethylene and scotch, so that it does not stink. 3 days did not enter the room. Then they washed everything and did the same with a large room. A month and a half we sleep peacefully! You can get rid of them if you really want to. I wish everyone good luck.

  3. Nellie :

    And what did you do with the things?

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