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Choose ointment from insect bites to relieve itching, swelling and allergies

Рассмотрим ряд важных нюансов, касающихся выбора лучшего варианта мази для снятия неприятных ощущений после укусов насекомых.

Effective ointment from insect bites is designed to alleviate the effects of attacks of biting or stinging arthropods. However, treating each such remedy as a panacea and 100% guarantee of getting rid of all unpleasant symptoms is impossible: the ointment will only reduce the reaction of the skin and tissues under it to foreign biological substances that enter the body when bitten.

For example, some creams have anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and soothing effects, while some other ointments and creams are more focused on preventing the development of an allergic reaction: they do not increase swelling, and also help to soothe the itch from an insect bite and minimize the appearance of the rash.

Оказываемый различными мазями эффект может существенно различаться...

Thus, determining what to smear insect bites, one should not expect that any one remedy will be able to completely rid you of all unpleasant consequences - such medicines simply do not exist.

On a note

It is especially neat to choose a remedy if you decide to anoint an insect bite in a child, since many ointments for infants or children with very sensitive skin are contraindicated. In most cases, itching after bites is not at all dangerous, but some ointments that it tries to suppress may lead to serious side effects.

Properly selected ointment in most cases will well cope with the reduction of discomfort after bites of insect parasites, such as bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, flies and gnats.

На фото показан постельный клоп.

But with the bites of stinging or poisonous insects (bees, wasps, hornets, carnivores and water bugs , as well as spiders, scolopenders, leeches), even a high-quality ointment, cream or balm from insect bites is often used together with other types of medicines and preparations for fighting the symptoms of intoxication. Ointments here, unfortunately, are often only able to mildly stop the effects of bites.

При укусах некоторых насекомых эффективность мазей и кремов может быть недостаточной, что в значительной мере зависит и от самого человека.

With regard to tick bites, it makes sense to use, above all, those ointments that have a pronounced antiseptic effect - all other "dignities" of the drugs in this case are secondary (if there is a green or alcohol, it is better to use them). However, even in this case, to protect the victim from borreliosis or encephalitis, ointments, alas, usually are not able.


In any case, to achieve the best result, ointment, cream or gel from insect bites to begin with you need to be able to choose the right thing, which we will talk more about ...

How to choose an ointment?

Preparations used after insect bites are produced in various forms of release, differ in their composition, consistency and packaging containers.

Among these funds, the following three main groups can be distinguished:

  • gels - as a rule, these are water based products containing various pharmaceutical substances and (or) natural medicinal components; Так выглядит препарат в форме геля
  • creams - these are usually preparations based on natural or synthetic fats or oils, also containing certain medicinal supplements; А так выглядит крем: частички жировой основы распределены в воде, либо наоборот
  • balms are medicinal products, which are usually based on plant extracts and natural resinous substances. В лечебные бальзамы обычно входят экстракты растений.

On a note

Quality balsam from insect bites primarily contributes to the early regeneration of tissues at the site of the bite, and therefore is used mainly after attacks of stinging insects.

It should be noted that there are other types of tools used after insect bites: aerosol preparations, pencils, patches, etc.

Пример карандаша от укусов насекомых

The most effective form of ointment from insect bites are creams, because it is because of their fat component that they provide a quick transport of medicinal constituents through the skin.

Nevertheless, the funds issued in other forms do not lag far behind in this respect, especially if there is a well-balanced formulation. So, for example, after bites of insects, the following drugs work rather well:

  • Gel Fenistil;
  • Levomekol;
  • Advantan;
  • Acriderm;
  • Menovazine;
  • Hydrocortisone ointment.

Bites of different insects sometimes require a specific approach to treatment. In turn, each of the means also has its own specificity and is most effective in a particular case.

So, for example, if you were bitten by mosquitoes or bed bugs, the primary task of the ointment is to remove the swelling of the tissues and to promote the fastest disappearance of the itch.

После укуса комара главной задачей мази является снять отек и зуд на пораженном участке кожи.

With this Fenistil, Acriderm, Sauventol, Mosquitall gel-balm, Gardex gel work very well. When a secondary rash (allergic) occurs after bites of parasitic insects, it makes sense to smear the rash sites with Fenistil or Advantan.

At the same time, after stings of stinging insects, ointments should be used in a slightly different direction, primarily those that prevent the development of an allergic reaction and help reduce pain.

На фотографии показан шершень обыкновенный, его яд часто приводит к сильной аллергии

On a note

Ointment with the well-known name "Rescuer", often used for insect bites, is the least suitable for this purpose. The purpose of this drug is to disinfect the skin lesions and promote the rapid healing of wounds, scratches, ulcers and bruises. With stings of stinging insects, this ointment can only restore inflammation-affected tissues faster, but it is not able to minimize all other symptoms.

Мазь Спасатель

If the insect bite is very painful, the damaged area can be smeared with Menovasin, which will create a feeling of coolness and will significantly reduce the pain. If inflammation or swelling occurs, Levomekol or Advantan should be used.

Especially good is Levomekol, if you need to smear insect bites in a child who has already managed to scratch them before the appearance of pustules. In the same case, Pantenol is also used.

Finally, if a bite of an insect caused a powerful allergic reaction with a rapidly growing edema and a rash, the skin areas covered by them should be lubricated with hydrocortisone ointment. However, this remedy has a sufficient number of contraindications, so it should be used with great care, and it is best to consult a doctor beforehand.

Гидрокортизоновую мазь нужно применять с осторожностью из-за большого количества противопоказаний

Perhaps the most versatile tool used against the bites of various insects is the gel Fenistil. It must be in the first aid kit for traveling to nature and without fail take with you on trips abroad. More details about this preparation can be read below.

What is important to do before applying ointment

Ointment, balm or cream after insect bites should be applied after the first aid has been given to the victim. In the case of bites of bloodsucking parasites, such assistance is usually not required, but it is necessary immediately after the attack of stinging arthropods, as well as spiders, scolopenders and some others.

In most cases, first aid after insect bites is in the following order:

  • if the bee has bitten, then first of all the tweezers from the wound remove its sting (after bites of hornets or oops it does not remain, so you can not even look for it); На фото показано жало шершня - оно гладкое (а у пчелы зазубренное на конце)
  • then, as soon as possible, venom is sucked from the wound (when it enters the person's mouth, it does not cause harm);
  • A cold compress is applied to the site of the bite (stones or wet earth can not be used for this purpose - they can become a source of infection). Для уменьшения отека и зуда к месту укуса насекомого полезно приложить холодный компресс.

In the case of bee stings, some of the poison is neutralized with soap, in wasps and hornets - any organic acid (for example, ordinary vinegar, a slice of lemon, apple or orange). Only after that, the place of bite can be anointed with a specialized remedy.

Gel Fenistil and its properties

The universality of the drug Fenistil from insect bites lies primarily in its ability to comfortably soothe the itch. Unfortunately, with the stings of bees or wasps, its use will not prevent the appearance of edema, but with a moderately strong reaction to the poison, this gel copes with the relief of the allergic reaction, since it generally refers to antiallergic agents.

Гель Фенистил

Optimum application Fenistila - bites mosquitoes, bugs, midges and fleas. In these cases, the gel helps to remove itching from bites and quickly minimize other unpleasant symptoms (small swelling of the tissues, redness, soreness).

Особенно хорошо гель Фенистил помогает, например, при укусах постельных клопов, блох, комаров и мошек.

Another important feature of the gel Fenistil is the possibility of its use in children older than 1 month. The only thing that is worth remembering - this drug can not smear large areas of the skin or places on which there are scratches and bleeding abrasions.

The price of a 30-gram tube of Fenistil gel is approximately 350 rubles.


"Very good ointment from insect bites - Fenistil. We always take it with us to the dacha or barbecue, even if someone bites a mosquito, it's enough for them to smear one's skin once and the bites cease to itch in a few minutes. Several times they had to smear bee stings, it also works well. The place of the bite swells, but it passes faster, the pain is not felt long. "

Irina, Tver

The famous Levomekol

Levomekol can not be called a classic tool designed specifically for the treatment of insect bites - it is used to disinfect wounds and ulcers, antimicrobial and antiviral therapy. A good preparation and in the treatment of burns.

Мазь Левомеколь используется прежде всего для обеззараживания ран и как противовоспалительное средство.

In the case of insect bites, Levomekol is used, as a rule, as an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, it makes sense to apply it after an unsuccessful "acquaintance" with such arthropods as wasps, hornets, bees, tropical ants, scorpions and spiders. It is their attacks that usually end with an impressive tumor, swelling, hemorrhages, and sometimes even tissue necrosis.

Пример сильного отека после укуса шершня

If, in these cases, Levomecol is injected with a wound, it will ensure an accelerated restoration of the tissues at the site of the bite and the removal of inflammation.

Pleases and the cost of the ointment - only about 100 rubles per tube of 40 grams.

Advantanum with insect bites

With insect bites, Advantan ointment is usually used as an antiallergic agent. If you immediately anoint it with the affected area, it is sometimes quite possible to do without the appearance of strong swelling and urticaria, even after bites of such insects as paper wasps and bedbugs. When attacking larger arthropods, the drug can also help - it helps to localize inflammation and prevent the development of an allergic reaction.

Противоаллергическое средство - мазь Адвантан

It is useful to choose in advance one of the forms of the drug: a fat-based ointment, an emulsion or a water-based gel. Such a variety of forms of release allows us to focus on the kind of product that is most suitable for each specific type of skin.

The effect of all three forms of this drug is approximately the same, but here on oily skin the place of the insect bite will best be anointed with an emulsion, for a dry skin, choose an ointment, and for a normal skin, an Advantan gel with a balanced ratio of water and fat.

However, despite all the positive aspects of this remedy, he also has one undeniable minus - hormonal effect. That is why it is not recommended to treat vast areas of skin with Advantanum - to avoid the appearance of more serious problems.

Не рекомендуется обрабатывать мазью Адвантан большие участки кожи
The price of Advantan is approximately 400 rubles for 20 grams of emulsion or 15 grams of cream.


Acryderm is a remedy for symptomatic treatment. It is used, as a rule, for various skin lesions and severe dermatitis.

Мазь Акридерм

With insect bites, Acryderm is used as a remedy for relieving itching and getting rid of the rash on the tumor site, so it is best for itself when treating bites of bugs and mosquitoes.

Акридерм неплохо помогает, например, после укусов клопов

An important advantage of this tool is the "delicacy" of its action - Acriderm can be safely used even for children.

The price of the drug fluctuates around 450 rubles for a tube of 30 grams.

Treatment of insect bites by Menovasin

The drug "Menovazin" is intended primarily to provide an analgesic effect, since the main "working" substance in it is menthol. This means you can safely smear the bites of bees, wasps, large wild bedbugs, even after the appearance of inflammation it will provide a feeling of coolness at the site of the bite, will reduce itching and pain.

Средство Меновазин уменьшает зуд и болезненность в месте укуса, создавая ощущение прохлады за счет ментола.

Costs Menovazin cheap - about 30 rubles for 40 ml.

Panthenol and its properties

The drugs based on panthenol are manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies in several dosage forms. And often the buyer pays exactly the advertised name, and not much cheaper active substance.

The cream "Pantenol" costs from 100 rubles for 50 ml, but various combination preparations based on the same active substance are offered by pharmacies for quite a different amount of money - from 350-500 rubles for the same amount.

Крем Пантенол

With insect bites, Panthenol is most rationally used in the form of a cream or ointment: in this case, it provides restoration of the skin in places of inflammation, removal of itching and rapid healing of wounds.

Hydrocortisone ointment

Hydrocortisone ointment - a means of hormonal action, so when using it, you should carefully read the instructions and be sure to take into account the existing contraindications.

With insect bites, the ointment blocks the occurrence of an allergic reaction and the release of histamine in the body. This remedy can be used to prevent the development of anaphylactic shock with stings of stinging insects, spiders and scorpions.

Гидрокортизоновая мазь применяется при укусах насекомых для предотвращения развития аллергической реакции.

The price of hydrocortisone ointment is approximately 50 rubles for 5 grams.

Other ointments for treating bites

All of the above means of insect bites are sold exclusively in pharmacies and therefore in some cases may not be available. Fortunately, they can easily be replaced by approximate drugs with the range available in supermarkets and household chemistry stores.

So, preparations of trade marks Mosquitall, Gardex, Off, Taiga, among which there are also means for children are widespread enough on sale. For example, a baby cream from insect bites Gardex is very delicate and quickly eliminates itching in case of mosquito bites, and the "Taiga" means besides getting rid of bite symptoms also allows you to protect yourself from insect attacks.

Детский крем-гель от укусов комаров Gardex

In the vast majority of cases, for the treatment of insect bites, it is necessary to choose fat-based agents that have an additional anti-allergic effect. Coping an allergy in a "global" sense is much more important for the body than, for example, itching or getting rid of painful sensations. Ointments designed to combat unpleasant sensations should be used either in those cases when the allergy itself is not present, or in addition to the antiallergic agent.

And, finally, there are numerous means on sale that are designed to scare off insects and prevent them from biting at all. They are effective in the case of protection from attacks of mosquitoes, fleas or bedbugs, but here to scare off an angry hornet or a bee, unfortunately, is not able. Choosing a similar tool, you should look for it in the composition of the name "DETA" or "permethrin." If the proposed repellent ointment as the main active substance contains essential oils, then the expected effect from it will be practically nonexistent.

In conclusion, let's remind: it is better to safely protect against insect bites in advance, than to treat their consequences. Take care of yourself.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "Choose ointment from insect bites to relieve itching, swelling and allergies" left 5 comments.
  1. Marina :

    I had a severe swelling from bite of midges. She bit under her knee, so it was all swollen, that she could not bend her leg and unbend it. The lokoid crelo emulsion took and lubricated the bite site. Edema gradually began to go away, the morning was even better. This is the first time that my reaction had a bite.

  2. Valentina :

    In the woods I was bitten by a midge, at first there were only dots, then it became worse - the face began to become inflamed. On the 3rd day, I started swelling of the whole face, my eyes became as slits, although I took Suprastin on the 1st 4 times a day. The face was washed with household soap and smeared with hydrocortisone, but on the face there were water rashes, as with herpes. Than to smear the face that there were no traces from rashes?

  3. Sophia :

    I as soon as I see or feel that I've been bitten - I immediately smear the balm Red elephant. Himself in its purest form, and add the child to the cream. It helps very quickly! And if there is already a wound, it does not heal so soon, but heals. And there are no corners.

  4. Albina :

    Here, I sit in the middle of the night, the child woke up, mosquitoes bitten him, and he can not fall asleep from itching. In the medicine cabinet I found only levomecol, smeared him the places that bitten mosquitoes. I fell asleep, it seemed, calmed down. But I would like a more effective means to immediately help my children from mosquito bites. Tell me, please, what kind of cream best relieves itching?

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