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We bring out bed bugs at home

Обработка матраса от постельных клопов

Bedbugs in the house are a warning signal to urgent and urgent actions. In no case can you tolerate them, wait for a favorable moment for the struggle, and even more so - expect that they will perish by themselves. Every day the number of them will grow, and bites at night more and more will be like a nightmare.

Fighting bed bugs at home is a laborious process, but almost always fast. With the help of modern insecticides, you can fit the entire procedure into one day, during which no one should be in the apartment. But before you get rid of bedbugs at home, you need to make sure that their neighbors do not. All the same, it is much easier to remove bedbugs than to keep the cleanliness of the apartment after them (they can easily move to a dwelling from neighbors).

Ways to combat bugs at home

The assortment of means with the help of which today the killing of bedbugs is carried out at home is quite wide. Known to date, ways to combat bugs are divided into several groups:

  • the physical
  • chemical
  • folk (traditional)
  • call special services.

The use of these or other means is always the result of the choice of the owner and inhabitants of a particular room, their financial situation, and is determined by a number of specific circumstances.

If we consider the first factor - the cost of destroying apartment bugs , then the challenge of professional services is significantly more expensive than independent actions. But the sanitary services provide a guaranteed expulsion of bugs from the premises.

In general, the independent removal of bedbugs at home is almost the same as its specialized version. In this case, the person determines the size of the surface to be treated. In some cases, processing one sofa will be enough to get the desired result. Such an exercise is most advisable with low infection of the apartment with bugs or with a very small area of ​​the room.

Also, the decisive factor in choosing this method of fighting bed bugs in the home can be limited family budget or too high cost of specialized services in a particular city.

In any case, whatever method of killing homebugs is chosen, one should remember that chemical insecticides are poisonous to humans and can cause a number of allergic reactions in their body. It is not uncommon for cases of severe poisoning due to improper use of special preparations and violation of safety procedures when working with them. In no case this kind of action can not be carried out by people prone to allergic manifestations, children, pregnant or lactating women.

How to get rid of bedbugs with the help of chemicals?

Химические средства от клопов

Before you get rid of bed bugs at home, you need to remember the following:

  • any person who conducts activities aimed at the destruction of small bloodsuckers should use rubber gloves and a cotton-gauze bandage to protect the hands and the respiratory tract from chemicals poisonous, not only for apartment bugs, but for himself;
  • all manipulations are best done in a sufficiently closed clothing (for example, in a sports suit), which leaves as few open skin areas as possible;
  • on the head is best to tie a handkerchief or wear some other headgear;
  • after processing the apartment you need to go to fresh air, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap and water and change your "working" clothes.

To bug bugs at home today you can use various means:

  • Executioner (quite effective, but has a smell)
  • GET (effective odorless)
  • Raid (aerosol)
  • Riapan
  • Neopin
  • Insect Dibrophin
  • Carbozole
  • Foxy
  • Forsyth (strong odor, known cases of poisoning).

At the same time, there are preparations of domestic production and many foreign products. The variety concerns not only the names of the preparations, but also their forms (aerosol, emulsion, solution, gel, solid) and composition: in different media, the main active substance can be Carbophos, Dichlorvos, various pyrethroids or organophosphorus compounds. The latter, especially those representatives who have a low threshold of toxicity, are used today most often, since very quickly they destroy bugs, but for a short time they disintegrate and cease to be dangerous. The apartment, treated with pyrethroids and phosphorus-containing preparations, becomes suitable for human life within a day or two after treatment.

Care should be taken to select the means by which to remove bedbugs at home: long-used drugs, especially in the form of aerosols, can today be ineffective due to the fact that bugs are resistant to resistance to them.

Folk remedies against bugs

Among the ways to destroy bed bugs at home is a considerable number of those that were used by our ancestors before the release of synthetic insecticides.

The most famous of these drugs are turpentine, kerosene, denatured alcohol, cresol and vinegar. Each of them, in its pure form or in complex solutions, can be applied to infected or suspected bed bugs in the apartment every day for a long period of time.

Уксусная кислота от домашних клоповСкипидар

At the same time, mixtures based on kerosene and turpentine with the addition of naphthalene or camphor can be used to treat the nooks of wooden furniture, floors and skirting. It is necessary to use not rubber, but special polyethylene (as for hair coloring) gloves or bags. This is necessary for the reason that these substances simply corrode thin rubber products.

However, upholstered furniture (sofas, beds, armchairs) and carpets by such means can be spoiled, since their oily base will leave stains and stains and break the color of the upholstery. For the treatment of the tissue surface, solutions of denatured alcohol (technical alcohol), pure ethyl alcohol or acetic acid (food vinegar or acetic essence) are usually used. For example, 5 grams of naphthalene is dissolved in a glass of methylated spirit, which in case of its absence can be replaced with 70% ethyl alcohol.

In any case, the processed apartment will have to leave for a while, optimally - at night or at least hours at 6-8. The sharp smell of these funds still will not let you fall asleep.

Another "odorous", but recently less effective way of destroying bed bugs at home, is the use of herbs such as wormwood and tansy. It is believed that the scent of these plants scare away uninvited tenants. The aroma is really unpleasant and harsh. But to exude it, the herbs must be fresh, and this does not last long. Therefore, a small period of time, the smell will still scare off the bedbugs without killing them and absolutely preventing them from multiplying. That is why most often grasses are used in tandem with other methods of baiting the apartment bugs or for preventing their penetration into the premises.

In any case, folk remedies are usually the least effective of all. And count on the complete elimination of bedbugs at home with their help is not necessary.

Temperature processing

Unlike most household parasites, apartment bugs can exist in a fairly wide temperature range. These parasites are sufficiently resistant to low temperatures, maintaining a short-term decrease in temperature to minus 20 o C.

However, if the invasion of bedbugs in the apartment occurred in the winter, with a significant minus outside the window (closer to minus 30-35 o C), individual pieces of furniture (mattresses, shelves, chairs, tables) can be held for hours on the street and frosted. However, the threat of the repeated appearance of bugs in your apartment from such procedures will continue. You can freeze the whole apartment, leaving the windows open for two or four days. However, such measures can lead to disruption of plumbing systems.

Heating will allow to destroy bedbugs much faster, but not everything that is in the apartment can be processed with high temperatures - from +50 о С and above. Nevertheless, most of the furniture and places of potential accumulation of bedbugs can be treated with dry heat or steam, and it is this treatment that is considered to be the most effective today. To conduct it, you should call for sanitary services. Their employees used industrial hair dryers, steam generators and special irradiators to destroy bugs.

Обработка от клопов

As the temperature rises, the exposure time decreases, and at plus 100 ° C it is about 40-60 minutes. With this treatment, even eggs of apartment bugs die, considered to be the most resistant to baiting.

A good option for the temperature treatment of things, bed and carpets in the summer is a car. In it, you need to add up all these things, close the windows and leave in the sun for a day. If the temperature in the cabin rises above 50 о С, all the bugs in the processed things will die within a few hours.

Calling specialized services

Often, firms specializing in the processing of apartments, carry out the removal of bedbugs at a time, regardless of the size of the treatment room. Usually, in case of detection of apartment bugs after such treatment, a good service gives a guarantee for free carrying out of repeated procedures.

One drawback to this method of combating apartment bugs is complete isolation of the premises for the period of exposure to the insecticide: usually 6-7 hours. During this time, all of its warm-blooded inhabitants must be evacuated from the apartment, dishes and cutlery, personal hygiene items are packed tightly.

A separate issue is the choice of a firm to order a treatment room. Representatives of the relevant reliable organization will inspect the treated premises before assigning a price or commencing the use of any insecticide. They will also be provided with a written report on the audit conducted and an action plan for preparing for the sanitation of the premises. The specialist of the company should clarify the presence in the treated apartment of people suffering from allergies, children, elderly people, that is representatives of those population groups for whom contact even with insignificant amount of insecticide can be especially dangerous. In the future, specialists will necessarily provide the customer with information on ways to prevent the infection of housing with apartment bugs.

The main pledges of success in fighting bugs are speed and totality. The earlier the bugbiting starts and the more fully the apartment is processed, the more likely it is that the bugs of the owners will no longer disturb. Therefore, any unexpected bites at night should be treated with care and when suspicion of bedbugs as early as possible to sound the alarm.

If you decide to fight bugs yourself, then when choosing a tool, pay attention not only to its effectiveness, but also to other important consumer characteristics. First of all - for safety for humans and for the lack of a strong unpleasant odor (it happens that after processing insects do perish, but in an apartment it is simply impossible to live for a couple of months because of a strong smell).

For example, if you treat the sofa with Carbophos, it can retain an unpleasant "fragrance" for a long time, and if you use a modern microencapsulated product from the GET bugs , you will not feel the smell even directly during processing.

Successes to you in the fight against parasites!

To the record "We bring out bed bugs at home" left 63 comments.
  1. Natalia :

    My husband bought a soft corner, but in this couch there were bedbugs. What should we do?

  2. Anonymous :

    My advice to you - throw it away, we fight for a month, and in any way.

  3. Anonymous :

    We also threw away

  4. Zhenya :

    The first time there were bugs ... Called the service. After the first time they disappeared for half a year. Now again appeared. For a month and a half 2 times come and still creep! I want to set fire to everything and let it burn ((This is PPC.

  5. Barbara :

    I could not get rid of all the methods, she herself was poisoning, causing disinfestation, almost never smeared with poison ... I moved away - this is the only way to get rid of them! Even stuff filled with poison, so that God forbid them to transport them. Now before I rent an apartment, I look every shovchik and even raise the furniture, if necessary. Scars from bites for the 4th month hold, I'm terrified how people live with them.

  6. Eva :

    How I understand Zhenya. Caused several times to serve, persecuted themselves - all to no avail. I sleep with light, a nightmare in reality! It's unbearable!

  7. Paul :

    There were bastards at the dacha. We do not live there in the winter. Last year was not. At home, in the city, no. Old things did not buy. Where did they come from?

  8. Igor :

    At us bedbugs attack already about one year, all methods of persecution and struggle are useless, as neighbors with them do not struggle. Straight trouble!

  9. ncux :

    The sex of the year is struggling with them - and no way. They get used to all methods quickly.

  10. Eugene :

    And how then to be and what to do, so as not to suffer?

  11. Max :

    I've been weeding for a month, all the bestolk, the creatures are tenacious.

  12. Anonymous :

    Drop the nuclear bomb. They got it already!

  13. Anonymous :

    Try pure vinegar, it helped, really.

  14. Misha :

    What can I say, you have all the flowers yet. I got wound up half a year ago in the couch sleeping, bit hard, just horror. Then they stopped biting, so they just tore off pieces of meat, probably for a reserve. My patience was over when I ate my youngest son, I moved out.

  15. Elena :

    I tried everything! I'm waiting for a specialist. If the result is zero, then shamanu in the apartment, things in the trash, and move out!

  16. Anonymous :

    They finish me.

  17. Anya :

    We have small children, what to do, these parasites bite? And I'm afraid even of smell. How to us to be, do not prompt?

    • Anna :

      I've been living with parasites for several months (I've been dragging home from the village for the first time). Found somehow once in a couple of months dead and did not pay attention, but now looked closely, and they are there one, then two are sitting. Bites are not strong yet, quickly heal, and in the morning forget that it was scrubbed at night. And today I'm giving up, tomorrow the child is "under the arm" and to the parents. I'm going to poison Fufanon, I used to help when I lived in another apartment.

  18. Anonymous :

    I lived for 33 years, only heard about their existence. Here you are, a couple of months ago there. What only did not try, nothing helps. He hid from them in the wardrobe, so they found me, dragged me to bed and all bitten me.

  19. Anonymous :

    We have two years of bedbugs, they eat me from night to night, what to do?

  20. Anonymous :

    How can you get rid of bedbugs? I threw out a soft corner and mattresses, but they are still, it seems, in pillows. What can be done with them? I do not bite, but my husband and daughter - there is no live place on the body. Help. In Ekibastuz means hangman no. Than it is possible still them to poison?

    • ket :

      Try everything (pillows, blankets) in a washing machine and at a temperature of 90 degrees wash for at least 30 minutes.

  21. Gosha Amletov :

    In America, developed a super-powerful tool - the powder "Death to al-Qaeda." Catch a bug, sprinkle powder on his eyes, he blinds and dies of hunger. "Americans, as always, are ahead of the whole planet!"

    • Gosha :

      And that, now every bug to catch and eyeballing or something?

  22. Victor :

    I'm just getting my hands down. And the baiting, and spetsov summoned three times, and most importantly - made repairs and threw out almost all the furniture, and it's all in a rented apartment. The result is zero, a month or two, and again appear. I almost do not bite, but my wife just eat. At night we get up and kill five times with the hands of these reptiles. We have to move out, but it's too low rent, where I'll find one. That's how we tolerate the second year.

    • Viola :

      Dichlorvos does not help, I also struggle more than a year.

  23. Hope :

    Everything is useless, bedbugs live 150 years.

    • Anonymous :

      But without food they live only 3 months.

      • Nina :

        No, they live 18 months without food! They fall into a hibernation (suspended animation) and wait for the arrival of a person.

  24. Asseny :

    I twice turned to services, different, none of which helped. For now, my advice: get a steam cleaner, you have to work very hard, every centimeter in the apartment for a few seconds steamed, all the nooks, especially in places where you sleep. Some are welded, but most of the time they pushed, they run away, they feel the heat ... Let's see if I destroyed them or not ...

  25. Christina :

    Bedbugs have been living with us for about 6 months. Tempted me, my mother, father, younger sister. Have thrown out a sofa, an armchair and a bed with a mattress - we sleep and we sit on a floor. Four times they summoned the special services, they poisoned themselves, and, in fact, not only the bugs but also ourselves were poisoned. All the neighbors say that there is nothing at all. The Chairman does nothing. What to do?

  26. Natul :

    We had bed bugs a month ago, mostly biting me. What do I do not know, maybe, tell me?

    • Anonymous :

      At us such trouble, helps or assists on a floor of year karbofos or dust. I grow up vigorously, per liter, and pshikayu ceiling, the joints of wallpaper, skirting and all.

  27. Vyacheslav :

    Perhaps, I will tell my balalaika. We have a room in a communal apartment in the center of St. Petersburg. Have handed over it one, you in 3 months have moved down, have told, that them was devoured by bedbugs. They poisoned them, dismantled all furniture and destroyed eggs, moved to the hostel to live, for a period of persecution. But nothing helped. The room was without repair, the wallpaper had long ago moved away from the walls (where they lived behind them). The parquet is old too.

    In the end, everything that was in the room, I threw away, ordered a gazelle to take away furniture, books, tables, etc. After that, they tore off the wallpaper and disinsected it. Then made a cosmetic repair and YEAR (!) There no one lived. As you know, bedbugs do not live where there is nothing to eat, that is where there are no people, but they can fall into suspended animation and stay there for a very long time. So, new tenants came in, and a month later they left without telling or notifying (there were bugs in the room before, they did not know either). They slept on the floor, bedding a thick mattress. After coming into the room after them, I saw an oilcloth on the floor and a bed bug crept along it. Everything immediately became clear to me.

    During the repair, the parquet was not replaced, but only varnished. After another half a year I took off the parquet and threw it away and conducted a disinfestation. After that, he ordered a laminate. To do this, first put the boards of chipboard and all joints are poured with mounting foam, bedbugs like to live in joints (this was told to me by the pest control).

    And I periodically spend the night in this room, there is not much furniture there yet. If anything, bugs love wood, and my clamshell is metal. Until I saw them and bites, too, pah-pah-pah. Thus, in order to defeat them, a global operation is needed.

  28. Alexander :

    Oh, as we have already got tired of fighting with these bugs. Travify Dichlorvos, spray each corner and crack. Half a year there, then again the same procedure, and all because of the neighbors. Everyone refuses to say that they do not. Already himself offered a means to buy them. Because I know that everyone spends on alcohol. Horror.

  29. Anonymous :

    Guys, if you apartment is expensive, then you must do everything possible to get rid of these reptiles!

  30. Victor :

    I want to share my story, how I beat them. I already left my comment that the hands just drop, and the result is zero. So, I have: the apartment is old, the neighbors are "very good people", the first floor. The council is very simple: weekly general cleaning. My floor with the addition of bleach, I also rub this water with everything that can be wiped. All the sofas and cabinets also move to wipe the floor, especially around the bed. Then I process the skirting boards, platbands and sofas in the folds. Where before I noticed their nests - Raptor from bedbugs, sold in any store. I do not work hard, so I went for once. In general, one bottle for a two-room apartment is enough for two cleaning. It takes almost a day for everything, but it's worth it. Now the result - every cleaning I find under the sofas of dead or half-dead bugs. I do not know where they are coming from, but the main thing is that they can not reach us. For two months my wife has been sleeping peacefully, and so have I. Good luck, do not give up.

    • Zafa :

      Hello everyone, I'm tired of these freaks, how to kill them all in a three-room apartment? The whole hut is in bedbugs, they are everywhere: in the first room, in the second, and in the third. In the third room my brother and grandfather sleep - he has all the walls in his blood from bedbugs. Help, please, get rid of them.

    • Lina :

      Thanks for the advice.

  31. Anonymous :

    We got wound up in a one-room apartment under the sofa and under the bed. I sleep on the cot just literally from the couch, and no one bites me. How to get rid of them, is this unrealistic?

  32. Anonymous :

    Help, how to get rid of bedbugs? These freaks did not die even after treatment - they invited a disinfector. Itself washed the floors with chlorine, vinegar, diesel fuel. I rent a 1-room apartment with my husband. Hands fall, every night is a nightmare. They bite only me. From stress and fear for half a night not fall asleep. And in the morning to work. What to do, help ...

  33. Anonymous :

    It's just plain hell ... A couple of months ago a lot of itching and bites started, the dermatologist's tests showed a "linen mite", and tonight after a strong chuh of the back found a bug on her, and realized that in full pope. They only bite me for some reason, now there is a struggle.

  34. Zhenya :

    For 2 weeks I did not understand why the child had pimples incomprehensible, until one night she woke up and switched on the light: the baby was attacked by these creatures. Caught her wet napkins as much as she could. Blood was from them, as if chicken chopped. Until 4am watched and guarded the child to sleep, tried to get through, but ... Tomorrow for dichlorvos and the full program will communicate!

  35. Sergey :

    Let's look at specialists

  36. Anonymous :

    Hello. Bedbugs for the third year, got rid, actually, manual chemistry. Does not help. I'm a child (13 years old), I say that I need to call SES, parents say that it will not help. Maybe you know a good service in the suburbs, closer to Noginsk, and then dad is fine, but I can not sleep. At night I sit in a chair, I'm afraid to go to bed ... They bite!

  37. Hope :

    Hello. We also have bedbugs, appeared 3 weeks ago. Etched to carbofos and alarar, did not help. In the ottoman there, but still crawling from the ottoman. Have thrown out furniture, again we are going to poison. We mix bleach and dust, we'll see what happens.

  38. Viola :

    Dichlorvos, vinegar, hangman, dust, etc. do not help. We have been fighting for over a year now. The service also did not help, alas, but its own apartment. Soon I will have a child, and I do not know what to do ...

  39. Zebo :

    And at me same, as at all a problem. Here the other day I move from the apartment to the house. Probably, specialists will be called.

  40. Anastasia :

    We seem to have just the beginning. Another month is not, as I began to itch and my husband, and the child - no. Last night they discovered by turning on the light that they were bedbugs. I almost went crazy. In the evening the whole sofa was dismantled, processed with vinegar and chalk "Mashenka". If again the same night will be, I do not know, I read here. What to do? I realized that there is only one way out - to leave, for the child I'm afraid. Prior to this couple of months with the cockroaches fought, etched them, now these creatures. Pipets some.

  41. Nicanorovna :

    They say that alternative methods still exist. Well, for example, ask for help from the brownie. You give him milk in a saucer and a request to clean your house of "aliens," and he to you - "all the evil spirits out of the house will drive out." Taken from Ineta. Good luck to all.

  42. Nikita :

    We bought an apartment with a friend, we made repairs, everything is super, we live a year already. It seems that everything is fine, and then bang - bugs have appeared. I do not know why, where, and so on. They took a steam generator from my parents and started killing them in black) We spend 2 weeks or a month quietly, then again the same procedure. Big found only 2 or 3 for all time, and so little things usually. Themselves are not fastidious, but also somehow unpleasant to fall asleep and think that someone will drink your blood from 3 to 7 in the morning :)

  43. Diane :

    I'm horrified, already half a year can not get rid of these creatures. Called SES for 4000 thousand, did not help. Then Geradez is the same trouble.

  44. Natasha :

    How to get rid of bedbugs? Help, please, two young children.

  45. Alexandra :

    Five days ago in the middle of the night I woke up from the fact that my hand was combed, then my shoulder and back. I look in the morning - my son and he scratches his hand. At first I thought that we had an allergy: I burned with iodine and took a hot bath. Like, they stopped scratching, but my boy came and for a couple of nights he was so bitten that he could not be looked at. Traces such as if the nettle stung. The neighbor said that we have bed bugs. I was terrified, I was poisoned with dichlorvos, I found two. What to do? I have two sons. Okay, I'm sorry for them ...

  46. Sacrifice :

    Now I sleep in the bathroom.

  47. Anonymous :

    In our house Tajiks rented an apartment, they did not know any problems, and these comrades brought cockroaches and bugs. It's just pipets.

  48. Nat :

    Daughters friend brought bedbugs, he went to visit her, talked. And then we all found out that we had bedbugs in all the beds. Everyone was crazy, they forbade him to talk to him. The house is private. Advise a good remedy and method.

  49. Olesya :

    At some point, I found them and read about them, what a nightmare! They are so tenacious creatures, of course, blood to eat - they will be immortal! We live in a five-room apartment, three years ago I did not go into the room with my baby for five days: I bought carbofos, all the wallpaper, I tore off the ceiling, I threw away the sofa (it was a pity the loan had not yet paid for it). Well, then, the linoleum tore off, in a word, the empty naked room was left, and I kept purring everything, even the walls)) Five days with a closed window and door - I kept them there. Of course, there were stink ... All the linen was washed, clothes at 60-95 degrees. Out! In other rooms, the brother used an expensive spray, he said that they do not bite anymore. Three years passed. One week I noticed the familiar bites on me and my son. Oh, my God, they're here again, are they immortal? They rebelled, they got it, sat with a flashlight, they caught it. And I caught little today, my God, I will not dare to do it any more. I just got up on my feet in those three years, and these things are eternal and endless! I'll try the Executioner. Will the result - without a clue ...

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