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How to get rid of bedbugs in the couch

Диванный клоп

For domestic bedbugs, soft furniture is a favorite habitat. And not because it is dark and warm - for them these criteria for choosing a home are secondary. Yes, and "bed bug" - the name is more popular than scientific and professional. All the bugs that feed on blood and live in a man's dwelling belong to the same species and are called bedding, and already popular rumor gives them the names "sofa", "home" and others

First of all, soft furniture attracts bedbugs because in it insects are closest to the source of food - a sleeping person. Consequently, they need to move less around the room and risk being noticed. Besides, between parts of the sofas, especially old and very refined, there are many dense junctions, which are ideal shelters for insects: the bugs most confidently feel where they come in contact with two surfaces and back and abdomen. In other words, wherever closely, it is most convenient for them.

And of course, in couches and beds bedbugs are the warmest of all, since these items store the heat of a person. Not every insect can afford such a luxury. Removing bedbugs from the sofa is often a serious problem: these parasites are sometimes very resistant to chemistry and unfavorable environmental conditions.

Methods of breeding bedbugs: sofa specificity

Removing bedbugs from the sofa has its own peculiarities in comparison with the removal of insects from the apartment in general.

First of all, you need to make sure that bedbugs live only in the couch, and in other places of the apartment they are not. Usually this happens quite rarely: parasites can even hide in large numbers, rather than in the couch, behind the skirting boards, in the cracks of cabinets, under and behind the carpets, but the owners of the apartment find them only on the bed and under it.

If indeed a careful check of possible places of shelter did not reveal the presence of bedbugs, it makes sense to handle only the sofa.

Methods for removing bedbugs from the sofa are few:

  • mechanical destruction, or simple collection of insects by hands. Extremely ineffective, unpleasant and lengthy process. But also the cheapest.
  • temperature treatment of the sofa. The best way, since the sofa is mobile. Bugs and their eggs die within a day at a temperature below minus 18 ° C and almost instantly die at a temperature above 50 ° C. Therefore, a sofa can either be taken out for a couple of days on the street in winter, or treated with special tools or services with heat. Effective is scalding the sofa with boiling water, but after that the sofa needs a lot of time to dry.
  • sofa treatment by chemical means. There are a lot of such tools on the market, but before processing the sofa from bed bugs , it is necessary to hold special events in the apartment itself. Some remedies can be toxic and dangerous for both humans and pets. Therefore, before using them, it is recommended to plan for a short-term evacuation of all tenants of the premises, and then carry out the treatment of the sofa in accordance with the instruction. The main funds for today are Dichlofos, Carbophos, Executioner, Perfos, Raptor, Reid, Combat.

Обработка дивана паром

A variety of folk remedies of the type of strong-smelling herbs or tinctures of the result usually do not give. And such strong ones as turpentine, denatured alcohol or a mixture of them with vinegar can ruin the sofa forever. Of course, they do not apply if bed bugs were found in the new couch.

The most effective way has always been and will be the treatment of the sofa by the special services of pest control, but the same method is the most expensive. And if the bugs other than the sofa did not manage to master other areas of the house, then it would be irrational to call specialists. It is easier to resort to the help of Karbofos or the Executioner.

How bedbugs populate couches

Perhaps you are wondering where the bedbugs come from in the couch. The answer is usually quite simple: insects either come from neighbors, or come on clothes, with bags or any technique from shops or from guests. Having once drunk blood from a person sleeping on the couch in a new room for them, they do not crawl away, but remain in the crevices of the couch in order to repeat the meal in a few days.

One female or two or three larvae in the new couch is enough to have a whole new colony here in a few months - the bugs multiply and grow very fast. It may even give the impression that the bedbugs are wound up in the couch overnight. Especially among those who are not too sensitive to their bites and single attacks did not feel.

Клопы под обивкой дивана

Strictly speaking, the colonies as such have no bedbugs, they simply come together and give the impression of an organized group. Here they lay eggs, here they molt, and so even without detection of running insects, it is easy to calculate their presence in the couch according to certain signs.

We are looking for bedbugs and find out if they are

Before finding bedbugs in the couch, the owner of the apartment can almost always notice other signs of living together with these insects:

  1. Bites. If there are few bedbugs in the couch, their bites can be mistaken for mosquitoes. But when the colony sprouts, profuse lesions in the morning can not be confused with anything: they cover even a well-wrapped body for the night, and among the common set of red dots you can find noticeable "paths" of three to four bites. This is the "handwriting" of the bug, which for one feeding punctures the person several times.
  2. Excrement. Often they come across under the sofa when cleaning the apartment: small black dots, similar to simple pieces of dirt from the street. If in the bedroom they appear regularly, you should be vigilant.
  3. Smell. Not too strong, like the smell of almonds or raspberries. Usually it starts to feel good with a large number of bedbugs, and especially sensitive to smells people will feel it quickly.

If the sofa itself is dismantled or raised a mattress, it will immediately become clear whether the bugs are hiding in it. No other insects inhabit sleeping places with such dense colonies. Therefore, when on the underside of the mattress you can see the bustling movement of small cockroach-like creatures of different sizes, you can say for sure that there were bugs in the couch.

A few words about how to look like sofa bugs: outwardly they look like cockroaches, only small and fairly wide. They run fast, but slower than cockroaches, and if you carefully look at them, the absence of wings comes into view. In addition, the coloration of bedbugs is monophonic, while the red cockroaches have specks in the region of the cephalothorax.

Eggs of bedbugs have a length of up to half a millimeter and come across in the same place where adult insects also occur. In general, the settlement of bedbugs is like a small dump: here parasites of different ages are rummaging, from small larvae to adult insects, piles of mantle left after moulting are piled in, and all this is diluted with excrement and eggs. Especially impressionable people such a spectacle under the mattress of their favorite bed can cause a real shock.

Find bugs in the couch - this is only part of the work, and not so difficult to solve, as the task of their expulsion from the couch. And if bedbugs in the apartment are found, you need to take measures as soon as possible to destroy them.

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  1. Olya :

    I was devoured by bedbugs.

  2. Artem :

    I was lying on the couch, watching - the bug. I got scared and nailed it.

  3. Light :

    I sleep with these bugs and they are pretty nice creatures.

  4. Dashul :

    Today, my husband and I used to persecute them, the whole sofa and floor, and all kinds of cracks. Even the wallpaper was rinsed with any rubbish stinking. I do not believe, I'm lying, waiting for an offensive ...

  5. Angela :

    It's horrible, I ran into it for the first time, running away from the alcoholic neighbor. Than just do not work, 2 day, they are eating again, bites with huge stains, itching is unreal. Neighbor does not let anyone in, but until the hearth is removed, it's useless with them, I think, to fight. Lord, but what is this for?

  6. Elena :

    The same problem as with the previous speaker, apparently. In the neighborhood live a dubious kind of citizens, and even a hostel. My bugs are one or two times-and in my room it will not be difficult. Today I was sitting, reading before going to bed, I feel something creeping up on me, I look - a bedbug, and not a small redhead, but already hefty and from the roof of my already black! I was scared to death. Knocked out all the bed, and then hung out on the balcony to ventilate, I sit here now, waiting. And the time is the third hour of the night ((Yes, and now it's scary to sleep.) Tomorrow with utretsa, early run for Dikhlofos!

    • Sasha :

      The same trouble. It is now half past four in the morning, I found several creeps on the pillow. All right, there will not be a dream. It is necessary to do something about this.

  7. Lily :

    A nightmare ... I lie with my husband on the couch, and I saw - the bed bug crawls. Horror, tomorrow we'll go buy a new sofa ...

  8. Ilya :

    I have been fighting these bastards for 3 months already. Apparently from Turkey they brought it. Tried dichlorvos and raptor - they do not care. I bought a steam generator. Steamed the couch for 4 times already. They still survive. Running parasites quickly, it is clear, while one side is scalded, they move to another. And the sofa is new, it's a pity to throw out, 37000.

  9. Anatoly :

    Is REOPAN a normal remedy?

  10. Catherine :

    Hello! Last year, neighbors sold the apartment and residents from Kazakhstan moved there. And about the horror, in a few months we could not sleep. We have small children, I'm allergic to bites. In the summer, the craftsmen were summoned. Travanuli. Class. Until next summer they lived like in paradise. Neighbors then come, then they leave. With an interval of three months. This year, again came bugs, and neighbors are not at home. They are in Kazakhstan. Again we have Varfolomeevsky nights. Only the specialists call. No other way.

  11. Olga :

    Oh God! Tonight, too, I felt that someone was running after me. It turned out - a bug. I'm sitting in the kitchen now, I can not sleep any more. Children in the room in any way - I'm afraid to wake. Tomorrow I'll throw out the sofa! How can they be poisoned if there are small children and a cat in the house? And we have nowhere to go. Below us, on the first floor, the grandmother lives alone, about seventy, often drinking. From it, probably, creeping creeps! I'm terrified.

    • Marina :

      What is the point of throwing out the couch - they will get to the children from the grandmother.

  12. Gray :

    Hello everybody! Imagine, we have them in the whole house, and the house has five floors, four entrances. And they are everywhere, in every apartment. They crawl out of the cellar, right up the stairs.

  13. World :

    The second day they are, very much, how can you kill?

  14. Firefighter :

    With his wife they poisoned them all night, and they, parasites, still go. We must introduce heavy artillery.

  15. Mitrofan :

    Night falls, and again a nightmare, from these reptiles bugs. How to get rid? They are no longer strong! SOS!

    • Anonymous :

      Tell me. How did you get rid of them, and say, and you also need to throw out the pillow and the blanket?

  16. Anonymous :

    Will it help, if you treat the sofa with dichlorvos, and then treat it with steam (iron)?

  17. Dmitry :

    I bought an apartment in a new building, lived 4 months already, the furniture is all new. And the day before yesterday he noticed that there were bedbugs in the couch. Prompt, how to deduce?

  18. Anonymous :

    Buy Tsifok diluted in three liters of water. Fill in a sprayer and sprinkle everything, a week later forget. It does not work immediately, but it will be necessary to leave the apartment for a day or for the night.

    • Anonymous :

      Tell me, please, what exactly to spray, sofas, pillows? And then what to do with things in the closet? And I have two cats ((

  19. Alyona :

    I've just killed a couple of pieces recently, guard my daughter now.

  20. Davinci :

    The couch brought to the street. Treated with dichlorvos. I still do not want to enter the house. To throw out it is a pity. I think, to treat hot boiling water. I hope that helps.

  21. Ruslan :

    It is best to hunt or catch at night, when they are more active. And better immediately, as they noticed the appearance, and then it will be worse ...

  22. Anonymous :

    We have a house on 24 floors, in August of this year in one of the apartments bugs appeared. They poisoned the whole entrance, we have one. We live in an apartment a year, a new house, made a good repair. And all the furniture and appliances are new. And the neighbors started to rise bedbugs ...

  23. Lech :

    And where can I buy ZIPOKS?

  24. Victoria :

    Oh my God! Found bugs! At first there were bites of my mother, and I sleep with her. Have gone to the doctor, have told or said, that someone bites ... Or an allergy. Saw the pills. Strange as it may seem, they did not touch me. And today I woke up - on my leg and hands bites. We decided to look under the couch and found them! People, advise how to get rid of them ?!

    And also a neighbor has a chicken in her apartment ... Maybe they crawl from her?

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