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What can you do to bug the bugs in the apartment?

Постельные клопы в квартире

If you find bed bugs in the apartment, many owners of the premises first of all run to the market or to the hardware store for the already familiar Dikhlofos, Carbophos, Reid ... Their calculation is clear: these funds have once helped them or their friends to etch cockroaches or ants. So they can also poison the bugs? ..

However, pest control by such commonly used means is carried out, money, time and effort are spent, and bedbugs in the apartment remain and continue to torment the residents. The stability of these insects and their ability to get used to various poisons is much higher than that of ordinary cockroaches and ants. And so they have to fight with them in a few other ways.

So, let's try to figure out what to do with bugs and how to do it right.

What is the best way to bug bugs today?

Trapping bedbugs should always be made by the most effective and currently known insecticides. Bed bugs are an evolutionarily very dynamic species of insects, and with frequent exposure to the same substance, populations that persist precisely to this agent are constantly emerging.

Therefore, in order to choose, than to poison bedbugs in an apartment, the following tips should be adopted:

  • call local SES and find out what they bug bugs and what resources they can recommend. Sometimes it is the sanitary and epidemiological station that works most effectively, and their advice can be useful.
  • Ask friends who have encountered the same problem, what insecticides they used and how successfully.
  • Interview neighbors, especially those whose apartments are suspected of being the source of bug infestation. Find out what they were trying to poison insects, and buy another tool - if the insecticide indicated by them does not help, then using it is a waste of time and energy.

Важно выбрать эффективное средство

To date, the market has a number of chemical products, the use of which has a very good effect in controlling bugs, allowing you to completely get rid of parasites in a short time. Let's look at them in more detail.

Travim bedbugs means the Executioner

The executioner is a German insecticide manufactured by Russian chemical industry enterprises under the license of the developer. It is considered by professionals to be one of the most preferred means for baiting bed bugs.

Средство от насекомых Палач

Etching of bedbugs The executioner in one apartment requires approximately 1200-2000 rubles for the product itself, depending on the size of the apartment, and two days for processing the premises.

At the heart of the Executioner lies the insecticide fenthion, which disrupts the functioning of the insect's nervous system and leads to the death of all bugs that have managed to contact the remedy.

To ensure the disposal of the premises from the bloodsuckers, it is necessary to carry out the treatment two times at intervals of four to five days. After the first treatment, sheltered eggs of bedbugs may remain in secluded places of the apartment, from which within a few days larvae will be hatched. Repeated baiting of bugs will also destroy them.


"We once found bedbugs in the couch bought, immediately phoned the SES. We were hit with such a price that even the whole box of the Executioner was cheaper. In short, we poured them the whole sofa, put them on the balcony, waited two days. Some of the bedbugs managed to hide under the carpet, but the Executioner got them there. Everybody has had a rest, now there is not a single parasite in the house "

Victoria, Vologda


When using the executioner, you must follow precautionary measures: remove all people and animals from the treated apartment, and the handler should work in a cotton-gauze dressing and gloves.

Destruction of bedbugs Klopomor

Klopomor is a fairly effective development of Russian scientists, which is often even more effective than most other means. One bottle of Klopomor with a spray will be enough for processing and complete destruction of bedbugs in a standard two-room apartment.


The secret of such a powerful action lies in the complex composition of Klopomor: in addition to cypermethrin, it includes permethrin and piperonyl butoxide. Such a mixture of high-performance insecticides persists for a long time in places the handler can not reach when baiting insects, and therefore a single treatment with Klopomor room is enough to completely remove bed bugs.


"We bought this thing. Tin, not the drug. Mows everything on six paws. We thought we ourselves would die. My husband after the treatment at home his hands chapped, but then everything went away. Three months after the persecution, the floor was changed in the hall, so behind the baseboards was the real cemetery of the bugs. "

Yana, Holma

But you should remember about the high toxicity of Klopomor. Before you bait bugs with this drug, you need to read the instructions and take into account that even the remnants of it in the room can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people.

After processing the apartment Klopomor requires thorough cleaning of the entire apartment.

Tetrix from bed bugs

Tetrix is ​​famous for its rarity in the market (it can be difficult to acquire), a monstrous smell and tremendous efficiency. It is not for nothing that many private professional disinsection services use it.

Профессиональное средство от клопов Тетрикс

Produced Tetriks in Holland, and is already ready for spraying in the apartment solution.

On a note

Virtually no professional organization for baiting traps informs its customers without a specific request that it uses Tetrix. This drug is quite toxic, but very quickly disappears. After processing the apartment, after three or four hours, he ceases to pose a threat, although the smell remains for a long time. Therefore, after such disinsection, careful airing and wet cleaning in the room is required.

For the independent use of Tetrix it is necessary to strictly observe all security measures, and in addition - to free the apartment from the inhabitants for at least two days, until the persistent smell of the drug disappears.


"They summoned the service, they dumped 4000 rubles for two apartments on the site. The stench was after the persecution until the first floor. A week later, all was laundered. But the truth, the bugs did not appear after that. Then the guys asked what kind of a tool they had. They said that Tetrix. "

Lyubov Georgievna, Krasnoyarsk


Carbophos is a somewhat outdated tool , which is increasingly being replaced by more modern Executioner, Klopomor, or Combatant. Nevertheless, an extremely affordable price and wide popularity still allow him to remain among the leaders in sales of insecticides against domestic bugs.

Устаревшее, но популярное средство от клопов Карбофос

However, before you can etch bedbugs with it, you need to get acquainted with all the specifics of its use. Its use as a whole requires a little more effort and time, but it is well suited for processing very large rooms. For example - private houses.

Disadvantages of Carbofos are a fairly persistent smell, as well as the need to poison them with bugs twice: re-treatment takes place 3-4 days after the first disinfestation procedure.

Aerosol Combat

Many choose long, than to poison domestic bedbugs, because of the bad smell of most drugs. The battalion commander in this case fits perfectly: this Korean remedy is made with the addition of mint and lemon flavors, and therefore even the remnants of the product after the treatment of the apartment do not leave an unpleasant smell in it.

Аэрозоль от насекомых Комбат

In addition, the Combat is produced in convenient aerosol cans, like air fresheners. Due to this, it does not need to dissolve in anything, which reduces the time for general processing of the room.

Melenko Mashenka - effective against bugs

No matter how small Mashenka seemed to be a peculiar remnant of post-perestroika times, till now he has been coping with bedbugs in a wide variety of rooms. Part of its success is due to the fact that the manufacturer constantly enhances its composition with newer and newer insecticides.

Инсектицидный мелок Машенька

Trap bugs Masha is a little more troublesome and more time consuming than using the same Executioner or Combat, but this allows you to conduct harassment without removing the occupants from the apartment.

In addition, Mashenka is the most simple and effective drug for today to prevent the penetration of bedbugs into the house ( simply draw a wide line, the intersection of which will be deadly for creeping insects ).

Above listed only part of the funds that are now effectively bugs bugs in homes. No less successful can be used and the following drugs:

  • Fufanon
  • Medilis Zieper
  • Microphos
  • Pyrethrum
  • Chlorpyrimac
  • Sinuzan.

It is important only to follow the instructions. Proper compliance with the instructions for using these drugs will not only ensure complete removal of bedbugs from the premises, but also will not harm the handler and other residents of the apartment.

How to destroy parasites and not poison yourself

Before you spend the bugs in the apartment, you must carefully read the instructions for using the product. Many of these tools involve diluting the concentrate (Tetriks, Carbophos, Executioner) or dissolving the powder in water (for example, Carbophos in packets).

The resulting solution must be treated the largest number of surfaces in the apartment, including furniture and bedding. The handler should be dressed in closed clothing, use a cotton-gauze dressing and rubber gloves. This is especially true when working with Klopomor or Tetrix.

It is advisable to bug the bugs with closed windows, and after processing the room leave and close it for several hours. Then carefully ventilate, do a wet cleaning and wash your laundry and clothes.

When working with powdered substances, the substance disintegrates in the places of accumulation of bedbugs and their movement. After processing it is desirable to leave the premises closed for a minimum of several days.

When treating the apartment with strong-smelling preparations, infants and pets should be infused into it only after the weathering of the odor.

Independent baiting of bugs is not always cheaper than calling special brigades. So, the treatment of a one-room apartment in the regions can cost when calling SES 1600-1800 rubles, and the purchase of the same Executioner will cost up to 2000 rubles.

It is important to understand that not all services work equally efficiently, and if there are negative reviews about a particular company in your region, it's best to do it yourself.

If you are fighting the bugs yourself, be guided by highly effective proven means. Buy them better either directly from the manufacturer's representatives, or in large online stores, as there are many fakes on the market today.

When preparing to bug bugs in the apartment, calculate in advance the approximate amount of the drug that will be required. It also makes sense to cooperate with neighbors if they also suffer from invasion of parasites. Simultaneous processing of several apartments will significantly increase the chances of getting rid of bedbugs forever.

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  1. Alexander :

    Good afternoon! They asked the disinfection station, and what a surprise, when instead of the indicated cost by the operator by phone at 1,900 rubles, the master on arrival offered "enhanced processing" for 4900 (although the guarantee is 2 years old), but we were told that the repeated Processing is possible only after 30 (!) days, and then for an additional fee. On this, the surprise did not end: despite the fact that the smell after the treatment had to go through 2 hours at most, according to the manager, it lasted 7 hours, apparently due to the fact that it was reinforced. In addition, they did not issue a cash document on payment, which also leads to different thoughts. And a contract that does not contain all the requisite details. Summing up the work, I really want to believe that if you pay more than double the amount from the amount on the phone, we will lose bedbugs and we will no longer turn to such a dubious office. In addition, as I did not try, I did not see the amount that the master took from us on the site.

  2. Catherine :

    Tell me, please, how to get rid of bedbugs?

  3. Anton :

    Aaa, these bugs piled up, right now at the computer bite, help = (

  4. Stas :

    And help me, Mr. Tver. Tired of them to run around the apartment.

  5. Chris :

    We have processed it yesterday, the smell is still there and does not erode. Called the service, they say, leave for another day to ventilate. Although it was announced 2 hours. And where are the children ?! Keep in mind that the smell is long, and the poison lasts for 30 days, then decomposes. At first, this was not warned.

  6. Alexander :

    Yesterday, bugs were baited with Combat. Let's see how it will manage. They filled all the clothes, mattresses, furniture. Today and tomorrow, washing. By the way, the smell is not so much acrid, it smells just like it was sprayed with air freshener.
    P.S. for 1 room in the hostel (3 people) and just a mountain of things took 3 bottles.

  7. Olga :

    How to get rid of bedbugs? Already tried everything.

  8. Roman :

    The main thing is to find their nest! And the Karbofos remedy will help, only it is necessary to breed not as in the instruction, but more thickly.

  9. Dima :

    What to do, we can not get rid of domestic bedbugs. Tell me what will be more effective. Please, very much please.

  10. Anna :

    Guys, tell me who ordered the hangman through the Internet, I have some kind of nonsense, at first I throw them on bodies 200 rubles, and the rest on receipt. I think this is scam.

    • Representative of the supplier :

      Hello Anna. This is an advance payment for a postal item. Such prepayment is exposed, since when sending a large parcel post it is necessary to pay for mailing your parcel from 300 to 400 rubles at the post office. Therefore, if you are sure of your order, then make an advance payment and you send a parcel with the deduction of this advance payment. The remaining amount will already be paid at the post office upon receipt, by cash on delivery.

  11. Nadia :

    Where to find their nests?

  12. Space :

    The executioner did not help.

  13. Julia :

    I read a lot of articles on the Internet. They are both curtains and skirting boards. I bought a professional drug, 1 liter (you need to plant it, spray it with a garden sprayer). Bought Reid and the likes of him and sprinkled directly on bedbugs. I guarded them, I did not sleep until 4-6 in the morning. And then I bought (of course, spent 52 thousand rubles) an Italian steam generator. This is the thing! There are steam at the output of 120 DEGREES! And these creatures in the couch soared! In each slot it is necessary. And when the little thing from eggs hatched (red), she climbed from the hot steam, pressed it. In general, not fast, but I won them! 2 sofas. From the children's sofa (modular furniture) already the film got soiled, this temperature was high. And the generator is now only for cleaning. This was for the winter of 2015.

  14. Nastya :

    Lord! Help, please, I'm all scratched and my sister will come on Monday. How to get rid of them? On this site I do not understand anything.

  15. Asya :

    What to do if bite bed bites, but I can not find them. Like, there was not only this redness, and suddenly, after 1 minute already there. Found only one. Everyone looked at the mattress and bed, but I will not find it. Help, where to find them and how to etch?

    (We rented an apartment, we were bitten on the first night, we escaped from this shelter of bedbugs, but in a clean house these attacks continue, but I do not sleep at night, looking for these creatures.

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