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Tumors and swelling with insect bites

Хотя различного рода опухоли и отеки после укусов насекомых в большинстве случаев не представляют серьезной угрозы для здоровья человека, но так бывает не всегда...

A tumor after an insect bite is a fairly common phenomenon. Sometimes it arises even in response to attacks of seemingly innocuous creatures, such as small flies and mosquitoes. And after stinging wasps, bees, hornets, bumblebees, some riders and predatory bugs, tumors appear in almost every person, and often can reach impressive sizes.

The cause of the appearance of a tumor in response to an insect bite is the active response of the body's immune system to enzymes and toxins introduced by the insect under the skin. During the inflammatory process, the accumulation of lymph in the soft tissues, which causes a natural increase in their volume.

На фотографии показано жало осы - с его помощью насекомое вводит яд под кожу своей жертве.

Many parasitic insects (for example, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs) are injected with a bite of saliva, which contains components that prevent rapid blood clotting. In such cases, the swelling of the tissues is usually negligible, and the affected areas of the skin look like small swellings on the human body.

But the wasps, hornets and bees, when attacked, inject a fair dose of poison under the skin, which is capable of destroying the cellular walls of tissues and initiating a powerful inflammation, often accompanied by an allergic reaction. Depending on the strength of the human immune response, the tumor can be either small or very large, up to the swelling of an entire limb or a large part of the body.

У разных людей при укусах одних и тех же насекомых степень выраженности отека может существенно различаться...

Опухоль на руке после укуса шершня

On a note

Speaking of insect bites, many people understand this as the attack of other arthropods: spiders, scolopendrons, scorpions and ticks, which, generally speaking, do not belong to the detachment. Insects (in insects only 3 pairs of legs).

Tumor as a normal reaction to bite

If the leg, arm or cheek is slightly swollen from the insect bite, then before panicking and talking about the "terrible allergy", it should be taken into account that an insignificant swelling and edema is quite a normal reaction of a healthy organism to foreign extraneous biologically active substances.

Незначительная опухоль и отечность тканей являются в целом нормальной реакцией организма человека на укусы самых разных насекомых.

The poison of most stinging insects (and poisonous spiders) contains a group of substances that cause the destruction of cells and the flow of their contents into the intercellular space. The body of the injured person regards insect toxins and the contents of damaged cells as dangerous substances for him and attacks them. In addition, their presence in the intercellular space is harmful and can lead to a disruption of metabolism in tissues.

The poison of hornets, wasps and some spiders causes, in addition, the destruction of the walls of small blood vessels, which often leads to subcutaneous, and in especially dangerous cases (with massive bites) - and to internal bleeding.

In the photo - a tumor after a bite of a hornet:

Опухоль на лице после укуса шершня

In the damaged area begins to actively infuse blood, and in addition to this there is an increase in the volume of intercellular fluid. In such conditions, the body is easier to mobilize its resources to neutralize the poison.

So, a small swelling or swelling due to the attack of any arthropod is a norm, so you should not worry about such cases. Another thing is when the insect bite swelled, for example, all or a significant part of the leg, hands, face, or swelling began to spread all over the body.

This is an excessive reaction, often a sign of the development of a dangerous allergy. Of course, with such tumors and swelling, we should fight, and as soon as possible.

The characteristic symptoms that appear after attacks of arthropods include the following:

  • redness - a red spot after an insect bite may be the answer to both innocuous mosquito bites as a whole, and reaction to stinging by a scorpion;
  • swelling at the site of the bite, the size of which varies depending on the aggressiveness of the substances under the skin ("blisters" from insect bites such as fleas or bedbugs are, as a rule, 0.5-2 cm in diameter, and the cone after the encounter with the horn can spread to the result and for all 10-15 cm); На фотографии показана шишка на лбу от укуса обычного комара
  • Closure of the tissue at the site of the bite is a harmless symptom, but is delayed for several weeks;
  • pain - as a rule, is felt immediately after the bite and in the first hours after it, and then smoothly turns into itching;
  • a bruise at the site of the bite, which is a consequence of local hemorrhage (especially typical for attacks of hornets, tarantulas, water bugs).

Often at the site of a bite, the victim's temperature rises, a burning sensation is felt - this is also normal. To sound an alarm is when a general and strong increase in body temperature occurs - this is a signal that the process is becoming generalized, and the patient may need to be hospitalized.

Speaking about the possible consequences, do not forget that in the same person, a bite of insects of one kind can cause different degrees and patterns of symptoms. In many respects it depends on where the bite happened. For example, a bite of an insect in the eyelid sometimes leads to complete swelling of half of the face and closing of the eye, while at the same time on the back or wrist the cone will cause much less unpleasant consequences.

При укусах пчел, ос и шершней в веко или в непосредственной близости от него глаз зачастую закрывается полностью из-за сильного отека пораженных ядом тканей.


"We were very frightened when my husband swollen his leg after an insect bite. It turned out that this is such a water scorpion, he lives in all the ponds and crawls on the bottom. My husband thought that he had stepped on a branch and did not pay much attention, and then began to stir him up. When he came out of the lake, his leg was already swollen, and then there was a strong reddening and swelling, the entire leg looked like a barrel. We really became scared. At the same time he says that there is no special pain, only at the place of bite. I still persuaded him to go to the hospital, she was at the wheel herself. The doctor told us that such a strong swelling from an insect bite is a rarity, especially from a water scorpion. Another couple of days, this tumor was kept, in several places bruises appeared. Somewhere in a week the swelling was completely asleep, but in general he did not stop Andrei from walking and swimming normally. "

Svetlana, Chelyabinsk

When should I fight a tumor?

In some cases, the degree of manifestation of a tumor from an insect bite is excessive and requires treatment. Such situations include:

  • allergic swelling and swelling;
  • tumors affecting internal organs or the respiratory system;
  • inflammation, arising in response to the introduction of secondary infection in the wound from the bite.

Let's enumerate examples, when an insect bite requires treatment:

  • the insect bite has become inflamed after a few days - this is an unambiguous sign of infection of the wound;
  • The swelling spreads more and more, a rash and blisters appear on different parts of the body from the bite of the insect;
  • there are signs of general intoxication of the body: dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, fever;
  • an extensive abscess appears at the site of the insect bite (pus formation is a consequence of tissue damage);
  • from an insect bite, the eyes are swollen, tongue or throat - in the first case there is a risk of serious damage to the eye, in the latter two - choking may occur.

При укусах насекомых опухающие ткани могут снизить проходимость дыхательных путей, что создает реальную угрозу удушья, когда не исключен и летальный исход.

In all the cases listed, it is necessary to take into account that first aid means can only serve to facilitate the condition of the victim before the visit to the doctor. It is not necessary to turn such help into prolonged self-treatment.


"I do not even know what to do. Two days ago I was bitten by a little wasp, and so far there is a red spot on the site of the bite, it itchs and it hurts badly. It seems that it does not creep, but it bites this nasty insect exactly in the place of the belt from the trousers, and it is very inconvenient to wear it now. Immediately after that there was nothing, and then just swollen and so without any changes the third day keeps. Tell me, is it necessary to somehow fight with this or wait until it passes by itself? "

Oksana, Mozhaisk

Anti-inflammatory drugs

As a rule, special gels, cream and ointments from insect bites are used to treat edema and developed inflammations. The most popular of them include:

  • Fenistil;
  • Levomekol;
  • Advantan;
  • Flucinar;

And etc.

Гель от укусов насекомых Фенистил

Крем Адвантан - помогает снять симптомы аллергии после укусов насекомых

By these means, inflammation from an insect bite can be smeared on its own, without a doctor's prescription, considering only contraindications to a particular drug. With regard to anti-inflammatory drugs taken internally, they should appoint only a doctor - an independent intake of such drugs (steroid and non-steroid) can cause significant harm to the body.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, there is also a whole range of traditional medicine to help the victim. If the swelling of an insect is swollen, such as a leg or hand, you can use the following folk remedies:

  • juice of plantain leaves;
  • crushed parsley leaves;
  • leaves of aloe;
  • tincture of calendula.

The main disadvantage of folk remedies is their relatively low efficiency: if the tumor is small, then there is no special reason to treat it, if a generalized reaction has begun, then the juice of plantain and calendula, alas, will not help.

As a rule, folk remedies are used only to reduce pain at the site of a bite, without placing high hopes on them regarding the removal of the tumor.

Instructions for treating a tumor after insect bites

Depending on how much time has passed since the moment of the bite, treatment can be carried out by different means. So, if the tumor just started to appear, it will be enough to apply a cold compress to it (it will narrow blood vessels, and also reduce the rate of absorption of poison into the blood).

Холодный компресс позволяет предотвратить образование сильного отека а также снять его выраженность, если он уже сформировался.

Холодный компресс можно, например, привязать к распухшей ноге бинтом.

Especially relevant is the help with the bite of an insect in the eye - one compress in this situation can be enough to not lose sight due to a tumor for a couple of days.

While the damaged insect's place hurts, and the tumor grows in size, do not neglect, for example, Sovenenthal or Fenistil - these drugs have antihistamine action, without giving rise to an allergic reaction.

If you notice that swelling or swelling from an insect bite begins to spread dangerously to all new areas of the body, you should immediately call an ambulance and get advice by phone. Often in such cases, doctors recommend taking antihistamines (Diphenhydramine or Suprastin). Even better, do not delay and take the victim to the hospital, or call the doctors at home - after all, it is possible that after a while the situation may become critical ...

Антигистаминное средство Супрастин позволяет уменьшить выраженность аллергических реакций, которые часто сопровождают укусы насекомых.

Also, in no case can you delay while localizing the tumor and swelling in vital places - for example, on the throat. If a cold compress does not help, then it is necessary to call an ambulance, since the ongoing swelling of the airways can eventually lead to their complete blockage.

Specificity of inflammation on different parts of the body

According to statistics, most often stings of stinging insects fall on a man's limbs. If a leg or arm is swollen from such a bite - a situation, of course, unpleasant, but quite tolerable, although the affected limb can even take an awesome look.

При укусах жалящих насекомых рука может так сильно распухнуть, что практически невозможно будет сжать пальцы в кулак.


"Last summer I was bitten by some insect, my hand was terribly swollen, and so that I could not move my fingers. It seems nothing unusual, but really scary, so that it does not remain forever. Somewhere a week went with such a pillow, and then gradually passed. Although after a bite for a couple of weeks there is a seal on the back of the palm. "

Yaroslav, Ramenskoe

Significantly more serious is the situation when, for example, a hornet or wasp stings in the eye, eyelid, lip or tongue. A tumor after such a bite prevents a person from fully living, to perceive information from the outside world, to speak. In addition, some of the symptoms that appear after such an attack can seriously threaten the health and sometimes the life of the victim.


"It was terrible when a small bee bit into the eye. He walks around the garden, and half of his face is swollen like a ball, even a little blue. We showed him to the doctor, he says that we were lucky and nothing terrible, it will pass by itself. Now it seems that the eyelid is opening a little, but yesterday he could not even stir it up. "

Alexander, Vladimir

Пчела укусила ребенка в лицо, вследствие чего левый глаз практически закрылся.

In conclusion, once again I want to draw attention to the fact that if as a result of an insect bite there are symptoms of general poisoning, a rash all over the body, shortness of breath, nausea or extensive swelling, the injured person should be taken to the hospital. Even the bite of one bee in some cases can cause severe allergic reactions and lead to anaphylactic shock.

It is never possible to know for sure exactly how the body reacts to the poison that has got into it, and with excessive carelessness, there may not even be time to call the ambulance. Therefore, after a bite, carefully monitor your condition or the condition of a person close to you, and if the first alarming symptoms appear, call the hospital.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Catherine :

    Hello! Help, please, my mom was bitten by some insect, the leg in this place was swollen, very strong, and the bone is breaking! Tell me, maybe someone came across?

  2. Madi :

    At me too, has bitten something after a walk, the leg has swelled up.

  3. Dmitry :

    Fir-tree sticks ... A trend, however. The daughter bit something in the right leg. The tumor is local. To touch this place it hurts, the leg noet, temperature 39. What is it?

  4. Anonymous :

    The same situation. The insect bite the right leg. A sharp pain, burning sensation, in half an hour all foot was swollen so that to come it was possible only on an edge of a sole and on half a second. There was no temperature. Struggled - Claritin (inside), a compress of novocaine and dimexide and trasevozinovaya ointment. Compress at least 3-4 times a day. After 2 days, the tumor became softer and began to subside. A week later she slept at all.

  5. Anonymous :

    Yesterday the bee bit in the finger, the part of the brush has swelled up, and the finger, it seems, will crack and slightly turn blue. I do not know what to do, I'm afraid to sleep ...

  6. Galina :

    My granddaughter (her 2.5 years old) was bitten by an unknown insect in the eyelid, and it was swollen, what should I do?

    • Anonymous :

      And how many days did the tumor of the century last for your child?

  7. Lydia :

    Yes, and I was bitten by some insect in the right leg. I thought, a mosquito, the itching did not make me wait and was swollen as if I had twisted my leg, it hurt very much, it hurt to walk. Gel treatment with diclofenac, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory, is all that I have found from such incidents in myself. But in three days only the pain was gone. All the rest is in place.

    • Alla :

      Thank you for sharing, a little calmed down. I, like, it seems. At night I woke up from severe itching, then my foot began to swell from the top, I smear with belopenten, the itching passed, and the tumor still increased a little. Pugh Loratadin for allergies. To the doctor there is no time to go. Tell me, please, did you have swelling for a long time? Thank you in advance and good health.

  8. Dayana :

    Something bit on the lake. It seems a red ant. Has noticed for 2 day. Place on the foot. Closer to the ankle. Especially does not disturb. I drink suprastin, I smear synaflan and ayran. Unpleasant.

  9. Galina :

    And I was bitten by something incomprehensible (At first I thought it was a mosquito, but the pain was swiftly rising, my leg was swollen, on the side of the lift, where a bone, and even a bruise in this place, was seen reading your reviews, frightened my brother to a pharmacy, for all of the above. for your feedback.

  10. Sergey :

    It seems that after a bite of a red ant there was a slight swelling within two days. Then the foot lift began to swell, there was a burning pain. It was Sunday, went to the hospital: the doctor on duty prescribed ciproflaxin and loratadine inward and a compress of alcohol + chlorhexidine, 1/1. Tumor slept a little, but the hearth began to localize. On Monday I was still at work. In the evening the temperature rose to 38.5, the treatment continued + antipyretic. On Tuesday, I was sent to the doctor again, to the dermatologist. I prescribed antibiotic doxycycline, antiallergen citrine, compress (boric acid solution) and Vishnevsky ointment for the night. I am being treated Tuesday, Wednesday (I can not walk). A center was formed between the middle and ring finger in the form of a carbuncle, but not yet ripe. At the same time, the skin on the top peeled off and it turned out to be a wound. Only I accept an upright position - at once as if edematous pain and at the same time burning as at a burn begins. The question is: should it be so, or am I doing something wrong? Help, who in the know ...

  11. Nadia :

    I, too, was bitten, on my left leg swelled and very sore. What to do? I laid ice and took diazolin and ampicillin. What else to do, tell me?

  12. Injured :

    I was bitten by some insect (presumably midge). I did not worry about anything for two days, and on the third by the evening my leg was swollen so that it was impossible to do ((I make the lotions with a solution of soda and salt.) The tumor has not slept yet, but I can already walk (there is almost no pain, only the inconvenience due to swelling).

  13. Lily :

    Good afternoon, flew to Cyprus, now I do not know what to do. One day the whole ankle on the left leg was swollen, somehow moving around the right one. In a day the same with the right (swelling, redness to the knee). Now I lay, while the wrists on my hands began to hurt, a little swollen, elbows, began to slow down my neck. In the hospital, I was discharged only with ointment and released with the words: "Watch ..." I'm crying, I do not know what to do.

  14. Galina :

    I got up in the morning and felt a pain in the back of the arm, saw a round rash. The next day began to increase: and it hurts, and bakes, what to do? I think I was bitten by a mosquito.

  15. Taya :

    Hello! A month ago, an incomprehensible insect bitten me in the foot. It hurt to walk. It feels like there's a sting. A little bit swollen, a small hole, but did not bother much. Days after 5 began to hurt, but a few days later ceased. And here again ... Tell me, please, what should I do? Very painful!

  16. ZHEMILA :

    My son's hand is swollen.

  17. Alina :

    What there help! Nobody knows now, because the money struck up the mind and they pretend to know ...

  18. Irina :

    After a bite, try to immediately take a pill from an allergy so that the reaction does not go away. The first time I was bitten by a leg, I was very long treated and went to doctors. The other day, the wasp bitten by the finger, began to swell, immediately took a pill. After 30-40 minutes the tumor passed.

  19. Valeria :

    Hello! Tell me, please: a few days ago I saw on my forehead some red speck, as if with a hole. Thought that pimples, and crushed. As a result, redness was even greater, and around the hole the skin became firm. The next day I found similar formations on my back, arm and neck. One in each area! And so, by the evening of the second day, the temperature rose, 37.5! I live now abroad, on study, here only has moved. I do not know anyone, I also do not know the language :( Can it be bed bugs? (in fact they give group bites, and at me single). I do not know what to do. Help me please.

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