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How to quickly detect bed bugs in the apartment

Рассмотрим основные способы, которые помогут обнаружить клопов, если они завелись в квартире.

Typically, to detect bedbugs in the apartment before they bite someone, it turns out rarely: bugs - insects secretive and leading a strictly nocturnal lifestyle. Almost always someone from family members, and even the whole family together, begins to suffer from constant bites, because of which they first commit sin on mosquitoes or allergies, and only then does suspicion appear on other bloodsucking insects, and in particular on bed bugs .

Первые укусы постельных клопов в квартире часто принимают за укусы комаров или аллергию

At the same time, many people think about this: "As it is, in the 21st century, it can not be that they were bedbugs. Yes, and the apartment we have is clean, where do they come from. Probably, it's still an allergy. " Recognize your situation?

In order to make sure that sleep breakers and the sources of bites are really bedbugs, you must first be able to detect bugs in the apartment. This is not always a simple task (especially for those who are not ready for the problem), but knowing where to look for insects and how to distinguish them from other undesirable neighbors of a person can do this quickly enough.

При первых же подозрениях на наличие в доме клопов важно попытаться обнаружить самих насекомых.

Most often, children start to suffer from bug bites. This does not mean that bedbugs bite them selectively, it's just that the bugs cause the most pronounced reaction in children, and already one or two bites on the body that appear regularly are enough to suspect something. Adults usually begin to pay attention to more massive bites.

Only in rare cases to detect bedbugs at home is obtained by chance - they come across the eyes at night or when moving furniture. In this case it is important to know how the bugs look to be able to correctly identify the parasites at the first meeting with them.

Signs of having bedbugs in the apartment

Bed bugs, in spite of their name, do not live directly on the bed, but are inclined to arrange their nests as close as possible to the places of night rest of people. This allows you to always narrow the circle of places for the primary search for parasites.

На фотографии - клопы на постельном белье

На картинке показаны излюбленные места обитания клопов в квартире

In addition, bedbugs prefer to stay in groups, and sometimes quite numerous. Therefore, sometimes in order to detect bed bugs, it is enough to release beds and sofas from bed linen and coats and carefully examine the bedroom and the nursery.

Если есть подозрение, что в квартире завелись клопы, в первую очередь надо тщательно осмотреть мебель, особенно постель.

But even before the search for insects themselves, their presence in the apartment can be determined by the following signs.

Bug bites

When bitten, bed bugs are injected into the wound with a special enzyme that produces an anesthetic effect and prevents blood clotting. This enzyme is somewhat similar to a substance that a mosquito uses when bitten. After a certain time after a bite, the skin near it starts to itch, reddens, a swelling appears.

Клоп во время укуса выделяет в ранку фермент, препятствующий сворачиванию крови

По прошествии некоторого времени после укусов постельных клопов на коже появляются характерные следы в виде дорожек

Bites bugs are also characterized by the fact that there are chains of 2-4 punctures. This is a rather characteristic feature by which they can be distinguished from the bites of other insects.

Укусы клопов обычно располагаются на теле цепочками

On a note

In severely parasitic apartments, the number of bites can exceed 300-400 per night.

The smell of bugs

A special gland on the body of the bedbugs highlights a secret that allows parasites to find each other and communicate in nests. This secret smells of poor quality cognac or fermented raspberries, and its aroma is clearly discernible on that piece of furniture where bedbugs are constantly present.

Неприятный запах, напоминающий плохой коньяк, присутствует в квартире, где много клопов

If the apartment is heavily infested with parasites, the smell of cognac in it is felt almost everywhere.

Traces of vital activity of parasites

Solid small grains of dark brown color, similar to tiny dots and having a smell of poor quality cognac, as well as the remains of chitinous cover, left after the moult parasites, are another characteristic sign of the presence of bed bugs.
На присутствие клопов в квартире указывают и остатки их жизнедеятельности, например, черные катышки экскрементов

Экскременты клопов имеют округлую форму и почти черный цвет
Traces of a night feast bedbugs form small droplets of blood can be seen on white bed linens.

In addition, to detect bedbugs directly on the bed, it is necessary to spread a white sheet on the bed, go to bed, and in the middle of the night turn on the light and look at all the bed linen.

Чтобы обнаружить постельных клопов, можно расстелить на кровати белую простынь и среди ночи посмотреть на нее при включенном свете

In the presence of bedbugs in the apartment, they at this time should show up on the sheet or blanket.

Bedbugs is it?

The structure of the body of the bed bug is very characteristic and does not allow it to be confused with other domestic insects. Distinctive features of the bed bug are a flat and broad abdomen of yellowish-brown or light-red color (in well-fed parasites) with 6 paws and a small head with a proboscis.

От других насекомых клопов отличает плоское тело и шесть лапок

Depending on the age and degree of blood saturation, the bug can differ significantly in color and size.

On a note

Usually the size of the insect is 3-4 mm, but after a plentiful supply the body of the bug grows and can reach 9-10 mm in size, and the color varies from brick to dark brown.

From other insects that can be found in the apartment, bugs can also be distinguished by the following features:

  • from the larvae of cockroaches, bed bugs are more uniform in color. The larvae of the black cockroach are much larger than the bugs, and the larvae of the red cockroach have a spot of light brown color on the cephalothorax;
  • unlike adult cockroaches, bedbugs do not have wings;
  • from house ants bugs are more dense and broad body, large size and strictly nocturnal way of life.

На фото показаны домашние (фараоновы) муравьи

У клопов более темное и широкое тело, нежели у муравьев

Finally, from fleas and linen lice bugs differ in size: if the flea and louse rarely reach a size of 2 mm, then the adult bug is almost twice as large. In addition, bedbugs can not jump. But small larvae of bedbugs people with poor eyesight may well be confused with underwear lice.

Where to look for bedbugs: TOP-10 places for a shelter of parasites

Detect bed bugs in the apartment can be primarily in soft furniture, on which people sleep.

На картинке показны места в квартире, где в первую очередь стоит искать клопов

Parasites prefer to settle between mattresses, in corners of a wooden frame, on large seams, joints of bed parts.

In addition, the main habitats of bed bugs in the apartment are:

  1. Wardrobes.
  2. Bedside tables.
  3. Space under the carpets on the floors and behind the carpets on the walls.
  4. Slots of parquet.
  5. Cavities under the linoleum, which is not close to the floor, and behind the skirting boards.
  6. The space behind the paintings and the furniture attached to the wall.
  7. Spaces between books on bookshelves.
  8. Holes of household electrical appliances (bugs can live even in outlets).
  9. Radiator slots.
  10. Flower pots.

Of course, many of these places can not be physically examined. But, as a rule, first of all bedbugs populate beds and sofas, the reverse side of carpets hanging on the wall and only then roast sockets, computer systems and skirting boards.

Как правило, сначала клопы заселяют кровати и диваны

On a note

In nature, bedbugs live in burrows of mammals and birds, swarming under a litter of grass, wool or feathers. A separate characteristic habitat of bed bugs in nature are stones and heaps of litter of bats in caves - here bugs parasitize on the bats themselves, and reproduce on the floors of caves.

"To me on the sixteenth floor, even mosquitoes never fly, and then, as it began to itch, even though in the street, spend the night. It turned out, dragged bugs from one client in a broken system. So they first of all my computer have become obsolete. I had to purchase the Executioner, twice literally pour the entire apartment. Well, I have where to go - I how to handle the room, to my parents for a week off. I arrived and repeated it. And I also helped to get rid of the bedbugs from the bedbugs. "

Alexander, Novorossiysk

Particularly complex cases

Be that as it may, in some situations, it is especially difficult to detect bugs. For example, when there is a suspicion that the bedbugs have settled behind the skirting boards or in the floor. In these cases, to detect parasites, they must either be caught at night on the bed (sooner or later they will still go to feed), or use scaring means and "smoke" out of the nests.
For example, you can take:

  • decoction of wormwood
  • dilute alcohol
  • diluted acetic essence or simple table vinegar (9%).

Добавление уксуса в воду для мытья пола поможет выкурить клопов из их убежищ

Then add some of these funds in a bucket of water in such a quantity that its smell is clearly felt, and carefully soak the parquet and plinth with this water. Literally immediately, insects can begin to crawl from there.

Completely withdraw and destroy bedbugs with such funds will not work, but to confirm their presence - it is quite real. In the future, when carrying out pest control, it will be necessary to handle the infected areas of the apartment with particular care.

All the places in which bugs can be detected at least once, should be remembered. When disinecenters come to the premises, they will ask about such meetings, and this information will help to make the most effective use of insecticides.

Дезинсектор обрабатывает помещение от клопов

If bedbugs are wound up in a bed, sofa or any other furniture, before removing parasites, this furniture should be freed and moved away from the walls to provide access to all of its external surfaces and interior spaces. Such measures ensure that during baiting all the bugs in the room will be destroyed.

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