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Consider ways to get rid of linen bedbugs

Бельевые клопы Of all the parasites and unwanted neighbors living in the house, the bugs are the most unpleasant. If the harmfulness of cockroaches and ants is only in the spoilage of products and the transfer of bacilli from the street or the entrance, the bugs in the literal sense of the word parasitize on the person, causing painful bites and feeding on blood.

About how to bring linen bedbugs, written multi-page instructions in the Middle Ages. Then these small uninvited guests of human habitation poisoned people with sleep and normal life much more than they do now. But at the same time, the means of fighting them were much less for inhabitants of any, even the richest houses, than for today's average citizen.

So, let's consider what effective means against linen bedbugs can be used.

Means for fighting linen bugs

Linen bedbugs - the creation of a tender enough and whimsical to the habitat. They tolerate low temperatures, die in the cold, are very sensitive to sharp smells. On the impact on their weaknesses, the action of most modern means of struggle is based:

  • Chemicals. They can be used independently, following the instructions, or call special services to combat insects. At the moment there are many effective insecticides from bedbugs: Combat, Executioner, Carbophos, Dichlophos, Xulat, Cucaracha. Every remedy for underwear bugs from this list is quite effective. But with regular persecution of parasites in the same room with the same drug, there is a risk that insects adapt to it and develop resistance.
  • Freezing bedbugs. In this case, it is enough to leave the premises for a few winter days, turning off the heating and leaving the windows open. For a day at a negative temperature, almost all bedbugs will die. Only in rare cases after this freezing, eggs or individual adult bugs remain alive, which manage to fall into a state of specific anabiosis.
  • Room temperature treatment. Heating the room to high temperatures is even more effective than freezing. In practice, it has been verified that raising the temperature above 50 ° C for 6-8 hours completely kills all linen bedbugs, their eggs and larvae in an apartment or house. It is possible and in many cases even more rational treatment by steam or hot air of only individual places-shelters of bugs. The same principle is based on getting rid of bedbugs of clothes and various items that are placed in special dryers or even just in a closed car left for several hours in the sun.
  • Mechanical destruction of bedbugs. Today this method is practically not applied. In fact, it means simply catching and crushing bedbugs, or treating the floor, sofas and beds with a vacuum cleaner. In any case, its effectiveness is extremely low, and getting rid of bedbugs completely with its help is unlikely to work.
  • Various folk remedies for combating linen bedbugs . It is not only different sharply smelling herbs like tansy or wormwood, but also denatured, turpentine, camphor, vinegar and others. Their effectiveness is not high, and they help only during the short time that is required to call the pest control team and prepare the apartment for processing. In addition, the action of most folk remedies against bedbugs is based on the scent of parasites. And the presence of such strong odors in the room can reduce the standard of living of people in it more than the presence of bedbugs.

To choose this or that remedy from linen bedbugs follows, proceeding from considerations of rationality and expediency. If the apartment is accidentally found bug near the vent or the entrance door, it is worth crushing it and checking the mattresses on the couch. If this is an occasional guest in the room, you need to take note that neighbors have bugs, and resort to ways to prevent their penetration into the home. Including - and the means of the people (for scaring away).

If the bedbugs in the apartment were wound only in the bed and the couch, and careful searches for the skirting boards and in the cabinets did not work, it would be advisable to take the sofa to the street and treat it with special chemicals. And if the street is hard frost - then just leave the couch there for a couple of days.

If the bugs are firmly and reliably settled in sofas, armchairs and beds, in the cracks of cabinets, behind carpets, in clothes and behind skirting boards, then a complete disinfestation of the dwelling is necessary.

На рисунке показаны места, где следует искать клопов в квартире

In addition, in multi-apartment buildings, a strong infection of one apartment automatically implies the presence of bedbugs in neighboring apartments. And pest control here must be carried out jointly and simultaneously with neighbors. In the optimal case - by the forces of professionals.

Sanitary services and their specificity

Special services for pest control are the most effective, but also the most expensive way to combat bugs.

As a rule, before processing the apartment, specialists of such services coordinate with the owners of the premises the composition of the funds used, the dates and terms of work. They also give specific instructions on how to prepare a room for the procedure for the destruction of bedbugs and explain the order of all actions for customers.

After the work of sanitary services, bed bugs in the room are completely destroyed. At the same time, all furniture, walls, wallpaper, skirting boards, clothes, bedding, sockets, ventilating strokes are treated as thoroughly as possible with special insecticides.

Дезинсекция помещения от бельевых клопов

Before carrying out pest control, all tenants of the premises must leave it. You can not leave pets and plants here. If the apartment has an aquarium, it must be tightly closed and turn on the compressor.

The cost of services for pest control services starts from 900 rubles for a one-room apartment and 1,400 rubles for a two-room apartment, and it increases depending on the area, the amount of furniture and the degree of infection with its bedbugs. Considering the efficiency of the specialists of such services, today they are the best way to completely and quickly rid the house of linen bedbugs.

Chemical insecticides for controlling bugs

Perhaps the most famous means to combat bugs is Carbophos. It is either a powder or a liquid. Powder must be scattered in the habitat of bedbugs , and with liquid, after diluting the concentrate, it is necessary to process the bed, furniture, plinths - any places in which bugs can be arranged during the daytime.

No less effective means of liner bedbugs Executioner . It is recommended to use it for complete disposable disinfestation of the apartment. The executioner is released in the form of a powder that dissolves in water, poured into any vessel with a sprinkler and then applied to the maximum number of surfaces and cracks in the apartment.

Likewise, the Executioner uses a tool from Get bugs. Its advantage is the ability to infect bugs, and then with still living insects to penetrate into the place of congestion of bedbugs and kill several more parasites.

Effective against linen bugs are also effective: Klopomor, Combat, Carbozol, Tetriks, Chlorophos.

Средство от бельевых клопов Клопомор

However, you should be very careful reading the instructions for their use: some of these drugs (however, like many other insecticides) are toxic and can be quite dangerous for humans.

Fighting linen bugs with folk remedies

Any grandmother at the entrance is ready to offer ten tips on how to deal with underwear bugs with the help of dust, vinegar or turpentine. But, alas, in addition to cheapness and ease of use, folk remedies have practically no other advantages.

Widely known, especially in rural areas, are ways to use tansy, methylated spirit or turpentine as a strong smelling bug repellent. But it should be understood that such scaring agents are effective only as long as the bugs are not hungry enough. After this moment, the smell will not stop them.

Repeatedly confirmed in practice fact: only folk remedies completely remove bedbugs from housing is impossible.

Destruction of bedbugs by temperature

For the most effective temperature treatment of the room from bugs, special brigades of pest control are called out. They use special mobile units, allowing to raise the temperature in the room to 50-60 ° C. This is perhaps the most radical, but also the most effective way to combat bed bugs. When it is used, both adult insects and their larvae and eggs are destroyed.

But steam treatment has its drawbacks. Firstly, steam does not penetrate everywhere, and the larvae hiding among the mattresses or inside them can survive. Secondly, long processing of the apartment by the ferry can lead to damage to furniture, wallpaper and various items.

Freezing an apartment also has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages is the cheapness and the possibility of carrying out this procedure independently, without the involvement of specialists. But there are also disadvantages: lower efficiency compared to high-temperature processing and the possibility of damage to various equipment and plumbing systems during frost.

It is most advisable to use low temperatures for processing sofas, armchairs, beds. They can be carried without harm to the apartment in the cold, get rid of linen bedbugs and bring back. But this method is good only in the event that bedbugs have settled only in this element of furniture.

But the main thing is to remember that if bedbugs in the apartment have settled, then they are likely with neighbors. And to conduct in such cases, pest control is necessary at once in all apartments. This will guarantee that in a month after the procedure bugs will not appear indoors again.

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    Help to save yourself from bedbugs, scary to sleep!

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    Please help me get rid of them, from underwear bugs, I can not sleep, bite right up to the tumor. Have gotten already. Maybe the grass will help?

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    ZIFOX: 1 bottle diluted to 1 liter of water (according to the instructions of the water you need more, but I decided to increase the concentration) and sprayed. Pre-wear a respirator or a bandage on the respiratory tract! After washing yourself all over. For a day left. When he came, the smell was still, he aired for a day or two ... Everyone was dying, almost trampled himself when he splashed) But already there are no ... By the way, and the cockroaches and all that were, also died. Smell hellish. But acts on hurray!

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