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Disinfection of an apartment from bedbugs

Дезинфекция квартиры от клопов

Disinfection of the apartment from bedbugs is an unavoidable procedure in those cases when bed bugs in the room are already firmly established. Whatever the grandmothers and admirers of ecological methods of struggle say, folk remedies such as vinegar, turpentine and wormwood do not destroy, and forever get rid of them will not help.

Disinfection of rooms from bedbugs is now the only reliable and universal way to solve the problem of the presence of bloodsucking parasites in your apartment once and for all. Under disinfection in the common people, first of all, the use of various chemical insecticides that directly destroy insects is understood.

On a note

The very term "disinfection" with respect to the fight against bugs, and any parasitic insects, is incorrect. In its original sense, disinfection means the destruction of microscopic pathogens of various infectious diseases - bacteria and viruses. Bedbugs do not cause disease and do not belong to the representatives of the microcosm. Experts, speaking about the fight against insects, use the word "pest control", which in translation means "destruction of insects".

Nevertheless, very often even in professional literature, the use of the expression "infection of the apartment with bedbugs" is encountered, and therefore in general the term "disinfection" can be used to operate.

Like any other method of pest control, disinfection from bedbugs requires the most rapid decision-making and complete processing of the room itself.

Professional disinsectors know that bedbugs are much more difficult to exterminate parasites than other unwanted guests of residential apartments - cockroaches, ants and even a moth.

Features of disinfection from bedbugs

Disinfection of apartments from bugs is a rather difficult process, but at the same time feasible even for an unprepared person.

Bed bugs - insects are unique, and therefore fighting with them has several specific features:

  • Bugs readily settle in even absolutely clean and cleaned apartments. This they differ from cockroaches, for which gloss and lack of debris are, in fact, unfit for living conditions.
  • Bedbugs parasitize on a person, inflicting bites, disturbing sleep and rest, causing pain, itching and sometimes even allergies. Therefore, you can not pull the disinfection from bedbugs in any way. Every new day with bedbugs is another sleepless night and some damage to health in general.
  • Bedbugs are quite resistant to many chemical insecticides, because traditional Dichlophos and Douste do not work against them.
  • Bedbugs reside in the room very extensively, being located in different places, often - extremely difficult to reach for a person. That is why the destruction of only their nests will not have an effect. Гнездо постельных клопов в матрасе

On a note

It is because of the placement of bedbugs in different places in the room that tips like "take out a sofa with bugs to the frost" do not work. The place of the frozen comrades will occupy bedbugs because of skirting boards or from cracks in the closet.

  • Bed bugs can last a very long time without food. And so just leave the premises for a week or two in the hope that the parasites will go in search of food - a failure in advance.
  • Finally, the bugs constantly multiply. Some insecticides are very effective against adult bedbugs and their larvae, but do not destroy eggs. This means that a few nights after disinfection the newly-seen generation will go to the snow-white bed for food.

All these features make bugs very specific object for the fight and suggest a competent procedure for disinfection. Such disinfection against bedbugs can be carried out both by specialists and sanitary brigades, and by the tenants of the apartment

Professional disinfection from bedbugs

Calling specialized services to combat domestic insects in most cases is the optimal solution to the problem of bedbugs in the room. Specialists of such services are well aware of where in the room bugs are most often settled and what means they need to be destroyed.

Профессиональная дезинфекция от клопов

Most disinfestation services give a guarantee for a certain period after their work, during which bed bugs will not appear in the room.

Especially responsible specialists can even in advance calculate which of the neighboring rooms are infected with bugs and advise to conduct simultaneous disinfection in several apartments. This ensures that in a month after treatment rooms bugs will not move from their neighbors.

Today, literally every major city has several pest control services, in addition to the urban SES. Choose among them is primarily based on the number of recommendations and real feedback, and only after look at the price of work.

Whichever disinfection is carried out from bedbugs, the cost of it will always be not much higher than that with the independent purchase of an effective insecticide.

Additionally, when choosing a service, you should:

  • pay attention to the drugs used. Usually disinsectors use professional preparations such as Biorin, Minal, Chlorpyrimac, Tetriks, Sinuzan, Ektermin. If, during a conversation, the service manager talks about the use of Chlorophos or Dust, such a company is not trustworthy.

On a note

These professional remedies are equally effective against bugs, and against other insects. Therefore, disinfection from bedbugs and cockroaches is carried out within the framework of one treatment.

  • Details about the preparation of the apartment for processing. The use of any insecticide requires removal from the premises of all people and domestic animals, special procedures for preparation for disinfection. If the manager does not specify all this, then the service is working through the sleeves.
  • In the ideal case - to find a person who successfully used the services of such a service, and learn from him the name of the company.

In general, it is noted that private disinfection services from bugs are working more reliably than state SES. This is due to competition in the market - small companies are working for a reputation and therefore try to ensure the maximum result.


"Four times these soldiers came from SES, each time with a new instrument. The guarantee was given, they were afraid that they would probably wipe out, only bedbugs appeared again in two or three weeks. Three times they did all the disinfection for free, under the guarantee. We could not stand it and the next time we etched the parasites with the Executioner. We did not have any more of them. "

Artem Manjavichus, Penza

In any case, disinfection of the apartment from bedbugs by professionals will be carried out in all rooms and will require special training of both the apartment and the residents themselves. The manager of the service advises about such preparation of the customer, but some provisions are standard and useful for general acquaintance.

Before the disinfection, it is necessary to plan the removal for the whole day of all the residents, poultry and animals from the premises. The aquarium, if it is, is closed with a cover slip and the compressor turns off.

Bed before disinfection it is desirable to remove from beds, and the beds and sofas themselves to disassemble, taking off their mattresses and pillows.

It is important to provide for the access of specialists to all places in the apartment - closets, corners, spaces behind cabinets. If necessary, move the furniture.

You should immediately prepare for the wet cleaning of the apartment after disinfection - buy the necessary detergents and stock up on washcloths. After the treatment of the apartment, all surfaces will have to be washed.

It is worth to know in advance how much it costs to disinfect from bugs in a particular city. For example, the treatment of a one-room apartment in Moscow costs an average of 2400-2500 rubles, a two-room apartment - at 3200-3400 rubles.


"We in Krivoy Rog almost equally worth what to call the SES that they buy a box of the Executioner. According to the instructions for processing a two-room apartment you need 20 bottles. This is 360 hryvnia, and the call of the SES brigade costs 300. And why should I then be able to suffer the most with these poison? "

Tatiana Alexandrovna, Krivoy Rog

Some services pre-stipulate re-treatment, if the primary disinfection of bugs is not destroyed. However, most modern means ensure the death of all insects and their eggs in the room already with a single application, so if the experts are working correctly, the re-treatment will not be necessary.

Fighting Bugs by Yourself

Disinfection from bedbugs on its own is a well-established process, and so in many cases apartment owners prefer to conduct this procedure without involving special services.

However, with this disinfection, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • for the treatment of an apartment you should buy reliable and tested drugs: Executioner, Klopomor, Fufanon, Tetriks, Combat, Carbofos. Клопомор - эффективное средство от клопов
  • On the day of disinfection, all inhabitants must be removed from the apartment.
  • The handler should be dressed in closest possible clothing, gloves and glasses. It is strongly recommended the use of cotton-gauze dressings.
  • The agent should be applied to the maximum number of surfaces as specified in the instructions. If it is a liquid, it must be sprayed with a brush and an atomizer, if the powder is scattered in the habitats and movement of insects.
  • Clothes in cabinets, books, toys, household appliances and bed linen must also be processed, if desired - packaged in bags and filled with the drug.
  • All procedures should be carried out with closed windows, as most insecticides quickly decompose in the fresh air.
  • After the treatment, you should hold the room closed for several hours, then open the windows, ventilate all rooms and conduct a thorough wet cleaning. Treated items and bed linens must be washed thoroughly.

It is important to understand that when infecting neighbors with bugs, even an ideal disinfection will not give a lasting result - bugs will sooner or later move from the adjacent apartments. Therefore, before processing the room, it is desirable to find out which of the neighbors is also infected with the apartment and process the treatment together.

If such an agreement is impossible, it is necessary to provide for the protection of their apartment from neighboring bedbugs: to smear boxes of windows and entrance doors with shallow Mashenka, process ventilation ducts and window sills on windows. In this case, you can expect that after disinfection, bugs from adjacent premises will not penetrate the apartment.

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  1. I. Lugovoi :

    Yes, it's difficult to fight alone with such inmates. It is better to give this care to specialists.
    Once I had a chance to puzzle myself that the problem did not go beyond the threshold of the old house, but the cares turned out to be bigger ... Therefore it is better to call specialists and not think about information leakage.

  2. Daria :

    We have been struggling with bedbugs for about three months, nothing helps, after disinfection in weeks 2 again the entire apartment is teeming with them! Tell me what to do? In the city of Korsakov how much will it cost to disinfect a two-room apartment? Help, it's unbearable to endure.

  3. Anonymous :

    A week has passed since the service was called, but the child has new bites. Found 3 bugs, although they assured that they can crawl, but they should not bite.

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