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How to self-destruct home bedbugs in an apartment

Уничтожение домашних клопов

Many people who have encountered the problem of infecting an apartment with bugs prefer to immediately turn to disinsection services. Meanwhile, this costly exercise may not give the quick and lasting effect that tenants count on.

At the same time, there are a lot of ways to get rid of bedbugs on your own, and today everyone can take literally a day, thanks to which the house bugs completely disappear from the room.

To date, the market is flooded with household insecticides, which make it easy and inexpensive to conduct disinsection with their own hands. The effectiveness of these tools proves: independent destruction of bedbugs is quite possible.

Use of aerosol insecticides against bedbugs

Aerosol - a very convenient form of release of antiparasitic drugs, which allows to apply the drug on any surface in just a few movements. In addition, the destruction of bedbugs with drugs in this form gives the fastest result.

Аэрозольные средства от клопов дают наиболее быстрый результат

Aerosol products are best used locally - spray them over the nests of bedbugs or places of their accumulation, because after applying to the surface the drug does not last long its effectiveness.

Aerosols have one significant drawback: after spraying, a significant portion of the poison enters the air and can penetrate the respiratory tract of a person or animal. Therefore, when working with sprays, it is important to strictly follow the instructions:

  • before use, remove food, hide items for personal use
  • Remove animals and children from the premises, the aquariums tightly close and turn off the air intakes
  • wear personal protective equipment: mask or respirator, glasses, gloves, a bathrobe
  • wide open windows
  • The can should be shaken carefully so that the components of the product mix
  • spray the places of accumulation of insects and secluded places of the room, holding a can in the outstretched hand. The distance to the object of spraying is about 20 cm. Do not use aerosols near electrical appliances and open flames. Try to sprinkle so that a continuous line is obtained.
  • After processing, you need to leave the windows open and leave the room for at least half an hour.

Self- destruction of bedbugs in an apartment can be carried out with the following sprays:

  • Raptor from bedbugs . Contains the poison of the pyrethroid group, has a paralytic effect on the nervous system of insects. The most effective for local effects on parasites and their nests. Buy Raptor can be priced at about 150-180 rubles. Раптор от домашних клопов
  • Raid. It is recommended for the processing of upholstered furniture, has a faint odor, which quickly evaporates. You can buy a drug for 150-180 rubles. Аэрозоль Raid
  • Microphos. A well-known professional remedy with a strong smell, but very effective. It can be used on upholstered furniture (if it does not scare a persistent smell) or directly on the nests of bedbugs, on the parasites themselves. Get Microfoss is problematic enough, and one canister of it, which can process the entire apartment, will cost 1500 rubles. Микрофос: концентрат для разбавления
  • Combat commander. This is another effective aerosol, which is equipped with special nozzles for hard-to-reach places. Has a paralytic effect on insects, works best when exposed to bugs and their nests. Buy a Combat can be for 125-140 rubles.

Аэрозоль Комбат (Combat)

Before removing bedbugs yourself with the help of sprays, it is necessary to take care of the availability of personal protective equipment: gloves, cotton-gauze dressing or a respirator, glasses. They will reduce the likelihood of the insecticide falling on the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract and will ensure proper safety during work.

Application of insecticidal powders and chalk

When people think about how to bug bugs themselves, they often focus on the advice of sellers in the store or the market. Many of them offer funds issued in the form of powder or chalk, which are supposedly very effective.

In fact, this form of release of the remedy does not always give an effect against bedbugs, because these insects will not eat the poisonous powder (as, for example, a cockroach could do) - the bugs feed exclusively on blood. Therefore, only those powder insecticides, which include the poison of contact action, and not only the intestinal, can really work. The fight against the use of such powders is quite effective, but it stretches over time.

Self-destruction of bedbugs usually involves the use of the following insecticidal powders:

  • Chlorophos. Organophosphate insecticide, requires the preparation of a solution: 15 g of powder per 10 liters of water. Effective against bedbugs and their eggs. It is mild toxicant to humans, but is hazardous by inhalation. Хлорофос: инсектицидный порошок
  • Mashenka. This chalk has a fairly high efficiency due to the content of poisons of the pyrethroid group. It is well fixed on the surface and acts for a long time after application. By the ratio of price and quality - this is one of the best options for a small number of bugs in the apartment. Мелок Машенька тоже достаточно эффективен против домашних клопов
  • Neopin is a fairly effective powder for the destruction of bed bugs. Before use, it should be diluted in proportions of 10 g per 1 liter of water. It is necessary to irrigate places of congestion of bugs and hard-to-reach places, and after 2 hours you can wash everything off (it does not have a prolonged effect). To achieve the effect requires a constant (literally daily) treatment with Neopin solution, otherwise it will not cope with the problem, but only reduce the number of parasites.

The destruction of bedbugs by temperature treatment

Home bugs, like all living things, have their own temperature limits of existence. Therefore, with the self- destruction of bedbugs, you can use the old proven trick: in the winter, take the infected sofa to the street and leave it for several hours.

Клопы погибают на морозе

If there is an opportunity to leave for a couple of days, you can "freeze" the whole apartment, but this is dangerous for plumbing (can burst heating pipes).

Home bugs can not tolerate temperatures from minus 22 degrees and below, and if the apartment is in a region where such frosts occur, then such a method as freezing the room should be noted.

You can get rid of bed bugs yourself and with the help of high temperatures: nests of parasites are siped with boiling water or scalded by steam. The first method quite effectively reduces the number of bedbugs, but only if their habitats are identified. The second way is worse: steam usually does not have time to reach the right place, condensing on furniture or walls.

Pest control has special steam generators that send a jet of steam to the right place and destroy bed bugs. But an ordinary teapot is unlikely to work that way. Sometimes professional disinsectors use long warming up of the room to a temperature of + 50 ° C with the help of thermal guns - this also leads to the death of parasites.

Folk remedies against bedbugs

In the centuries-old struggle against bedbugs, people came up with ever new recipes for the effective destruction of these parasites. Some of these folk remedies do work, but for the most part they simply scare off bedbugs for a while, without reducing their numbers. Such folk remedies include, for example, wormwood, tansy, vinegar, ammonia and some others.

Уксус - старинное народное средство от клопов

There are also variants of mixtures that kill insects when they hit them directly. Unfortunately, they do not have a prolonged action. They do not make sense to apply throughout the apartment, you can only handle the detected nests of bed bugs:

  • a mixture of vinegar, naphthalene and 90% alcohol in equal parts;
  • pure methylated spirit;
  • aviation kerosene.

It is worth remembering that the independent destruction of bedbugs by folk remedies makes sense only with a small number of insects in the house. In addition, the use of toxic chemicals requires strict safety regulations: the use of gloves, masks and glasses.

The methylated spirit, alcohol and aviation fluid are easily flammable, so you can not use them near a fire source. In addition, these drugs are toxic to animals.

So, as you can see, independent destruction of bedbugs in an apartment is not such an impossible task if you approach it wisely. Completely get rid of the population of bed bugs can be in a fairly short time, but there is always a risk of their re-entry, for example, from neighbors. Therefore it is useful to work together with other tenants at home.

If you can not reach an agreement with your neighbors, then you need to take constant preventive measures and protect your apartment from the new penetration of bedbugs.

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  1. Vadim :

    Hello, people! It takes advice that will really help get rid of the nasty creature-bedbugs. They tried to remove it with aerosols, dust in the form of powder, sage wormwood, watered the bed with 9 percents peroxide and every other stuff, the result is one-bugs are not going to disappear. Such a feeling is that the mutants have been specially released by the producers from these bloodsuckers. The main question is whether it is necessary to run tests for all bad diseases, because these reptiles are carriers of these? It came to the point that they crawl out in the daytime they do not care about daylight and all kinds of poison, or it is easier to really burn the apartment, guard ... .to somebody, help!

  2. Sergey :

    There was this infection a year ago, as they appeared mind I will not propose. I read all the Internet all the way up and down, I did not call the station, because the apartment is removable. I got rid of all the aerosols that are on the market, I spent a lot of money and nerves and not one did not help. Then he bought the CARBOFOS trays on the lawn-and-garden trays, he also bought a respirator, since the poison is harmful to humans. Diluted the drug with water, 4 ampoules per 2 liters of water, and sprinkled everything where they got their hands with a conventional spray-type mister muscle. If there are many bedbugs, then to CARPHOBOS you can mix the drug PALAC (it can also be bought in the same place). He closed all the windows and doors and went for walks for 12 hours. He came aired, the smell of course disappeared remotely during the week, well, better let him stink than gnaw. People advised to re-treat after 2 weeks, I did not, because I did not have enough. And pah pah to this day they are not. Cost me the whole procedure together with a $ 10 resperator. Try, it will not be worse.

    And by the way, after processing to my apartment even the flies did not fly for two months, but about the Prusaks, neighbor guerrillas, I generally forgot. All that is crawling and flying is dead.

  3. Tired :

    We were helped by a medilis-cyper preparation. Very efficient and inexpensive. A drug for 300 rubles was used for a 3-room apartment. Processed 2 times with an interval a week. Before that they spent a lot of money on sprays, aquafumigators, crayons, powders. Nothing helped.

  4. Anna :

    Where can I buy this Medilis Ziper?

  5. Edward :

    And this can definitely help

  6. Anna :

    Recently, the apartment has bugs. I used a lot of money, but nothing helped. Disinfestors helped me in the fight against this evil spirits. I was very pleased with the advice and help.

  7. Tatiana :

    I called the pest control centers, stripped 5,000 for processing, and the bedbugs did not go away. When they applied to them, they offered re-treatment for 800 rubles, although before that they were given a guarantee of 24 months. Beware of scammers!

    • Olga :

      Also called. Did not help, again appeared (Well, we have a guarantee of 3 years, you can still call, and it will be free.) But not the fact that there will be no bedbugs.

  8. Elena :

    Hello. Tatiana, the same story, caused dezinsector, only poisoned cockroaches. I gave out 2500, they also gave a guarantee for a year. The result was not at all. They offered it again at half price. I wished them health.

  9. Misha :

    Yesterday I summoned the master, there was nothing to help, they gave away 3,000 rubles. Beware of scammers!

    • Natalia :

      The same story ... Only we gave 5,000 rubles, and now we are thinking about independent processing.

  10. Burundukov Ivan :

    Yesterday I sprayed one Combatat on the sofa. The desired result was not achieved. Today, living bugs are found. Partially sprayed Raptor. Also there is no effect.

  11. Ilya :

    I can not do it anymore ... Give something proven, otherwise I'll burn everything to such and such a mother and buy everything new, together with a cat!

  12. Anonymous :

    I also struggle with these creatures. All means that advertise, bullshit. Only chlorine or dust will help you, as well as hot treatment. Yesterday I found a good remedy for them, today I collect corpses. This remedy for the fungus on the walls, bought the cheapest, closed the windows, doors, all processed and left for the night. In the morning there was still a strong smell, but quickly eroded, opening the windows. For reliability, I poured boiling water over the frame of the sofa, suddenly the eggs are alive. I think that in a couple of weeks I'll repeat the treatment with antiperspirant. It consists of chlorine, water and a couple of components. Today's result I liked. Prior to this, Herat, Carbophos, and aerosols were poisoned differently - the result was zero. For 5 months, so much money wasted, sentry. The remedy is very caustic, take care of the lungs.

  13. Elena :

    I rent an apartment, lodgers came with their sofa, as a result, after half a year they screwed, leaving me a wonderful sofa with bedbugs. I had to take out all the furniture, rip off the wallpaper in the whole apartment, left only the refrigerator. But today I found a live video - in the afternoon. Treated raid, dichlorvos, phenaxine, carbophos, fufanon, actar. I simply do not know what to do.

  14. Valeria :

    Have addressed in spets. office. It's just crap, scraped off money, and the effect is zero, bedbugs in their places! They promised a second free call, do not get fooled (half the cost of what they paid).

  15. Ainura :

    Hello, people. Help, we recently rented an apartment, and here are bedbugs. Two times have already caused the masters, no good - on the contrary, reproduce. I do not know what to do. But we have little children. How to poison I do not know whether it is already independent to start a fight against these creatures.

  16. Faith :

    Hello! Tell me, what is the most reliable remedy for bedbugs? We got into the couch, but we threw away the sofa. Maybe they stayed in the couch, and there are not any more?

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