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Bites of different types of insects and their photos

Укусы разных видов насекомых существенно отличаются друг от друга по внешнему виду, и представленные ниже фотографии наглядно это демонстрируют...

Generally speaking, insect bites in their manifestations have much in common with various skin diseases, injuries and allergic reactions: some of them can be easily confused, for example, with burns from nettle or hogweed, and others - take for the characteristic symptoms of allergic dermatitis.

Below in the photo shows the bites of typical blood-sucking insects. The mosquito:

Так выглядит свежий укус комара

Fresh traces on the skin after the "feast" of bed bugs:

На этой фотографии показаны следы укусов постельных клопов на ребенке

And in this photo - the consequences of nettle burn:

А так выглядят следы от ожога крапивой

Nevertheless, insect bites can still be distinguished from skin damages of a different nature - albeit quite similar. There are some signs and symptoms that indicate exactly the consequences of an attack of insects:

  1. A typical location. For example, burns from various plants are rarely found on the neck, face or shoulders, but this localization for bites of flies, midges, mosquitoes or bedbugs is absolutely natural.
  2. The presence of skin damage in the form of a point, sometimes with local hemorrhage. In the center of bites of the most diverse insects, you can often see an obvious place of puncture of the skin. In addition, from the poison or enzymes of insects (not only bloodsucking) can develop subcutaneous hemorrhage and form a small hematoma. Зачастую в центре укусов самых разных насекомых можно увидеть след от прокола кожи.
  3. The amount of damage and their size. A single swelling on the body is clearly not evidence in favor of allergies, and vice versa - a multiple small rash often speaks about an allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, in practice it is not always easy to distinguish an allergic reaction or skin diseases from the bites of some insects. Moreover, some dermatitis themselves can be the result of regular or numerous bites, so in cases of serious doubts and fears, it is better to consult a doctor.

Insect bites can be both practically harmless and occurring literally in a few hours, and extremely dangerous, capable of leading to extensive hemorrhages, edema and even anaphylactic shock with a possible fatal outcome. Again, there are no uniform frames here: for example, mosquito bites that are harmless enough for adults can turn out to be a strong allergic reaction for children, a high temperature and a generally heavy condition.

The photo below shows the bites of bugs on the body of an adult:

При большом количестве клопов в доме их укусы на теле могут быть весьма многочисленными...

Multiple flea bites:

Укусы блох на ногах

And on this photo - a bite of a wasp :

При нападении осы в пораженном месте сразу же развивается сперва небольшая отечность, а также нередко наблюдается подкожное кровоизлияние.

Different types of insect bites can be divided into several groups according to external signs and the severity of the consequences and complications caused.

The first group includes light, unobtrusive, almost uninteresting bites. They are left, for example, single small gnats or red forest ants. The person may not notice the consequences of such attacks at all - on his skin after them there are only small reddening or just dots.

In the photo - the ant tries to bite a person:

За исключением некоторых жалящих муравьев, укусы этих насекомых обычно оставляют на коже лишь малозаметные следы.

The second group also includes comparatively light, but more pronounced and, as a rule, numerous bites of insects: for example, mosquitoes, bugs, fleas and lice. The attack of one such abuser is often unobtrusive and does not attract much attention, but these insects "take" by massiveness - and this already threatens with severe itching, allergy, and sometimes fever (for example, in children). The victim usually gives a very colorful description of his feelings, precisely because of the large area of ​​the bitten surface of the body.


That summer we went to rest on the pond, so this was a nightmare, by the evening all the bitten people went. Komar'ya - not measured! Sasha's face was all swollen, the temperature rose, and started to feel sick. Then another week all stained ...

Oksana, Yekaterinburg

In the photo there is a mosquito at the moment of bite:

Комар пьет кровь

On a note:

It's interesting to note that when bed bugs begin to spawn in the house (which is not uncommon in our 21st century), many people do not believe in the presence of insects in the house until now, writing off redness in themselves, and especially in children, for an allergic reaction. They sin at the same time with anything you like-washing powder, irritation from clothing, allergies from fruits, coffee, etc. Until one day they find a bug in their bed or bed ...

The third group consists of bites that cause a pronounced local reaction in the form of severe pain, swelling and redness, with the possible development of serious swelling and allergic reactions, up to anaphylactic shock. This includes the bites of wasps, hornets, bees, some tropical ants, individual species of riders, large horseflies, etc.

Such bites (especially in children) require the closest attention, since in some cases they can endanger human life. Even a single bite of a hornet is often fatal.

The photo shows the consequences of a bite of a hornet:

Примерно так может выглядеть след от укуса шершня спустя несколько дней, когда опухоль уже спадет.

Sledge at the time of bite:

Слепни кусают довольно болезненно, оставляя при этом на коже большие красные пятна.

In addition to the insects mentioned above, there are also other arthropods, whose bites within the framework of the above classification should be classified as separate groups. For example, you can identify mites that are carriers of serious human diseases, as well as poisonous spiders, scolopendrons, scorpions, which also represent a serious danger.

It should be borne in mind that even if the insect bite itself does not cause catastrophic consequences, in some cases with it, agents of deadly infections can be brought into the bloodstream.

At the same time, there is an interesting dependence: the most painful and pronounced bites practically never lead to infection with anything, and vice versa - those kinds of bites that are least noticeable, are sometimes especially dangerous. As an example, we can cite mites, bites which are dangerous for the transfer of encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis, malarial mosquitoes, and also fleas capable of spreading a variety of diseases, of which the plague, encephalitis and anthrax are most known.

Клещи кусают совсем не больно, но они весьма опасны по причине своей способности быть переносчиками возбудителей серьезных заболеваний человека.

On a note

From the epidemiological point of view, the most dangerous biting insects are parasites. The causative agents of brucellosis, plague, encephalitis, etc., learned during the evolution through parasites to spread between their victims.

But stinging insects - wasps, bees, hornets - bite only in exceptional cases, defending themselves or protecting their nest. Therefore, bacteria and viruses (even if infected with such an insect) would not have a greater chance of being passed on to a person or an animal.

Bites of insect parasites

And now let's take a closer look at the illustrative examples of what the bites of certain insect species look like and what features. Let's start with those who most often attack people - insect parasites.

For an example, here are some photos showing how insects look at the moment of bite:

На фотографии показан постельный клоп, сосущий кровь

А так выглядит напившаяся крови блоха в момент укуса.

Фотография напившейся крови головной вши

In the vast majority of cases, the bites of parasitic insects are felt rather weakly (except, perhaps, flea), and attract attention only when the attack was massive. A striking example of this - the bites of bed bugs presented in the picture below, unfortunately, are quite common insects in apartments and houses to this day:

Укусы постельных клопов, особенно при большом их количестве, просто невозможно не заметить.

Так выглядит характерная дорожка из укусов постельных клопов на теле их жертвы.

A characteristic feature of bites of bed bugs is the alignment of them in long chains (paths). So, it is for bugs that the bites are characterized by three points located in one short line (this helps to determine which insect was bitten at night: a mosquito or a bug).

Если следы от укусов насекомых выстроены в цепочки, то есть все основания заподозрить, что их оставили именно постельные клопы.

Bites of fleas also have a specific appearance (see the example in the photo):

Так выглядят блошиные укусы

Излюбленное место нападения блох - ноги и руки человека, особенно если они не полностью прикрыты одеждой

Traces from flea bites usually have well-marked single red spots in the center. This is explained by the fact that when the flea bites, it has to plunge almost all of its head into the skin:

В момент укуса блоха буквально вгрызается в кожу, почти полностью погружая в нее свою голову.

As a rule, traces from the attack of these insects are noticeably less than after bites of bugs. "Paths" of red points on the body can also be present, but very short, usually not more than 2-3 points.

Another example of biting insects, which can only be called conditionally domestic, are lice. Head and pubic lice never leave "paths" from bites and attack only the hairy areas of the body (sometimes even eyelashes and eyebrows), because for life and reproduction they need to fasten their nits on the victim's hair:

На этом фото хорошо видна лобковая вошь и гниды на ресницах человека.

Та же фотография крупным планом

Еще один пример зараженных вшами ресниц.

However, when talking about these all known insects, we should not forget about the more rare, but still encountered in the civilized world of clothing (linen) lice. In the course of evolution, they have adapted to bite a person for any parts of the body and not depend on his hair cover.

Бельевые вши способны кусать любые участки тела, и не привязаны к волосяному покрову человека.

The characteristic difference between lice bites is bluish spots on constantly attacked places and scabs from scratching. In the photo there are traces from the bites of these insects:

При большом количестве вшей на коже головы могут появляться коросты.

As mentioned above, single bites of domestic insects do not generally bother, however, for example, regular attacks of bed bugs can even cause nervous breakdowns, insomnia or anemia in children.

But most of the insect parasites are still found in the wild. In the tropics, mosquito bites can cause malaria. In the taiga and tundra, the bites of local blood-sucking insects-the nests-are a real calamity, especially for unprepared "newcomers". In comparison with the usual "urban" mosquitoes, attacks of these insects lead to much more severe consequences: blisters on the skin, a long debilitating itching.

Укусы насекомых, например, в тайге (гнус) могут приводить к весьма тяжелым последствиям, если изначально не принять соответствующих защитных мер.

Perhaps the leading position among all the parasitic insects inhabiting our country is occupied by horseflies - large flies that live everywhere near water bodies and have very painful bites. Attacking, the horsefly actually cuts off a piece of victim's skin, and then injects into the open wound a special enzyme that prevents blood clotting.

In the photographs you can see the bites of these insects:

След от укуса слепня

А так выглядит сам слепень в процессе насыщения.

How do stings of bees, wasps, hornets, poisonous ants and other stinging insects look like?

Unlike most parasites, stings of stinging insects are very painful. And this is not surprising, because the purpose of their attack is precisely to deter the enemy from severe pain.

In the poison of wasps, bees, some stinging ants and their relatives contains a large number of allergens that can lead to the development of extensive swelling, hives, fever and general intoxication of the body. In some cases, such bites lead to the death of the victim, especially if the insects attack the whole swarm.

Photo of a hornet sting:

Жало шершня

But the photo of the honey bee at the time of the bite - its sting is stuck in the skin of a person along with a part of the insect's insides:

В отличие от шершней и ос, пчела при укусе оставляет свое жало в коже жертвы (вместе с частью внутренних органов).

Photo of a bullet-ant - its bites are so strong that they are considered by the degree of soreness by some of the most powerful among insects in general:

Укусы муравья-пули считаются одними из самых болезненных среди насекомых

On a note

Bites of giant Asian hornets in some countries lead to more deaths than attacks of any wild animals (for example - Japan, where about 40 people die from the attack of hornets per year).

If during stinging you did not have time to notice and recognize which insect you were bitten by, then first aid should be provided on a universal scheme in such cases with an emphasis on preventing the development of a severe allergic reaction:

  • visually assess the presence of a sting in the wound, and if it is, then remove it;
  • suck the poison out of the wound (without spending more than 1 minute);
  • disinfect the affected area with hydrogen peroxide, iodine or zelenka;
  • apply a cold compress to the site of the bite;
  • take an antihistamine (Suprastin, Dimedrol - but only in the absence of contraindications, with a list of which can be found in the instructions for the appropriate drug).

Холодный компресс позволяет снизить выраженность отека пораженных тканей и уменьшить скорость впитывания яда насекомого в кровь.


"This summer I could not stand it and called specialists to deal with the hornets' nest. For two years these two wasps have settled at the shed. First they tried to get rid of themselves, smoked, but after they had bitten their granddaughter, they did not save. The child was swollen all over, it was necessary even to call an ambulance, all were frightened. Two bites in the face, one on the collarbone, were afraid that the swelling in the lungs would pass, the temperature rose strongly. It's a good thing that everything turned out ok, but we managed to get rid of the wasps, at the same time, they also stole the ants. "

Anna Valeryevna, St. Petersburg

Bites of spiders, ticks, scolopenders and other "non-insects"

In everyday life, ticks, spiders and scolopenders are often called insects, although these are not at all (insects have only 3 pairs of legs).

Often the mite is detected by the victim too late - when the parasite has already dug into the skin (when an attack they are allocated special anesthetic substances). The sting of the tick is usually large enough, but in some cases it may not differ greatly in color from surrounding tissues. A characteristic feature of it is the circular shape: the red center of the spot is often surrounded first by a pale, and then by brighter "rims".

On the photo below, these "rings" are clearly visible:

Как правило, место укуса клеща бывает окружено своеобразными красными ободками.

Also determine the belonging of the bite to the tick can be on a dense and non-painful blister, remaining after the parasite detaches. In the center of this bubble there is always a trace from the hole through which bloodsucking occurred.

In the case of a tick bite, you should immediately contact an infectious disease doctor and take the necessary tests to exclude encephalitis and borreliosis (preferably with the most bitten bite with you). If this is not possible, then you need to closely monitor your condition and "listen" to the body: the slightest indisposition can indicate a developing disease.

Often, a tick may not cause significant harm to the health, but the bites of poisonous scolopenders are almost always very dangerous. So, the attack of the Crimean scolopendra, or drupes, ends, as a rule, with extensive edema, an increase in body temperature to 39 ° C, hemorrhages and painful inflammation. The pain from her bite persists for several days.

Unfortunately, even this grave condition is not the worst thing that can happen after the attack of the scolopendra: the tropical species of these arthropods are deadly to humans.

On the photo - Crimean scolopendra:

Крымская сколопендра

The "insect" bite in this case consists of two points - this is how the injured scolopendra attack results are usually described. Outwardly, it really looks like two characteristic points, because the arthropod is piercing the skin with two jaws.

Another "not insects" that leave significant traces on the human body are leeches. Their attacks are noteworthy because the wound that forms is bleeding for a very long time, and from this people lose much more blood than from sucking the leech itself.

In the photo - bites of leeches:

Пиявка присосалась к пальцу на ноге человека.

Так выглядят следы от укусов пиявок на теле.

Pains of some spiders can be quite painful. Among them there are many species whose bite is deadly to humans - for example, Karakurt, or, otherwise, the steppe widow:

Укусы ядовитого паука каракурта смертельно опасны для человека...

The most pronounced are the effects of the bites of Karakurts in May-June, when the spiders have a breeding season, and it is in large females. Nevertheless, it is believed that the bites of these spiders are a deadly threat only for children and the elderly.

On a note

Ticks also belong to the class of arachnids, although their parasitic way of life is very different from that of predator spiders.

Males of all kinds of Karakurts are much smaller than females, and rarely bite a person.

Tarantula is also a well-known poisonous spider, although in most cases it does not pose a serious threat to humans. However, his bite is very painful, and both sensations and effects are reminiscent of a bee sting.

Below is a photo of a tarantula bite:

След от укуса паука тарантула

It is interesting

"Lucky", who experienced the bites of different spiders, say that the more dangerous the spider, the less painful its bite. For example, when walking through hard and thorny grass, a person may not even notice a bite of a karakurt, while a tarantula bite immediately causes severe pain. But in half an hour the situation changes: the bite of the tarantula can stop ache, and from the bite of the steppe widow a person can lose consciousness.

Scorpions that live in our country are also dangerous for humans. Their bite is very painful, can lead to anaphylaxis and death.

In the photo there is a yellow scorpion, which can be found in Dagestan or the southern Volga region:

Фотография желтого скорпиона

Specificity of insect bites in children

Often children react to insect bites more acutely than adults, because their body is not yet "ripe", and immunity is not sufficiently strengthened. On their skin, the symptoms of bites may appear more clearly, and blisters and swelling last longer.

In the photo there are traces of bites in the child, left by bugs living in the apartment:

Рука ребенка, искусанная клопами

On the other hand, children are less likely to experience severe allergic reactions to insect bites because of the absence of previous sensitization - a certain "body of experience" accumulated by the body, necessary for a violent immune response.

Speaking about the specifics of insect bites in children, we can not say about the rules for treating babies: it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the child's organism and use only those medicines that are allowed for use in children. Unfortunately, many adults forget about this and give the kids even more aggravating and complicating the already serious consequences of meeting insects.

It is a known fact that with a very large number of bloodsucking insects - mosquitoes, bugs or lice - their bites can lead to the occurrence of anemia in children due to regular loss of blood and getting into it an anticoagulant enzyme. Therefore, if the bites of insects in the child appear regularly, you need to begin the fight against parasites in the apartment as soon as possible.

При большом количестве вшей у ребенка существует риск развития у него анемии вследствие регулярной кровопотери.

If insects have bitten a pet

Insect bites in dogs, cats and other pets are often less noticeable than on humans - due to thick wool or feathers. Animals may not even express their "feelings", and suffer in silence, but this does not mean that insect attacks on them can be completely ignored.

In dogs, bites of mites that leave large cones in the region of ears and occiput most often attract attention. Infected with encephalitis dogs can not, but for them mites are dangerous transfer of other serious diseases. So, for example, pincers transfer pyroplasmosis, from which the animal can die even during the first day.

More rarely, animals are attacked by stinging insects. The consequences of these bites are generally similar to those in humans. In the photo you can see how the paw of the cat was stung from the bite of the wasp:

Укус осы у кошек и собак приводит к отеку пораженного места - как и у человека.

Cats and dogs, regularly walking on the street, are often disturbed by fleas and withers. The bites of these insects on the animal are not always easy to see, so the masters usually learn about parasites from the changed behavior of pets: constant combing of wool, restlessness, restlessness.

Photo of withered:


Domestic birds - especially chickens - often bite bed bugs, settling in economic buildings. During mass reproduction, insects can lead to loss of egg production of birds, slowing the growth of chickens and their freezing.

And the following photos show examples of birds that are dominated by so-called chicken fleas:

Массовые укусы куриных блок могут приводить к замору птиц.

У птицы на фото видно скопление большого количества куриных блох вокруг глаза.

A similar situation can be observed in other economic animals and birds - rabbits, ducks, pigeons. The latter, by the way, are often disturbed by bird bloodsuckers, which carry some of the deadly diseases for these birds.

And finally, we will touch on one important topic that is of interest to many tourists - insect bites in Thailand, India, Vietnam and the Caribbean. These resorts are very popular among Russians, but many are frightened by stories about "monstrous" insects that live in those places.

Indeed, on the beaches of these countries, one can easily bite a sand flea by the leg, which then remains under the skin as an internal parasite and can lead to suppuration, ulcer development and even gangrene.

Photo of a sand flea under the skin and after extraction:

Песчаные блохи способны проникать под кожу, приводя к серьезным и опасным воспалениям.

Так выглядит извлеченная из-под кожи самка песчаной блохи, раздувшаяся от созревающих в ней яиц.

Хотя песчаная блоха имеет сравнительно небольшой размер, однако хлопот может доставить немало.

Tropical hornets - also quite common local "inhabitants" - are considered one of the most dangerous insects in the world, and South American ants are the owners of the most painful bite among insects in general.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is impossible to rest in the tropics, and that it is not worth traveling there. You just need to know which insects bite a person in a particular country and a specific place, and also have a specially prepared first aid kit and be careful in dealing with an unknown nature.

And more: do not hesitate to go with the bites of insects to the hospital - in any country this step often saves many lives.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    Something bitten me in the house on the couch. I did not feel, after I scratched my hand - there was an erythema and a bump, as if after a mosquito bite. But it so itches it is strong, already up to sores. Wherever I scratched, the little bump blushes. Today some insect has been found on the couch, I see it for the first time. What should I do, how to fight?

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    Yesterday I played hide and seek with my sisters, I decided to hide with my grandfather in a shed, where the wood was lying. Well, I sat down on the wood, sat for just a minute and ran to another place. Then, after 5 minutes, this place began to itch, I did not pay attention, I thought that the mosquito bit. Scabies gone, and I scored on it. At night, when I was about to swim, I discovered that there was a spot on my hip that looked like a mantle, or a mosquito bite, but it was not itching, only when I touched such a hard one. Anointed with alcohol, greens. The next morning it is just as resilient, only with two holes it bleeds, I'm terrified, I do not know what to think. I read in the internet that this gadfly put the larvae off, but how? I was in shorts and already on a pop bite. And at the same time, when someone bit me, I did not feel anything. Tell me what it is!

  14. Xenia :

    Hello! On the hand of the child found bites, 4 pieces, in different places. Then on the foot a couple of pieces. Tonight there were four bites on the child's head in different places, and I have one bite on my arm. Can it be mosquitoes? As the first bites appeared, she discovered and killed 2 mosquitoes, but after they did not see, and there are bites. They are smooth, itchs not much, at times only. What could it be?

  15. Victoria :

    I was bitten by something, after that, I had red dots on my leg ... I thought it was an allergy, I took allergy pills. The next day I look, and these points still stand. I thought, okay, it happens, it will pass. By the evening I had a fever, sore throat, fever. But I did not drink anything cold: how can a sore throat appear on its own? The leg began to itch, I look - and the place of the bite became purple. And I guessed that it was all due to a bite.

    Tell me, what insect bitten me and what can I get rid of? Please, help!

  16. Safiy :

    Hello, I, too, was bitten by someone. And this bite is like a circle and it itches terribly.

  17. Valeria :

    I had a little bump on my collarbone. It was 4 days ago, but then it hurt when I touched this bump. And then another one appeared, and in the same place. Then, 4 days ago, I was in a forest where there was a water pump, but I was dressed so no one would bite. The whole body was closed. Now there is a suspicion that this is a tick, and I have encephalitis ...

  18. Sasha :

    To whom to address? Someone bit, twitched, reds strong, as if burned in the sun!

  19. Anastasia :

    Lord, people, in what century do you live? "Someone bit me, I anointed with some white ointment, the child died from something in the hospital." There are doctors, go to the doctors, ask questions to them, describe the symptoms to them, show your bites, take tests. Why do you think that on the Internet you will be helped, not having enough information, why do not you think that you can only hurt yourself so? Why do none of those who are crying and frightened really care about themselves and their health?

  20. Katerina :

    While sitting at work, she began to scratch her leg. At first I thought about mosquitoes, but there were six bites in different places (and the end of September already). Yesterday I saw even more bites. They can not be noticed at all until you scratch (then they already look like kamarins). Previously, this has never happened. Help, please, understand who bitten me and continues to bite and how to fight them ?!

  21. Kira :

    What are dangerous flycatchers?

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