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How can you kill bed bugs, as well as their eggs

Как можно убить постельных клопов, а также их яйца

The question of how to kill bedbugs quickly becomes a priority for those who have encountered these parasites in their home. Of course, I would like to destroy all the parasites and their eggs at once, but it's very difficult to do this. The fact is that the most effective against adult bedbugs are the poisons of the pyrethroid group (Permethrin, Cypermethrin), do not affect the eggs of parasites. And ovicidal agents based on organophosphorus compounds are not as safe and effective as pyrethroids.

Therefore, the best option for rapid destruction of the entire population of bedbugs will be the combination of the means of these two groups.

Kill adult bugs: a list of effective tools

The list of the most effective means against bugs is constantly replenished. However, the first places invariably retain old enough and well-proven drugs.

It is considered one of the most effective means against bugs, was developed by Soviet chemists for military needs. The composition contains bioreagents, animal cells and a poison of a special formula that paralyzes the motor system and causes an early death of the insect.

The drug is very effective and has a prolonged action, which allows long not to re-treatment.

Most often used Clovoron in the form of dust (powder), which can be applied in dry form, or diluted with water and smeared surfaces. The drug is non-toxic to humans, however, pets should be removed for the duration of treatment.

Клоповерон представляет собой порошок

To avoid ingress of powder into the respiratory tract, a person must always use personal protective equipment during the treatment. The drug is applied to those places where bedbugs live : in various cracks, on the back walls of furniture, under the plinth.

The executioner is a German drug with a high content (25%) of cypermethrin, which effectively kills bedbugs, affecting their nervous system. The product is harmless for people and warm-blooded animals, but it has an unpleasant smell, which, however, quickly disappears.

Инсектицидное средство Палач

The executioner is on sale in the form of a liquid, 100 ml of which must be diluted in 0.5 l of water. The solution is poured into a bottle with an atomizer, with the help of which the treatment is carried out.

To prevent inhalation of the drug, personal protective equipment should be used - gloves, mask and glasses. The product is applied to all hard-to-reach places of the room, behind picture frames and on the back walls of pieces of furniture. Particularly carefully handled bed itself.

This is a newly developed agent, the key active substance of which are substances of the pyrethroid group: Cypermethrin and Permethrin, as well as Piperonyl Butoxide. The drug quickly kills bed bugs by suppressing the activity of their nervous system.


The product is packaged in convenient bottles with a capacity of 300 ml, has a pronounced odor of Dichlorvos. When processing an apartment, you should carefully approach the use of personal protective equipment and remove animals for a while.

Klopomor is applied to the places where the bugs are supposed to live, in the way of their possible movement, as well as to the rear walls of the furniture, the upholstery and the frame.

All of the above pyrethroid drugs effectively kill adult and larval bugs , but are ineffective against their eggs. The egg of the insect is protected by a special shell, which is resistant to most poisons. Therefore, when using such funds, it will be necessary to re-process after 10-14 days. During this time, new larvae will be able to hatch, which will become sensitive to the poison. Completely get rid of bugs in the apartment can be only in 2 stages.

Destruction of eggs bed bugs

The question arises: how to kill the eggs of bedbugs, if they have such good natural protection and are immune to poisons? In fact, there is a whole group of organophosphorous insecticides that affect both adult bugs and their eggs. Let's talk about some of the drugs in this group.

This is a universal insecticide, widely used by professional disinfestation services. It is a concentrate of organophosphorus compounds, which should be sprayed with insects.

Инсектицидные средства на основе диазинона

However, it should be borne in mind that the drug was banned for domestic use because of its danger to humans and animals and the ability to accumulate in the body.

Carbofos is a very effective insecticide based on malathion, kills eggs, larvae and adults of the bed bug.

Карбофос - старинное средство от клопов

Permitted for domestic use and allows you to quickly solve the problem of infection of the apartment with insects, but has a persistent, sharp and unpleasant odor. Despite the ventilation and wet cleanings, the smell can not be erased from the apartment for months, provoking an allergy.

Chlorophos is a powder based on dimethylphosphonate, it is allowed for household use. The product effectively kills bed bugs at any stage of the development cycle - from the egg to the adult insect.


The preparation is presented in the form of a powder. In contact with the skin, it is not very toxic, but if inhaled (which is likely, given the form of release), the substance is dangerous and can cause serious damage to human and animal health.

Chlorpyrifos is a widespread insecticide that shows good results when fighting bed bugs at any stage of their development. Chlorpyrifos depresses the nervous system of insects, and also has an intestinal effect (although for bedbugs this is not as relevant as, for example, when fighting cockroaches).


It should be borne in mind that chlorpyrifos is quite harmful for humans and animals, the treatment of their premises should be carried out with the obligatory use of personal protective equipment.

It is interesting

US scientists conducted a study that revealed the relationship between the use of chlorpyrifos-based drugs and brain damage in children. Even after several years, it was possible to detect growths and changes in the cortex caused by the use of this poison. As a result, since 2000 in the US the use of chlorpyrifos in residential premises is prohibited.

Funds based on organophosphorus are very effective against bedbugs and can kill the entire population at a time. But they are often toxic, not always convenient to use and require caution in handling.

Combining funds from bedbugs

It turns out that after the use of pyrethroids, repeated treatment is often required, and preparations based on organophosphorus are often harmful and inconvenient to use. What to choose and how to kill bed bugs at once? The solution is simple: to combine preparations from both groups.

In order to get rid of parasites without resorting to re-treatment, and at the same time not to poison the entire house with a toxic agent, you can do the following:

  • process the entire room (skirting boards, window sills, furniture and picture backs) with a pyrethroid drug;
  • The nests and habitats of bugs should be treated with organophosphorus to ensure the destruction of eggs.

People's vigorous methods: ferry and frost through bugs and their eggs

Folk remedies can also help kill bedbugs. An effective method that will cope with adult insects, their larvae and eggs is the temperature treatment. And it is practiced as the freezing of bedbugs, and their destruction by steam or boiling water.

Обработка дивана паром убивает взрослых особей клопов и их яйца

Bedbugs are rather unpretentious creatures and can live in a wide temperature range. But when the street is severe winter (below 30 degrees), then you can take out pieces of furniture on the street and leave them there for several hours. If there is an opportunity to leave for several days, the whole apartment will freeze out when the windows are open.

Bedbugs, most likely, after such processing will die, however work of sanitary systems can be broken. In addition, not every region is able to boast such temperatures in the winter.

People often also try to kill the bedbugs with a ferry . Of course, at high temperatures bugs and their eggs immediately perish. But there is a significant disadvantage of this method - inconvenience of use. Steam usually does not manage to reach the crack with bedbugs and condenses, and boiling water can be poured far from all the places in the apartment. Specialists of disinsection services also use this method, but they have special steam generators and heat radiators.

As you can see, when choosing a means to combat bugs, you need to take into account a lot of nuances and certainly you should not buy the first drug that came to your eyes. This can be not only inefficient, but also simply dangerous for health.

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  1. Igor Grigorievich, Klimovsk :

    It's all nonsense! From folk remedies to specialists on call. The latter came two times. All, a dead end. I do not know what else you can think of.

  2. Anonymous :

    You will help Fenaksin.

  3. Marina :

    We live in a rented apartment, these parasites started, we have a small child. Scary somehow, maybe it's easier to change an apartment?

  4. Anonymous :

    Where to buy funds for the destruction of bedbugs?

    • Anonymous :

      Where can I buy it? Is it not dangerous for a person and how much is it?

  5. Anonymous :

    I rented an apartment, moved and noticed on the bug's things ... It's terrible what to do. Prompt.

  6. Elvira :

    For a year now we are fighting with these creatures (Little children are all bitten ... It's all in bites.) Nothing helps.

    • Anonymous :

      At us from the neighbor have crawled, and have lodged in a cot. Etched 6 times, helped for 2 months. I disassembled the bed and filled all the cracks in the bathroom with boiling water. Now the child is sleeping peacefully.

  7. Anonymous :

    Too year we suffer with these creatures. But we only used dichlorvos, but zero sense! There is a small child in the house, there is no longer any strength to struggle with them, a constant lack of sleep. A child feels sorry, constantly wakes up and cries! Help, tell me effective means.

  8. Anonymous :

    It seems to me that you need to take everything and throw it away! And only then to process the whole apartment.

  9. Dilya :

    Where can I buy this product?

  10. Margulan :

    We live in a rented apartment. Bugs met. At the entrance the landlady threw out the sofa from the apartment, which was suspicious. Now I realized that the apartment already had bedbugs. Now he's sitting, Tipo does not know. But it's now in bedbugs! Like, choked dichlorvos and powdered products too. Now it's colder, the parasites are small again. They run fast yet. What specifically helps? And to whom did this remedy help? Tell me please.

    • Roman :

      Isoniazid. But it is dangerous for animals, it causes paralysis. But it is harmless for people, it is sold in a drugstore - an antituberculous remedy. Try it, I wish you luck.

    • Anonymous :


  11. Nastya :

    We also got wound up, we struggle for a year or two, but the means do not help. We were all bitten. I saw on the bed of these creatures, where the pillow. Tell me, please, how to get rid of them?

  12. Indira :

    Treat the room with a hilba, they will disappear.

  13. Adilet :

    Do we also have to kill these parasites? I have not been in the apartment before.

  14. Anonymous :

    Already 3 months nothing helps. Bought a special thing, plugs into the outlet, but does not help. Tell me how to get rid of them?

  15. Anna :

    Prompt, please, and here these all means which in a heading are written, too used? Did not help?

  16. Anna :

    After all, some kill eggs, others do not! Do you misuse the instructions?

  17. Anna :

    It is necessary to poison everyone on the floor in the house, then, probably, will be good. And so, they say that in time they again flee from their neighbors, who they have. It's such a shit!

  18. Mila :

    Someone from neighbors has bugs, everything that we would not do, by zeros. We are mine, we are devoured, like mongrels, we spend money on poison, sniffing stink. There's no sense, they disappear for a while, then again. I asked my neighbors about bedbugs, they waved their hands, they do not. It's all in vain if they crawl again. While all of them who have, will not be wasted, they and will creep. I knew a friend that it is not difficult to bring out bedbugs, it is necessary to find who has them. Bedbugs from the air will not appear, as soon as you put it together - they will definitely disappear. He worked as a disinfectant - he knew everything about these reptiles. It is a pity that he left, then to me and to nothing ... That's what to do, how to know from whom they are creeping? It can be endlessly harassed and all thrown away, but someone lives with them and all do not care.

  19. Sardor :

    Helps diesel: every day you need a hole to splash two or three months.

  20. Anna :

    Bedbugs, how to destroy them? The best way to tell me, please.

  21. Vyacheslav :

    The year was tormented with bedbugs, bought the latest all sorts of money, expensive, sprinkled almost a month once or twice, but the bugs did not disappear for ever. Accidentally stumbled upon this site and read on it articles, how to fight effectively, realized that you need to combine funds. In addition, I called the local disinfection center for fighting parasites, they told me that if you have bugs in your apartment for a whole year, then it is unlikely that anything else will help other than "Tetriks." And that they use it in rare cases, just in such as mine. They said that you only need to carefully process the whole apartment with this poison, sprinkle all the objects, from below, from above walls, ceilings, floors - everything. And close tightly all the doors, windows and leave for one day at least from the apartment. Which I did. Only I added a double norm to one liter of water, not as in the instructions it was written. And plus in the same box with Tetrix he added Carbofos, also a double norm. I worked once a week for a month. And I'll tell you, there are no bedbugs for three months now. Yes, in doing so, pre-smeared in the apartment all the cracks in the skirting and holes in the walls, where the pipes pass.

  22. Anonymous :

    All tried, nothing helps, even diesel! )

  23. Sergey :

    It is hardly worth expecting that the guys will come and save you for 1 time. After them, we also need to work. Try to find a place from where they crawled. Handle cabinets, furniture, computer, Internet entry point, entrance doors, etc. To cover all the cracks is good advice for your apartment. I'll have to make repairs with the floor replaced. Slots in the windowsills with plastic windows, too, is worth checking - we have 6 years after installation there, too, began to creep. Dichlorvos helps for those who have already noticed, but it quickly exhales. For the future, for example, cypermethrin is needed, which lasts 2-3 months. Carpets to hand over to a car wash, linen and toys to wash above 60 degrees. Around beds create buffer zones from long-acting drugs.

  24. Catherine :

    I noticed bedbugs at night when I woke up. She turned on the light and saw how several of the child crawled away with thick priests. That is, we already ate. They were etched with carbophos. Some survived, turned the sofa, broke off the board, and there pipets! Clopics run in different sizes. As a result, they called SES and we etched the whole apartment with an averphos ... I do not know now whether the creatures will leave or not.

  25. Fairy :

    I have these creatures, probably, a month ago. Yesterday she tortured the executioner. Today the plinth and the sofa were filled with boiling water. Let's see what happens.

  26. Alexandra :

    Horror. We also have bedbugs. I have not slept for five nights. Caused sanitation. Like, all have died. But suddenly the eggs stayed? The husband in the sanatorium is resting, but I'm fighting with small reptiles.

  27. Yaroslav :

    We live in a wooden house for three owners. Recently noticed these reptiles, immediately called SES. The first treatment did not help, because new ones appeared. The second led to the same result. SES members say that they are coming from neighbors. One neighbor for the whole house to process, but in the second apartment the tenant lives and to him frankly does not care. He said he would not handle it and he does not have anything. Today I tried the smoke bomb. Let's see, it helps at least for a while or how ... Who has the experience of using smoke bombs from bedbugs? And who knows where to go if the neighbors do not want to fold for processing at home?

    • Anonymous :

      Worked checkers, all nonsense. They do not help, a couple of days - and again it's great.

      • Anonymous :

        If for a few days there is a lull, it means that bedbugs are still killed. And then the larvae hatch out from the eggs and start biting again. Either from the neighbors come. It is necessary to cut off access from neighbors and periodically process, until all eggs are "consumed".

  28. Julia :

    We rented an apartment, there is a whole hotbed. Have thrown out all furniture. SES made processing for 8500, a week later one more. I do not know if it will help or not. There is a parquet, if you fill with paint, will they die?

  29. Max :

    2 years fighting with them, nothing helps. Once every 2 weeks, I fill the entire bed with boiling water - for the time being lost. What can I do, tell me !?

  30. Anonymous :

    We are also faced with this disgusting! I think about a month already, maybe more. The downside is that we live in a hostel, do not rent, our housing. The services refused to come and process the room, they said it was useless, the whole section was needed! We bought a sealant and tried all the cracks in the floor, the batteries and the window sill to repair. Treated the room and furniture with Carbophos, dusted along the baseboards with dust. Curtains removed and poured with boiling water ... Here, now I'm waiting. I hope that helps.

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