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Disinsection of the apartment from bed bugs: the details of the procedure

Знакомимся с особенностями процедуры дезинсекции от клопов...

Disinsection in the broadest sense of the word means a set of measures for the destruction of insects in a certain territory, whether it is an apartment or an open field. Disinfestation from bedbugs usually involves treating the room with special insecticides, toxic to insects themselves, but not very dangerous for humans. This applies also to the use of special methods for the thermal destruction of bedbugs .

Как правило, дезинсекция помещений от клопов проводится с использованием инсектицидов

Disinfestation of an apartment from bedbugs has its own peculiarities in comparison with the same process, for example, against cockroaches or ants. First of all, for the reason that bedbugs eat only the blood of a person. To offer them poisoned lures that work well against the same cockroaches is absolutely useless - the bugs are basically not able to eat anything but blood.

That is why for the destruction of bedbugs usually use aerosols and sprays, which, being finely dispersed in the air, are able to penetrate even in hard-to-reach places. Bedbugs after such disinsection die in the same place where they hid. With the use of high-performance drugs capable of retaining a long-term residual action on the treated surfaces, new larvae will also die, if they are released from eggs of bedbugs, usually resistant to insecticides.



Применение инсектицидных аэрозолей и спреев позволяет уничтожить клопов даже в труднодоступных местах


In a room in which bugs are bred, pest control must be carried out without fail: without measures to destroy parasites, they will quickly multiply and spread to neighboring apartments. As practice shows, in a few months even the most comfortable apartment can turn into a real bug.

Modern methods of pest control

You can exterminate bedbugs in several ways using different means and methods. These include:

  1. Destruction of bedbugs with insecticides.
  2. Freezing of insects.
  3. Room treatment by heat.

Of these methods, disinsection from bedbugs with insecticides is usually the most time consuming, but it also gives the most reliable result. This method is most common in urban insect control services.

Городские службы дезинсекции практически всегда предпочитают использование инсектицидных средств для уничтожения клопов.

Freezing of bedbugs is usually done on their own, without the involvement of specialists in those regions where it can be applied (temperatures below minus 20 ° C are required for effective freezing). Room treatment with heat is also a very effective option, but it requires rather expensive equipment.

Дезинсекцию квартиры можно провести также путем ее вымораживания или обработки жаром.

On a note

An ordinary owner of an apartment or house calling for special services for the destruction of insects, usually can not choose one way or another - the disinsectors come with their equipment and just do their job. However, each company usually has its own arsenal of funds, and calling several organizations and specifying the methods they apply, you can choose the one that fits most.

Disinsection of the apartment from bedbugs with the help of insecticides is the most universal method, it is successfully used by both professional staff and the owners of the premises themselves. The means that are used for this purpose can differ significantly from each other, for example, smell, price, efficiency, safety for humans and animals, and other characteristics.

Means for the destruction of bed bugs

The vast majority of insecticide preparations from bugs are available as sprayable aerosols or concentrated solutions, which after dilution should also be sprayed indoors. In very rare cases, disinfestation from bedbugs is done with dusts containing contact insecticides, but such extermination of parasites is usually much less successful.

Обычно инсектицидные порошки (дусты) оказываются менее эффективными, чем средства в жидкой форме.

On a note

When choosing a preparation for disinsection, it is necessary to get acquainted with its active substances. Malathion (Carbofos), Permethrin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Chlorpyrifos, Piperonyl Butoxide and their derivatives are usually used against bedbugs.

Of effective drugs against bedbugs are widely known and often used, for example, the following:

  • Clovoron - a product of Soviet development, is considered one of the most effective means of bugs. It is quite expensive and complicated in the purchase, it is used by a very limited number of companies.
    The executioner is a tool designed specifically for household use. It is produced in the form of a concentrate, which is diluted with ordinary tap water and sprayed from the spray gun. One-room apartment will have to buy a drug for 1400-1600 rubles. Средство для уничтожения клопов Палач
  • Get - insect repellent on the basis of chlorpyrifos, produced by the technology of microencapsulation. Can penetrate into the insect through its outer covers, and retains its effectiveness on the treated surfaces for a long time. Микрокапсулированное средство от клопов Get
  • Tetrix is ​​one of the most widely used drugs for the destruction of insects. It has a strong unpleasant odor, however it is very effective and has a long lasting effect. For use by non-specialists, an analog of Tetriks is available - a remedy for Cucarach.

Профессиональный препарат от клопов Тетрикс


We bought the bedbugs for a long time already Master250. A powerful thing for all its safety. The parasites really did rest for one day, but we deliberately did not wash under the couches for another week, so as to destroy them for sure.

Oleg, Perm

All these preparations are concentrates that require preliminary dilution. Of the ready-to-use aerosols usually used Combat, Raptor from creeping insects, Dichlorvos-Neo or Dichlorfos-Universal.


Modern "Dichlophos" do not have to the substance itself with the same name used in the Soviet Dichlorvos, no relation. For example, Dichlorvos Neo contains Permethrin, Cypermethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide. Of course, these dichlophos do not have a terrible smell, while maintaining the efficiency of the primary source.

For processing industrial and domestic premises it is desirable to use concentrated preparations. Bedrooms, kitchens, hotels can be treated with less aggressive Combat or Raptor, containing flavors and not spoiling the atmosphere of the premises for a long time.

Temperature processing: how does it work?

Methods of temperature treatment of premises from bedbugs are based on the fact that these parasites die at temperatures below 20 ° C and above 45 ° C. Therefore, in the presence of appropriate opportunities, an apartment from bugs can:

  • Freeze, if the outside temperature is kept below -20 ° C, and so keep it for several hours. In this case, care must be taken to protect the pipes of water supply and heating (insulate them so that they do not freeze and burst).
  • Steam or hot air. For this, special brigades usually use powerful industrial hair dryers and fan heaters.

Температурная обработка требует длительного вымораживания помещения, либо его прогрева до температуры выше 45 градусов

On a note

There is also a folk way of processing a ferry infested with klopami furniture from a kettle, but in practice it is very laborious and usually does not allow to completely destroy bugs in the apartment.

Special brigades can use compressed gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to freeze bugs. The jet of gas in this case affects exactly the nest of bedbugs, pointwise destroying their largest groups. Similarly, steam or hot air is processed. As a rule, air with a temperature of about 55-60 ° C is used.

Клопы могут быть уничтожены сжатыми газами, которые сильно охлаждаются при расширении, либо горячим паром (воздухом)

As a rule, due to the laboriousness, the temperature treatment of the room from bugs is carried out only by professionals. Often it is combined with the use of insecticides. The price of disinsection from bugs in this case increases, but its effectiveness also increases.

Calling the services of pest control

Almost in every major city or district center there is a local Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, whose employees quite successfully remove bedbugs. Usually the cost of running SES is lower than the price of disinsection from bugs from small companies.

Практически в каждом городе есть своя СЭС, которая вполне успешно проводит дезинсекцию квартир от клопов

Specialized companies always offer disinsection from bedbugs as one of several of their services. When contacting this service, you must:

  • to agree on time and terms of work
  • get a guarantee that within a certain period bugs in the house will not appear, and if there are - specialists will come again
  • To receive the instruction on preparation of a premise for processing
  • find out what means you need to buy for a normal cleaning of the apartment after pest control.

If the company manager can not answer these questions, it is worthwhile to think about the reliability and quality of the work of such a disinsection service.


"A daughter in a hostel called a special brigade for the disinfestation of bedbugs. According to reviews found her. So from them in general any sense was not. Even the cockroaches did not rest, so maybe a couple of days they were gone. While they themselves did not bring Dichlophos and did not waste it, the bugs continued to bite. But at our home SES coped well, after them we had the confidence to such brigades. In general, now we either call in SES, or we poison ourselves ... "

Olga, Yeisk

In any case, before the arrival of the workers of the service it is necessary to move furniture away from the walls, to free the corners and edges of the carpets so that after processing they can be quickly rolled up, the carpets removed from the walls and bed linen from the beds.

After the work of the disinsectors in the room, it is necessary to conduct a thorough wet cleaning and to air it until the smell of the insecticide disappears.

What about money?

The cost of the work of special teams of pest control is usually a little higher than the cost of the drug necessary for the independent removal of parasites in the room. For example, SES processes a one-room apartment for approximately 1200-1400 rubles. In the same amount approximately will cost a set of bottles of the executioner for processing the same area. The processing of a five-room apartment costs, respectively, 2000-2200 rubles.

Стоимость обработки однокомнатной квартиры от клопов обычно обходится ненамного дороже, чем стоимость препаратов при самостоятельной борьбе с паразитами

In specialized companies the price of disinfestation from bed bugs is slightly higher, and starts from 1600 rubles for a one-room apartment. In large cities, the service is more expensive, in smaller ones - cheaper, but the spread in prices is usually insignificant.

On a note

Lower prices in SES do not mean lower service. Usually, SES staff regularly attend refresher courses in accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, and the clients themselves can choose the drugs that will be used for processing their premises.

Disinsection by one's own hands

For self- breeding bedbugs from the apartment you need:

  • buy an insecticide, preferably - optimally combining the effectiveness, price, lack of unpleasant odor and safety in use (on how to choose a drug from bedbugs, see the section of our website "Means from bedbugs").
  • In the apartment move away from the walls of furniture, remove the carpets, remove clothing and linen from the cabinets.
  • Remove all people and animals from the premises.
  • Spray the product on the maximum number of surfaces, under carpets, on furniture, especially on beds and a sofa.
  • Close the apartment windows and doors for several hours.
  • At the end of the procedure of pest control, ventilate the room and carry out a wet cleaning.

As a rule, with a mild infestation of the room with bugs and the use of an effective single-treatment preparation is sufficient to completely remove bedbugs. In rare cases (for example, when the room is heavily contaminated), after this treatment, the surviving eggs remain, from which larvae are removed after 1-2 weeks. If, after the first disinfestation in the room, some few insects are found, after two weeks the procedure should be repeated.

Из выживших яиц клопов через некоторое время после дезинсекции вылупляются личинки, которых также нужно уничтожить

In general, according to the experience of those who have already taken out bedbugs, it can be concluded that the challenge of special teams is more profitable and reliable than independent treatment of the premises. The latter is justified in the first place in villages where the pest control teams do not work, and in rare cases, when the processor can buy drugs for very little money. In other situations, the call of professionals allows you to save time, health and strength.

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