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What is most feared bed bugs?

Чего больше всего боятся постельные клопы?

So that when fighting bugs, no matter how prolonged it may seem, your hands do not drop, you need to clearly understand: bed bugs are just insects-parasites, and they have their weaknesses. They are vulnerable. Even if we do not take into account the powerful insecticides and supernovae developed by scientists aimed at the rapid destruction of these parasites, we can immediately bring up a list of what bugs are afraid of, and then choose from this list those tools that could be most effectively used in the fight against these bloodsuckers in ordinary household conditions.


It should be understood that even if bed bugs are afraid of this or that substance or factor, this does not mean that they will die from the same substance. Typically, such scaring agents are rationally used to stretch a few days before pickling the room or to prevent the penetration of parasites into the house.

Too high and too low temperatures

The optimum temperature regime for the life, nutrition and reproduction of bedbugs is from 20 ° C to 30 ° C. Temperatures ranging from 10 ° C to 20 ° C and from 30 ° C to 35 ° C are already uncomfortable, but tolerable for parasites. They do not try to avoid places with such a climate, but practically can not reproduce normally under these conditions.

Клопы боятся слишком низких и слишком высоких температур

But constantly operating temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C cause the parasites to look for new habitats. Although if the temperature regime changes during the day, they can "accept" this.

It is interesting

Very large natural populations of bed bugs were found in the deep caves of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Here, insects parasitize on bats. The temperature in such caves almost never rises above 15-16 ° C, but the bloodsuckers seem to be quite happy with it.

Conclusion: to force habitual parasites to escape from home, it must either be cooled for a long time below 10 ° C, or warmed to a constant 38-39 ° C.

Bright light

Bed bugs are afraid of light. These are strictly nocturnal insects, peak activity of which falls on 3-7 hours in the morning. A light in the room or a raised mattress makes them panic.

Постельные клопы боятся яркого света

True, it is difficult to use this fear of insects in practice: if they find a reliable dark place behind the skirting boards, it will be very difficult to scare them with light.


"When we called the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, we asked the children if the bedbugs of light were afraid. They told us that the bugs are generally afraid of being in the light, and finding an insect in the day is very difficult. Then the guys began to pick up mattresses and carpets and I was horrified: there were thousands of bedbugs and larvae, so small and disgusting! They all fled from the world quickly ... "

Marina, Pervouralsk

Smells of wormwood and tansy

The main folk recipes for scaring away bloody bloodsuckers are based on the fact that bedbugs do not like the smell of wormwood, tansy and some other plants.

Wormwood is the most famous herb from bedbugs. To control the parasites usually lay out the brooms of their dry plants under the beds and other furniture. For at least a few days, such measures produce results.

Запах полыни эффективно отпугивает клопов

However, the bedbugs are afraid of wormwood only until they are very hungry: it's literally on the third or fourth day, even fresh branches of grass will not keep them from attacking.

It is interesting

In search of food and building their picture of the world, bed bugs use mainly smell. Sight and hearing for them are less important, and because strong odors frighten these parasites better than sounds and light.

With tansy the situation is similar.

Запах пижимы также довольно хорошо отпугивает постельных клопов

As a rule, it is most reasonable to use these herbs not to discourage insects, but to create aromatic barriers for their penetration into the room: dry branches are placed in ventilation boxes and on balconies near windows. Accidental "vagrants" from neighboring apartments, having met such an obstacle, are likely to unfold.


"We generally got bedbugs after the holiday. I do not know where they came from, but the first night after their return they got us stuck. And in all the rooms, and me and my husband, and children. We summoned the pest control centers, but they could only arrive on a working day, and we had to endure for three days. We guys were advised to use some kind of folk remedy for these days. I went to the bazaar, I asked the traumatologist, what grass bugs are afraid of. They said that tansy and wormwood. I bought that tansy, put it under the beds - and really, these mucks did not touch us for three nights. As the guys from the fighting service said later, this is the deadline - then the grass ceases to function. And it's good that the bedbugs were not wound up in bed, but were sitting mostly behind the carpet on the wall. But just on the fourth day they were all put to death. "

Sonia, Odessa

Traditionally, birch branches are also used in villages against bed bugs. However, there is no serious evidence that such a tool helps.

Perfumery scents

Since the Middle Ages it is known that bedbugs are afraid of fragrances of perfumery. Noble princes and court ladies in France, Italy and the United Kingdom used to take aromatic baths before going to bed, and then literally poured perfume and cologne from head to foot to protect themselves from bloodsuckers.

Клопам неприятен запах сильно пахнущей парфюмерии

Indeed, bedbugs do not like pronounced fragrances of perfumes, regardless of their quality. And the sharper the smell, the more unpleasant it is for parasites.

Nevertheless, insects can quite overcome their dislike with a strong hunger, and after two or three days the hunger strikes will be quite actively biting a scented sleeping man.

Chemistry: kerosene, denatured, turpentine, acetone, vinegar

But among these funds there are really reliable repellents (the so-called means that repel insects).

Керосин, денатурат, уксус и скипидар - старинные народные средства для отпугивания клопов

For example, bed bugs are afraid of the smell of ammonia. And than this smell is more distinct, the less attractive will be the room for insects. Therefore, in order to prevent the penetration of parasites into the house, ammonia should be added to a bucket of water when washing the floors. Indicator of reliability here will be the sense of smell of the person: if after cleaning the smell of ammonia is felt in the apartment, the bugs here will definitely not be comfortable.

So do not like bedbugs and the following smells:

  • methylated spirit
  • kerosene
  • vinegar
  • acetone
  • turpentine.

None of these substances kill the parasites directly with their odor. But repellents of them turn out to be excellent with the same use as for sodium hydroxide.

For example, even after dipping into vinegar (table, 9%), the insect will remain alive. But usually bedbugs do not tolerate the smell of any vinegar, and if at least one drop of it is put in the center of a parasite spot, they will not appear in this nest within the next few weeks.


"My grandfather taught me to bug turpentine bugs, so I used all that youth and used it. In the army, the barracks was cleaned with him, he already made a day off. Then he took them to the school in the hostel with the same turpentine. Just take it undiluted and squirt under the bed and in all corners. I even wanted to sprinkle it in my new apartment, but my wife said that she would leave me if I did it. I had to buy some newfangled substance in the can. It's also an effective piece, but expensive compared to turpentine. "

Mikhail, Mytischi

The minus of all these means is that for a person their smells create no less intolerable conditions, and to live in such a room protected from bedbugs is also extremely difficult.

Debunking myths: what bugs are not afraid of

In contrast to really terrifying for bedbug remedies, there are also things that in the general masses are thought to scare off bedbugs , but to which the parasites actually treat with complete indifference.

Развенчиваем мифы: чего постельные клопы не боятся...

These include:

  • ultrasound - as shown by special studies, high frequency sounds have no effect on the behavior of bedbugs
  • water with salt or soda, which folk craftsmen advise to do a wet cleaning, does not frighten parasites at all
  • magnetic resonance field. It was for him to switch creators of ultrasonic radiators, when more and more users began to make sure of the uselessness of the latter. The magnetic field affects bedbugs the same way as humans: to use the radiator to drive them out of the house, you need such a powerful radiation that a person can not withstand.

And of course, completely conspicuous in the fight against bed bugs will be various conspiracies, prayers, hints and jokes, which are still used in especially deep provinces. As long as they try to fight with parasites in such meaningless ways, they will thrive and delight the person with their neighborhood and unlimited appetite.

Fight with insects correctly!

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  1. Tatiana :

    We have a lot of bedbugs, and do not know how to get rid of them, tell me.

    • Lyudmila Ambre :

      Ran from the "Dichlorvos". Very effective "Mashenka" and a special syringe (forgot the name - is sold there). To process skirting boards, perimeters of a ceiling, doors, windows, legs at furniture. Efficacy is three to four years, but it is better to do preventive treatment once a year.

  2. Lyudmila :

    We also had a lot, I'm saving myself with a construction hair dryer, if they get on them they die right away, it's less now.

  3. Maria :

    I have bedbugs, how can they survive from the apartment? I just have two little children.

  4. Daniyar :

    Eat bedbugs, all bitten, help. How to deal with them? You are welcome.

  5. Katya :

    SES call.

  6. Lera :

    If bedbugs are in the whole house, then no SES will help. I baunt every other week and all the time I change the drugs. And even if I can not find it, I still water it. Straight epidemic in St. Petersburg.

  7. Sam :

    I'm sure that there are no bedbugs in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan ... This is nonsense, I was there.

    • Anonymous :

      Because the Tajiks brought them to Russia. So, it's all about emigrants.

      • Anton :

        Are you really that. In Tajikistan in summer to +50 degrees will be. A bed bug even at +23 can not reproduce.

        • Elena :

          Eggs of bugs survive at temperatures up to 100 degrees. And the bedbugs themselves with a rise or fall in temperature quietly fall into a hibernation, activated with a pleasant climate for them.

      • Paradise :

        Sorry, but in Tajikistan there are no such insects as bedbugs. This is a lot in Russia, do not blame migrants for vainly.

    • Anonymous :

      Dear SAM, in Turkmenistan, dofie bugs.

  8. Anonymous :

    And we have appeared, do not give to live, everyone has stress.

  9. Mawjud :

    Yes, in Tajikistan there are no bedbugs, as there is dryness, and in St. Petersburg there is a lot of humidity due to the weather. And as you know, bedbugs appear because of humidity, I myself from Tajikistan did not know about bedbugs, since I had never seen it.

    • Diva :

      I was born and grew up in Southern Kazakhstan. And I learned about the existence of scabies and bedbugs, as well as various horrible and nightmarish diseases of animals only in Russia ... Do not blame outsiders)) Only in Russia is a favorable environment for any infection.

      • Anonymous :

        I lived in Uzbekistan for 20 years and did not know and did not see bedbugs. In Vladivostok, I met them)) And more than once. The first time from their bites, I fell under the drip. I was all bitten.

    • Asik :

      They are in bulk in China

  10. Gray :

    We also have bedbugs, but after we poured boiling water (it helps), they exploded and splattered the plinth.

    • Anonymous :

      How to destroy them, tell me? In a new apartment, in the couch. At night, I do not sleep, depression, we go scratching, even if they do not bite. The children were bitten, the sanitary and epidemiological station came - they still go ((

  11. Anna :

    Start cockroaches

    • Anonymous :

      Hello, and the cockroaches help? Tell me please.

    • Jeanne :

      I have three children, two months can not get rid of bedbugs. They advised us to start cockroaches-aha, now they live like a family together, the zoo has become. Advised dichlorvos, so they are not afraid of him, they eat everything right. They advised me to smear alcohol - they bite me. I've already been raising everything from home. The only thing that saves at the moment is wormwood, scattered on the floor. And a clamshell - they are afraid of iron, they can not climb. They love wood. Buy a bed with iron legs high and change often clean bed linens. So you rid yourself of bites at night, can not get you. And so you sleep a year, they will die of hunger.

      • Anonymous :

        Breaking, they are afraid of iron. Our bed was iron and the iron grid, you beat it - they are piled up in heaps.

      • Elena :

        They will never die of starvation, nonsense! Quietly climb to the ceiling and start jumping on you from above. And if you think that you have died out in your apartment ... I am sad, they can hibernate and return at any time in a very large amount.

      • Anonymous :

        Buy the Executioner.

    • Anonymous :

      Cockroaches - this is nonsense! My friends got it, there is no ponty ...

    • Olga :

      And instead of one there will be two problems. Then it's better than spiders, they are even predators :)

  12. Olga :

    We also have bedbugs. So angry ... And cockroaches do not help, they also have. We deduce already half a year. No results, we suffer with the children horribly.

  13. Anonymous :


  14. Semyon :

    CARPHOBOS! In any household chemical goods. Dilute with water, pour into some sprayer and the entire apartment to sprinkle, including cabinets, wallpaper, plinths and all dark places with clothes together. Leave the apartment for a day, after you come, open the windows and ... Forgot about them. I know from personal experience.

  15. Anonymous :

    A month of carbophos is watering bedbugs: furniture, plinths, cabinets, beds, clothes. Became less.

  16. Ike :

    They called SES twice, there was no sense, bites bites, it's unpleasant. The child is sorry, all bitten, than I do not already know how to poison.

    • Anonymous :

      Probably, the house is old and there is a lot of moisture, mold, and such conditions for them - paradise. No SES will not help, from my own experience I know.

  17. Anonymous :

    In Tajikistan there were no bedbugs. Arriving here, I learned that there are bedbugs. I live in a hostel and I'm already tired of starving them.

  18. Catherine :

    They took a diphosphoside and did not spend the night at home, came in a couple of days with carbophos - turned the sofa over, and there's a hundred of them! And right from the syringe in them! And they, poor things, all paws up ... Closed the windows, a week later we repeat - all the friends assured that everything will turn out. I do not even know.

    It's a shame that such bastards started. Like, and repairs have been done everywhere - they have not been seen anywhere, and the furniture is new. And still appeared. We have 11 months more for the child, at nights it always shuddered and cried, and I did not understand what was going on ... Here, the bastards, the child and the bite. Me among them, but my husband does not care - his skin is thick.

  19. Anya :

    The tool of Palachus, nothing else will help you.

  20. Anonymous :

    A product containing chlorine or dust, as well as treatment with boiling water or steam.

  21. Anonymous :

    Carbophos is garbage, they have long been accustomed to it, formed on it immunity, it does not take them ... It is checked on personal experience, 2 times called different services (private traders), at least bugs. Apparently, it was necessary to do a couple of weeks of re-processing, early rejoiced, thought that one would be enough, because they said that you can not say that they exist. We began to make repairs, tore off everything, old wallpaper (in some places were torn), hinged ceiling. By the way, there were several seams between the seams, too, the plinth. In general, it was advised with glue to mix carbofos with adhesive wallpaper, but no use. Now we think to throw out the old sofa, buy a new one and again, but already in some other service to apply.

    Kerosene, vinegar, ammonia, tansy, wormwood - it's all, of course, good, but for a while, because they are afraid of smells, but do not die of it ... Normal chemistry is needed here. So, we bought a pancake room in the hostel. And SES in our city has not done this for a long time, and they said that they gave everything to private commercial organizations. They are engaged in another, go to large enterprises, offices, etc. Why are they huts ... And about the above written some comments - well, really smiled)) Everyone has such clean, prosperous countries, and come to live in a dirty, bad Russia. And then they complain that they do not like everyone so much - so you will learn how to honor and respect the people and the country where you came to, and not write any nasty things for it ... But no - so go home, comrades, to your homes!

  22. Hope :

    They say that carbide helps.

  23. Asik :

    They say the ants destroy them. It's true, who knows?

  24. Sergey :

    Fufanon in a double dose, and repeat after two weeks. Calcium carbide also helps.

  25. Moon :

    Hello! These creatures are clearly from China, home delivery with furniture, etc. You have to poison twice a week, and so a couple of weeks. Use Palach! Dilute the poison with a liter of water and sprinkle the walls, carpets, bed, blanket. There is a powder hangman - you need to wash all clean linen at 60 ° C, and after drying everything is put in a vacuum bag. And finally: nothing just does not start, bugs are imported, so that we buy all previously prepared drugs.

  26. Leo :

    Preheat the hut to 65 degrees Celsius with a heat gun.

  27. Inna :

    I recommend the Executioner. Sprayed. The next morning came - all dead.

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