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Попробуем разобраться, как можно раз и навсегда избавиться от постельных клопов в квартире...

Further you will learn:

  • What are generally available today ways to get rid of bugs in the apartment and which of them are really effective, and which - not very much;
  • With what it is necessary to begin the fight against domestic bugs and why sometimes the success of this "operation" can depend on the neighbors;
  • What is important to know in advance about the work of pest control services so as not to run into scammers;
  • What insecticidal drugs will allow yourself to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment, and very reliable and without a persistent unpleasant odor in the rooms;
  • In what cases does it make sense to resort to temperature methods for getting rid of bedbugs and what is useful to know about the use of folk remedies that do not lose popularity ...

Bed bugs are extremely unpleasant "neighbors" in the apartment, capable of poisoning a normal life not only for the inhabitants of the countryside, but also for quite respectable citizens. Unlike cockroaches, these bloodsucking parasites are practically indifferent to the sanitary conditions of the premises, equally willingly settling in both barracks and luxury apartments. Therefore, generally speaking, no resident of a city apartment is immune from meeting bed bugs.

At the same time, the appearance of bedbugs in the room is not at all a reason to panic or, even more so, to change an apartment. If you act competently, you can get rid of parasites quickly enough, and not always it will be associated with significant financial costs.

Если действовать грамотно, то от клопов действительно можно избавиться самостоятельно, причем в довольно сжатые сроки.

So, if in the morning your body becomes covered with itchy bites, there are traces of blood on the sheet, and when cleaning from under the bed you regularly sweep out insect skins and traces of their vital activity (for example, small black excrement, egg shells), then, most likely, is already running. In this case, it will be naive to believe that it is enough to sprinkle the bed with Dichlophos, and the problem will be solved by itself - no, a more thorough approach will be required.

About how you can get rid of bedbugs in the apartment forever, even in neglected cases, we'll go on and talk in more detail. But first things first…

All ways to get rid of bugs

Before you get rid of house bugs once and for all, first you need to choose the right method of struggle. This is one of the key stages in getting rid of parasites: an incorrectly chosen method will take a lot of energy, time and money, but effectively getting rid of bedbugs will not help.

We note the most popular today and effective (with the correct execution) ways to get rid of bedbugs:

  1. Calling the desinsection service is perhaps the most effective, fastest, but at the same time, quite expensive way to deal with parasites. It is accessible to inhabitants of big cities and suburbs, allows to carry out not only struggle against bed bugs, but also complex disposal of the big areas from the most different insects. Вызов дезинсекторов считается наиболее эффективным и быстрым способом избавления от насекомых в доме.
  2. Self-use of insecticides. This method is much more accessible than the services of professional services, but it requires some effort and time. With a competent approach gives excellent results and allows you to get rid of domestic bedbugs in a fairly short time; Бороться с домашними клопами можно и самостоятельно - с помощью инсектицидных препаратов.
  3. The temperature treatment of a room or furniture is considered the safest way for humans and pets to get rid of bedbugs. At the same time, this technique is very effective: bedbugs are sometimes resistant to chemical poisons, but are always very sensitive to low and high temperatures. However, it is sometimes difficult to organize the temperature treatment of the room (we'll talk about this a little later); На фото показан пример уничтожения клопов в детском матрасе с помощью горячего пара.
  4. Mechanical destruction - in short, it's fighting bugs with a vacuum cleaner or a sneaker. Very ineffective and not fast way, which is suitable only if there are individual parasites in the apartment; Если просто давить клопов или пытаться собирать их пылесосом, то борьба с паразитами может затянуться на долгие месяцы...
  5. Use of folk remedies for getting rid of bed bugs. This method is cheaper than the use of modern synthetic insecticides, but its effectiveness, depending on the set of tools used, is very different from case to case and generally quite small. Practice shows that, in the majority, folk remedies are much inferior in effectiveness to modern insect preparations. Народные средства от клопов в большинстве своем существенно уступают по эффективности современным инсектицидным препаратам.

In order to decide how it's best to get rid of bedbugs, you must first assess the current situation. For example, it is useful to adhere to the following plan:

  1. First of all, you need to communicate with neighbors from the surrounding apartments (both on the side and on the floor above and below) and check if they live in bed bugs. In most cases, bed bugs fall into a new apartment, settling down from the neighboring premises. If at least one such adjacent apartment bugs live, then it is necessary to coordinate efforts with neighbors and get rid of parasites in all infected premises at once. Otherwise, even if they manage to completely destroy bugs in a separate apartment, they can again run across from their neighbors;
  2. If there are many infected apartments, then it is better to call the disinfestation service - so you can be sure that all the premises will be processed carefully (otherwise there are cases when not very diligent neighbors save when buying insecticides, choosing cheaper or even lazy to conduct treatment. And this is not to mention the cases when, in principle, it is not possible to agree with neighbors for some reason or another); Если клопами заражено сразу много квартир, то целесообразно вызвать службу дезинсекции, чтобы единовременно уничтожить паразитов во всех помещениях.
  3. If bedbugs are only in your apartment, or the number of infected apartments is small, it makes sense to use special insecticides. In this case, you should not expect to get rid of "little blood": perhaps, bedbugs in the apartment is much larger than it seemed initially. Therefore, treatment should always be done carefully and fully. The choice of the drug should also be approached carefully - it should be highly effective against bed bugs, should be relatively safe for humans and animals and, if possible, do not have a strong smell (there are times when tenants have to throw out furniture that for months retains the odor of the wrong remedy bedbugs). On the choice of the drug, we'll talk more about a little below;
  4. In rare cases, when bedbugs in an apartment settle only in one couch or in bed, they can quickly and effectively destroy them by temperature methods - hot steam, or, conversely, exposing them to frost. But the full low-temperature treatment of the apartment (freezing) is available only in winter and only in those regions where the temperature drops below minus 22 ° C (at a higher temperature, the bugs and their eggs survive). Thus it is necessary to take measures that getting rid of bedbugs in this way does not lead to damage to engineering water supply systems; Если клопами заражена мебель, то ее можно просто выставить на мороз.
  5. Various folk remedies for getting rid of domestic bugs are worth using only when processing non-residential premises and when possible to conduct pest control in several stages. As a rule, "folk remedies" have a strong and unpleasant smell, and those that smell tolerable usually do not give a result when used.

A feedback showing the importance of coordinated disposal of bugs in all infected apartments:

"Tired of baiting the bugs , constantly crawling from the neighbors. In one apartment, an insane uncle lives, you make him handle something, we even gave him a free medication, we bought it ourselves. Six months later, tired, they called a normal company, in which the guys processed not only three apartments on the site, but also ventilation and a staircase ... "

Irina, Kazan

Now let's see what important nuances it is useful to consider when choosing one or another method of getting rid of bedbugs - both in the case of the call of the service of pest control and in the self-disposal of parasites, there are a lot of "pitfalls" about which it is necessary to have an idea beforehand ...

Calling for sanitation: nuances and features

As already noted above, the call of specialists in pest control is one of the most effective and quickest ways to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment. At the same time, the employees of the service will decide which product and which equipment will be better used in this particular case.

The photo below shows an example of handling an apartment from bedbugs by a disinfestation service employee:

Обработка квартиры от клопов службой дезинсекции.

If the absence of an unpleasant smell in the room is critical for you, then this point is useful to specify in advance, because the high-performance insecticides used by the sanitary services usually have a rather pronounced unpleasant smell (Tetriks, Sinuzan, Xulat S25, etc.). Sometimes this smell persists in the room for several weeks (although you may well be told that, say, after 3 hours of airing the smell will almost not be). In some cases, you can agree on the use of insecticides, almost odorless.

The methods of processing, and in general, the approach to the case, for different services can vary significantly: for example, in one case you can send a student with a conventional garden sprayer, but there are companies sending specially trained pest control equipment, protective equipment and appropriate equipment for example, the so-called cold or hot mist generator).

On a note

The generator of cold (and hot) fog allows you to translate insecticide solution into the finest aerosol, the smallest particles of which are evenly distributed throughout the apartment, penetrating into hard-to-reach places and cracks where bugs can hide. The usual sprayer allows to process only the place where the "torch" of the sprayed substance is directed - the particles are too large to hold in the air and quickly settle.

Below, the photographs show cold and hot fog generators:

Генератор холодного тумана

А на этой фотографии показан генератор горячего тумана.

Also, major disinfestation services sometimes (rarely) use equipment to heat the room: industrial hair dryers and special air heaters. Getting rid of bed bugs in a regular apartment in this way is not always possible, because the temperature should be raised above 50 ° C, and this can be harmful to individual interior items.

It is interesting

Bed bugs can not tolerate temperatures below minus 18 ° C and above + 48 ° C. Their eggs are slightly more stable, but with prolonged processing they die.

Яйца клопов в целом несколько более устойчивы к действию высоких и низких температур, чем взрослые особи паразитов и их личинки.

Terms of disinfestation of the room by special services are usually small: getting rid of domestic bugs takes several hours, and some time after the processing of the apartment in it it is desirable not to go. However, there are exceptions, depending on the area and specificity of each object.

In general, the choice of the company to get rid of bed bugs should be approached fairly accurately, especially when you consider that in this market there are a large number of small firms offering services of questionable quality.


"I turned to one of the chatterboxes. On the phone they said one price, and the master came, he asked twice more. I picked it up for some other barrier. As a result, processing a kopeck piece cost me 5000 rubles. And he only worked for about 20 minutes. Well, if all the bugs had died, but no, in three days the same darkness creeps them. And zhivenkie such as if the apartment and not processed. In my indignant call about the guarantee they said that yes, there is a guarantee, but it will be necessary to pay for the re-processing. What kind of guarantee is this, for which you need to pay? Scammers. I wrote them a contact in the contact, deleted them and blocked the entrance to the group. "

Zhana, St. Petersburg

What you should pay attention to:

  • in reliable companies, the manager in advance agrees the terms of disinsection, learns about the living in the room of children, pets, elderly people, residents prone to allergies, pregnant and lactating women;
  • the procedure for getting rid of bedbugs will not be permanently delayed and postponed over time (a characteristic feature of small offices);
  • owners of apartments will be instructed in detail on how to prepare it for processing;
  • the provision of services will be made only after the signing of the relevant contract, which should provide a guarantee for the quality of the services provided. That is, if after treatment of the apartment get rid of bedbugs will not succeed, then the re-treatment should be done for free;
  • it is also useful to pre-read reviews about the company on the Internet - if the service of pest control works for a long time, hundreds and thousands of grateful customers probably already had time to mention it on different blogs and forums. At the same time, for obvious reasons, it is important not only to study the feedback on the website of the company itself.

Сегодня на рынке имеется много служб дезинсекции, причем качество предоставляемых ими услуг может разительно различаться...


"... I really liked how they work. The manager asked in detail how many tenants, if anyone has asthma, whether there is an aquarium in the apartment, specified the number of old sofas. The guys worked for three hours with special balloons and sprayers. The next day we took out bedbugs with kilograms! .. "

Ekaterina, Moscow

The amount of work to prepare an apartment for getting rid of bedbugs depends largely on the method chosen by the service, the composition of the tenants and the size of the premises. In any case, it is necessary to vacate the apartment for several hours, beforehand taking out all the animals and plants from it.

Перед приездом работников службы дезинсекции квартиру нужно подготовить к обработке.

Aquariums should be covered with coverslips, the compressor should be turned off.

The cost of getting rid of bedbugs by specialists begins at about 2000 rubles for a one-room apartment and can increase, depending on the size of the premises, methods of processing and the city in which disinfestations are carried out. Usually companies provide a guarantee that within a certain period - usually up to a year - bugs in the apartment do not appear.

Here are examples of average prices in Moscow for processing an apartment from bedbugs with a cold fog (the so-called ULV irrigation):

  • one-room apartment - 2500 rub .;
  • one-bedroom apartment - 3000 rubles;
  • three-room apartment - 3300 rubles;
  • four-room apartment - 3600 rub.

Self-use of chemical insecticides against bedbugs

If you decide to get rid of domestic bedbugs yourself, then instead of obsolete insecticides with an unpleasant odor (Carbophos, Chlorophos, etc.), it makes sense to give preference to modern microencapsulated drugs adapted for household use. Some of these drugs in addition to very high efficiency have a minimum level of odor - for example, Xulat Micro, Get, Delta Zone, Lambda Zone and some others.

Примеры современных препаратов от клопов - Ксулат Микро, Get, Дельта Зона, Лямбда Зона.

On a note

Even with the most effective means of bed bugs, an apartment usually does not manage to get rid of parasites instantly. Adult individuals and larvae can die quickly enough, however new larvae will constantly hatch from surviving eggs, since most insecticides have little effect on bug eggs.

Даже высокоэффективные инсектициды, как правило, не убивают яйца клопов, и из этих яиц в первое время будут вылупляться личинки.

Accordingly, within 3-4 days after the first treatment, you can again feel the bites of parasites. And then it's important not to fall into despair, as it often happens - people start to think that the remedy does not work, that their bedbugs are simply inextricable and it's not clear what to do next. In fact, everything is simple: after the first treatment, the larvae will periodically hatch from the remaining egg to the secluded places for two or three weeks, and it is important to prevent the larvae from growing into an adult capable of laying off new eggs.

Чтобы навсегда избавиться от клопов в квартире, важно не дать молодым личинкам подрасти и отложить новые яйца.

Therefore, once every 1-2 weeks, the apartment may need to be re-processed. Only this way it is possible to get rid of bedbugs once and for all in neglected cases. By the way, the service of pest control is well understood, therefore they provide a guarantee, and sometimes even give the facility to the residents themselves for re-processing.

Generally speaking, insecticides suitable for getting rid of bedbugs are produced in different forms - it can be a concentrated liquid suspension for dilution, a powder, an aerosol, or even a chalk - and they all require different approaches to use. Perhaps the least known means of bugs are insecticide smoke bombs, which allow relatively inexpensive and quickly complete the treatment of the apartment from parasites. For example, one permethin smoke bomb Quiet Evening or the City, whose price is within 500-600 rubles, will suffice for processing even the largest apartment, and the efficiency of such processing will be quite comparable with the treatment of the room with a cold fog.

Инсектицидная дымовая шашка Тихий Вечер (обычно применяется против комаров, но достаточно эффективна и против клопов, тараканов и других насекомых в квартире).

An important point: when fighting bugs yourself, it is necessary to take into account the specific toxicity of most chemicals. Yes, many of them are positioned as quite safe for humans and domestic animals, but believe that even the means of bugs without a smell, if they are inhaled for a long time in the form of an aerosol, they will not add health exactly. And if to talk at all, then there are many cases of poisoning in case of improper handling of insecticides in everyday life.

Therefore, before processing the apartment, it is necessary to remove all tenants and pets from it, clothes should be packed in hermetic bags for further washing (there may also be bedbugs and their eggs), and the work itself should be carried out in rubber gloves and a respirator.

It is very important to carry out the procedure for disposing of a dwelling from bedbugs in a single reception, treating all rooms, kitchen, corridor, etc. at once. Incomplete processing of the apartment may lead to the fact that some of the parasites will survive, and within a few months their number will again recover.

Необходимо тщательно обрабатывать сразу всю квартиру, включая все комнаты, кухню, коридоры, иначе паразиты могут выжить там, где обработка не производилась.

How to destroy bedbugs by temperature treatment?

About how you can get rid of room bugs with the help of freezing rooms are well known in almost every rural Siberian house. However for the townspeople such procedure can be something new.

In the simplest case in winter, the owners of the house go out together with pets and plants for several days, leaving the windows open wide. Bedbugs die at a temperature below minus 22 ° C, so in the northern latitudes this approach is especially effective. With less severe frost, bedbugs and their eggs will have a high chance of surviving.

Постельные клопы погибают при температуре ниже минус 22 градусов Цельсия.

With such freezing it is important to secure the water supply in the house (and the water heating system, if any). Freezing pipes can lead to their rupture and further flooding of the room.

Also, a very good effect is the freezing of furniture on the street. For example, if the results of checking the apartment revealed that bedbugs inhabited only a sofa, an armchair, or a bed with mattresses, then this furniture can be taken out for several hours (or, better, days) for frost.


"The KGB attacked the bugs. A very good tool, but there were larvae and eggs in the mattress, then after a while they began to pester. We thought about throwing it away, but it was just winter and we carried it to the roof. For four days he fumed (it was -30), we brought him into the house and for a year already we have no bedbugs ... "

Sergey, Samara

However, you can get rid of room bugs in furniture not only with the help of frost, but also with the help of hot steam, and some use boiling water for this purpose.

Избавиться от клопов в мебели можно с помощью горячего пара из отпаривателя...


  • if you walk through the steamer on the upholstery of furniture, having processed all its folds, this will allow to destroy not only adult individuals of bedbugs and larvae, but also eggs of parasites. It is important to make sure that the steam does not damage the furniture itself;
  • There are cases when people poured boiled water on the nest of bedbugs (including along the skirting boards) and thus got rid of parasites. However, in general, the method is ineffective, since in most cases it is possible to find out not all nests of bloodsuckers;
  • if eggs or larvae of bedbugs are found in clothes or bed linen, then you can get rid of them quickly by simply cleaning it all at a temperature of 60 ° C in a washing machine.

Следует учитывать, что клопы могут находиться и в одежде.

There is another good folk way of dry processing clothes from bedbugs: it folds in a closed car and is left for a whole summer day in the sun. Bedbugs die in such conditions for several hours.

A few words about folk remedies for bedbugs

Of the traditional means of getting rid of domestic bugs, kerosene, turpentine, denatured alcohol, acetic essence, dust, camphor, wormwood, and also their mixtures are considered to be the most effective. And there are a lot of different recipes based on these ingredients, but their effectiveness is approximately the same (low).

Примеры народных средств от клопов - керосин, скипидар, уксусная кислота.

In most cases, these means are recommended to handle places of clumps of bedbugs, as well as all approaches to the bed, plinth, cracks in the walls and furniture, and in general the place of possible shelter of insects.

The main drawbacks of these substances are a sharp odor that does not disappear from the room for a long time. However, it is this smell that scares off bedbugs . In addition, with direct contact with the insect's chitinous cover, kerosene blocks the ability of the bedbug to breathe (it spreads over the outer covers and flows into the spiracles), and concentrated acetic acid and denatured, to put it simply, "burn" the parasites.

Важно иметь в виду, что керосин, скипидар и бензин не только имеют неприятный запах, но и весьма пожароопасны.

On a note

The use of kerosene, gasoline, turpentine or alcohol is a very outdated method of dealing with bedbugs, especially today, when it is possible to buy much more effective and safe preparations from insects. And in general, watering furniture with kerosene, treating it with skirting boards and walls is not only inefficient, but also very unreasonable and dangerous from the point of view of the possibility of a fire or explosion of vapors that have accumulated in a closed room.

It is also believed that bed bugs do not like the fragrance of freshly cut wormwood and tansy. Usually, these herbal remedies are used in villages, folding bunches of herbs under the bed or lubricating the broths of the bed legs and floors. Such measures give a temporary, short-term result.

In general, folk remedies for bugs in most cases will not help get rid of parasites, especially if the apartment is seriously contaminated. Even as a means of prevention, kerosene, wormwood, turpentine or tansy are much inferior to the same, for example, insecticide chalks (for example - the well-known chalk MASHENKA, which is quite effective not only from cockroaches, but also from bedbugs, but only as a means of prevention, when there is a risk of penetration of individual parasites from neighbors, in more severe cases insecticide chalks effect almost do not give).

При серьезном заражении квартиры постельными клопами избавиться от них с помощью народных средств, как правило, не удается.

There are a lot of cases when the processed by odorous means furniture had to be simply thrown out, so take this moment into account beforehand.

Successes to you in the fight against parasites!

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  1. Irina :

    I do not believe! I thought I would divorce, but the tool Xulat micro truth works. It's just magical, I recommend, I myself do not believe that they are not, that this nightmare has ended! Thank you so much. Kamchatka.

    • Zhenya :

      Tell me, please, where can I buy this magic xylate micro from bedbugs? Thank you.

  2. Vic :

    Tell me, please, a good remedy for bedbugs, I'm tired of fighting with them. Thanks in advance.

    • Svetlana :

      Itself can not be got rid of bedbugs by using folk remedies - it's checked on oneself. I struggled for several months, there was no life. Has helped: 1) bought a crayon from the cockroaches "Mashenka" and missed all the joints between the panels, the corners of the walls, all the joints at the sofa (where the bugs were inhabiting), 2) bought 3 cans of "Raptor" from insects, cleaned all the food and sprinkled all the furniture in apartment, all hard-to-reach places, clothes (after that everything was overdone!). Two days later I repeated it. Voilà! I got rid of them. I advise.

    • Svetlana :

      And more I was helped by a nebulizer (I do not remember what is called, about 200 ml bottle) bought from a pet store for dogs, from ticks and other insects. Feel free to go to the pet store and buy - I spattered the cat and things too, then do not spray things with Rapptor.

    • Mia :

      Vinegar is the best remedy. Dilute with 70% water and sprinkle around the place. And all the larvae of the bedbugs will perish, you will sleep peacefully. For 12 years they could not get rid of themselves. It's cheap, safe, efficient.

  3. Anonymous :

    The people, tell me, what is more effective: a steam generator or a sprayer?

    • Anonymous :

      Fufanon or Cucaracha, dilute 10 ml per 1 liter of water and everything is poured, every crevice in the apartment. After two treatments with an interval of 14 days, all the bugs died.

  4. Anonymous :

    Interestingly, a normal hair dryer has a temperature of 60 degrees. Why do not they walk?

  5. Oksana :

    For those who are desperate to get rid of these reptiles! (I had a real trouble 2 years ago). In the apartment I always very clean, there is no overcrowding, and when there were red spots on the body in children (bites), I could not even imagine that it could be bedbugs. In general, a separate story, how doctors treated our family for 3 months from allergies ... In general, I found the cause of the red spots in the sofas and then naively decided that I would get rid easily and simply. Mom, I could not even imagine that it would be a war! With all the above mentioned means: aerosols, aerosols based on turpentine, removal of sofas for frost, washing and washing upholstery of sofas, treatment of the apartment many times (they all were suffocated by these funds), general cleaning every week, joint raids on bugs with neighbors (one apartment is not she wanted to be treated - the alcoholics - the source of the infection along the entire entrance! All the troubles are coming from them ... ... It was horrible for half a year, after all the treatments everything came back in 2 weeks ... In short, that helped me. TO ALL of the above. I described in detail my misfortune, since I'm a nervous person to the dirt, and bedbugs killed me. This is my tool, who is completely crazy and does not sleep at night. The last thing I did was I turned all the sofas into polyethylene. Tightly! Without leaving a single hole! You buy a roll (strong enough) polyethylene (many meters, you will find yourself) and the whole sofa or bed, a sofa in the unfolded form, if so sleep, along with the legs, wrap this polyethylene, and fix (sealed) seams tightly. In several layers (not sorry) with a wide tape. These creatures can not crawl on polyethylene and do not live on it! And we could! Eight months so squeaked at night while these parasites died in the sofas (four months - it did not help, they took it off and it's great again, we climbed out, we processed it again and closed it), but in the end it's OK! I really wanted to wrap polyethylene bottom apartment! Here, good people, who should give such a crazirecept. All good luck in the unequal battle! I'm going to post it on a couple of sites ... The sun shines equally to everyone!

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    I tried to spray butox 50, solution, I meet dead big bugs, on 4 day and night I see small living bugs. Are you tired of repeating the spraying?

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    My husband is currently working at a construction site in Moscow. Two days after his departure he called and said that they live in a trailer and they were tortured by bedbugs. A month later he returns home, what to do, how not to let bugs into our house?

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    I want to quickly get rid of bed bugs.

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    On February 24 she saw on her hand itchy bites. I caught a bug in panic, crushed, he just drank blood. Then silence, just a couple of days, 27, woke up in the middle of the night from the fact that the body itchs. The guy spent the night at home, I do not know how to tell him. Looked - the side of my body, which was uncovered and there was no clothes on it, was all bitten. There were small wounds, but when I combed them, they increased. I got up, I revised the sofa, the closet, and a couple more places - I can not see. I do not know what to do. I rent a room in a 3-room communal apartment, lived for 2 months, everything was fine. For the third month the drinking neighbor gave me the things and immediately on the same day they appeared. In the other room there live Caucasians. Damn, I'm in a panic, I want to move out, but I'm afraid that I would not have transported them with me. What to do? From nerves I scrub and can not sleep. Constantly I look, can where will creep out. I'll take things to the trash before it's too late. It's scary, I've never experienced such a thing.

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  12. Sergey :

    I bought Get. Many bedbugs died, but not all. At night with the light of the flashlight off, he caught 2-3 bedbugs every day. The bedbugs left the sofa behind the computer desk, into the kitchen under the baseboard, into the rails of the closet, the curtain. Treated all the second time more carefully, taking into account your favorite places. I will wait. But I do not hope so. If it does not work out, I'll take off all the plinths, zapenivat cracks, and the plinth then seal the sealant. Although the producers of GET declare that after the treatment of bugs will not be six months, behind the couch found 5 bedbugs alive. After the second treatment he found a living adult bug on the curtains after two hours, the bug was active - it was necessary to burn it. Or the bedbugs do not react to chemistry, or the producers of GET break. Tell me how to get rid of these creatures for good?

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    Faced the problem of bugs in his hostel. What have not I tried to get rid of them! And powders, and mashenka, and vinegar. Nothing helped. Then he turned (advised) to the firm. We arrived quickly. Now we carry out prevention every couple of months, because the tenants are constantly changing.

  14. Ulyana :

    After they found the bedbugs, they immediately left the apartment. The furniture was thrown out. Already the 25th day they are etched, the wallpaper was taken. Bedbugs mutate quickly, to all new poison. Therefore every 5 days poisoning methods must be changed. Up to 20 days, the larvae hatch - we also etch them. In short, the fight to the death, you need patience and do not give any chance. All personal belongings in the sauna, in the steam room. All is absolute. Now repair without wallpaper.

  15. Eugene :

    We put the bugs cold fog, two days later I saw bedbugs, crawled on the bed. I killed about 10 of them. Is this how it can be, or they are not pulled out? I'm in a panic!

  16. Natalia :

    Fighting these vampires, apparently, is useless, it's easier to call a service or change an apartment.

  17. Anonymous :

    About the creature, they tortured me. Travim with her husband for the second month.

  18. Catherine :

    At the girlfriend it is a lot of bedbugs, all have thrown out, but they all the same are live. They called the service just like that, they did not die. Help, give advice. Thank you for attention.

  19. Victoria :

    Travim bugs already 4 times, all this time caused a service for pest control, every time they promise that the bedbugs will be lost. Etched and hot fog, and cold, all bestolku. Advise where else to turn and what to do?

  20. Nina, 17 years old :

    I live in a communal apartment, the neighbors are decent, the only thing is that the apartment is being renovated, both in the apartment next door and on top of the apartment, both on the stairwell and on the roof. Literally a week ago, I noticed three large bites on my leg, having written off for mosquitoes, I went to the dacha. After 5 days, returned - and Nate, sign: the evening saw a bug on the couch, killed and scored, went to bed and I see in the dark some nonsense running around. She shone the screen of the phone, and there again this beetle. She turned on the light, and they ran around the bed, small and big bugs. The feeling is disgusting. Right after the gloves she ran and let's push one after another. In the morning I found a small nest, literally 2 by 2 cm in the couch. Too all has suppressed. Now I'll go to the store for a remedy, hopefully help.

  21. Victor :

    I have been fighting for 4 years, I do not know how to cope ...

  22. Svetlana :

    We've been fighting for a whole year, all the bestolku ... And the service was called, and we tried it ourselves, and even bought a kerher steam cleaner. All in vain. Somebody help, there are no forces ((

    • Irina :

      We also had such a misfortune, prompted kind people. I do not know how to write correctly, there is such a substance, it is used in welding - carbide, it is in pebbles, put these pebbles in all furniture and bedbugs disappear. But now it is very problematic to get it.

  23. Anya :

    Tell me, please, how to get rid of bedbugs?

  24. Dim :

    While studying he lived in a hostel. And there was such a misfortune with me. It's really difficult to fight with them, it takes a lot of time, strength and nerves ... In general, I bought packages for garbage and other polyethylene packaging, I went over and packed all the things (and it's necessary to sort out carefully, because they are not so easy to notice). Everything was in packages: books, clothes, everything that could be. This localized the "area".
    Then it began ... Every evening before going to bed, I examined the bed and everything I could, smeared it with vinegar, drank it, sprayed chemistry of all kinds of "combat super spray" (as here in the middle of the article photo), and nothing helped.
    But I was able to get rid of it. Bought with a friend "commander" (he also had such a problem). In my opinion, this remedy is from a Colorado beetle, sold in a small tube with a yellow lid and vegetables on the label. Diluted it with water, processed the room. Everything else was winter (I do not know how many degrees, but I left the window open and went to school, then spent the night with a friend - just in case protect myself from this poison, but the neighbor stayed to spend the night in a living room). Really helped, no ads.
    In general, more I have not seen them. But all the same, the nerves did not recover immediately, and kept shivering all the time, suspecting that someone was crawling ... In short, this is horror) And can touch everyone. For all my life I remember how I fought with them.

  25. Anastasia :

    I live in a hostel. About 2 years ago I encountered this problem. In the friend's room bugs appeared. It was a nightmare! Fought as best they could. Aerosols did not help. Both cheap and expensive. They called the pest out. They seem to have disappeared. But these insects crawled to my room. I fought on my own. My grandmother taught me. Used 70 percent vinegar, plentifully smeared baseboards, floor, cabinets - everything that was in the room. For a day the room was closed. I came and ventilated. Three days later I repeated everything again. So I did three times, so for sure. It helped me. For a year and a half, I do not remember this problem.

  26. Tatiana :

    And where you can read about YOU reviews?

  27. Elena :

    Yes, got these bugs, tell me how to get rid of it?

  28. Lydia :

    Hello! For several days I thought, write or not write about how I got rid of bedbugs. The method is very dangerous and requires accuracy. So, you will need: swimming glasses - it is necessary (and you will burn all the eye vessels, and this is blindness), a construction respirator (the best one), gloves, a robe or some other old thing, scarf or cap, aerolamp (if you have 2 or 3-room, then you need 2 aerolampy), candles to them and acetic acid. Aerolamps should be large, with a large bowl. I think that many in the know that before the sink it is necessary to pack all the products, up to the brewing and feeding for animals. Remove the plants from the house, and most importantly - children and animals. But do not touch things, carpet, too, let it remain in place. Acetic acid kills everything, along with the bugs and get rid of dust mites. We begin disinfection by closing the air outlets, so that the microparticles do not reach your neighbors. Close the air outlets, thereby the concentration of acetic acid will be stronger. Dress fully the equipment, which is described above, ignite the candle in the aerolamp, pour acetic acid, put it near the exit (in the hallway).

    At this time, go to the bathroom. After 10 minutes (about 4 minutes, about 4 minutes), gently take the lamp for the lower part (it's hot) and transfer it to the room, there to hold it for 10 minutes. I also put it on the sofa, where the laundry box, but the height of the box must be higher than the lamp itself. Putting the lamp in the drawer, the sofa is left in the straightened position, and also 10-15 minutes. If there are a lot of bedbugs, it means that it is desirable to process also wardrobes, each box for about 3 minutes. Be careful that things do not come into contact with the lamp (just move it away). And at the end of the disinfection, put the lamp in the middle of the room for 20-25 minutes, depending on the area of ​​the room, I have 18 sq.m. Do not forget at the same time about safety: every time after changing the lamp go to the bathroom or to the landing, so you take care of your lungs. In the lamp acetic acid will evaporate, it is necessary to pour.

    After all the procedure, turn off the lamp, pour out the acetic acid and leave the room, preferably for a day. The next day, carefully ventilate the room and wipe everything off everywhere, and it is better to wash, rinse carpets or to produce a damp carpet cleaning (just a vacuum cleaner is not desirable). Were cleaned and only after that bring home kids, animals, plants. I described here that we start to poison with the hallway, so you will take care of the neighbors. If you start right away from the room, there is a possibility that some of your favorite bedbugs will have time to go to their neighbors. Better to attack all the neighbors together. I got rid of bedbugs, and my neighbors also were put to waste, there was one neighbor who does not agree with anything, and again bugs will go. So I think, is not it better to get rid of neighbors like that in the beginning, and afterwards from bedbugs, it's easier to get rid of them)).

    And another note: a new kind of bedbugs. Soft, but very tenacious, after bites there are no red spots on the body, and there are no blood spots on the bed. Do not be afraid of light, with electric lighting creep up. Be careful when disinfection, take care and good luck to everyone.

  29. Julia Kostyuk, Togliatti :

    Hello. At us a trouble, bedbugs have overcome, I do not know, as to do or make! Caused 2 times professionals to deal with these monsters, all bestolku. Where they came from, I will not put my mind into it. Have thrown out already a sofa in one room (thought, what is it from it all to attack, have bought from hands 1 year ago, probably, was not mistaken), climb not clearly whence. In the other room they stopped living at all, there all the furniture is new, but we can not sleep there, bite, critters. To throw out furniture it is very a pity, but also to wake up among night on five times forces are not present. What to do, how to get them out? Sometimes a thought creeps into my head that it is simply impossible. The whole body is bitten, and it seems that they already stink everywhere! Help!

  30. Fata :

    Hello! Hello to all kind people, I'm 14 years old. I live in a three-room apartment (with my mother, we have a large family, together with me 8 children, I am the oldest). I have a girlfriend, she is 17 years old, and she also has a girlfriend. She has bugs in her house, she is visiting her. Nightmare, my friend sometimes spends the night with me. One day I saw a couple of points at myself and at my brothers. I thought, diabetes or an allergy appeared, or mosquitoes bitten. Or did the bugs come. And at night I often wake up and can not get enough sleep, because of this, I'm late for school. How come it got. Once I woke up, went on the light turned on and decided to check if somebody is crawling on the bed. I looked and saw a beetle. I took the paper, crushed it, and there was red blood, horror, goose bumps along my body, I could not sleep and decided to kill the others. And at night I did not sleep, there was a feeling that someone was creeping over me. I sat, almost crying, hugging myself. The next day, a friend came with an overnight stay to find out whether bedbugs or not. It turned out that yes. It's a nightmare, a horror. My mother, my grandmother, my cousin and my friend tried to get me out, but already for a year I can not sleep peacefully. Please help my big family get rid of the terrible bloodsucking vampires, bedbugs.

  31. Andrew :

    The normal drug is Xulat. It helped me.

  32. Dmitry Samoilov :

    It is better to apply immediately to specialists, and not to suffer for years. People, be smarter.

  33. Lelik :


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